On August 19, 2023, an hour into my morning meditation, Sananda/Abel descended and stood in front of me. I had not put out a chair for him, but to my surprise he was particularly pleased to stand before me, just as he as Jesus had appeared and stood before his beloved Apostles in the Upper Room.

Abel’s arms now were open, reaching out to me, like unto a father greeting his son: Come unto me and I will give you peace. Following his lead, I got up from my meditation chair and gave him a long, huge hug, as he hugged and enclosed me in his love. Oh my!

While we still were in each others arms, linked heart to heart, the awareness came that Sol-O-Man/Adah, yours and my Mom of moms, was behind me, gently hugging me from behind, supporting me in my new, more tangible and powerful connection with her twin soul, the symbolic or allegorical Abel who had been the actual leader of the Abels in the days of Cains and Abels. Once again now, at a new and higher octave, the three of us were father, mother and son; Abel, Adah and Alla; one in the One; in love with our Father-Mother Creator and with one another.

Be Eight Feet Tall

It slowly dawned on me as I hugged and then stood before Sananda/Abel that I had become about 8 feet tall in my ascended light body. The ceiling of my meditation room is eight feet high, so the top of my light-body head touched it. Pondering this, the realization came that this represented my elevation by Sananda and Sol-O-Man into a new octave of Christ consciousness and powers. In this sense, I had resurrected from out of the dark tomb of the ancient past into a new day of I Am Alla consciousness and actions on Earth.

Thinking this was probably the full purpose of this meditation, I turned around in order to go and sit back in my meditation chair, to let this extraordinary experience and Christed communion settle deeply into my heart and soul. As I did so, however, a brilliant white-and-gold matrix/forcefield appeared above me, of a higher spiritual vibration even than that of Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah. By the time I sat down and pondered this incredible presence above and penetrating down in my crown chakra and cerebrum, it came clear to me that this matrix or unique form and vibration was that of the masculine EloHim of Seventh Ray Peace. With Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s help, I had been elevated into a new awareness of this EloHim.

Slowly, a second matrix, this one of a feminine vibration, appeared above and behind me. It was the EloHer of Seventh Ray Love. The two Elos encircled and poured their cosmic light primarily into my crown chakra/brain. The top half of my head was filled with white and gold light that was so powerful and loving that I could barely hold its vibrational frequencies. It was distinctly unlike the contact signal of anyone else in the higher planes, including those of ascended masters and angels. Only later did I recognize that this unique activation of my crown chakra was my primary contact signal with the two Elos, which I had experienced several times before but had not realized that it signaled their presences. With this current contact next came activation of my heart chakra.

Moreover, of deep interest to me, the EloHim or masculine one of the two was before me as I looked to the West. The EloHer or feminine one was behind me, thus to the East. This symbolized that they not only were transfiguring me, but through me were radiating Seventh Ray peace and love to the entire world. These two Seventh Ray Elos form the Seventh Ray matrix or logos for the entire Earth, which is destined to become the primary planet in the Solar System which demonstrates and radiates Seventh Ray peace, love and rest.

(In Hebrew, the word Eloah is singular, whereas Elohim is plural. Over time, the word Elohim came to denote any of the seven Elohim of the Seven Rays of Life. Moreover, Elohim became primarily masculine in its connotations. However, as Spirit has guided me, I call the masculine Elohim by the moniker of EloHim, and the feminine Elohim by the name of EloHer. There are an EloHim and EloHer of each of the Seven Rays. “El” in EloHim or EloHer refers to the Hebrew word for God, which is El. God speaks the word and the Elos create and begin the process of bringing forth manifestations of this word by applying the seven steps or powers of the Seven Rays of Life. In this flowing, cascading, multi-dimensional creative process, under the Elos are the guardian angels, and under them are mankind.)

Be Lifted in Your Elevator

To prepare yourself to meet the EloHim and EloHer of Peace and Love, in your meditations today, enter the Emptiness. Then, envision the door of a large elevator before you. Press the open button of the elevator, and then walk into the elevator’s roomy interior.

To your utter delight, once inside the elevator, whose shape and shaft you discover is 8-sided, meet with Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah. Give both of them a hug. However, your attention is drawn more to Abel than to Adah. He is the male or conscious polarity, so he is going to be the one to take you to the masculine EloHim of Peace.

Abel presses the Up Button and his love lifts you into a new level of elevated, ascended, I Am or Christ consciousness. “A” in Abel stands for “A”scension. “El” stands for Elevator, EloHim and EloHer, and for I Am or Elder consciousness. As noted above, “El” in ancient Hebrew primarily stands for God, Whose Love and Light uplifts and elevates all of us; Who eternally hugs us with His-Her Whole, Holy Heart.

In your journey upward in your elevator, you first travel through and above the 2 planes or levels of Earth energies and consciousness — 1) souls who are not yet spiritually awake and aware, and 2) those who are enlightened and spiritually quickened to some degree.

From there, you zoom up and through the seven astral planes, where your higher astral plane guides protect you. Above the astral planes are the three etheric planes of ascended, fourth-dimensional consciousness and expression, the home of the ascended masters and space visitors. Next comes the angelic or celestial realms, and finally the realms of the EloHims and EloHers.

Sananda now pushes the open button and the elevator’s door opens into a brilliantly lighted place and scene. Now you are 8-feet tall. In your new octave consciousness, slowly come to recognize the EloHim of Peace and the EloHer of Love. The entire realm about them in filled with white and gold light.

(Rising up the elevator shaft is like unto rising from your regenerative chakra at the base of your spinal column of light to the crown chakra and cerebrum. Upon doing so, your crown center fills with the white and gold light of the EloHim of Peace and EloHer of Love, as well as that of the Seventh Ray angels and ascended masters.)

Peace on Earth

Ask the two Elos what you are to do now to serve more powerfully and purely in the Second Coming program. It may well be that you are guided by them to focus first on peace. Let there first be new peace in your own mind, heart and soul. Then radiate this peace to others and all other parts of the world. There is so much upheaval, conflict and craziness in every part of the globe these days that peace is the essential first step to nurture and bring forth global peace. Only with the establishment of peace will love projections penetrate into the minds and hearts of Westerners and Easterners.

Be aware of the presences and say hellos to the EloHim of Peace and the EloHer of Love. Feel their spiritual energies initially and especially in your crown chakra. Note the new vibrancy of the gold and white colors/hues that come in your inner visions and dreams.

See the underlying, interpenetrating matrix or logos of Earth being charged anew with Seventh Ray energies and consciousness. See the Earth surrounded and infused with golden light.

Give thanks unto all of the Elos (male EloHims and female EloHers) who are guiding your meditation and your powerful peace and love projections. Thank your guardian angels and ascended masters, including those from other planets and beyond. Give special thanks to Sananda and Sol-O-Man, who are the co-leaders of Earth. Thank your higher astral plane guides and mentors. What a team you have! Knowing and feeling this definitely elevates you.

Be an I Am Elder who elevates all others and all life by your steadfast adherence to and demonstration of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.