Six Days of Transmutation

Six days ago, on March 28, 2023, in my deep, morning meditation, I slowly and consciously acknowledged, blessed and linked with each of the seven Chohans of the Seven Rays of Life, and their feminine counterparts or twin souls. When I came to the Sixth Ray, Spirit lifted me higher into ascended consciousness in which a deep, brilliant, etheric, violet light was shown to me, which was in the process of crystallizing. It was the most beautiful, rich, cosmic violet color that ever had been shown to me.

This out-of-this-world light was emanating especially from Lady Violet, St. Germain’s twin soul. Her palpable presence powered me into a new, more elevated state of ecstatic violet, 6th Ray consciousness. I involuntarily shuddered from head to toes as this occurred. But this wondrous communion and blessing by her felt so good down into the depths of my heart with its two ventricles; and into my entire soul record!

Early this current morning, Monday, April 3rd, Lady Violet powerfully overshadowed me again and informed me that I and all who read these blogs are to focus on Sixth Ray transmutation for the next six days. This will lead to the seventh day of resurrection on Easter, April 9th. Thus, this week is transmutation time, like unto what Jesus experienced leading up to his resurrection. At the time, he was demonstrating his sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection that comes under the auspices of the Sixth Ray.

Violet Vortex

In transmutation, we always concentrate first on ourselves, surrounding ourselves in the deep, rich, penetrating, all-pervasive violet colors of the Sixth Ray, so as to transmute the residue of errors still lurking in our subconscious. So, see a violet V or Vortex that descends such that its apex is in your heart chakra. Let it burn away your soul-mortal darkness, delusions and self-deceptions. Let go and let God transmute you.

Then concentrate especially on President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Visualize a violet V descending from the etheric realms, through the darkness and disturbances in the lower astral planes, with the apex of the V being placed in Vladimir’s heart-love chakra. It is time for him to transmute his war mentality into his Christ peace-and-love reality. (This reminds me of the Russian author Tolstoy’s book War and Peace.)

Have Mercy and Compassion

V in Vladimir is for the descent of the letter V that stands for Vortex. In this case, it is a Vortex of violet, transmutational, cleansing light. It comes swirling down into the top of his head, then his third eye, throat and heart chakras. Although Vladimir has briefly been enlightened and glimpsed the error of his ways (his third eye was opened), and has chosen to seek peace and cooperation with the USA (the New JerUSAlem), he is now in a state of dark blindness and confusion, much like what Saul experienced after Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus.

Saul was blind for the next seven days, befuddled by what he had seen of the brilliant light of Christ Jesus and of what he had heard him say. Eventually, on the seventh day, by divine guidance, he sought out Ananias in Damascus, who was a follower of Jesus. The name “Ananias” means graciousness of Jah; mercy of Jehovah; compassion of Jehovah (see Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary). Ananias laid his hands on Saul, prayed over him and Saul/Paul’s sight was restored, resurrected and renewed. He once was blind, but now he saw. Hallelujah!

This week, until Easter, and maybe for another week since Easter in Russia is celebrated this year on April 16th, we light workers are going to be a collective “Ananias” in helping Vladimir Putin to see and transmute his soul errors and then to come forth with a heart of peace and love. That is what the name “Vladimir” means: to rule with greatness; peaceful ruler; rule the world. Vladimir first is to rightly rule his own world — his own mind, soul and heart — which now is still filled with warlike, competitive, judgmental, power-mongering consciousness. Despite his initial glimpse of the Christ light within him, he is still partly ruled by his own darkness, but instead of changing himself, he projects his paranoid fears and ideas onto others, and fights against them; including especially those in Ukraine.

Be a True Brother

Consider this: The Russian name “Vladimir” in the Ukrainian language is spelled “Volodymyr,” as in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is Jewish. Vladimir Putin calls him a Nazi — imagine that, a Jewish Nazi. Talk about being ludicrous and blind, seeing things in reverse.

The real “Nazi” is Putin, in his trying to rule Ukraine by force, just as the Nazis did for a time and almost did to Russia. Thus, Putin has it backwards. Volodymyr, as symbolically given in his name, is actually Putin’s spiritual and Slavic brother. But Putin is acting now as Cain to Volodymyr’s Abel. (See image to right of the allegorical Cain slaying Abel.)

Volodymyr was freely and democratically elected by his fellow Ukrainians, and is only responding with military might to protect his country, or it would become dominated by Russia. By hook and crook, Putin has taken over Russia, eliminating all his adversaries. He is a modern-day czar or Communist dictator like unto Stalin. He is acting like a self-serving, superior-minded Cain.

So, see a violet V coming down into Vladimir Putin, such that he can cleanse his soul and “put peace in his heart after the symbolic and hopefully literal six days of crucifixion, cleansing and transmutation. This soul-transmutational work is especially under the guidance and direction of Lady Violet, who is St. Germain’s twin soul.

West and East as One

St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal is the commander of etheric forces in the Western Hemisphere from aboard his city-sized spacecraft #1235. Lady Violet focuses more so on the Eastern Hemisphere, given its feminine polarity. Russia is a combination of East and West. The western one-quarter of Russia, wherein Moscow is located, is more so of the Western Hemisphere. The approximate eastern three-quarters of Russia, wherein the Temple of Neptune is located at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, is more so of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Lady Violet initiated this violet flame work six days ago, as I mentioned at the start of this blog. It is her deep, rich, near-solid, feminine violet light that we are to call upon, feel and project to both Vladimir and Volodymyr, but especially to Vladimir.

Be a Peaceful Ruler

My dear friends and fellow light workers, for the next six days, as often as you are guided from within to do so, visualize a Violet V descending into your own heart. Cleanse and transmute any feelings of anger, annoyance, self-righteousness, insecurity, superiority-inferiority and such in your mind and heart. Align your First Ray Faith, Will and Power with your Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest. Be transmuted and promote peace!

Then see the V descending into Vladimir’s heart, with him being imbued with deep, rich, violet light that transcends this world, the violet flame of the Sixth Ray. Link especially with Lady Violet as you do this, for it is Vladimir’s soul-feminine transmutation that is so essential now. See the violet vortex burning away his rage, selfishness, smugness, self-power, paranoia and superiority-inferiority complex. See him perceiving life with new Christ clarity and compassion.

Call upon Vladimir to be the peaceful ruler that he is named and destined to be. Yes, he can do it. Yes, despite his history this lifetime, he now is Abel/able to love one another. Yes, he can be “great” by humbling himself and making himself little, as one who serves and loves others, instead of dominating them.

Vladimir, be violet through and through, so that you may resurrect in golden light. We are with you, for you and love you as our hoped-for spiritual brother in the light.

Thank You, Father-Mother God. Thank you, Lady Violet and all your feminine violet co-workers. Amen. So be it. It is.