Stay Straight

On October 25, 2023, during our HBM here at Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters, in the right (conscious) side of my aura, Siddhartha the Buddha showed me a brilliant image of a pole, column or rod of light that was as tall as my physical body and about a foot in diameter. He then instructed me to “stay straight.”

Upon pondering this, a large, golden letter “S” appeared above me, which is the first letter of Sananda and Siddhartha. The “S” represented the downward spiralling of spiritual, fourth-dimensional, I Am Self/light body energies into my crown chakra/cerebrum and third-eye chakra/thalamus. This downflowing and inflowing of Spirit was in the form of a vortex whose apex entered and anchored into my crown and third-eye spiritual centers.

Then the higher, spiritual energies swirled around and flowed down and through the full length of my straight-and-narrow, foot-wide spinal column of light, thereby illuminating and enlightening me. It took all of my conscious control to keep centered, strong, steady and stable as the fiery light flowed down into and through my spine, and out into all my chakra centers and their corresponding physical organs. With disciplined determination, I stayed calm, composed, centered and straight.

SI in Siddhartha

My universal experience that every child of God may have is represented in the first two letters, “S” and “I,” of Siddhartha’s name, when it is written in all capital letters as SIDDHARTHA. The letter “S” portrays the pouring out of Spirit and Buddhic, illumined, flight-filled energy into our mind, soul and body. The letter “I” represents our vertical spinal column of light.

We have a physical spinal cord and nerves, an astral spine of finer and subtler energies, and a fourth-dimensional, light-body spine. To attain enlightenment and illumination, all three levels must work together as one, combined spinal column.

Physically, our spinal cord and nerves must be strong, stable and steady. Astrally, we are not to be drawn into excessive ruminations about the past, to worry about the future, to have delusions of mortal grandeur, or to fear that we will repeat our negative karma or debits. Spiritually, we stay the course, we stay centered, we stay on the straight and narrow pathway to Buddhahood. We stay fully focused on the brilliant, centrally-located column of light within us.


In Sanskrit, the name Siddhartha is said to be a combination of “siddha” that means achievement, and “artha” that indicates aim, meaning, purpose. Thus, “Siddhartha” means one who accomplishes his or her aim. Siddhartha’s aim or purpose was to become a Buddha and to show others how to transcend mortal/soul suffering, by becoming enlightened and compassionate.

Names always have more than one meaning, just like a crystal has more than one facet. Thus, another meaning of Siddhartha comes from its second syllable, which is “dhar.” This syllable is accented when pronouncing the whole name. “Dhar” stands for dharma that is one’s spiritual path, purpose or spiritual/soul mission; the reason why one takes on a physical incarnation on Earth. Following one’s dharma leads to the transmutation of one’s soul/karmic debts and the deeper, fuller expression of one’s karmic credits.

“Tha” in Siddhartha means demonstrating masculine, Buddha consciousness on Earth. “Tha” represents the flow of fourth dimensional energy all the way down through the spine; from the superconscious (head or “T”), to the subconscious (heart or “H”), to the conscious (reproductive system or “A”); from “Sid” to “dhar” to “tha.”

Also, the syllable “dhar” is found in both Yasodhara and Siddhartha. This shows the twin soul relationship of Sol-O-Man and Sananda. She is the feminine, soul, subconscious Buddhi representative; he is the masculine, physical, conscious, Buddha portrayal of their combined demonstration of I Am consciousness in which one expresses one’s Divine Dharma.

Follow the Straight and Narrow

Yashodharah has four syllables, whereas Siddhartha has three syllables. Add them together and you have seven syllables or sounds, one for each of your seven chakras and your seven steps to Buddhi/Buddhahood.

In your meditation(s) today, be centered, straight and firmly at peace. Then see and sound “Ya” in your crown chakra/cerebrum, “sho” in your third-eye/thalamus, “dhar” in your throat chakra/vocal apparatus, and “ah” in your heart chakra/heart. This aligns your subconscious and astral body with Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah’ s light/Buddhi body, and with your own I Am Self and electric, etheric, light form.

Then, place and chant “Sid” in your solar plexus chakra/digestive system, “dhar” in your sacral center/eliminatory systems, and “tha” in your regenerative chakra/reproductive organs at the base of your spinal column. This aligns your conscious mind and physical body with your subconscious mind, which when combined in balanced harmony prepare you to receive and know your superconscious Self and Sananda/Siddhartha the Buddha.

Thank You

Now you are prepared to receive the pouring out of I Am, superconscious, fourth-dimensional, fiery light into your astral and physical bodies; thereby illuminating, awakening and enlightening you. Of your soul/mortal self you cannot make this happen. Rather, all you can do is prepare yourself subconsciously and consciously for it to take place in God’s good time and way.

As you wait patiently for this to occur, stay centered and one-pointed, as peaceful and loving as possible. Be as happy and harmonious as possible. See and feel yourself to be surrounded in the golden light of the Seventh Ray of peace, love and rest.

Whenever any imbalanced thought, feeling or past memory tempts you to move away from your I Am core, bless them and let them go into the Void.

Thank your parents, Sananda/Siddhartha and Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara, as well as Father-Mother Parent, for your upcoming, sure-to-happen illumination and enlightenment.

Meanwhile, stay straight!