Be Baptized with Fire

Today, November 7, 2023, be still, sit serenely in the Silence, and ask Spirit to baptize you with Its fiery, fourth-dimensional light. Stay steady, stable and straight as you wait for this to happen. Be prepared, for this may well be the day of your next step in cosmic illumination and enlightenment.  Affirm that God’s good will be done.

In Christian terms, shortly after the physical birth of a son or daughter, Mom and Dad take their child to be baptized by a minister or priest. In Buddhist terms,  Mother Yasodhara the Buddhi and Father Siddhartha the Buddha bring you to the Temple of Mercury in northeastern India, or take you into your own Temple of Mercury, wherein you are to be baptized with fire.

Descent of the Dove

Here’s how Nada via Yolanda on April 7, 1969 described baptism with fire: [Baptism] takes place within every individual when the fire of the Spirit descends upon the consciousness, and all that you are and all that you wish to become is bathing your entire auric field, and you are immersed in this energy and this fire. . . .

“You feel the energy of fire coursing through your entire body and mind and you feel aflame with all the power God has given each of His-Her individual creations, His-Her own sons [and daughters] which you are.” (End quote)

Jesus was baptized with water in the Jordan River by John the Baptist, whose name symbolizes love. (See painting to right.) The heavens opened, a white dove appeared over him, and a heavenly voice was heard to say, This is my son in whom I Am well pleased. As Spirit has revealed to me (Soliel-Robert), the white dove of Seventh Ray love symbolized the appearance of Lord Maitreya, who said for all who had the ears to ear that he was well pleased with his son, Christ Jesus the Messiah, the Prince of Peace.

Lord Maitreya is the Christ of our Solar System, just as Sananda is the Christ of Earth. Maitreya, as Sananda’s masculine master teacher, along with his feminine twin soul, MaYa, are the spiritual “Father and Mother” of Sananda/Jesus the Christ/Siddhartha the Buddha. MaYa and Maitreya are our beloved spiritual grandparents, our beloved Grand Ma (Great Mother) and Grand Pa (Great Father).

Tree of Life

Siddhartha was baptized while meditating alone in the woods while sitting under a huge fig tree that came to be called the Bodhi Tree, the tree of spiritual awakening. Buddha and Bodhi come from the same root word that means awakening, illumination and enlightenment.

This Bodhi tree of life portrayed his spiritual anatomy. The three’s trunk represented his spinal column of light. The roots symbolized his subconscious mind, which contained the memories of his past lives as Abel, Noah, Melchizedek and Zarathustra, as well as the dharmic purpose of his present life. The branches of the tree represent his conscious mind and physical expressions. The Sun over the tree represented his superconscious mind and his I Am Self as Sananda.

Thus, Buddhists refer to Siddhartha’s fiery, light-filled experience as illumination and enlightenment. Christians call it baptism with fire, which is followed by baptism with water for cleansing any impediment in our mind, soul and body that presents us from being baptized love in action on Earth.

By any definition, baptism occurs when our I Am Self and fourth-dimensional light body overshadow us and flow down our spinal column, thereby electrifying and quickening all of our astral chakras in our astral body and all of our corresponding physical organs and systems. We are on fire. Fire is who and what we are as an etheric, fourth-dimensional son of God or a daughter of the Divine. 

Sol-O-Man & Sananda

In your meditation(s) and ponderings today, sit serenely under your own physical or imaginary Bodhi tree or in your meditation room at home; wherever it is that you feel most at peace and guided to be.

Envision Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah above and to your left (subconscious), appearing as a woman clothed with the Sun. She shows herself to you mostly as Sol-O-Man, with only a part of her being Yashodhara the Buddhi. She is your etheric/astral/Eastern Mama. Above her is MaYa, her master teacher. Above MaYa is Lady Uriel, feminine archangel of the Seventh Ray. Above her is the feminine EloHer or Mother Matrix of peace and love.

Above and to the right (conscious side) of your crown chakra/head, see Sananda/Siddhartha the Buddha. He, too, appears as a brilliant, golden sphere or sun. He is your etheric/astral/Eastern Papa. Above him is Maitreya, above whom is Lord Ariel, the masculine angelic partner of Lady Uriel. Above Ariel is the masculine EloHim of the Seventh Ray of peace, love and rest.

Mostly, however, be aware of, and feel the presence of Yasodharah the Buddhi and Siddhartha the Buddha. You may or not have a vision of them. You may or may not see yourself under your own Bodhi tree. Yasodharah and/or Siddhartha may or may not say that you are their beloved son or daughter in whom they are well pleased. But by your quickened and fortified faith, and the love that you feel, you perceive their presence in some way. Clairsentiently, you realize and know that they are with you. Would not any good father and mother be present at the baptism of their beloved child?

Fiery Descent

In Spirit’s good time and way, via the Elohim, angels and especially Sananda/Siddhartha and Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah, down comes the fire of life, the illuminating light, the fourth-dimensional etheric love energies. The fire flows first into your crown chakra, which has been opened anew by your guardian angel(s) and by Sananda and Sol-O-Man. Especially the upper half of your head lights up. It may even feel tingly, prickly and/or hot. After all, it is aflame with, and surrounded by, your own I Am Self and fiery light body.

Then, slowly the fire flows down into your third-eye chakra/forehead and center of your head, and from there slowly down the entire length of your spinal column, descending into and stopping for a few minutes in one chakra at a time, with each one of them quickening, accelerating and heating up as your baptism with fire continues. Having prepared yourself in prior days for this, stay straight, strong and steady. Feel the Fire and go with Its Flow.

All that you are and hope to be flows into your mind, soul and body. Maybe you remember past lives when you underwent a similar baptism. Perhaps you realize anew your cosmic identity and beingness, who you truly are as a being of light and love, peace and power. Maybe you mostly experience I Am, Buddhic/Christ centeredness, harmony, holiness and happiness.

 God Bless You

Affirm, visualize and realize: I Am a Buddha or Buddhi; I am baptized and filled with fiery light. I am  illumined, awakened and enlightened. I let my fiery light shine on one and all, whether they are close to me or anywhere else on Earth.

From your heart of hearts, deeply thank Spirit and all the agents of Spirit for your baptism. Especially bless Sananda/Siddhartha and Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara for their parental guidance, support, love and help, for helping you to birth your own baptized I Am Self on Earth.

So be it. Om. Om. Om.