Voyage to Venus

Starting today, Monday, March 21, 2002, one day after the spring equinox on March 20th in the northern hemisphere, we begin our four-week focus on the Temple of Venus.

The Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in northwestern Wyoming, USA, are the approximate site of this ancient Temple of Venus. (See picture to right of Grand Teton range.)

In our solar system, Venus radiates the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause, whose corresponding color is pink.

Lanto is the Chohan of the Third Ray; Anna is his twin soul. Lord Chamuel, who replaced Lucifer eons ago, is the Archangel of the Third Ray.

Thirteen Temples 

As given in our Mark-Age text Evolution of Man, when mankind came to Earth two hundred and six million years ago, we functioned in I Am consciousness in our fourth dimensional light bodies.

In ancient times, thirteen primary power centers, vortices or temples of light were established worldwide, one for each of the twelve planets and the sun of our solar system (three planets exist in an etheric vibration, and therefore are not visible physically).

(For a PDF map of the thirteen temples, click MAP that you can open and print.)

Descent into Matter

Over millions of years, a segment of mankind devolved from the fourth dimension and became entrapped in third dimensional, physical bodies. This fall from grace was due primarily to errors on the Third Ray. Those who descended into matter did so because they felt separate from God, were enamored with their personal feelings and powers, and were selfish and self-absorbed.

A segment of angelic forces also participated in the fall of man. On October 26, 1971, Archangel Chamuel channeled this insight via Nada-Yolanda [See our Mark-Age text Angels and Man, page 92]:

“As the sons of Light contemplated their own powers, lights, light force, energy, and dominion over all lesser forms and those who were in the process of evolving to a higher expression, they attracted to themselves and were attracted by those of the angelic realm–or the Luciferian forces, as you might call them–who could create a form for them to express out of and to work through. . . . The fact that the Luciferian forces were on the Third Ray or third aspect, of love, is the key to the hidden complexity or lock of this entire solar system and the race of man as he is evolving through this solar system.”

Cains & Abels

Man’s final fall into physical form took place about twenty-six million years ago. At that time, the Elders or golden giants who remained in I Am consciousness, functioning in their fourth dimensional light bodies, divided into two factions, the Cains and the Abels. The Cains believed their proper relationship with the fallen subrace was that of masters and slaves. The Abels, led by Sananda, advocated that the Elder race should teach the third dimensional humans how to reclaim their God-given powers and talents, so as to evolve out of the density of Earth plane matter back into their light forms.

Evolution of Man, page 11, recounts: “In this argumentation, Sananda was not one of the governmental leaders but was at the spiritual headquarters of this race of golden giants. This was located in what are now the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, covering the Yellowstone Park area. It was the approximate center of their spiritual retreats and schools. Like the governmental capital [in the Lake Tahoe area], it was built in concentric circles encircling a desert and an inland sea.

“The main source of light and energy for the Elders at that time was the Temple of Venus, located in these mountains. To this day those who are spiritually intuned can feel the special radiations of brotherly love and mortal sacrifice that emanate from this focal point.”

In the ensuing battle of spiritual wills between the Cains and the Abels, Sananda discovered the key in the vibration and mantra of Love God and Love One Another, which he anchored at Mt. Shasta in northern California. Yet the Cains, who were in the majority, overpowered Sananda as the leader of the Abels.

The Hierarchal Board subsequently banished all the golden giants to Venus for their further cleansing and greater dedication. During the dispensation that followed, Sananda presided over the Seventh Ray of Divine Love, Peace and Rest for all third dimensional mankind. Eventually the Hierarchal Board appointed him as Prince or spiritual ruler of Earth.

Balance Third & Seventh Rays

On March 13, 1963, Lanto channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “By grounding yourself through Third Ray function, by calling forth the pink flame of love for all that is and all that ever was and all that can be manifest on the third, physical dimension, you will keep yourself within [your] physical vehicle while you explore and exploit the Self within that is eternal and leads you into unknown realms and highest fantasies and ecstasies unknown and unrealized by the mortal consciousness. [See shades of pink to right.]

“It must be a balance of the Third and Seventh [Rays], to bring about cosmic realization. That is why the Third Ray function has been the primary function of your greatest statesmen, politicians, artists, doctors, missionaries and those who have brought forth all forms of religious zeal. It is important to understand this about those who do express this tremendous love expression, because their desire is to serve man; which is part of the two commands to love God and to love one another.

“You cannot love one another without loving God in truth and in fulfillment. . . . By loving one another through the love of God, in relating Third and Seventh Ray functions, you truly may experience what it is to feel the love of God within your fellowmen and all forms of creation while you love the form and the expression that one finds in this time of the present. . . .”

Love One Another

Continuing the above channeling, Lanto elaborated: “All must experience fully the Third Ray or love aspect in every single one of their relationships with every other ray or every other function they experience on the road toward spiritual perfection on Earth. It is an essential requirement.

“Therefore, if your emotions are blocked or if you in any way are demanding they be controlled according to your way of outlet, be sure you have been inspired by the Christ light within you to know where and what is the proper way of your emotional body, or your third aspect of the trinity, in order to bring forth your child, which is God in you, peace, love divine and eternal consciousness. . . . .

“Know ye the love of your man unto one another. Know ye the love of all animal life, vegetable and mineral life in relationship to their service in balance upon the Earth. For you all things. And all things serve man, which you are.”

Linking with Lanto

In my (Dr. Robert’s) meditation on December 17, 2007, my crown chakra filled with pink hues of the Third Ray, and with white and gold light of the Seventh Ray. Columns of light ascended from my head into the heavens, and redescended to me. With the pink colors, I sensed Lanto’s presence but I was not sure, as this was my first conscious communion with him in this lifetime. Sananda/Jesus appeared and proclaimed: “I, when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me.”

Over two years later, in a meditation on March 27, 2010, in my light body, I rose into the etheric realms. There I was greeted by Nada, who announced: “You are now one of us.” I now could ascend in my light form, commune with the masters, and return to Earth and carry out their instructions. Even so, I would continue to refine the residue of my soul imperfections.

Nada also shared that recently she had traveled to Venus where she had read my soul record. She had learned that in one of my past Venusian sojourns I had cleared and healed the karma I had incurred with her in past lives, particularly in the days of Atlantis, but also going back to Lemuria. My Third Ray transmutation had laid the groundwork for my devoted service to her at Mark-Age in this lifetime.

Wise as a Serpent, Gentle as a Dove

Nada then joyously introduced me to Lanto. His aura emanated transcendent pink colors that flowed into me. Never before had I felt so loved in such a cosmically personal way. Still, I asked him to verify his identity.

He told me to study his past lifetime as Paolo Veronese (1528-1588), an Italian Renaissance painter. He said Third Ray themes and the color pink had been predominant in his art, which I later found to be true. (See self portrait of Paolo Veronese to the left.)

Lanto also revealed he was the the final key or piece in the puzzle of my ongoing unifications with the Hierarchal Board. Previously, I had had numerous confirmed communions with the chohans of all the other rays, so my contact with Lanto completed the circle.

Moreover he reaffirmed that the Third Ray was the key to healing mankind on Earth and in its astral planes, because the fall of man had been due mainly to Third Ray errors, which had been exacerbated by the Cains and by impure light workers in Lemuria and Atlantis.

Before departing, he cautioned me that my Third Ray quickening would expose me to greater criticism, jealousy, resistance and rejection by others. Responding to my growing love, detractors would blame me for revealing their darkness and would try to deter or destroy me. So, even as I dealt lovingly with my enemies, I should be wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove.

Lanto added that similar mortal responses had occurred when he was Paolo Veronese. In my research later, I discovered he had been summoned before the Inquisition, because his paintings did not conform to biblical descriptions of the events they portrayed. Rather, he had set them in Italian scenes of his day, so as to make them more acceptable to his audience.

Fortunately, at his hearing, Paolo convincingly professed his deep love for Jesus and explained his artistic approach. So, the Inquisitors did not censure him.

Water to Wine

Paolo Veronese is perhaps best known for his huge painting of the Wedding Feast at the Marriage of Cana that is now in the Louvre, Paris, France; which I saw in 2014. It is 22 feet tall by 32.6 feet wide. It was stolen by Napoleon’s army in Italy and brought to the Louvre. (See picture of this to the right.)

In this painting, as in all of Paolo’s other paintings of Jesus, the garment that covers Jesus’ upper body and right arm is a pink-to-red color. Moreover, Jesus always has a loving, sweet face. (See image of Jesus from Paolo’s Marriage Feast of Cana to the right.)

The Wedding of Cana was when Jesus, as prompted by his mother Mary, performed his first miracle: He transmuted water (blood) to wine (Christ life flow). This symbolizes and epitomizes the third major initiation of transmutation via personal love; which comes under the auspices of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. See John 2:1-11.

Twin Soul of Lanto

Six months later, on September 28, 2010, I dreamt that my ex-wife MariLyn and I became annoyed with one another over a minor matter, so I walked into my office to calm down and give her a chance to do likewise. To my surprise, standing there in my office was a sweet, grandmotherly woman dressed in ordinary clothes, who I never had seen before. “Who are you and how did you get in here?” I demanded.

Gently, lovingly, she replied: “I live in the adjoining apartment behind your and MariLyn’s house. I watch over and guide both of you, especially MariLyn. I am her master teacher. Your and MariLyn’s nerves are on edge partly because I have been in your force fields.”

Seeing that I did not believe her, she opened her eyes wide and gazed at me in the most otherworld way. So much light rushed from her eyes that it knocked me backwards onto the floor! Then she turned around and passed through the walls of my office.

Over the next five years, both MariLyn and I had a number of dreams and visions of whom I came to call Lady Lanto, Lanto’s twin soul who had first appeared to me in the above dream. However, it was not until February 19, 2015, when I was deep in meditation and communion with her, that she revealed that her high Self name was Anna.

Like all such I Am Self names, Anna is a code name that incorporates many themes and aspects of her Third Ray feminine function. (See picture above of two pink lotus flowers, representing Lanto and Anna. Throughout the next four weeks, our connection to these two Third Ray masters will blossom anew.)

In part, the “An” and “na” in her name symbolize her twin soul relationship with Lanto, who likewise has “an” in his name.

Moreover, according to apocryphal texts, Anne was the mother of Mary; in other words, Anna  is linked solidly and lovingly with, Sol-O-Man/Mary, uniting her Third Ray with Sol-O-Man’s Seventh Ray love aspects. Especially during the Teton Mission in October 2013, I had numerous communions with Anna and Lanto, some of which I will share in later blogs during the upcoming four weeks.

(See picture to right by Leonardo da Vinci of Anne, Mary and Jesus.)

Two New Images

Following are two visualizations that all of us can use to enter anew into our own Temple of Venus, to connect with the Temple of Venus in the Tetons, to commune with Lanto, Anna, Lord Chamuel and his feminine Third Ray angels that work together with him, and to feel the presence of Venusian visitors who have come in their spacecraft to help us.

The first image is of a masculine nature — it consists of straight lines and angles that form three equal triangles. The triangle is the symbol of the Third Ray. Symbolically, the First Ray is portrayed by a single dot, the center from which all things originate, the One Power that is of God. The Second Ray is represented by two lines that cross one another; hence understanding and wisdom. The Third Ray is symbolized by an equilateral, pink triangle.

Thus, this first image is of a three-sided, pink pyramid that surrounds our entire aura, with its top apex or capstone being 2-3 feet above our physical head. Picture this pyramid over and around you, and become centered in its protective pink power and presence, the power of personal love to transmute your water (blood) to wine (Christ life flow). (See the image to right of the pink pyramid of etheric light.)

Rise into the top part of the pyramid to your crown chakra and cerebrum, your central computer station. Above it, commune with Lanto and Lord Chamuel, both of the positive, masculine polarity of the Third Ray. Lord Chamuel protects and guides you. Lanto lands his pink love into your brain circuitry that then transfers it to you the rest of your body, especially to your heart. You also may feel male Venusians contacting you with their hieronic space beams, stimulating your two temples on the sides of your head.

You are Lanto’s beloved son or daughter, his dear, cherished friend. With him, you are now “in the pink.” (See image to right/above of a radiant pink pyramid.)

If you do not “see” this, simply affirm that it is so. Wear pink clothing. Look at some of Paolo Veronese’s paintings, particularly those that show Jesus in a pink garment.

(See the picture to right by Paolo that depicts Jesus healing the woman with the issue of blood. Note not only Jesus’ pink garment but that his face is similar to Paolo’s self portrait shown earlier above.

(Thus, Paolo, whose name in English is Paul, is devoted to Jesus, one with him in loving service. Be just like Paolo, in your Paul or Pauline nature. Be Third Ray, pink, personal love in action. Heal your mind and body.)

Pink Rose of Love

The following second visualization is more so of the feminine/soul/subconscious/feeling nature of our overall consciousness in our one mind. It will help us to connect especially with Anna and with the feminine Third Ray angels who work in conjunction with Lord Chamuel. It also will assist us in connecting with and feeling the presence of feminine Venusians who have come here to bathe us in their love. Anna is as a spiritual mother to us, just as Anne was the mother of Mary. Or, we could think of her as being an older sister.

In your heart chakra, in the center of your chest, see a tiny pink rose bud — a rose is a rose is love. Feel it in your heart of hearts. Feel it reawakening and re-flowering in your heart chakra, at a deep soul level. Water and feed it with your love of one another, of all of God’s creations, of friends and enemies alike. Be in the feminine pink passion and devotion of Third Ray personal love.

Gradually, over the next few days, actually for this whole four-week focus on the Temple of Venus, the pink rose bud opens until it becomes a fully bloomed pink rose that fills up your whole chest. Your can “smell” its radiant scent.

Go to the florist or grocery store, and buy yourself or others some pink roses. Transmute any lesser feelings when they arise and hurt your heart. Love conquers all. (See image of pink rose to the right.)

In like manner, your love of Anna, feminine Third Ray angels and Venusian lady visitors blossoms anew. You may remember along the way these four weeks that you have been on the planet of Venus in your past planetary sojourns. For, all of the golden giants were banished to Venus eons ago. No doubt, for many lifetimes during Lemuria and Atlantis, and now in this present era, you have worked to cleanse and develop your personal love nature. Now is the time for it to blossom into its full radiance.

As it does so, begin to spend some time thinking about and seeing a similar re-vitalization, re-energizing and re-birthing of the Temple of Venus in the Tetons and Yellowstone area of northwestern Wyoming. As you/we see it, so shall it be.

Realize, too, that this opening of the Temple of Venus is essential to balance out and transmute the abuse of personal love and selfish power in Russia and in China. We bathe President Putin in pink power, as I shared in my last song posted on this blog. To First Ray power, we add Third Ray love. Spiritual power is a handmaiden, a Third Ray servant, not a weapon to conquer, subjugate or kill others.

Personal, Third Ray love and service, now are in action. Our beloved planet is in the pink. So be it.








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    “Whoopee ti yi yo, git along, little dogies;
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