Welcome Galactic Visitors

Eight years ago, from August 26 to September 13, 2014, MariLyn, my ex-wife, and I (Dr. Robert) undertook the Shasta-Alaska Mission. In preparation for this, before leaving the I Am Nation/Sun Temple vortex of sacred, solar light here in northeastern Tennessee, on July 6, 2014, Sananda and Sol-O-Man brought into my force field the male and female co-leaders of the 10th and 11th planets that are etheric in nature; being etheric, these two planets are physically invisible to, and nondetectable by, our Earthly telescopes and space probes. Then, Sananda and Sol-O-Man ushered in the male and female co-leaders of the 12th planet, named Vulcan as per Nada-Yolanda’s intunement in 1968, who stood behind me. Vulcan is also etheric and is the highest vibrational planet in the Solar System.

A month later, on August 18th, the male, Vulcan co-leader clearly appeared before me and said to call him by the code name of Vortex. He explained that Vulcan is the first planet to receive the life-light-love vibrations from the Sun, with the Sun being positioned in the center of the Solar System, around which all 12 planets revolve. The Sun or solar logos is the highest vibrational center of our Solar System. From it, sacred, solar energy swirls down into Vulcan in the form of a cosmic vortex. Vortex, as the male co-leader of Vulcan, forms the right or masculine side of a downward spiralling vortex, which receives and lowers the Solar vortex into the etheric, astral and physical realms of Vulcan; hence his moniker, Vortex.

Two Vs, One W

In my above contact, Vortex’s twin soul was with him, as they stood together before me, he to my right (conscious/masculine) and she to my left (subconscious/feminine), she telepathically conveyed that, for now, I was to call her Lady Vortex or Lady Vulcan. Not until eight months later, on April 7, 2015, did she reveal that her unique, etheric code name was Vertex.

This word, Vertex, comes from the Latin word vertere, meaning to swirl from above at the top of the crown chakra and head to below at the base of the spine and the regenerative chakra. Symbolically and literally, Vertex forms the feminine or left side of the overall vortex of sacred, solar energy that descends vibrationally from the Sun to the planet Vulcan; from there to each lower vibrational planet until it reaches Earth, which is the lowest dimensional planet in the Solar System; and from there to the Temple of Vulcan located at Ta Cu Mountain in southeastern Vietnam in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Within & Without

From a different vantage point and perspective, Vortex as the male energy forms the central, vertical core or axis of the vortex, like unto a human physical body. Vertex, being feminine, represents the area around the central pole, with this feminine area being like the astral body and auric field that surrounds and interpenetrates a third-dimensional, physical body. In ascension, we are lifted up the spinal column of light within the central core of us, as symbolized by a Λ.

At and above the top of the head and crown chakra, its “vertex” or summit or high point, the ascending energy rises up and into one’s I Am Self and consciousness, thereby reaching its crescendo, and then it flows out and all around the crown center and pours down like a fountain of water. Another way to symbolize and describe this is that it descends like a bell over its clapper, with the clapper being the physical, third dimensional body; and the shell of, and seemingly empty space within, the bell being the aura into and through which the ascended light body redescends through the mental, emotional and astral bodies (that are invisible to our physical sight), and into the physical body; from the upper chakras to the lower chakras; from the light (etheric) body to the astral or soul body, into the third-dimensional, physical body.

Two Sun Beings

Four years earlier, before going on the Shasta-Alaska Mission, on December 1, 2010, Sananda and Sol-O-Man brought two beings, one male and one female, into my auric field who conveyed that they were from the Sun. They lifted my arms above my head in the form of a V, into which they lowered a golden, solar disc that was about three-to-four-feet in diameter.

Around its perimeter were twelve symbols, written in a space language like unto that of the automatic space writings via Nada-Yolanda in the late 1950s. These symbols represented the twelve planets. In the center of the disc was a symbol of the Sun. As directed and assisted by the the two brilliant, cosmically glowing space beings, I cooperated and co-participated in slowly lowering the disc into my crown chakra-cerebrum. (See the image to right/above.)

Almost two years later, on August 24, 2012, Lord Uriel revealed that my high Self name is Soliel, meaning “one who shines like the sun (sol) and is the Seventh Ray spiritual son of Sananda and Sol-O-Man. My symbol is the solar disc as shown above, with its symbols of the twelve planets around it, with the Sun symbol at its center. Fifty years ago, on April 12, 1972, Nada had intuned that I had evolved throughout the solar system in the highest etheric planes of all the planets; and had also transcended the solar system and taken on incarnations on nearby, galactic planes and planets.

Helios & Vesta

Two years later, on August 25, 2014, the day before MariLyn and I departed for Mt. Shasta in northern California, my heart chakra filled with golden light that emanated from the same two solar beings who had brought me the solar disc. This time, I was able to perceive the faint outline of their spiritual bodies. They said they would be with us throughout the mission.

The following day, on our flight from Denver, CO to San Francisco, CA, the two solar beings contacted and addressed me as Soliel of the Sun. They revealed that they were the two co-leaders of the Sun, with whom I had trained in my many sojourns there. My central, Solar System home or place of origin was/is the Sun. This also symbolized that my home and yours is our I Am or Sun Self, the Christ within us that shines in and through us as a holy child of God. We are all children of the Sun. We are all sons and daughters of our Father-Mother Creator.

Two days later, while still at Mt. Shasta, CA, Phillel emailed me a copy of the spiritual song and message that Helios and Vesta, co-leaders of the Sun, had channeled via Nada-Yolanda on December 18, 1963. At the time, I had no memory of ever having read this entry in Yolanda’s spiritual diary. Upon perusing it now, I knew immediately that it was Helios and Vesta who had been communing multiple times with me over the past four years. They were my solar “parents.”

Greece & Rome

In Greek mythology, Helios was the personification of the Sun, who every day rode his fiery chariot across the sky, illuminating the planet. Vesta was the Roman goddess of the hearth with its fire in the central portion of the home, with fire heating the house in winter and cooking food year round. Helios was the masculine god of the sky, Vesta was the feminine goddess of the Earth. However, since the names Helios and Vesta are of Earth origin, they are not the actual solar-system names of the two co-leaders of the Sun. They are just Earthly code names that we can understand and apply in our limited, Earthly, mortal understanding.

As to their two forms of fire (that of the sun and of earthly fire in the hearth, heart and home), on September 6, 2014, where MariLyn and I were staying in a lodge in Talkeetna, Alaska, near Mt. Denali that is the epicenter of the Sixth Ray Temple of Saturn, in my morning meditation, I was enveloped in a fiery furnace of etheric light. In time, the realization came that the intense, all-consuming flame was the combined force fields of Helios and Vesta, the co-leaders of the Sun, he to my right and she to my left. Despite the formidable spiritual heat of their solar consciousness and fiery energy, however, I felt entirely comfortable with them, as if they were my cherished Dad and Mom, whom I long had known.

Two Sides of One Coin

Suddenly, I started moaning and groaning, and crying uncontrollably, because I wanted with all my heart to go back to the Sun, my primary home. Finally, I realized that I already was in Sun or solar consciousness. I did not have to go “there” but Helios and Vesta  had brought “there” to “here.” For all intents and purposes, via cosmic oneness via my all-seeing or cosmic, third eye, I saw and experience myself being in both locations at the same time. In my ascended light body, I was bilocated or expanded into both places.

It was a matter of perspective and emphasis as to how I could explain what this entailed. Consciously, I thought I had traveled there, going there in a straight line, like in the axis of a vortex. Subconsciously, I intuited that the Sun had traveled here in a downward spiraling fashion, until its apex or point reached my mind and soul. Consciously, I deduced I had gone to Sun, but subconsciously, I psychically knew that part of my sense of travel was remembering the past when I had been on the Sun.

Both of these conscious and subconscious depictions and realizations were accurate accounts to the degree that they focused on one or the other level of interpretation and representation. However, to perceive the whole picture and reality, the two had to be combined as one, conscious with subconscious, then united with superconscious knowing, completing the whole image and realization of the overall comprehension of the experience.

Abel to Cain to Abel

Whatever the degree of enlightenment and ascension, or the way of seeing things, in solar, I Am Soliel consciousness, I now was to use my Son-Sol light to burn away the residue of my Cain karma from the days of the Cains and Abels, when in Alaska as an Abel following Sananda, I had “flinched” and walked away from him and Sol-O-Man, and had not traveled with them to Mt. Shasta to confront the dominant Cains there.

Especially some Sixth Ray workers around the Temple of Saturn forcefield, who were not yet fully transmuted, who were still partly in Cain consciousness, had contributed to my ill-fated decision to “walk away” from the pure love that was demonstrated by Sananda and Sol-O-Man — I had given away my power to these Sixth Ray Cains around me and followed their line of seemingly superior or arrogant thinking and acting. In so doing, I had become like them. I had become a superior, arrogant, self-righteous Cain who treated the fallen subrace of mankind as slaves.

Now, however, rather than bemoan the karma of my past, I was to properly use my Sixth Ray talents to transmute, purify, correct and reprogram it. Instead of seeing this as a fiery, tortuous and dreaded trial, I was to see it as the golden, loving opportunity that it was; my chance to finally once more become the Abel that I previously had been before my fall from grace, one with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, with all three of us loving God and loving one another; with them as my spiritual parents and my being their beloved son.

Therefore, I proclaimed to Helios and Vesta: “Let your fiery light continue to shine in me, that I might shine it on all others everywhere, in and around all the planetary vortices or spiritual temples on Earth. Let the ‘sunlight’ of the sky burn brightly in my heart and in the hearth of my home, our beloved planet Earth. This is our home just as the entire solar system, with its Sun and Twelve Planets is our home. Let all of us on Earth no longer ‘curse’ one another and wallow in the darkness of mortal superiority and arrogance, but rather confidently and powerfully step forward and lay down our lives for our friends in loving, Third Ray service. Thank You, Father-Mother God.'”

Galactic Godsent Group

One month later, having returned home to I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters, on October 29, 2014, Lords Michael and Maitreya, plus their feminine counterparts, Ladies Mariel and MaYa, transfigured me in the form of two capital letter Ms that were at right angles to each other. The downward letter V in each of the two Ms formed a vortex, signifying a downloading of Hierarchal decrees and guidance into and through my forcefield, into my subconscious and conscious minds, into my astral and physical bodies.

Once I got fully centered and grounded in their foursquare forcefield, they brought before me the most unique, powerful and unusual-looking being I ever had witnessed this lifetime in my inner vision. I was particularly struck by his huge head, so unusual and otherworldly that I could hardly describe it. However, the most remarkable feature was his two, brilliantly light-filled eyes which were very wide-set, about twice wider than in a typical Earth-plane, physical head.

At first he was about 12-feet tall, then he slowly shrank until he was more like 7 feet tall, thus still taller than me although more so of my vibrational level. Despite his size and the brilliance of his body, he somehow seemed “down to Earth” with no “airs.” He was a model of cosmic humility and grace. I began to feel entirely comfortable with him, even like I may have known him in the past.

I was so absorbed in his remarkable presence that I never thought to ask him his name. However, I eventually realized that he was a galactic being, still of the kingdom of man, but from somewhere beyond our Solar System, out in other regions of the Milky Way Galaxy. A couple days later, I again felt his abiding presence, but mostly just saw his eyes. This inspired me to call him “Wide Set Eyes” or “He Who Sees Far and Wide.” Another appropriate Earth-plane name was “Humble Heart.”

Indeed, he lovingly saw throughout the galaxy, whereas I was only able to partly see throughout this solar system. It seemed to me that I was about to remember my sojourns outside of this Solar System. Wide Set Eyes had brought his galactic home/consciousness to me, which now began to feel like my loving-filled home.

Literal & Symbolic

It also slowly dawned on me that his initial appearance was not only literal, in that I clearly saw his two huge, wide-set eyes, but also symbolic, in that each eye on either side of his head represented two ways of seeing. The right eye was the conscious, literal, masculine one. The left eye was the subconscious, symbolic, feminine one. In fact, during the first meeting with him, as it progressed, he felt more and more soft and feminine to me, more and more approachable, like not only a father but also a loving mother.

Moreover, at the end of this communion, I perceived that there was a woman standing behind him, who I had not seen at first, so fixated as I was on his physical features. The woman was his galactic partner or counterpart or “twin soul.” They had come together as one representation of all Galactians who were coming with them to Earth to help to uplift it spiritually. There had to be the right cosmic representation and balance between male and female, conscious and subconscious, in order for the Galactians to be the most effective, to re-harmonize and re-balanced and re-awakened Earthlings, in the astral and physical planes; wherein men still tend to feel and act superior to women.

In like manner, when I first had been introduced to Vortex and Vertex, it was Vortex who initially had given me his name, who first had shown himself to me, who I first had most identified with. His partner, Vertex, only called herself Lady Vortex or Lady Vulcan. It took several months before Vertex gave me her actual, individual name; and described and showed me her feminine nature and talents.

With these realizations that continued for the next few days, in another communion, Wide Set Eyes inspired me to call him Galactos, which of course is an Earthly-derived code name, not his actual Galactic name. Since I only barely recognized his female counterpart, no name was given for her, so I called her Lady Galactos. The key point is that they were the two primary leaders of a whole new group of Galactians who now were coming to Earth, to add their higher consciousness, energies and love to the entire solar system, starting with the Sun, then Vulcan, and then all the way down to Earth. Lord Michael and Maitreya, as the two-coleaders of the Hierarchy, were the ones who announced this and welcomed them here.

One Holy Circuit for the Second Coming

These new Galactians could now come, I was told by Michael, Maitreya, Mariel and MaYa, because all of the thirteen spiritual temples or sacred vortices on Earth had been united and linked together in one, holy, harmonious circuit for implanting a New Heaven on a New Earth, for bringing forth the Second Coming of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, and the corresponding spiritual awakening of all on Earth.

Galactos telepathically now conveyed to me that I was to call these Galactic visitors the Galactic Godsent Group. The three G’s stand for God, Good and Grace-filled. They have answered the call from God the Good to come to Earth to grace us by laying down their lives for us as their youngest brothers and sisters in Christ.

Herein is the epitome of Third and Fifth Ray interaction and demonstration, as represented by two sides of a V. Via the Third Ray, the Galactic Godsent Group uses all of their personal, Galactic love, to help those who are less evolved than they are. Via the Fifth Ray, they demonstrate that all Galactic citizens are part of One Whole Galactic Family. God’s God Grace is upon and available to one and all, no matter the level of evolution they may currently be demonstrating. We all are part of one, humongous Galactic Family! If one part of the Galactic Family is hurting, then all Galactians feel this hurt, just as if one part of our physical body is dysfunctioning, then our whole body is affected.

Realizing the enormity and cosmic complexity of this totally blew me away. Galactic visitors, coming to help us meager Earthlings; almost beyond belief. And yet, counterbalancing this, I remembered having been out in the Milky Way Galaxy. I had gone there to train in higher spiritual consciousness and methods, but rather than stay there and go to yet higher stars and planets therein, I had answered the call to come back to Earth, to help my fallen brothers and sisters, those still in Cain consciousness. I knew what this was like, for I had been a Cain, and still at times here on Earth still am. Returning from out in the Milky Way Galaxy to Earth was/is the ongoing opportunity to correct and transmute of my remaining Cain karma. Incredible! Thank You!!!

My Prior, First Galactic Contact

Pondering all of this information about, and beginning to understand, who Lord Galactos and Lady Galactos are, I thought back to my first Galactic contact this lifetime. On May 9, 2011, prior to MariLyn and my going on the South American Mission, J.W. of Jupiter overshadowed me, whereupon an interdimensional doorway suddenly opened. Through it stepped a huge, cosmic entity, who J. W said was a galactic being from outside our solar system. The visitor appear so brilliant that I could not make out his features. He eventually disappeared from view, whereupon Sol-O-Man appeared and confirmed that what I had received was indeed true and in order.

As additional verification, she guided me to reread St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal’s channeling via Nada-Yolanda on March 28, 1961, in which he had said of his ship #1235 located in the Western Hemisphere: “Aboard this [city-sized] craft are representatives from every planet in the solar system, and from other galaxies, for interdimensional purposes. It is one of the major meeting areas in your atmosphere. Motah is a code name for a segment of governmental information sources; ruling classes, you might say.” I also recalled other several channelings that galactic visitors likewise were aboard Sananda’s ship #10 and Summalt’s huge spacecraft #7423 in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Moreover, Sol-O-Man directed me to read two entries in our Mark-Age text, Welcome Visitors from Other Planets. As noted on pages 101-105, on September 15, 1961, Nada-Yolanda was contacted by one who called himself Ixutel, who came from beyond our Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy. On February 7 and 12, 1963 (pages 155-157), Antarra of Arcturus, a star in the Milky Way Galaxy, appeared to her, and said that he with others had come to help with the transmutation of Earth.

I also remembered and re-read Motah/Phillel’s July 12, 1991 experience in which in his light body, he was taken from Earth to the Sun of this Solar System, and from there to the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, then from there back to Earth. Click here to read this.

Discern and Verify

How much of his experience was “actual” and how much was remembrance, symbolic and holographic, or how much was a combination of both and other levels of seeing and experiencing, is something only he can know. The key point is that in Christ consciousness, he was reconnected with the area and consciousness of the Central Sun, with his past history going back eons of time.

In like matter, all of us can and will begin to have such an experiences, for in ancient days, as originally given via Nada-Yolanda, we came from the Central Sun to the Sun of this Solar System, and from there to all of the twelve planets in the Solar System. Once we begin to remember the past, we will be partly back at our Solar System Sun and the Central Sun and all the others Stars and Suns throughout the Galaxy. It is just a matter of time before we all feel this in one manner or another. But, then again, that time may not be for years, the rest of this life, or many lifetimes in the next 2000-3000 years. In terms of our Galactic awareness, we now are like little children. We are just scratching the surface of our Galactic history and consciousness.

Here’s a word to the wise: No one on Earth is perfectly whole in Christ or I Am consciousness. All of us functioning in physical, Earthly bodies have some degree of mortal consciousness, some soul confusion, some part of us that is not whole and holy. Therefore, anything I write now and share with you in my blogs has to be taken with a grain or even many grains of salt. The same is true of Phillel. He and I do the best that we can at this time in our spiritual re-evolution to present things in the most accurate manner possible. But some part of it will be colored by our residual, remaining pockets of mortal, Cain, selfish consciousness.

So, be careful. Be wise as a serpent as gentle as a dove. Read not just with you mind but also with your heart. In the final analysis, what is most important is that each of us do our best to Love God and Love One Another. To the degree that our focus now on Galactic visitors helps us to do this, then we know we are seeing things clearly and doing what it is that God wills us to do. In other, we will know ourselves and others by the fruits. Talk can be cheap. Walk is the proof!

Opens Lids

Coming back now to the contact with J. W. of Jupiter and the Galactic visitor, the morning after his initial contact, in my meditation, a holographic image appeared in my third eye of an etheric, brilliantly lit city in another, far-away dimension. Pondering it, I realized that it was the Galactic home of my present Galactic visitor. He then conveyed that I had been there with him, and he had trained me in the methods that now were to be introduced by him to be used in the re-opening of the thirteen spiritual temples on Earth.

In another, following contact a couple days later, J. W. Jupiter explained that this Galactic visitor would use a symbolic tool like the one used to open the lids of paint cans. He would pry open the veil in the seventh or highest astral plane above the Temple of Neptune vortex at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia, when MariLyn and I visited there. This veil rending would facilitate the pouring out of higher, etheric energies into the astral planes and from there down to the Earth level to re-open the spiritual temple or power center there. So, I ended up calling this Galactian “Opens-Lids-of-Paint-Cans, which he found amusing when I shared it with him. His Galactic name obviously could not be translated into any Earth language, so my name for him would have to suffice.

In MariLyn’s and my following travels around the world to the other spiritual temples, just as he had at Olkhon Island, Opens-Lids had peeled back and rent the veil separating the etheric from the astral and physical realms. In so doing, in my co-participating with him as he did so, I learned anew what he had taught me on his home planet. Moreover, during these visits to other power-center sites, it became clear that there was a whole contingent of Galactians with him, including Galactian men and women.

Therefore, with the new contact with Galactos and Lady Galactos, I felt reasonably comfortable and confident about how I was taking the next step in my spiritual training for this part of my soul mission.

New Galactic Visitor

As stated above, the first communion with Galactos (He Who Sees Far and Wide; or Wide Set Eyes), was on October 29, 2014. One month later, on November 26, 2014, at our weekly Hierarchal Board Meditation, Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary appeared above me in my psychic vision. With them were Lord Ariel and Lady Uriel, angelic partners on the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. In ascended consciousness, I was lifted up and into Sananda’s ship #10 in the etheric realms.

With them there was another Galactic being, a male who looked somewhat like Galactos when he first had appeared to me. However, this new Galactian was not as tall, his eyes were not as big, and his forcefield was not as bright as that of Galactos. Rather, this new visitor was part of the Galactic Godsend Group, a masculine leader of other Galactians in the Galactic Godsend Group who had come to Earth with him. Although I asked, he did not give me his name.

Over the next several days, he contacted me four times. Each time, he felt more familiar to me, as I got used to his vibrational imprint and signature, as I felt him more securely nestled into my heart. This indicated that he was progressively lowering his vibration such that I could be more comfortable with him, even as I was purifying and amping up my vibratory frequency.

During these communions, the only specific new guidance that came was that this new visitor in some way was connected with Vortex, the masculine co-leader of the planet Vulcan. But, he was not Vortex. Upon asking for more input and clarification, he assured me that it would come soon.

Welcome Vortran

That occurred at our next Hierarchal Board Meditation on December 3, 2014. At the start of it, I felt a strong link with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, and became so etherically charged that I “went out.” When I came back to conscious awareness, I saw an immense golden pole of light that extended from my head to high in the heavens, wherein I linked with a group of Galactic visitors. Then, I served as a battery or grounding rod for Phillel.

After the meditation ended, Phillel shared that he had come into communion with Dr. Hannibal/St. Germain, his master teacher on the Sixth Ray, who is the etheric commander of the the Western Hemisphere. With Dr. Hannibal aboard his mother ship #1235 was a Galactic being. When Phillel asked for his name, this Galactian gave it as Vortran. He said he was from the “galactic centrex,” a reference to, and a linguistic symbol for, the core of the Milky Way Galaxy and its Central Sun. (Click here to read Phillel’s account of this contact.)

Phillel later interpreted that Vor stood for “vortex”; and tran meant “across, over and through”, as in spiritual transmutation of the Sixth Ray. In other words, Vortran was bringing and stepping down Galactic energies to Earth for its ongoing transmutation and upliftment. This was part of a transfer from the Central Sun, to stars and solar systems in the Milky Way Galaxy, all the way to the Sun of our Solar System, and from there to the 12 planets, including Earth.

Prior to this meditation and contact with Vortran, I had shared with Phillel the gist of my several communions with Vortex, the co-leader of Vulcan, going back to July 2014. However, I had not shared extensive details about these exchanges, nor of my coming into communion with his feminine partner, who only called herself Lady Vortex. Now, over the next week or so, it slowly dawned on me that Vortran was so named to symbolize that he worked directly with Vortex, not only on the planet Vulcan but at the Temple of Vulcan in southeastern Vietnam. I mentioned this to Phillel and we talked about it, but came to no final conclusions. It was all too new to fully comprehend the many levels of it. As always, I awaited further guidance, clarification and elucidation, knowing that these reconnections with those in other realms take lots of time.

More and more, I was sure that Vortran was one and the same Galactian who had contacted me several times before he appeared and announced himself to Phillel. Therein was his and my common verification — once again we were co-receivers.

Welcome Lady Vortran

Eleven days after Phillel’s initial communion with Vortran, on December 14, 2014, deep in my morning meditation, a new feminine Galactic being contacted me. She was the co-equal, feminine partner or twin soul of Vortran. She explained to me that in the overall Galactic Godsend Group, there was more or less an equal number of males and females, thus creating a harmonious, balanced group forcefield. She then began to work with me at the soul/feminine level to heal another layer of my akashic or soul record. I felt incredibly loved and blessed by her divine feminine presence and loving power. But, she did not give me her name. So, in typical fashion, I ended up calling her Lady Vortran.

Phillel did not have conscious communion with her at this time. Per usual, partly because my master teacher, Sol-O-Man, is feminine, I seem to have more affinity and ability to commune with feminine Solar System and Galactic visitors to Earth.

Welcome Vertex and Vertran

Four months later on April 7, 2015, I felt stimulation in the top, left side of my head, Tuning into this, I came into communion with Lady Vortran. This time, she announced that her specific name was Vertex.

The name day, April 8th, I felt additional stimulation in the left part of my brain, which was separate from and somewhat different than the contact signal with Vertex. Eventually, as I settled into this new energy, a woman Galactian appeared to me and said that her name was Vertran. She was Vortran’s partner or twin soul. Her energy and power was another notch up from than of Vertex.

Per usual, at first, I wondered for a while if her name Vertran was too simplistic, too much of my conscious association and deduction; too pat. But, the more I pondered it and felt it in the depths of my heart, it felt just right to me. In response, Vertran then appeared more clearly in my inner vision, smiled lovingly at me, and nodded her head a couple times to say yes, I had received it right. It was the best name that could be given at this time, given the limits of my Earthly comprehension and that of other light workers.

The next day, April 9th, my birthday, I experienced my best birthday gift yet. Vortran, Vertran, Vortex and Vertex as a four-square group and spiritual interdimensional solid foundation or crystallized forcefield, anchored their combined vibrations securely into my crown chakra/cerebrum, and then down into the heart chakra and the four chambers of my heart. It took at least 15-20 minutes to do so, and I vibrated in it for the rest of the day, doing my best to ground and anchor.

Complete Step Two

This Galactic/etheric anchoring completed all the work of touring the thirteen temples around the Earth from fall 2010 to March 2015, when MariLyn’s and my last stop was in Veracruz, Mexico, which had been the ancient site of the Lemurian Sun Temple that in Atlantis had moved to just off the coast of Miami, Florida. Now the thirteen-temple network was solidified from the earthly to the astral to the etheric planes of Earth; from Earth to the other 11 planets and the Sun; from the Solar System to the Milky Way Galaxy. Thank You, Spirit, and all the vast number of the agents of Spirit who had co-participated in this Hierarchal project.

In like manner, now at the end of this solar year, in mid-late December 2022, we are completing the Second Tour of the Thirteen Temples, ending with our focus on the Temple of Vulcan in Vietnam and then back to the Sun. In the last two weeks, I have had multiple contacts with both Vortran and Vertran who have helped me to see more of the big picture, to be more at one with those coming with them from throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, and for being a grounding point here at the Sun Temple for the final stages of the re-opening and re-birthing of the Temple of Vulcan.

Interconnect with All Levels

Rather than go into details about these current experiences, let me now try to sum them up in a neat image or formula or diagram that you and I can use in our meditations for the next day or two or three. (I’ll share more about the above contacts and experiences in the next two, final blogs of this series.)

In your meditations, as always, begin by picturing and experiencing yourself within your 12-sided, dodecagonal, Christ column of sacred light and love, which reaches up from the ground, into the Earth’s atmosphere, then to and through the seven astral planes and into the three etheric planes and celestial realms. Rise up the column or pillar, and come back down through this spinal column or tower. Rise up to meet with Papa Viet (Ho Chi Minh) and Mama Viet (his former mother on Earth) in the higher astral planes. Ascend in consciousness into the etheric planes and meet and unite with Viet Nam and El VyRa, Vortex and Vertex, Vortran and Vertran. Come on down and anchor and re-birth the Temple of Vulcan on Earth, within and without.

New Name

Two days ago, December 12th, Viet Nam contacted me and gave me a new spelling and notation of his name. Rather than Viet Nam, he said to now call him Viet-I-Am. What a wondrous new variation and higher notation of his name and nature! It symbolizes that he is the masculine leader in ascended, I Am consciousness, of the etheric portion of the Temple of Vulcan, thus the Temple of Viet Nam, thus all of Vietnam and the surrounding area of the Temple of Vulcan vortex that stretches hundreds of miles in all directions.

I love the ancient symbology and background of the name Viet. It means “descendants of the dragon that flew to the Sun.” In one sense, an East Asian dragon is like unto a snake, as depicted symbolically in India as representing the kundalini or fire of light that rises from the base chakra to the crown chakra, and then above it, hence to the Sun. In Indian symbology the snake is a cobra which can elevate its head and the upper part of its body in a vertical ascent. In the West, the snake is the serpent confined to crawling on the ground, in the Garden of Eden.

An East Asian dragon differs from a snake in that it has wings, and it breathes in and exhales fire, hence symbolizing the flying or the ascending of consciousness into fiery etheric light, into the Sun or I Am consciousness; from the Earth to the Sun of this Solar System, from there potentially all the way to the Sun in the central region of the Milky Way Galaxy.

So Viet-I-Am represents this ability and function of those in the Temple of Vulcan vortex. As a V, he represents the ascension via an Λ up and through the spinal column of light, into and through the astral planes to the etheric planes; and then its redescent along the same pathway in a V; thus, via VyRa, his twin soul. From the Temple of Vulcan one ascends to the planet Vulcan, and then brings back Vulcan energies to Earth. Galactic visitors aid, multiply and expand the work of the up-and down vortex travel. So, let us all be like Viet-I-Am, and his twin soul El VyRa, who represent this up and down flow of fiery, etheric light.

Affirm: I Am a fiery dragon that flies to the Sun, to my I Am Son/Daughter consciousness of fiery, etheric, fourth dimensional light. Upon my descent, I breathe etheric fire into all souls in the astral planes and on Earth; into all of the Earth’s kingdoms and creatures. I Am Viet I Am. I give my All to the re-opening of the Temple of Vulcan.

Multiple Levels

Here below is a picture/image of the multiple levels for you to use in your visualizations. It shows the four planes or levels of consciousness, and the ones who personify them. These are: 1) Vortran and Vertran; 2) Vortex and Vertex; 3) Viet-I-Am and El VyRa; and 4) Papa and Mama Viet. You, in I Am consciousness link solidly with them and their co-workers in cosmic oneness. Feel the anchoring of this combined Vulcan light in your sacral chakra at your waist level.

Rise and shine your solar light on one and all. Be one with all in all realms related to the Temple of Vulcan, your own Temple and the Temple in southeastern Vietnam at Ta Cu Mountain. Be one with Galactians, Vulcans, etheric Earthlings, astral guides and fellow Vulcanized Earth souls on Earth.

Be a Λ and a V. Be a planetary, solar and galactic citizen. Be who you are, a beautiful and beloved child of God. Amen! Om! Peace!