Arms of Uriel

Here’s our song for today: In the Arms of Uriel as sung by Lucy and Martha Thomas. I’ve changed the title a little to insert the name “Uriel” instead of “the Angel” in the original title. I’ve done this because we are linking this week with Archangel Lord Uriel of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love. Uriel is our angelic “Mama.”

“Uriel” contains 3 syllables, just like the 3 syllables in “the angel.” So, sing along with your version of Uriel, even as you feel the feminine wings of Uriel around you; as you rest peacefully in her Divine Uterus or Womb, ready to be reborn again as the new You/you.


DJ Doc K

1 thought on “Arms of Uriel”

  1. Beautiful. No matter how many times I listen to this song, it always leaves me teary-eyed. Strikes a chord.

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