Be a Christ Candle

At the end of my last blog, I shared the vision that Sol-O-Man/Mother Mary gave to me of a lit white candle. I suggested that you light your own candle and not curse the darkness.

A few hours later, it came to me that of myself, I could not light my real candle, the candle that I Am as a child of God; nor can you. Only Spirit and the agents of Spirit can light my I Am candle. As in, duh!

So, today, let’s begin anew. It’s the third day of the traditional new year, a good time to apply Third Ray principles, to know anew that Spirit loves us and that we are here to love others. So, ask Spirit to light your candle and see what happens. Your candle is your spinal column of pure white light and love, with no impediments or darkness in it. Burn, baby Child, burn. Glow as you flow.

Christ Jesus came and was the light of the world. So, following in his footsteps, be the light of your world and the whole wide world! Then, in three days, on Epiphany, January 6th, Three Wise Men and/or Women will come to see you and to give you new I Am gifts of the Spirit: Seventh Ray peace, love and rest!

Burn bright. Be a Christ candle!

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PS. In regard to following in Jesus’ footsteps, here’s one of the latest cover songs by Lucy Thomas: Footprints in the Sand. (Watch it on your computer to see the printed lyrics.) 

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