Glow like Glo-Ria

Yesterday, January 3, 2024, in my morning meditation, the left temple of my head/brain was accelerated and quickened. Glo-Ria, twin soul of El Morya on the First Ray of Will and Power, was contacting me. She then stood to the left or subconscious side of me. She was feminine soul power personified, the complement to El Morya’s masculine conscious power.

She mentally proclaimed: I Am a wise women who has come to visit and bless you, a newborn Christ Child named Soliel. I have come to give you the gift of feminine power, the will to do all things by having Spirit do them through your soul/astral body.

In this deeply moving sharing with her, she was alluding to the Biblical story of the Three Wise Men who had visited baby Jesus some 2400 years ago; one of those three wise men was El Morya who visited the first family in his ascended, etheric light body.

Back on December 23, 2023, at the start of the solar new year, he had visited me, put a blue sapphire etheric gemstone in my crown chakra, and surrounded me with a protective blue shield or screen. Now it was Glo-Ria’s turn to be with me and to all who are open to receive her First Ray feminine presence and power. In the New or Golden Age that we are entering, men and women will be co-equal and will work together as one. So our new story and experience will be, and is, of Three Wise Men and Three Wise Women.

She Has My Back

At Hierarchal Board Meditation at noon yesterday, Glo-Ria descended again in her etheric, fourth-dimensional light body. This time she stood behind me. I felt her presence especially at the back of my head and neck. As my First Ray aunt/mama, she had my back.

In my morning meditation, she had been to the left side of me, but this time she was behind me. Both such positions symbolize the soul, subconscious, feminine aspect. In both of her visitations, she was showing me how to have power over the remaining feelings of powerlessness in my soul. She was helping me to radiate power to the soul of man. All around the world, men comprise most of the power-mongers in government, religion, business, etc.

The image that came to me as Glo-Ria’s transfiguration occurred was of my being a young child learning to talk and walk, in other words to become empowered to do all things. It’s not that I had not wielded power before, but that I was coming into a new level of doing so. It will take time, maybe a whole year to accomplish my new Am powers as a child of God. But it starts now.

Mama Blue

Today, January 4, 2024, in my morning meditation, after having slept reasonably well, Glo-Ria totally transfigured me. Her magnificent, feminine form and energy were all around me, encasing me in her glorious power. She was not just to the left and behind me, in front of me and to my right, but she also was above and below me.

The imagery was of my being a babe lying in a manger. She, as my aunt or mother, took me up in her arms and held me to her chest/heart as she cooed and radiated love and power to me. I felt like she had taken me into the center of her, into her heart, wherein I also was in my heart chakra. So, she was not just around me, but I was within her. (As the Cherokee Amerindians teach, there are seven directions: north, south, east, west, above, below and within.)

Glo-Ria’s powerful presence was what I unknowingly had been missing in my ongoing soul transmutation and upliftment: feminine First Ray power. Yes, Sol-O-Man loves me and blesses me with her love and power. El Morya adds masculine power. But Glo-Ria’s power is of a whole different level, nature and degree. Glo-Ria is the feminine co-leader with Morya of Neptune and the temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal. She is the foremost feminine First Ray lady of the Solar System.

Be a Blue Feminine Flame

Before Glo-Ria ascended back to the etheric, heavenly realms, she showed me the image of a blue candle. It was as if I was the wick in the candle and she had blue-lighted it, such that it became a blue flame. Together, we radiated blue fiery light into my mental, emotional, astral and physical bodies. I was on fire with blue light.

Then, together, we radiated blue light to the four corners of the world, especially to those of the 144,000 elect who are in the forcefield of the Temple of Neptune, whose epicenter is at Olkhon Island.

We also radiated blue light to President Putin of Russia. As we did so, I felt connected again with Joseph Stalin in the higher astral planes. Both Putin and Stalin lack balanced feminine blue power, power that uplifts and nourishes others, rather than dominates or harms them. We also radiated blue feminine power to the women of Russia, calling upon them to stand up, speak the word and protest against the masculine domination of their society, with its competitive, warlike mentality.

Be a Wise Blue Woman

Whether you are in a male or female body this time around, you can glow like Glo-Ria. Ask her to come to you, to show you the blue feminine way in all your thoughts, words and deeds. Ask her to help you step up your blue light work, to no longer let any mortal man or woman have power over you.

Glo-Ria may appear to the left of you, behind you, or all around you. Maybe she just shines her blue light into your mind and soul. Maybe you mostly feel empowered to do something new, to start forth in a new direction, to finally cut away the remnants of your soul weakness, to rightly wield the sword of truth in all your relationships with men, women and children.

Be a blue candle with a brilliant blue flame that lights up all other blue candles around our blue planet. Glo-Ria and her female First Ray co-workers, in conjunction with Lady Mariel who is the feminine angelic counterpart of Lord Michael, will light your wick. You do the rest.

Have your own blue epiphany, your own new intuitive awareness of God’s will for you. It will come through your soul into your conscious realization. Welcome it. Be blue born anew.

Be a wise blue woman. Glow like Glo-Ria!