Be a Comforter

In my (Dr. Robert’s) morning meditation on May 3, 2024, I envisioned myself within a seventy-foot-wide cylinder of light and love. This Christ column reached up from the Earth, through the seven astral planes to the three etheric planes and the celestial realms, and finally into the realm of the Seven Elohim who head up the Seven Rays of Life.

In time, individual images of the feminine EloHer and masculine EloHim of each of the Seven Rays appeared in my third- or all-seeing eye. These images were of different colored flames or lights of each Ray, such as blue for the First Ray and gold and white for the Seventh Ray. The clearest pictures or images were of MaiTrix and LoGos of the Seventh Ray, with Her flame being more so white and His shining light being more so golden; and the two of them blending together as one white-and-gold flame or forcefield.

Holding the combined energy, power and light of all these seven EloHers and seven EloHims took my total concentration. While in communion with Them, I had almost no doubt about what was taking place. However, after my coming down from the new heights of my elevated or ascended consciousness, I questioned the validity of the whole experience. I needed verification and asked Spirit to provide it.

Seventy Miles Wide

Two days later, on May 5, 2024, deep in my morning quiet time, once again I felt the extraordinary presences of the EloHers and EloHims of each Ray. Later this morning, I visited Norris Dam State Park that is about twenty miles south of I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters here in Pioneer, TN. (See photo of Lake Norris and Norris Dam to right.)

While relaxing and meditating in my car, thoroughly enjoying the scenery, once again the seven EloHers and EloHims connected their vivid, combined, cosmic love and light into my forcefield, especially in my crown chakra and brain, lighting it up to a greater degree and intensity.

Speaking on behalf of all the EloHers and EloHims, Lord LoGos said that I now was to envision Their combined forcefield being a circle that was seventy miles wide, thus encompassing the entire Norris Dam State Park and the surrounding area. Then the EloHers and EloHims anchored their light/energy/power into this entire seventy-mile-wide region that extends about thirty-five miles in all directions from our Sun Temple site in northeastern, TN.

Once again, my brain and whole body were on fire, lit up like a huge light bulb that became many times brighter and more powerful than it had in my experience two days earlier. I began to feel more certain that the EloHers and EloHims were contacting and working through me, but I wondered about where these new experiences were leading me; and if I could handle what was coming.

Golden Ring of Light

Two more days later, in my afternoon meditation on May 7, 2024, the seven pairs of the EloHers and EloHims once again overshadowed and surrounded me. They placed a gold ring around my head that was about three-to-four-feet away from it. Then, one by one, each of the seven EloHers and EloHims linked into this golden ring. This was yet another, higher, more powerful and impactful communion and linking with all of them, and this time I was comfortable with, and confident of, Their presences and connections with me.

They then directed me to radiate their combined lights and energies to all twelve planetary temples or power centers around the world; to all the minimum 144,000 elect; to all peoples in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres; and to the entire Earth that is destined to become the primary Seventh Ray planet in the Solar System.

After my doing so, They showed me the Mark-Age symbol of a seven in a circle. This indicated that Their current series of contacts with me was complete for this time cycle. The number “7” had been prominent in all three contacts with them, signifying that it was Seventh Ray peace, love and rest that primarily was being radiated to the entire globe and all its life forms.

They explained further that my three separate communions with them were preparing the way for Them to “pour Themselves out upon all flesh” at Pentecost, which is celebrated officially this year on May 19th; hence fifty days (the Greek word “penta” means fifty) after Jesus resurrected on Easter Sunday. As had been demonstrated in and through me, all light workers now are being prepared to be the primary channels and grounding points for this outpouring of higher energies into the entire planet.

The combined EloHers and EloHims conveyed that They function and serve as what in the Holy Bible is called the Holy Spirit. Indeed, the Elohim are holy and whole, totally connected with Father-Mother God, hence the most Holy of Spirits. They are of the holy, spiritual Godhead.

Be Comforted

Perhaps you are wondering already if, and how well, you will be able to handle and work positively with this soon to be enhanced pouring out of Spirit upon and through you to the world. But, you need not worry, because with this tremendous influx will come what Christ Jesus called the Comforter.

As given in John 14:16, Jesus, prior to his ascension, said to his male Apostles and female disciples: “I will ask of my Father, and he will give you another Comforter, to be with you for ever.” Then, in John 14:26, Jesus added: “But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom my Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of everything which I tell you.” Please note, therefore, that the “Comforter” and the “Holy Spirit” are synonyms, thus meaning the same thing.

In traditional, conventional, physically-oriented Christian teachings and dogma, the Holy Spirit or Comforter is the third part of the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit generally being thought of as being masculine. However, metaphysically oriented truth students understand and know that the Holy Spirit or Comforter is feminine, hence Mother God in the cosmic trinity and divine principle of Father-Mother-Son.

Be Comforted

Thus, in our new I Am understanding and wisdom, we realize that the Comforter or Holy Spirit especially refers to Lady or Mother MaiTrix of the Seventh Ray. However, it is not just a feminine EloHer that comforts us, for Father or Lord LoGos does so in his own, masculine way. Thus MaiTrix and LoGos work together as one Comforting team, just as Mother Mary and Christ Jesus functioned together to comfort their followers. 

In my case, it was Mother MaiTrix, after she had taken me into the comfort of Her cosmic womb, Who first revealed and explained to me that She was my Comforter or primary feminine Holy Spirit. Then, on several occassions, Father LoGos added that he was my primary masculine Comforter. In all my contacts with Them, Their spiritual comforting has been clearly and profoundly prevalent, with it being the unique hallmark of their contacts with me.

Never before have I felt so uplifted, so peaceful, so beloved, so able to rest and act in my divinity as a Child of God. So, please do look forward to your being comforted, loved and cherished by Them, after which you will be better able to lovingly comfort others.

Be a Comforter

However, please also be aware of, and look forward to being comforted by the presences of Archangel Lady Uriel of the Seventh Ray and her angelic counterpart, Lord Ariel; by Lord Maitreya and his twin soul MaYa; and by Sananda/Jesus and his twin soul, Sol-O-Man/Mary.

Furthermore, after your being comforted, you will be called upon to lovingly comfort all other light workers, as well as family and friends — as we comfort one another, so will we be comforted. Thus, “comforting” is a team effort and function that spans all realms and creations, but it is headed and most powerfully exemplified by the EloHim and EloHer of the Seventh Ray.

(To digress a bit now, the English terms Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost are synonyms. “Ghost” derives from the Old English gast, whereas “Spirit” come from the Latin word Spiritus. The King James Version of the Holy Bible uses Holy Ghost, given that this version of the Bible was translated from Greek into English by Englishmen. But beginning in the 20th century, most Biblical translations prefer Holy Spirit, for the word “ghost” has come to refer primarily to the spirit of someone who has died and resides in the astral planes. Moreover, George Lamsa’s translation of the Aramaic Bible or Peshitta, with Aramaic having been spoken by Jesus and his followers, uses the term Holy Spirit.)

Wind & Fire

Luke chronicles the first Pentecost at the start of Chapter 2 of the Book of Acts in the Holy Bible: “And when the day of Pentecost was fulfilled, while [Jesus’ Apostles and disciples] were assembled together, suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled all the house where they were sitting.

“And there appeared to them tongues which were divided like flames of fire; and they rested upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak in various languages, according to whatever the Spirit gave them to speak.” [End quote from the Lamsa Bible translation.]

The “mighty wind of the heavens” and the “flames of fire” are references to the mighty EloHims and EloHers who head up the Seven Rays or Flames of Light, and Who head up what man of Earth commonly calls heaven or the higher realms of life. Our physical “tongue” is partly used to speak words of truth. Thus, it is the EloHim and EloHers who “speak the word,” hence the mighty wind and flames, to the assembled followers of Christ Jesus. The “mighty wind of the heavens” refers also to the “winds of change” that will come with the outpouring of the fiery Holy Spirit from the heavens to Earth.

“Speaking in tongues” by the apostles and disciples of Jesus was a physical demonstration of one’s being able to speak the language that one used in various past lives. However, speaking in tongues also symbolized finding one’s own, unique, authentic, I Am voice, based on what one has experienced and exampled in multiple prior incarnations. Speaking with tongues is speaking from one’s holy heart.

 Love In Action

For the next few days, envision, decree and begin to realize that the Holy Spirit, your whole and holy I Am or spiritual Self, is descending into and uplifting you, as authorized, directed and overseen by the EloHims and EloHers, especially by MaiTrix and LoGos. Particularly when you find yourself in some challenging situation or relationship, ask Them to help you. As you ask, so shall you receive.

Leading up to Pentecost, you no doubt will become more and more aflame with fire, but this sacred fire will not always be felt as being hot. Once you have become accustomed to it, it will be cool and comforting. You will be better able to rest in it, to stay centered in I Am consciousness, to be in the calm eye of the hurricane of upheaval and cleansing that swirls all around you. 

As guided from within by your still small I Am or authentic voice, speak words of truth to others who are near to and far away from you, which eventually will comfort them, even if they first resist or reject what you have to say. Remember, too, that as you are lifted by the EloHims and EloHers, the angels, and the ascended masters into I Am consciousness, all others are drawn unto you. 

God is Spirit. You are a creation of Father-Mother Spirit/God/Divine Mind/Creative Energy. Thus, you, in I Am, ascended, high Self consciousness are a Holy Spirit. Therefore, be the Holy Spirit that You are. Be the Comforter that you have come to be on Earth.

Be love in action!



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  1. Thank you so much. I am totally with you and all Light workers as we quickly, smoothly and carefully follow this path laid down for all as we anticipate the Pentacostal fire with joy and peace.

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