Rise & Shine

Today, May 9th, we, with Christians worldwide, celebrate Ascension Day that commemorates Christ Jesus’ ascension in his seventh or ascended body into the etheric realms of so-called heaven. (However, Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate Ascension Day on June 13th.)

The only account of Jesus’ ascension in the Holy Bible is in Acts 1:9-11:¬†“And when [Jesus] had spoken these things, he ascended while the [eleven Apostles] were looking at him; a cloud received him and he was hidden from their sight. And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold two men stood by them in white robes. [See painting to right by Cavalier Darpino in 1592.]

“And they said to them, Men of Galilee, why do stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus who has ascended from you in heaven shall so come in like manner as you have seen him ascend into heaven [thus, Christ Jesus will redescend in his light body to complete his seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent].”


In Luke’s above account, only Jesus’ eleven Apostles, minus Judas who had hung himself, were present at Jesus’ ascension. However, in Sol-O-Man’s numerous communions with me over the years, she has revealed that she, too, was present. After all, she was/is Sananda/Jesus’ twin soul or spiritual counterpart. She was the one who most supported and understood his ascension. In later years, she, too, would ascend, as was confirmed twice by John Mark via Nada-Yolanda in 1961.

Sol-O-Man also revealed to me that SoMa/Mary Magdalene, the twin soul of Summalt/Simon Peter, likewise was present at Jesus’ ascension, as were his other women disciples. This symbolizes that superconscious ascension requires the full cooperation and union of our subconscious (feminine) and conscious (masculine) aspects of our one mind.

Note that in the above painting, Mary is shown in the bottom, middle of it. Like the males Apostles, she is looking up at Christ Jesus as he ascends. She was present at Jesus’ crucifixion, and she was present at his ascension.

Two White Beings

So, in the above account by Luke, who were the two men who wore white robes? Sol-O-Man has told me that first and foremost they were MaiTrix and LoGos, the Matriarch and Patriarch of all feminine EloHers and masculine EloHims throughout the Solar System; and they have confirmed this to me. Luke depicts these two Elos as two men, just like he wrote that only 11 male Apostles were present, when in fact female disciples of Jesus also were present. (Remember that Luke and the Apostles were men, therefore their “inner vision” was somewhat distorted or colored by their prominent¬†masculine biases and beliefs.)

Moreover, in Luke’s description, which was not written until about 40-50 years after Jesus’ ascension took place, these two white-clothed “men” are described and pictures as humans, just as the EloHers and EloHers sometimes appear to us, as they have to me. The two “men” were white-robed because white and gold are the colors of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

Furthermore, Sol-O-Man revealed to me that these two, white-robed “men” also symbolize Archangel Lady Uriel of the Seventh Ray and her masculine angelic counterpart, Lord Ariel. Furthermore, the two symbolic men dressed in white, thus with white auras, refer to Lord Maitreya and his twin soul, Lady MaYa, who are the Christ patterns and matrices of all men and women in the Solar System. As Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda on March 19, 1969, which I included in my last blog, Maitreya, who is Sananda’s master teacher, is “the pattern by which ascension into the light body takes place.” So, he, too, was present and active with Christ Jesus’ ascension.

Thus, as with all entries in the Holy Bible, we are wise to interpret Luke’s account in both symbolic and literal ways. In so doing, “men” may be a reference to “humans” who may be in male or female bodies. “Men,” as creations manifested by our Father-Mother God-Creator, may be Elohim, angels or humans like Maitreya and women like MaYa. In ascension, all such beings are present, for it is these three levels — Elohim, angels and ascended human masters — that make ascension possible.

(Note that in the above painting, there are what look like two men below and to the side of Christ Jesus who are partly clothed in white robes, but they have wings that indicate that Cavalier Darpino thought they only were angels, not Elohim or ascended masters.)

Ascend & Shine

Today, and for days to come, call upon LoGos and MaiTrix, Ariel and Uriel, MaiTreya and MaYa, and Sananda and Sol-O-Man to lift you anew into ascended I Am consciousness in your light body. As you ask, so shall you receive.

Once you rise in your protective Elevator Shaft or Christ column of love and light that fully protects you spiritually, radiate peace and love to your multi-generational family, to all your friends and even some of your so-called enemies, to people nearby and far away, to light workers in all the twelve planetary temples around the globe, and to all the 144,000 elect worldwide.

This ascension process will be ongoing, lasting until May 19th with Pentecost, so prepare yourself for, and be comfortable as possible with, the ever-increasing influx of the powerful spiritual energies that are going to flow from the higher realms into your mind, soul and body. As part of this, you may have some minor physical symptoms and so-called brain fog, or have “blowback” from those who do not to change. But with peace and love, you can heal any such imbalance or negative feedback.

Just stay as calm as possible, as steady and composed and peaceful as you can, as firmly committed to the Second Coming program as you are able be at this stage of your re-evolution to I Am consciousness on Earth. Time and again, affirm that all is well, that all is in God’s Good Hands and Heart.

See yourself as being one with Elohim, angels, ascended masters and visitors from other planets and from beyond this Solar System, such as Papa and Mama Pleia from the Pleiades. With them, radiate white and gold light to all life forms on and about the Earth.

See the Earth being surrounded in thick, congealed, brilliant golden light, thereby becoming the Heart that it has been created and destined to be.

Enjoy. With your whole heart, give Thanks to Spirit and all agents of Spirit. Om.


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