Be a Diamond Doorway

Starting today, Monday, July 19, 2021, and continuing for seven days, we are going to focus for a fourth week on our I Am power of imagination that externalizes via the third-eye chakra as the thalamus in the physical body, in the central portion of the head below the cerebrum.

Our imagination faculty serves as the mirror, window or doorway between the third and the fourth dimensions, between our physical body/conscious mind and our etheric or light body/superconscious mind. The doorway is our ESP or Elementary Spiritual Powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience that function in and through our astral body/subconscious mind.

To see, hear and know clearly and without guile, our doorway between the two realms must be as clear and protected as a pure diamond, which is the hardest gem on Earth. The hardness means that it protects us from intrusion from lower astral forces and their negative thoughts and feelings, and protects us from our own lesser, mortal, soul programing.

Via the clear diamond of the third eye, we see our subconscious blind spots and mortal desires that cloud our third eye imagination power until they are cleansed from our heart, minds and soul; and they are re-envisioned and healed by receiving new I Am images to supplant them.

The Apostle who portrayed the power of imagination was Nathanael Bartholomew, who Jesus said was without guile and would see angels ascending and descending via a ladder or staircase on the Son of man; hence on all sons and daughters of God, on each and every one of us, to the degree that we open our single eye to see or inwardly sense this communion with our angelic guardians.

The color for imagination is crystal clear.

Our theme for this week: Be a Diamond Doorway.

Third-Eye Crystal

Nada-Yolanda’s master teacher gave her the following instructions on October 24, 1990, when she was in the second or baptism phase of her seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent:

“Sananda directed me to help him implant a rough, unfinished crystal in the third eye of each United Staff member. The purpose of the crystal is to help each one receive his/her next inspiration, understanding and function as a member of the eternalization of the Hierarchy.

“In time, each will receive from the third-eye region, the [imagination-thalamus] center, new insights which then he/she will project out as a hologram from the center of the forehead. The reason [the crystal] is unformed is because the insights are not yet refined enough to send out a perfectly complete picture of the job or talent that is to be renew and reawakened in each person.

“Sananda then placed a polished and perfect diamond crystal in my crown, the [cerebrum]-pineal. When I questioned him about the difference between that received by the United Staff and myself, he said: ‘You must act as the catalyst, the direct channel of the Hierarchy, to ignite and refine the receivings of the United Staff from their vision-making center, the [third eye-thalamus].

“From the interaction of the crown and the image-making center or third-eye, you will inspire the heart centers of all the Mark-Age Family membership. This activated in them will produce new activities to bring about greater love in action on the planet.”

From Carbon to Christ

A diamond, the hardest natural substance or gem on Earth, forms when high temperature and pressure fuse elemental carbon into a clear crystal. During the anchoring and birthing of our fourth-dimensional light body in our seven steps or major initiations to Christhood, our third-dimensional four lower bodies (mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical) undergo a comparable metamorphosis. Divine peace, love and power transfuse our thoughts, feelings, memories and carbon-based physical structure, transforming them into a pure vessel. Our mortal self merges with our immortal, I Am Self.

In ascended consciousness, at the top of Jacob’s ladder or upward spiraling stairway, as a crystal-clear channel of our twelve I Am powers, we redescend and perform the works we have come to do. Via our imagination faculty, we receive and send out new I Am images to one and to all, on and about the planet, which in time will manifest and crystallize physically. As above, so below.

Healing Is Spiral

Last week, when we focused on Jacob’s dream of a ladder that goes up to heaven, I used the term “ladder” to describe this image of a passageway going from the earth through the astral to the etheric and celestial realms. This term “ladder” is what is used in the King James version of the Holy Bible, which I quoted. However, in numerous other versions of the Holy Bible, the Hebrew word sullam is translated not as a “ladder” but as a “stairway.”

The famous mystic William Blake (1757-1825) made the first ever painting in about 1800 of Jacob’s stairway that goes up in a spiraling fashion (see the image of this painting to the right). This brilliant new image fits nicely with Hilarion’s channeling via Nada-Yolanda on May 10, 1976. In it, Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, and etheric director of Healing Haven, explains that all healing and spiritual growth is an upward, spiraling journey of two steps forward, one step back, and then two more steps forward.

Note that both angels with wings and humans are ascending and descending this staircase; each are filled with and are radiating light, which symbolizes in humans the light body.

Plus, the stairway goes up from the central portion of the head of the sleeping Jacob, which represents his third-eye/thalamus and imagination faculty. It travels up through the starry blue-black night, symbolizing the seven astral planes; all the way to the brilliant sun, which represents the etheric planes and the son-sun, superconscious Self of each child of God.

From the sun-son, Christ light radiates down through the astral realms and subconscious mind to the physical level and conscious mind of Jacob and his progeny; to all the 144,000 elect; and to all who follow in their trail-blazing footsteps.

Note also that there are about seven turns or spirals in this stairway, symbolizing the seven steps or major initiations for Christhood. Moreover, in the painting, there are about seven steps in each spiral, which are like the seven minor phases of each major initiation; hence a total of forty-nine steps. All in all, this is a amazing painting!

Seven Archangels

On October 31, 1990, Yolanda’s transfusion quickened: “Sananda adjusted the crystal he had placed in each one’s third eye last week. This is an incremental movement, not a final placement. There is much more to be done before the crystal is used as a unified projection into a single decreed visualization, to be dictated through me by the Hierarchy.

“With that done, through the diamond crystal in my crown he authorized a group of forces to make implantations on Earth. For a long while, there were universal sign movements which I never had done before. The only one I truly recognized was Sananda’s own signal in the universal sign language.

“After the hand channeling was completed, I was told it was the seven archangels who had made the decree and implantation on Earth for the next step in evolutionary progress of the planet. It was not necessary for me to know what was designed and deemed necessary for this time period.”

Peace on Earth

About two months later, on Christmas day, Yolanda reported: “The crystal in my crown became very activated. It began to grow and to rise from the crown of my head. It grew into a huge tower, beyond physical dimensions, reaching into the etheric. I could sense that it was being used in this way to connect as a broadcasting tower with that of Sananda’s etheric presence.

“He communicated through the crystal: ‘Peace on Earth. This is essential for humanity. . . . It is the next evolutionary step for all on the planet. . . . Everywhere, swords must be beaten into plowshares. This is the opportunity for the multitudes who really want peace to bring it into manifestation as the acceptable form of behavior.

‘It breaks the old patterns and ways of thinking [Fourth Ray decrystallization], and allows for the new concepts to be put into order and system [Fourth Ray recrystallization]. Humanity must accept and demand peace on Earth.'”

Thus, in a two month period, Nada-Yolanda had about seven steps or ways or new images given to her to work with her crown diamond (several of which have not been included in this presentation, in order to save space).

In like manner, over the next seven days, we will focus on the implantation and polishing of our third-eye diamond crystal. Especially on our seventh day, we will reach a pinnacle of projecting peace to the 144,000 and to all on the planet.

Of course, in a week, we will not polish our third-eye diamond to perfection, as that will take all the years in which we will pass through and demonstrate each of our seven major initiations. But this week will set an overall pattern that we can follow in the each new cycle of clearing, polishing and physically manifesting our I am power of imagination.

Follow in the Footsteps

Now that Nada-Yolanda has ascended in her light body and is watching over and guiding us in the etheric realms, in conjunction with Sananda and El Morya, Phillel and I will serve this week as a diamond crystal implanted in our crown chakras so that together as one he and I will receive and send out to you the new images that will quicken, purify and anchor in a crystal-clear, multi-faceted, diamond crystal in your third eye. (Under the guidance of ascended masters and archangels, especially Jophiel of the Fourth Ray), we also will receive our own new images, ideas and inspirations via our own third-eye imagination center.)

In turn, you and we will act upon these new images in order to firmly manifest and crystallize them in specific physical actions. Together, all of us who follow these blogs will broadcast out new images to the 144,000 or more elect to inspire them anew to put their love into action. Just as we did last week, we will do this via seven meditations and visualizations that are presented at the end of this blog.

Fourth Ray Manifestation and Crystallization

Furthermore, this whole project will come partly under the guidance and protection of Serapis Bey, Chohan or Director of the Fourth Ray of Crystallization and Manifestation, as well as all the male and female fellow Fourth Ray masters who work with him, including space brothers and sisters from Mars that is the primary Fourth Ray center or planet in this solar system.

These masters will include his twin soul who gave me her name as Clarity when I was in Taiwan in 2014 — she demonstrates feminine Fourth Ray mastership.  Previously, in a period of three-four years, she had contacted me several times in which she had identified herself with other names and images, like Lady Crystal; which now seemed to be summed up in the name Clarity. By whatever Earthly code name we call her, she is crystal clear!

(At about the same time as when Clarity gave me this name, Phillel at I Am Nation headquarters, who knew nothing about my receiving the moniker Clarity, received a channeling from Shantar of Saturn in which this master used the word “clarities,” a seldom used word that I took as partial confirmation for my receiving about the feminine Fourth Ray master.)

Moreover, this is our fourth week of focusing on imagination, so it is appropriate that we focus on the Fourth Ray, that we clearly receive new images and inspirations about physically putting into motion all that we have learned and absorbed mentally, emotionally and soul-astrally in the preceding three weeks. For unless we put our newfound crystal-clear imagining faculty into works that manifest physically and practically, we cannot and will not progress in the ascension of our stairway to the stars, our ongoing climb up Jacob’s ladder in our seven steps to Christhood.

7 New Cube Images or Inspirations

Day 1, Monday, Peace: Envision a diamond-crystal cube in the center of your head. Each of its six faces is 4 inches square, so this clear cube encases both of your thalami. A square is the symbol for the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization.

Ask for and receive a new image or inspiration as to how you now can demonstrate peace when you are with various individuals and in certain situations, who or which in the past you have let rob you of your peace. Be peace in action.

Day 2, Tuesday, LoveNow that you are at peace, the six facets of your diamond crystal are 6 inches square. Call upon Spirit to give you a new image or intuitive knowing of how you can be more loving with friends, family, and yes, even with foes. Anchor and express this new love to and with each of them. Be love in action.

Day 3, Wednesday, CooperationWith new peace and love established, the six faces of your third-eye cube are 8 inches square. Focus on the third step of cooperation in the 4-step diamond matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. See and demonstrate new cooperation with and between those in your group, town, city, local area, state or province. Be cooperation in action.

Day 4, Thursday, Coordination: Your crystal cube is now 12 inches high, deep and wide, such that it encases your entire head. Within this quickened and clarified forcefield, see and feel all of your 12 Christ powers coordinating with one another. For without the co-participation and interaction of all your 12 spiritual attributes, you cannot see clearly, hear clearly or clairsentiently know clearly.

See those in all professions in your town, county, state and/or country/nation cooperating and coordinating with one another, so that all peoples in this region are inspired and uplifted, that no one is left behind, that all are treated as equal sons and daughters of the Divine. Be coordination in action.

Day 5, Friday, Transfiguration: Note that your Christ cube has expanded yet again and now its six faces are 5 feet square. The bottom of the cube is about at the level of your diaphragm, and the top face is about 2-3 feet above your head.

Ask for and then experience the transfiguration of your light body that anchors into and flows through and around your 5-foot diamond cube. Recall your past lives or see afresh scenes from your early years this lifetime. See your future healing and that of others happening now.

Focus on one world leader to whom you now project new images of how this president or premier can implement the 4-step diamond matrix in his or her country. See it, be it, it is.

Day 6, Saturday, Resurrection: Within your 12-foot pure crystal cube, see a cross of light whose horizontal bar passes through your temples and thalamus. Review, re-evaluate and reprogram any residual errors or limited ideas and memories in your soul, especially those that involve your past use of your imagination faculty.

The vertical pole comes down into your crown-cerebrum, through your third eye-thalamus and along your entire spinal column-cord of light. Via this pole, see your light body descending all the way to the base of your spine and down and out your legs and feet. Resurrect and rebirth your light body on Earth.

Radiate resurrected peace, love, cooperation and coordination to all of the 12,000 elect within the twelve tribes or segments of the 144,000 elect worldwide. See them crossing out war, hatred, domination, separation and selfishness within themselves and with all the peoples of the country and hemisphere where they live. Have faith that this is so, and that the 4-step matrix shall manifest in God’s good time and way.

Day 7, Sunday, Second Coming: See, feel and know that the top of your tube rises upward into the sky, hundreds and thousands of feet above the Earth. Like Nada-Yolanda experienced, ascend to the top of your tower where you commune with Sananda-Jesus. You may end up in his ship #10, or in another space craft. You may be aware of angels watching over you and all on Earth.

Receive the new image you are to broadcast to the whole planet and to all in its surrounding astral planes. See people everywhere ascending into spiritual, Christ awareness and consciousness. See Sananda redescending in his Second Coming to Earth in his ascended light body. See it, feel it, ground it.

See Earth fulfilling its destiny to be the primary Seventh Ray love center for the whole solar system. Slowly come back down your tall tower and be anchored in your four lower bodies. Love God and Love One Another. Be 7th Ray and 3rd Ray love in action.

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8 thoughts on “Be a Diamond Doorway”

  1. “Day 1, Peace” –

    “My biggest issue seems to be in the realm of politics, particularly the “hot” topics, and in interacting with those folks of a different persuasion. My challenge, and therefore my inspired image, is to see every person first and foremost as an equal child of God; and to do that, I always have to find and rest in the true inner peace that flows from Spirit. From that point, any ensuing discussion takes place with a new and greater sense of balance and harmony.”

  2. “Day 2, Love” –

    Being at peace gives me the inner confidence to express the love of Christ, or allow that expression through me, with greater ease, harmony, and balance. The image that comes to me is of arms open wide, welcoming the world, whether as an individual or as the entire planet as One. Head and heart aglow, arms open wide.

  3. “Day 3, Cooperation” –

    “In synchronous fashion, today was a day of outside the home activities for me, and the opportunity for interactions with friends, family, and others of the community. And my focus was, and will continue to be, cooperation on all levels, from the give and take of energies at the Christ Selves level, to the back and forth exchanges on the physical, all guided and directed by Spirit. Amen and so be it.”

  4. “Day 4, Coordination” –

    “With the suggested visualizations as my cue, I have focused my love and light projections to all of the world, seeing it as whole and all of us as one, one in the One, working together in harmony and balance to make our planet a place of peace.”

  5. “Day 5, Transfiguration” –
    “see afresh scenes from your early years this lifetime”

    The scenes from my early years show a great tendency toward shyness and introversion, so focusing on the qualities of strength and courage from previous imaging, I find the tools to use in the healing and balancing of my personality expression, inner and outer. I see this now. Amen.

  6. “Day 6, Resurrection” –

    My thoughts this morning are inspired from this excerpt:
    “Review, re-evaluate and reprogram any residual errors or limited ideas and memories in your soul, especially those that involve your past use of your imagination faculty.”

    Many times in my past I have let my imagination “run wild”, fueled by my fear and uncertainty of the unknown. Mostly false fears. So, my challenge and opportunity remains to overlay these fears with the courage in knowing that “all is well”, that all things are working toward the highest good, serving all and serving the One. So be it.

    One of my favorite acronyms:

    F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real

  7. “Day 7, Second Coming” –

    “Love God and Love One Another”. That says it all perfectly. This decree/-
    visualization overrides and transmutes every thought of a lesser nature. This is our planetary guide and principle. So Be It.”

    “Welcome home, Sananda!”

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