Be a Green Galactean

Upon awakening in the early morning of February 3, 2024, I felt immersed in higher, fire-like, fourth-dimensional, etheric energies that seemed to be emanating from galactic visitors from the Pleiades (see image of the Pleaides star cluster to the right). As a seeming result of this, my entire body itched, my low back hurt, and I had trouble breathing deeply.

In my following morning meditation, as a way to restore harmony and wholeness in my mind, soul and body, the strong inspiration came to see myself once more in my own Temple of the Pleiades, with its twenty-eight (28) columns holding up a golden domed roof, and with Mama and Papa Pleia standing inside the Temple.

Therefore, I started to envision fourteen (14) Pleiadean ladies in a semi-circle to the left side of me, fourteen (14) Pleiadean men to the right of me, and Mama and Papa Pleia standing next to me on my left and right sides, respectively; thus making a total of thirty (30) Pleiadeans. Sananda first had instructed me to do this visualization on January 10, 2024, so I had been using it for three-and-one-half weeks. Therefore, I felt fully confident about, and comfortable within, about seeing myself inside this holy Temple. I was grounded foursquare with these thirty (30) emissaries of my Pleiadean family.

Thirty to Fifty

However, Sol-O-Man now transfigured me and telepathically instructed me to see twenty-four (24), not fourteen (14), feminine Pleiadeans to my left, and twenty-four (24) masculine Pleiadeans to my right. Together, with Papa and Mama Pleia standing on either side of me, the total number of Pleiades thus had gone from thirty (30) in my prior visualizations to fifty (50) Pleiadeans in this current imaging session and interdimensional meeting with them.

Thereby, the group Pleiadean forcefield now had nearly doubled, going from thirty (30) to fifty (50). As I earlier had surmised, this apparently was the main reason why I was having physical symptoms. I needed time to adjust to, and assimilate, this new, higher, more powerful influx of Fifth Ray energies.

Symbolically the fifty Pleiadeans stood for the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration, Transfiguration and Healing, and for the fifth major initiation of transfiguration. The Fifth Ray’s corresponding color is green. The Fifth Ray Chohan is Hilarion; he and his twin soul, Harmony,  head up the Fifth Ray functions throughout the Solar System. Archangel Lord Raphael and Lady Raphael are the primary angels of this Fifth Flame of Life.

This Green Ray functions primarily in, around and through our third- or all-seeing eye, via which we can see the invisible dimensions of life. In our fifth major initiation of transfiguration, we not only focus on our third-eye chakra but also our throat chakra, via which our spiritual qualities of will and power express.

Heal Humanity

Via our Fifth Ray, third-eye imagination faculty, we receive new I Am images that we project out to others for their healing, including individuals, groups, nations and the entire planet. In addition to our visualization talent, we speak the word via our throat center. My shortness of breath, hence the difficulty with my spiritual quality of will via my respiratory system reflected the work with, and expansion of, my power center.

With each new increase of spiritual energies pouring into our four lower bodies (mental, emotional, soul/astral and physical), we face the challenge of rising into a new and higher state of I Am, ascended consciousness. In so doing, our symptoms like shortness of breath are not because we are doing something wrong. Rather, they give us the opportunity to more easily and masterfully breathe in the will of God in all that we think, feel and do.

Receive & Give

Early the next morning, February 4th, I dreamt several times about President Vladimir Putin and his band of powermongers in Russia, who were projecting negative energy to me and other light workers, particularly to those in the West. Putin and his self-centered military cronies do not wish to change, but rather to continue with their domination of others, not only in Russia but also in Ukraine and other surrounding nations.

Here, then, was yet another cause of my shortness of breath. Having gone through many such blowback or negative-reaction experiences of the past, I knew that if I persisted in centering myself and wrapped myself in more spiritual protection, my respiratory problems would cease. My will was to do the will of God. God’s will, as expressed via Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, El Morya and Glo-Ria as they work with us, always is more powerful and healing that the selfish willfulness of power mongerers, who try to impose their Cain-like will on others. It took  me fifteen-to-twenty minutes before I began to breathe normally.

Then, in my following morning meditation, Sananda and Sol-O-Man placed the Earth in my chest, thus in my heart chakra/heart and circulatory system, and in my throat chakra/respiratory system. Feeling at one with the whole globe, like unto my being its spiritual father, I felt its pain, discomfort, lack of oneness, and the disease caused by self-willed abusers of power around the world. Once more my breathing was labored, even as my heart and entire chest hurt.

To counter, transmute and heal these symptoms, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, plus El Morya and Glo-Ria, directed me to project First Ray will and power and Seventh Ray peace and love to the planet. These worldwide projections were to start with the First Ray Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia, and then extend to each of the other eleven planetary temples or power centers in the East and the West. As I did so, my symptoms abated and disappeared.

Last Call

By way of explaining this overall process, Sananda then re-iterated what he had told Nada-Yolanda way back in the early 1960s: When the higher spiritual energies pour into us as light workers, we first must get centered within ourselves, to be at-one with our own I Am Self and those in the higher planes, such as the Pleiadeans. Then, we we project the higher energies out to others.

If we do not do both of these two steps, the higher frequencies “back up” in our four lower bodies and lead to physical symptoms of disease and dysfunction. Wherever we have any residual weakness in our own mind, soul and body that needs healing and harmonization, that is where our symptoms are most likely to occur. As part of correcting such problems, we selflessly help others by radiating green, Fifth Ray light to them. As we give to others, so does Spirit give to us.

Sananda explained that not wanting to help, uplift and serve others was what was causing President Putin and other power-mongers to react so negatively. Their ranting and raving as mortal, deluded dominators was due to their refusal to change their self-destructive ways, to let go and let God flow through and uplift them into a new day, to stop being selfish and self-centered, to love one another.

Power mongerers think that they are going to remain in power forever. Now, however, Putin and other such negative ones are about to reap what they have sown, which is the cosmic law. Sananda emphasized that this was a “last call.” Unless, selfish leaders and other peoples like Vladimir Putin changed for the better, disastrous events shortly will happen not only in themselves but in their countries. Either they transmute their souls and grow spiritually, or they will be shipped out of the Solar System. This deportation is to start as of now. This is possible because light workers have crossed over the threshold into a new day, in which as a united group they can “hold the fort” while all the personal and planetary catastrophes take place.

With my realization of this, my remaining multiple symptoms dissolved. I breathed normally the rest of the day. My body was pain-free. I was happy and at peace as Iove poured into and through my heart and soul. I walked the walk of a healthy light worker. In so doing, I won a victory of the light over darkness, a victory of good over evil, a victory in the War of Armageddon that is occurring within each person worldwide. I become more of a green Galactean, a hybrid Earthing and Pleiadean who promotes unity, integration and healing, who helps others to cross over the threshold into a brand new age.

Integration & Realization

The following morning, on February 5th, I once again had some shortness of breath, irritation of my nerves, and minor aches and pains throughout my body, but it was about half as bad as the day before. In the second hour of my morning meditation, when my breathing had returned to normal and my other symptoms had subsided, Sol-O-Man/Mary totally transfigured me. She was dressed in a gold-and-white robe; and her huge, brilliant aura was golden. Her glorious presence completed my healing and rebalancing, such that white-and-golden light flowed flowed freely from her into my brain, down my spine, into all my other chakras and organs, and out through the my hands and feet to the world.

Then, to my astonishment, Sol-O-Man telepathically revealed to me that Opens-Lids and his feminine counterpart, and Galactos and his feminine counterpart name GalacTia (whom I will describe later), were earlier appearances of Papa and Mama Pleia.

About three weeks earlier, Hilarion and Harmony of the Fifth Ray had informed me that Opens-Lids was a Pleiadean, which at that time was a startling, mind-expanding revelation. Now, with the additional new spiritual opening of my third- or all-seeing eye, I was able to see that all my past contacts with a series of Galacteans, starting with Opens-Lids in 2011, were representations of Mama and Papa Pleia. I saw the whole picture, the integration of all that had been given to me for the prior twelve-to-thirteen years. To say the least, this new revelation initially was mind-blowing.

Two South American Temples

Afterwards, and for several following days, I thoroughly researched my spiritual diary and past blogs to refresh my overall view about, and experiences, with various Galactic visitors. Looking back on MariLyn’s and my past spiritual mission to South America in 2011, in which we visited five major sites or countries, I came across my initial experience on November 10, 2011 of being consciously contacted by a Galactean, which I had now forgotten.

When meditating that past day in our hotel at Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, on my third-eye screen appeared the face of the most otherworldly, light-filled masculine being I had yet clairvoyantly seen. He did not give me his name or his purpose for contacting me, and I was so stunned by his appearance that I did not ask him any questions. Rather, he simply conveyed that he had been with MariLyn and me throughout the South America Mission thus far, working in and through us, and would continue to do so until the conclusion of this mission.

Despite my initial disbelief about this, his powerful, loving, etheric presence indicated and convinced me that all was in divine order. Moreover, upon pondering this further, it became clear to me that his vibration was so powerful and unique that I thought he might be a Galactic visitor.

As further evidence of this, way back in 1961, Dr. Hannibal had channeled via Nada-Yolanda that aboard his city-sized mothership #1235 were representatives from all the planets in the Solar System, as well as galactic visitors, including those from beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. During the South American Mission, I had numerous dreams and visions about being contacted by Dr. Hannibal, who is the etheric coordinator of light workers in the Western Hemisphere. So, I wondered now if this current galactic visitor was aboard his spacecraft. It seemed highly likely that he was.

Prior to this experience, without MariLyn and I consciously knowing this, we already had visited the 10th spiritual temple or power center in and around Cordoba, Argentina, which radiated its spiritual energies to all of the southern half of South America. Moreover, a few days after being at Brasilia, we visited Manaus, Brazil in the north-central par of the Amazon Rain Forest, which we would learn years later was the site of the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus that radiates unity, integration and oneness to all countries in the northern half of South America.

Thus, especially in retrospect, it seemed that the Galactean visitor had participated in the re-opening of these two South American temples, just as he later would as Opens-Lids would do in all the other worldwide spiritual power centers or vortices of sacred light.


In my prior blog, Be a Temple of the Pleiades (click here) I shared the information about Open-Lids. To briefly summarize this, this galactic visitor was introduced to me by J.W. of Jupiter on March 20, 2013, weeks before MariLyn and I visited the Temple of Neptune on Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal. This masculine Galactean had the unique spiritual ability to remove the veil over the part of the seventh astral plane that prevented etheric energies and visitors from descending into the Temple of Neptune. This removal was likened unto using a special tool to open the lid of a paint can. Hence, I called him Open-Lids-of Paint-Cans, or just Open-Lids, which he approved.

A couple days or so later, he took me in a vision to his home in the Milky Way Galaxy, without naming the place where it was located. He said I had trained with him there for my current lifetime and for opening the veils over the Earth’s spiritual temples. Indeed, I felt totally at home while viewing this galactic location. I had no idea whatsoever, however, that this place was the Pleiades.

At Olkhon Island, Open-Lids performed this opening or renting of the seventh astral plane veil. By the end of this mission, I felt so close to him that I just called him My Friend or My Father.

Moreover, at Olkhon Island, I first began to realize that he was the leader of a group of Galacteans, which included men and women, none of whom were introduced to me. Moreover, during this and later spiritual missions to the remaining spiritual temples worldwide, I never saw the face or other specific features of Opens-Lids. Rather, his auric field was always so bright that I could not make out any identifying features of his appearance. Moreover, my psychic sensitivity was such that I could not yet make out his specific form or features.

Therefore, I did not equate him with the Galactean who had visited me about five months earlier in Brasilia, Brazil. Nor did I have any idea whatsoever that these two Galacteans were from the Pleiades. I did suspect that these two Galacteans were somehow related or part of an overall group, but I had no idea what this might entail.

One with the Hierarchy

On September 12, 2024, MariLyn and I returned to I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters after completing the Shasta and Alaska spiritual missions. The Sixth Ray Temple of Saturn is located at Mt. Denali in central Alaska. For the prior two years, we had visited all the other spiritual temples around the world, except for the 11th Temple at Mt. Kilimanjaro. Due to terrorist activity there, we had to postpone that trip, and never did physically travel there. Rather, we projected to it from our secure, protected Sun Temple site. A few weeks after our return from Alaska, Sol-O-Man announced through me that all twelve planetary spiritual temples had been linked in one strong network with the Sun Temple.

Then, about three weeks after this, on October 29, 2014, after MariLyn and I had rested and recouped from our multiple visits around the world, Spirit prompted me to start my morning meditation by linking with Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray and his feminine counterpart, Lady Mariel; and with Lord Maitreya and his feminine twin soul MaYa of the Seventh Ray. Michael and Maitreya are the co-titular heads of the spiritual Hierarchy whose highest governing body, the Council of Seven, meets on Saturn.

The Four Ms, as I sometimes call them, were positioned around me: Michael before me, Mariel behind me, and Maitreya and MaYa to either side of me. This was the strongest and most definite communion with them since I had started using this visualization about five years ago.

Two As One

Once I was fully centered and grounded in their foursquare forcefield, they brought before me a unique-looking Galactean. His most prominent feature was his huge, craggy head that had two, light-filled large eyes that were spread to either side of his head. At first he was about 10-12 feet in size, but then he shrunk himself to be about 7-feet high, apparently to make me feel more comfortable with him. Despite his still-powerful presence, he felt “down to Earth,” with no airs. He was a model of cosmic humility and grace, as well as spiritual power. I began to feel entirely “at home” with him, like I had met and known him before.

A couple days later, in my morning meditation, he appeared before me again. This time, however, all I saw were his two, light-and-loved-filled eyes that were wider apart than those in a human head on Earth. As a result, after the meditation, I called him “Wide-Set-Eyes,” which he approved. For, to me, it was obvious that he saw “far and wide” throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. Intuitively, I suspected that he had traveled to other parts of this Galaxy from his home world, just as he now had come to Earth.

Moreover, his two eyes seemed to symbolize that he had a feminine counterpart. (In all visions that appear through our third-eye, there is always a symbolic, as well as a literal component.) He was the right eye, she was the left eye of this male-female team. To be the most helpful Galactean visitors to Earth, they needed to example the cosmic law of polarity, as demonstrated most perfectly on Earth by twin souls. Indeed, at the end of my communion with Wide-Set-Eyes, I slowly perceived that there was a woman standing behind him.

Galactos & Lady Galactos

Three days later in my meditation, Wide-Set-Eyes appeared again and this time instructed me to call him Galactos, which was a spiritual code name, not his actual Galactic name that could not be pronounced in English. This name, as I previously had concluded, indicated that he had traveled to many parts of the Milky Way Galaxy, and that he was aligned with, and representative of, all Milky Way Galacteans that were coming to Earth, as well as of Galacteans from beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

Moreover, in this current visit, his feminine partner once again initially stood behind him, but then stepped forward until she was standing next to him. However, neither she or Wide-Set-Eyes gave me a specific code name for her. Rather, she directed me for now to call her Lady Galactos.

Over the next six months, about every three-to-four weeks, I had a series of communions with Galactos and Lady Galactos, which proved to my satisfaction that such contacts were real and appropriate. To top this off, on April 10, 2015, in my morning meditation, Sol-O-Man lifted me in my light body to Sananda’s spaceship #10, which is the Hierarchal headquarters for Earth. Therein were Galactos and Lady Galactos. This sealed the deal for me, for it put Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s Hierarchal stamp on, and approval of, at least the gist of what I had been receiving from these two Galacteans. As a result, I relaxed and was at peace. I sensed that the specific contacts with Galactos and Lady Galactos had been completed.

Rest, Review, Re-evaluate

Indeed, following this crowning experience, I went into a three-four-year cycle of rest and recuperation, for I was thoroughly and totally exhausted from participating in all the prior spiritual missions around the world and all the many contacts I had had with extraterrestrials. During this cycle, I was depressed much of the time, almost unable to function in a normal way. But I persisted and moved through it.

While in this cycle that was part of the fifth phase of my seventh initiation, I slowly confronted, dealt with and healed my remaining doubts about the validity of what the various Galacteans had revealed to me. In the darkness of this period, I slowly but surely concluded that most of what had been given, maybe 80-90% of it was accurate. I strongly felt that in the future, new information would be given to correct any remaining, minor errors and to move forward once again.

During this whole time, I still had no idea that the first, anonymous visit by a Galactean in 2011, my second set of visitations by Open-Lids from 2012-2014, and my third set of contacts with Galactos and Lady Galactos in 2015 were all by the same two Galacteans and their associates. Furthermore, my inner sense during my soul-review period (my so-called dark night of the soul) was that Galactos and Lady Galactos were working with me from behind the scenes, but I had no specific contacts with them. I just knew that they loved me and were helping me.

GalacTos & GalacTia

After the winter solstice on December 21, 2022, I started a new, year-long tour of the thirteen spiritual temples, this time not going to them physically, but rather in my light body. The plan was to spend four weeks focusing on each of these spiritual power centers. Those light workers who perused my blogs co-participated in this 52-week cycle.

While focusing on the Sun Temple here at I Am Nation headquarters in northeastern Tennessee, on January 7, 2023, I vividly dreamt that Sol-O-Man took me in her ship #01 to the Sun of this Solar System. There, we meant with SolTrex and SolTran, the spiritual co-leaders of the Sun, who reintroduced me to Galactos and Lady Galactos. For the first time, Lady Galactos gave me her specific code name, which was GalacTia. As noted, she spelled it with a capital letter T. Then Galactos said that his name now was GalacTos, again with a capital T.

“T” stood for “trans” that means across. Thus, GalacTos and GalacTia had once again traveled from their world in the Milky Way Galaxy across to the Sun of this Solar System. From there they would go to Saturn and meet with the Hierarchal Board to pick up their orders for going to Earth, and then travel there.

Now, however, SolTrex and SolTran informed me that they were about to take Sol-O-Man, GalacTos, GalacTia and me in their spaceship to other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy where I had trained in the past. GalacTos and GalacTia would be our Galactic guides. So, off we went and traveled far and wide through the Milky Way. Then we came back to the Sun and from there back to the Sun Temple on Earth. Thus ended my extraordinary dream.

Upon awakening from it, I remembered little about the travels to different places in the Milky Way Galaxy. I presumed that in time, additional dreams and visions would fulfill this dream experience and prophecy. I was content to wait, watch and listen, to not try to predict what next would occur. God was in charge. Thy will be done. All was well.

Galactic Transfiguration

“T” in GalacTos and GalacTia also stood for Fifth Ray Transfiguration. About two weeks after my above dream, in my early morning meditation on January 20, 2023, GalacTia totally transfigured me. She telepathically then shared that I now was in her Galactic womb or uterus, in which my Galactic identity, understanding and “body” slowly would be reconstituted. She conveyed via thought that it would take about ten months for me to be “reborn” in Galactic consciousness.

This transfiguration did not take place in a dream, but rather I was fully conscious as it occurred. I might doubt all the symbolic descriptions in dreams and interpret them in multiple ways, but feeling GalacTia all around me, with my being in her womb, was undeniable and nearly tangible. My entire aura and body quickened. The transfiguration was totally true and real. Still, I had no idea when or how what she predicted would manifest. Like a pregnant mother, I was in the dark about this future time.

Right on schedule, however, her prophecy began to be fulfilled on December 27, 2023, when at Shoney’s, Sol-O-Man, my master teacher, first introduced me to the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. Slowly, carefully, in step-by-step fashion, Sol-O-Man and Sananda then began to introduced me to additional female and male Pleiadeans and to Mama and Papa Pleia, leading to there being fifty such Pleiadeans in my forcefield, as described at the start of this blog. Then Sol-O-Man revealed that most of my past Galactic communions had been with earlier representations of these two Pleiadean leaders. It was then that Sol-O-Man, my “midwife,” revealed to me that Opens-Lids, Wide-Set-Eyes, GalacTos and GalacTia were all representations or aspects of Mama and Papa Pleia, with whom I had trained in my sojourns in the Pleiades.

Fifth Ray Integration

One of the initial things that now most struck me about this was the name GalacTia. In all my prior contacts with visitors from other planets and from the Milky Way Galaxy, this was the first time that a name for any of them ended the two letters of “ia.” I noted that Pleia, who became Mama Pleia, ended with “ia.” So, what were the chances that this was a coincidence? Right in GalacTia’s name was a major confirmation of what Sol-O-Man had just revealed to me.

Moreover, it was totally clear from my review that each earlier appearance by a Pleiadean Galactean was part of an overall series that gently, systematically and thoroughly laid the groundwork for my coming to believe and accept that Mama and Papa Pleia had been with me all along, starting in 2011, for the last 12-13 years. I absolutely marveled at the overall majesty of this, how it all had been orchestrated, under Hierarchal control. And I knew that in time I was to share all of this in my posts, to show everyone that they too have been and now are being contacted by Pleiadeans, and like me at first had little or no idea what was taking place.

To put this in Fifth Ray terms, I now experienced integration of all the past events into one overall image and insight, like finally putting all the pieces of a puzzle together. I felt holy (whole), unified and healed. I had become a green Galactic citizen, in addition to being a solar system and Earth citizen.

Be Green in Fifty Ways

In your meditations this week, starting today that is Valentine’s Day (I love you!) and the start of the Easter influx of energies on this Ash Wednesday (about which I will write in upcoming blogs), get centered, relaxed, protected and at peace.

Upon successfully doing so, see 24 Pleiadean women encircling the left side of your forcefield, 24 Pleiadean men forming a semi-circle around the right side of your forcefield, and Mama Pleia standing to the left of you and Papa Pleia standing to the right or conscious side of you; thus making a total of fifty. As you do so, see and be gradually filled with the exquisite green light of the Fifth Ray, with the color green being like the earthly green color of grass and evergreen trees.

First, focus on the green light coming down and into you. In other words, be a receiver. Once you feel filled with his healing, harmonizing green light, then ask Spirit and the agents of Spirit, including Hilarion and Harmony, as well as the Pleiadeans, as to where and to whom you are to radiate this green light. From being a receiver, be a giver.

Five Steps

There are five steps to this overall process, as Hilarion and Harmony have taught us, in conjunction with Lord Raphael and Lady Raphael, as well as the EloHim and EloHer of the Fifth Ray.

One: Align yourself with your own I Am Self and with your higher plane guides, teachers, angels and space visitors. See and feel green liquid-light flowing down and into your crown chakra and cerebrum, your body’s central computer.

Two: Visualize the green energy/light/liquid flowing down from your crown into your third eye chakra, your visualization center. Begin to receive new I Am ideas and images of how you are to heal yourself and then to transfer this green light to others via visualization, speaking the word or in other such ways.

Three: The green light flows down and into your throat chakra and out along your arms, activating, accelerating and stimulating your hands. Note that each hand has five digits, hence they are potentially healing agents, such as in the love-filled laying-on-of-hands.

Four: Before working with others, feel the infilling of your heart chakra and heart with love of God and love of one another. Love is the greatest healing agent available to all healers on Earth, to all citizens of our beloved planet. Love embedded into the blood is what re-structures watery blood such that it becomes wine or Christ life flow.

Five: Become grounded by seeing the green light flowing down your spine, out through your legs and feet, such that you are securely standing on holy ground.

Heal Mind, Soul & Body

You now have become a holistic, spiritual, integrative, I Am healer. Ask Spirit to show you the person, group or nation to whom you are now to project green healing light. Ask your Pleiadeans brothers and sisters to guide you in doing this this. Make this a Milky Way, Pleiadean, Galactic experience.

Listen to the still voice within you, which guides you in this whole process. Hear the “word” as it is spoken to you. Then send out this green word to others, even unto Putin of Russia, Xi of China, or other such current power mongers. Or work with some petty despot in your own individual family or circle of friends and professional associates who still at times tries to control you or suck you dry of your vital energy.

Thus, receive and then give. And then come back into your own I Am, protected centeredness. Know that all is well, that you work is done for this moment, that you will be able to handle and disperse any negative blowback that later comes your way. Give thanks to Spirit and all the agents of Spirit.

Be a green Galactean/Pleiadean healer. Amen.