Be a Temple of the Pleiades

Four weeks ago, on January 12, 2024, I dreamt that I took Phillel and a dog (that was not his dog named Shasta) to see what looked like an ancient Greek temple that I recently had rediscovered. It had a square base, atop which was a round inner room or sanctum that was surrounded by fourteen pillars on either side of it, hence a total of twenty-eight columns that supported a domed roof that was gold in color.

This dream temple somewhat remined me of the Temple of Vesta in ancient Rome (see image to right). However, this current dream temple had a square, not a round base; it had more columns; and its roof was not peaked but rather a dome.

Moreover, spiritual light surrounded and emanated from this dream temple, such that it seemed to not be of this third-dimensional world. I felt like I had seen it before, and could hardly wait to re-enter it. Then I awoke.

Re-Open the Temple

While musing in my bed about this vivid dream, the strong impression came that it was, or it represented, the Temple of the Pleiades. In a previous vision as described in my prior blog, Dance in the New Day, fourteen Pleiadean women stood in a semi-circle to the left of me, and fourteen Pleiadean males stood to the right of me, thus forming a twenty-eight-member circle around me. In like manner, the current Pleiadean dream temple had fourteen pillars to the left (symbolically feminine) and fourteen pillars to the right (symbolically masculine), which together encircled the entire temple.

Thus, each such column or pillar represented one of the Pleiadean men or women, which confirmed my previous vision. The domed roof was like the golden etheric dome over our I Am Nation/Sun Temple property here in northeastern Tennessee, with gold representing the three etheric, fourth-dimensional or heavenly planes of life. Furthermore, the domed roof symbolized the Pleiadean spacecraft that is now positioned over our Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters. Coming down from this spaceship are the literal and symbolic twenty-eight Pleiadeans, like unto descending via the twenty-eight columns of the temple.

The square base of my dream spiritual temple or power center symbolized that I was to be grounded foursquare in order to hold and radiate the higher frequencies of the visiting Pleiadeans. I was to square the circle, with the circle being the bottom of the domed roof of the temple, and the twenty-eight-membered circle of Pleiadeans around me. The square base portrayed the Fourth Ray, whereas the dome was more so of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration, Healing and Transfiguration, which functions primarily in and through the third- or all-seeing eye with its round iris and pupil.

Eye to the Sky

Moreover, the dome reminded me of a modern-day planetarium in which a special projector shows images on its domed ceiling of the stars in the night sky (see image to right). I suspected that upon my entering my dream temple, I would be better able to clairvoyantly see the Seven Star Sisters and Brothers in the sky, and note their location in regard to other stars.

Furthermore, the dome also looked like the top, domed section of a telescopic observatory, part of whose roof can be opened so that the telescope inside it can peer into the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

In similar fashion, when we are in I Am or Pleiadean consciousness, via our third- or cosmic eye, we can clearly perceive distant stars such as the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. (See photo to right of the Palomar Observatory near San Diego, CA.)

Re-Open the Temple

After breakfast and before meditating this same morning of my dream, I could not find any reference online to the remnants of a physical Temple of the Pleiades in either ancient Greece or Rome. Either it never had existed physically or it was destroyed sometime in the past with the downfall of ancient Greece. I concluded that the Temple of the Pleiades only exists in the etheric realms of Earth, hence like most of the twelve planetary temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light around the planet.

Now, however, with our having crossed over the threshold to a new day, the Temple of the Pleiades is beginning to manifest on Earth, starting with its downward passage through the seven astral planes, as revealed in my dreams and visions of the Pleiadeans. Our goal as light workers is to fully anchor it on Earth; to re-open and re-constitute this temple; to welcome visitors from the Pleiades star cluster to Earth, such that they might be recognized and walk amongst us.

Mother Meta

Deep in my following morning meditation, it came clearly to me that it was Harmony/Meta/Myrtle, the feminine twin soul of Hilarion, the Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration, Healing and Transfiguration, who had guided me in my above dream to visit the Greek-appearing temple with its twenty-eight columns.

Way back on July 6, 1962, Sananda had channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “The beloved Lady Master Meta, which is only a code name of certain vibrational frequencies, has been the coordinator or influencing factor for all light centers throughout the Earth plane during the last twenty-five hundred years. Her influence stemmed during the period of the Essenes, where I myself had studied for many, many years in the lifetime as Jesus of Nazareth. (To read more about Meta, click here1.)

In my (Dr. Robert’s) own soul recall, I had been the younger brother of Mary, mother of Jesus. Therefore, I may well have met or known about Meta during that lifetime. This may account for why Meta always has felt familiar and special to me in my multiple contacts with her over the years.

Hilarion Heals

When Hilarion had incarnated as Plato, the Greek philosopher, 429-347 BC, Meta apparently had remained in the etheric realms, where she supported Plato in his work and teachings in his Athens School or Academy. Plato was a disciple of Socrates, who was an incarnation of Sananda. Plato never married or had children. He apparently was celibate. Thus, Meta was like the gold dome of my dream temple.

When Hilarion next incarnated as Saul who when converted by Christ Jesus became Paul the Apostle, Meta once again apparently remained in the etheric realms, since neither Nada-Yolanda, Phillel or myself have been given any information about her possible incarnation at that time. Thus, if so, she once again supported Paul from the etheric realms. Like Plato, Paul never married and apparently was celibate.

However, when Hilarion incarnated as Charles Fillmore, Meta incarnated as his wife Myrtle Fillmore, and they had three sons. (See picture of Charles Fillmore below/right.) Charles and Myrtle co-founded the Unity Church of Practical Christianity, in which they taught and demonstrated metaphysical truth teachings. Thus, partly, “Meta” stands for metaphysical. Charles and Myrtle commonly are referred to as being the father and mother of Unity.

As in his two prior incarnations, Charles Fillmore served Sananda/Jesus, the spiritual co-leader with Sol-O-Man of Earth. This time, he was part of a male-female team that demonstrated both conscious-masculine and subconscious-feminine applications of universal truth principles, which set the metaphysical/spiritual foundation for the Second Coming of Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary.

Currently, Hilarion from his position in the etheric realms of Earth is the etheric Director of Mark-Age Healing Haven, which demonstrates and teaches the holistic healing of mind, body and soul, all under the central guidance of one’s I Am Self. (See Healing Haven logo to right.)

In my dream of 1976, he stood before and told me that he would teach me how to heal as Christ Jesus did. I have spent my entire life since then learning, demonstrating and teaching how to do this.

Meet Harmony

Over the years since joining the Mark-Age staff in 1974 and becoming the Director of Mark-Age Healing Haven on Earth, which comes under the Fifth Ray whose corresponding color is green, Meta has contacted and communed with me on numerous occassions. Whereas Hilarion represents primarily the masculine or mental and physical aspects of healing, Meta portrays mostly the feminine or emotional and soul-astral methods of harmonizing one’s total consciousness. She has been my primary etheric, healing “mother” or mentor.

It was not until December 13, 2022, however, that she revealed to me that her I Am or high Self name was Harmony, which right from the first time she shared it felt totally right to me. (Click here2 and scroll down halfway to read more about her.)

Following this revelation, she inspired a new version of the Healing Haven logo. (See to right.)  With its all-seeing eye, whose rounded shape is more so feminine than the straight lines and right angles of the double-H logo that Hilarion previously had given in 1976.

This new logo incorporates both the feminine and masculine aspects of holistic healing. It portrays Hilarion and Harmony as one with Father-Mother God, from Whom all healing flows. What we in I Am consciousness see, will be; for us, others and the whole planet.

Three as One

Harmony explained that her name was that of her superconscious, spiritual or high Self; Meta was her subconscious/soul name going back to her incarnation at the time of the Essenes; and Myrtle (again starting with the letter “M” symbolizing metaphysical mother) was her conscious, personality name.

At the start of Myrtle’s spiritual awakening, she healed her own severe tuberculosis by speaking words of truth, and then became deeply involved in using spiritual healing techniques to help harmonize others. She had so much success doing so that Charles Fillmore decided to start meditating and linking with Divine Mind. In his later multiple writings and books, Charles became the foremost exponent of what then was called the New Thought movement.

Hilarion and Harmony, are also the spiritual co-leaders of the Fifth Ray planet of Uranus. Moreover, they oversee the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus that is located in and around the city of Manaus in northwestern Brazil, deep in the center of the vast Amazon Rain Forest of northern South America.

First Time in the Temple

Later, in this same meditation on January 12, 2024, Harmony appeared before me and took me over the threshold of the opened doorway into the inner room of the Temple of the Pleiades. Phillel was concerned about the dog that seemed to have no owner, so for the time being he stayed behind; he evidently knew from within that he would enter the Temple at a later time. For now, it was my rightful, spiritual function and responsibility, given my many past recent contacts with the Pleiadeans, to be the first one to re-explore the inside of this Temple.

The name Phillel, from the root name of Philip, partly represents the spiritual quality of power that expresses via our vocal apparatus, muscles and limbs. In my vision, he symbolically portrayed the part of me that has to keep my feet on the ground, and thus be rightly devoted to overseeing and aiding the animal kingdom, including my own animal-like physical body, even as I am lifted in my light body into the sky or etheric realm of Pleiadean consciousness.

Once I now was inside the Pleiadean temple, it was so filled with etheric light and energy that I could barely see any details about its inner, round room and domed ceiling. However, I was lifted into ascended consciousness, and rose in my seventh or ascended light body into the dome of the Temple, wherein I communed with Mama Pleia and Papa Pleia. Then I redescended back to the floor of the Temple.

While still standing there, I became more aware and certain that I was an individual Temple of the Pleiades, and so potentially were all other light workers. Thus, Mama and Papa Pleia, as well as the other twenty-eight  or more Pleiadeans, could visit me in my own dreams and visions. Moreover, I and others were to serve as grounding rods for their light projections and their descent onto Earth.

With my first entry into the etheric Temple of the Pleiades, it had begun to become re-opened on Earth. Others would follow in my footsteps. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Pleiadean spaceships could land on Earth and Pleiadeans could walk amongst us.

Our Healing Mama

This experience in which Harmony me took into the Temple of Pleiades was so novel, however, that I asked her to please verify that what I had experienced and concluded was indeed true. Then, after recording my experiences in my spiritual diary and taking care of some things in my apartment, I felt inspired to go to Shoney’s Restaurant for a late morning meal.

This was hoped to be a change of pace, a time to turn things over to Spirit and the agents of Spirit, and to be and feel “normal” or at least to appear to be normal, whereas I felt more so like a visitor from another planet or star. I also hoped that maybe that Harmony might contact me when I was at Shoney’s, as Sol-O-Man has done so many times in the past. However, that did not occur, partly because there were too many people making too much noise in the back room where I sat.

However, on the drive back home through the uninhabited woods of the Royal Blue Wilderness Sanctuary, Harmony directed me to pull off and park alongside the road. Upon my doing so, she totally transfigured me, such that I felt fully enclosed in her feminine, Fifth Ray forcefield and light body. (The fifth major initiation of our seven steps to Christhood is called transfiguration, as demonstrated by Christ Jesus when he was transfigured on the mount and projected lifelike holographic images of his past lives as Moses and Elijah.)

Soul Healing

During my current transfiguration by Harmony, she confirmed that we had known one another when she had been Meta of the Essenes. At that time, she had taught me feminine metaphysical techniques for healing my soul and the souls of others. I deeply sensed the truth and reality of this soul recall, which was reflected in the chills and goosebumps all around my body, and the involuntary tears coming down my face.

Then, Harmony took on the form of a large, seven-foot-tall, capital letter H. Its horizontal cross bar was at the level of my heart, which swelled even more with her motherly, healing love. She then telepathically told me to look to my left, where across the road I saw a beautiful large stand of rhododendrons.

Whereas all the trees and bushes for fifty to hundred yards away that surrounded this stand were brown and leafless, with it being winter, the hundreds of leaves of  these “rhodies” were a vivid, middle green in color, with green being the color of the Fifth Ray. Harmony said that in my dark, cold, soul-winterly times in my past, she had been there with me, silently helping me to heal my mind, soul and body. And this, too, rang true in my heart, for I had felt her doing so on many past occassions.


Upon my getting back home, while cleaning up my kitchen, I again felt Harmony’s presence in and around me in the shape of an “H.” However, this time the lines in this letter were wavy, not straight. Straight lines are symbolically more so masculine, whereas wavy lines with  curves are more so feminine. We commonly think of light and sound traveling as straight lines, but actually they are waves. (To the right/above, see my attempt to depict the wavy-lined H.)

Thus, Harmony was showing me that like her I was to let go and let Mother God and her as Harmony to flow in and through me; to not be rigid or to try to mentally figure out ahead of time what was going to happen. I was to be like a harmonious song, not like the playing of scales on a piano. There is a time for having proper conscious control in applying spiritual principles, as represented by the H in Hilarion. However, equal time is to be given to soul healing of one’s memories and feelings, which are more wavelike than liner, thus more curvy rather that pointed.

Harmony concluded this exchange by confirming and reminding me that I had trained with her and Hilarion on Uranus, which is the primary planet in the Solar System that exemplifies and radiates Fifth Ray Unity, Integration, Healing and Transfiguration. There, they had especially taught me how to use I Am visualizations to heal whole segments of mankind, including entire nations, which technique the Uranians had perfected.

With these two above experiences with Harmony, I felt much more certain that indeed she was the one who had led me into the Temple of the Pleiades. A deep sense of peaceful harmony and balance flowed through my mind, body and soul.

Please Take me Home

The next morning, January 13th, after a deep and long sleep, I felt refreshed, revitalized and ready for a new day. While eating breakfast, however, I kept inwardly hearing the gospel song, I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand. This prompted me to think of the many times in the past when Hilarion and/or Harmony have “held my hand” and led me forward into some new insight or realm of consciousness; or have reached out their hands to to lift me after I had fallen and failed in my ongoing re-evolution to I Am consciousness on Earth.

As an individual on Earth, we cannot evolve spiritually without having teachers in the etheric planes who already have experienced what we are about to experience. They reach down their hands to us, and we reach up to them. We are never alone or without their help. We still have to do the spiritual work, to walk up the mountain, to ascend into the sky. But as spiritual parents, the ascended masters watch over and empower us at each step of the way, whether we are consciously aware of them or not.

Despite all of yesterday’s experiences, I still had some lingering doubts about the Temple of the Pleiades. So, when Hilarion and Harmony now descended and stood to either side of me, he to my right and she to my left, I reached out my hands to them, which they held in their hands: my right hand to the left hand of Hilarion, my left hand to the right hand of Harmony. Upon my doing so, in my heart welled up my desire to have them take me in my ascended light body to the Pleiades, so that I could see my “home away from home,” and thereby feel more certain about my past sojourns there.

However, when I asked them to to do so, they responded that if I had been on one or more of the stars of the Pleiades, then the record of this visitation would be in my own soul records and memories. As Sananda as Socrates had taught, and Plato had then written, all significant learning is remembering. Thus, to learn about my past in regard to the Pleiades, all I had to do was to be quiet and remember my time there; which made perfect sense to me.

First Galactic Visitor

To further help me, however, Harmony and Hilarion then telepathically conveyed that the Seven Sisters and the Seven Brothers of the Pleiades who had stood beside me in previous visions were symbolic representations of my own actual Pleiadean sisters and brothers when I had been at this star cluster. In other words, encoded right in the way that Sol-O-Man and Sananda had introduced the Seven Sisters and Brothers to me was the until now hidden clue that they, or other Pleiadeans just like them, had been my actual spiritual family there. Therefore, seeing them now in my visions was just like being at home in the Pleiades. I didn’t have to go to the Pleiades, because the Pleiadeans had come to me.

Once this revelation had sunken into my conscious understanding, Harmony and Hilarion via thought also conveyed that years ago I already had seen what the Pleiades had looked like in one of my  visions. They were referring to my first contact with someone from beyond the Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

On March 20, 2013, during the preparatory period before going to the First Ray Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, in my morning meditation, J. W. of Jupiter contacted me. Upon his doing so, in my vision, an interdimensional doorway suddenly opened. Through it stepped a tall, cosmic entity who J.W. said was a galactic being from outside the Solar System.

As if I were looking at the sun, this masculine visitor appeared so bright that I could not make out his features; but I could feel the higher vibrations of his extraordinary presence. After he and J.W. disappeared from view, Sol-O-Man/Mary came and assured me that she was overseeing this new step, that what I had just experienced was indeed accurate. Always, I turn to Sol-O-Man for my verification of any new opening or receiving.


The next morning in meditation, an image of an out-of-this-world civilization appeared in my inner version. I was especially attracted to a particular city of unusual, futuristic, light-filled buildings. My new galactic visitor telepathically relayed that this image was of his home world, where I had trained with him in ancient times, as part of preparing for my present lifetime on Earth in these Latter Days. But he did not tell me where his home world was.

I asked him for his name, but he said it was impossible to translate it into English. Instead, I was to watch and work with him in following communions, and then give him a suitable name that both he and I could use. Nine days later, J.W. explained that this galactic visitor had the ability to remove the veils over a spiritual temple or power center on Earth, such as the one at Olkhon Island.

J.W. likened this talent to using a special tool to pry open a paint can. So in time, I called this galactic man “Opens-Lids-of-Paint-Cans” or just “Opens-Lids.” In particular, my galactic visitor explained that he opens or rends the veil of the uppermost or seventh astral plane, which is the doorway to the etheric planes. With this rending, higher, fourth-dimensional, etheric energies can pour down into the astral planes and then to Earth.

This was indeed what happened when MariLyn and I months later were at Olkhon Island. Moreover, in all of our other following visits to spiritual temples, power centers and vortices of light around the world through 2014, Opens-Lids, with his male and female galactic associates, performed this same function. Mostly, however, I only communed with Opens-Lids, not with those who worked with him. From Open-Lids, I learned how to rend the veils over the seventh astral plane.

Identity Revealed

Coming back to the present, still on January 13th, after Hilarion and Harmony had referred me back to Opens-Lids, they told me that Opens-Lids was a Pleiadean! This revelation blew my mind. In a way, Hilarion and Harmony had now lifted the lid over my “paint can,” meaning the veil over my crown chakra, such that I could perceive clearly and profoundly. Moreover, upon pondering this new vision and realization of Opens-Lids true identify, it felt totally right to me, for it rang in my heart-of-hearts as being the truth.

Then, I began to realize that since 2013, Pleiadeans had been visiting me. My current visitation by them was just the latest in a long sequence of their appearances and work with me. Yes, I once was blind, but now I could see the full reality of this. Here I had been worrying about the uniqueness and seemingly unverifiable appearances of Mama and Papa Pleia, and of the Seven Sisters and Seven Brothers, and now the reality of their visits here to Earth was as clear as a bright, clear-blue sky day!

I sprang up from my meditation chair, walked around and “jumped for joy.” Looking inwardly and upwardly, Harmony and Hilarion had huge smiles on their faces and beamed with love. They were so happy they had been able to help me as their “son” to see and realize all this in such a convincing way. Upon calming down, I thanked them profusely. But for the rest of the day, as much as I tried, I never really came back down to Earth.

Its a good thing that Phillel still was “holding the fort” for me, or I might just have floated away. Phillel is a longtime dear friend and spiritual partner, and a dog is man’s best friend. When we are “dogged with doubt,” it is our true friends, whether they be two-legged or four-legged, that help us to restore our balance and to walk the new harmonious walk of a reborn Pleiadean on Earth. In turn, as a friend, we help others. We cross over the threshold together, each in our own time and unique way, but always hand-in-hand.

Needless to say, I also repeatedly thanked Opens-Lids. My head was still in the clouds, or higher than the clouds, where I was with him, from where he had watched  over all that had just transpired. I was home with him and he now was home with me in an entirely new way and depth. Thank You, Spirit!

Cross over the Threshold

Friends, fellow light workers, in your meditations over the next several days, enter into your own Temple of the Pleiadeans. In other words, intune and link with Papa and Mama Pleia and the fourteen Pleiadean masculine and the fourteen Pleiadean feminine disciples or “children” who have come to Earth with them.

You might think and affirm that seven of these Pleiadean ladies are as “sisters” to you, and the second set of seven feminine Pleiadeans being are as female “cousins” to you. In like manner, perhaps seven of the Pleiadean men are your “brothers” and the seven others of them are your masculine “cousins.” All of them are part of your Pleiadean family that are joining with you in a joyous family reunion!

Maybe you picture your Pleiadean temple as being like the one shown to me in my dream, with its square base, round inner room, twenty-eight columns and a domed, golden roof. Or, your vision of your own temple may look quite differently. After all, you are a unique child of God, so your version of a Pleiadean temple may appear in a different configuration. Furthermore, the temple in my dream is primarily symbolic, not literal.

Therefore, perhaps you just think of the room in which you are meditating, regardless of its shape or size, as being your Temple of the Pleiades. Maybe your temple is outdoors, like unto being under a tall tree.

Here is There, There is Here

Harmony and Hilarion, or their Fifth Ray co-workers in the etheric planes, may be helping you. For the Fifth Ray works in and through your third- or all-seeing eye, via which you can see into other, physically invisible realms and dimensions. Harmony and Hilarion’s green light and energy may surround you. Maybe you inwardly hear a song that helps you to enter into I Am, Pleiadean consciousness. Maybe when you drink some green tea or eat green vegetables, you think of them.

The point of all these possibilities is to open your heart and mind to the possibility that the Pleiadeans are about to visit, or already are visiting, you. This may occur in a dream or vision. It may just be an intuitive, clairsentient knowing that this is true. Maybe you now recall dreams, visions, thoughts, feelings or experiences you had in the past that now upon further reflection indicate that Pleiadeans already have been working with you behind the scenes.

Maybe, one of the visiting Pleiadeans may pry open the veil over your crown chakra, which you feel as stimulation, activation and acceleration in the top part of your head, thus in your cerebrum or central computer. Maybe you have goosebumps or shudder involuntarily or find yourself moved to tears.

Perhaps all you do is to ask the Pleiadeans to now show themselves to you in their own time and way, which is best suited for them and you. As always, ask and keep the faith that you will receive. And you will!

Welcome, beloved Pleiadeans. We dearly and wholeheartedly love you. Thanks for coming to help us. Amen.