Be a Love Lotus

On August 18, 2023, the 5th day of my past weeklong focus on Sananda/Abel, my morning meditation began by my being still and linking with our One God. Then, upon entering inside an octagonal shaft, sheath or Christ column of light, my whole-hearted concentration was on spiritual protection, connecting in and working with my 8 blue and 8 gold protectors. I affirmed that God’s will be done and thanked Him-Her for giving me and all other lighter workers the bread (spiritual food comprised of new I Am images and ideas) that would empower me in my day’s efforts to move forward and upward.

A half hour or so into the meditation, the first new I Am image appeared before me: It was of a large, crystal-clear, glass chalice or goblet. Shortly thereafter, the cup, stem and base of this Christ chalice transfigured over and around me, such that I was inside and surrounded by this whole chalice.

It being crystal clear indicated the previous day’s focus on Fourth Ray Manifestation and Crystallization, whose hue is crystal clear. The oval cup of the chalice symbolized today’s emphasis on Fifth Ray Unity, Integration and Healing, which expresses especially via the third-eye center, in and through which we see into higher realms and receive new images and clairsentient insights.

The bottom of the cup of the chalice was at the level of my solar plexus chakra, which is the fifth of the seven chakras when viewed from above to below, from the crown chakra down to the solar plexus center.

Second Image

Some fifteen minutes later, Sananda/Abel appeared in his golden light form above me and then transfigured down, over and round me. From him poured a golden liquid-light that slowly filled my entire cup. He said it was golden nectar, the so-called nectar of the gods, the sweet and loving nectar from him as Sananda/Son-Anda/Abel.

The golden nectar was from him as Son-Anda, which variation of the name Sananda represents the I Am or Son-of-God consciousness in each child of God. This golden nectar fed me. It was the golden nectar or honey on the bread of life that was being served to me by my beloved spiritual father, Sananda/Son-Anda/Abel.

In time, my cup became entirely filled. It reminded me of the words of the 23rd Psalm: “He restoreth my soul. . . . My cup runneth over.” I became golden nectar that I as Sol-I-El/Alla/Robert was to feed to others for their restoration and healing. Like father, like son.

Third Image

Shortly thereafter, Sananda/Abel stood before me and told me to stand up, which of course I did. Then he placed a golden robe around me, and a type of golden crown on my head. The robe also had white parts in it. I was now robed in my seventh or ascend body. (The image to the right looks somewhat like what I saw and felt in my clairvoyant vision.)

In prior days, Sananda/Abel had sheathed me in his power and love. Now, he placed my own golden robe around me as his beloved son. Back in the days of Cains and Abels, I had taken off my golden robe and fell into Cain consciousness. Now, the Abel or Alla part of me had been restored. Once again, I was a pure golden giant. The robe felt fully comfortable. I was reborn.

Sananda once again instructed me that I no longer was to focus so much on the past, for it was now transformed and wiped away. I was to move forward, to walk the walk of a golden being of light, one who Loves God and Loves One Another. My golden robe protected me from the intrusion of those of lesser, Cain, selfish consciousness.

Fourth Image

Slowly, Sananda/Abel lifted up and faded from my conscious view, although I still felt deeply and lovingly connected with him. Eventually, looking inwardly at myself, my aura was oval or egg-shaped, like the cup of the chalice. However, in numerous areas around its perimeter were dark splotches, like small black clouds or even black gnats. These dark areas represented the jealous, angry, self-righteous, holier-than-thou thoughts and feelings coming to me from those in the lower astral planes as well as from those of lower consciousness on Earth. Here, as typically happens after a new spiritual upliftment was “blowback,” the negative reactions of those who feel threatened, envious and disturbed by my golden chalice experience. Like bugs at night, they were attracted to my bright, radiant “light bulb.”

Some small part of this visionary imagery also represented my own remaining doubts, fears and selfishness. But the vast majority of the darkened intruders portrayed the negative thoughts, feelings and self-righteous reactions of others, who do not want to face their own darkness and transmute their souls. Cains once again were trying to destroy Abel.

At this time, I felt the powerful presence of El Morya, Chohan and Director of the First Ray of Will and Power whose color is blue. He clapped onto the right side of my head and neck to announce his arrival, which is his contact signal with me. He reminded me that in the days of Cains and Abels, he was an Abel, as was Sananda. Thus, he was Sananda/Abel’s spiritual brother. Now El Morya was my older spiritual brother, another of my beloved teachers, fathers and wayshowers. He provided the proper First Ray balance and teamwork to my Seventh Ray golden protection.

Together, he and I wield the sword of truth (spoke words of truth) to cut away and disperse the connections to those who were psychically attacking me. It took a good 15 minutes or more to fully remove them and to spiritually secure my whole forcefield. All the dark splotches and the negative connections to those trying to “bug me” were released. I was at peace, filled anew with First Ray power and Seventh Ray love. Thank you, El Morya, for being one of our primary “blue” protectors.

Fifth Image

It now felt like my meditation was over, but I still felt connected to Sananda/Abel and El Morya/Mark and basked in their distant yet abiding presence. Filled with peace and love, will and power, I relaxed, let go, and let God show me anything more, should it be His-Her will. But I had no expectation that such would happen.

Then, suddenly, a brilliant white lotus appeared in front of me. Sananda and Sol-O-Man were holding it and then placed it in my heart chakra, filling it to fullness. The petals of the lotus were white whereas the center of it was golden yellow. Thus it was white and gold, that of the Seventh Ray. From out of the muck of earth and mortal consciousness, like a lotus, my I Am, Soliel/Alla peace-and-love consciousness now bloomed anew. I was a lotus of Seventh Ray love.

The lotus especially represented my whole soul history, going back to Atlantis and Lemuria that preceded Atlantis. Currently, Lemurian consciousness has carried over especially to the Eastern Hemisphere, including India. There, the lotus is used as a symbol of each of the seven chakras that open and flower as we take seven steps to Christhood. The lotus is also used to represent the spiritual awakening or enlightenment of Sananda as Gautama the Buddha and of Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara, who are often depicted as sitting on a throne that is a giant lotus. Their hearts are light-and-love-filled lotus flowers.

Flower on the Fifth

In your meditations, musings, reflections and other quiet times today, be focused on the new flowering of your white-and-gold heart.

You may receive several new, unique I Am images that guide you how to do so, some of which are like unto mine. Or, you may have no images but just new inner feelings or in-depth realizations of your oneness with Sananda/Abel.

Drink of the golden nectar that Sananda/Abel pours into your vessel or chalice. Put on your golden robe. Beware of the blowback after you do so. First, last and always, be spiritually protected. Know that you have a whole team of interdimensional protectors who are lighting the way for you and helping you to rise above all darkness within yourself and in others.

Especially call upon El Morya to assist you. As Mark on Earth, he loved to powerfully proclaim: one with God is a majority. We devoted light workers may be few in number, but like Sananda/Abel/Buddha/Jesus, we have the spiritual power to change the multitudes, especially those whom we represent.

Shut the door to the residual darkness of your past. Think of the mortal muck of your past as now being composted fertilizer that feeds and empowers your flowering present. Live in the eternal moment of now. Open the door to a glorious new day, leading to a New or Golden Age of Aquarius, when Sananda and Sol-O-Man will reign on Earth.

However Spirit leads you in step-by-step fashion, re-awaken and re-birth the unique, wondrous, brilliant, white-and-gold love lotus that you are as a son or daughter of Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah; a grandson or granddaughter of Maitreya and MaYa; a Christ creation of our Creator.

Have a fabulous birth day. Celebrate the birth of the Christ in one and all. Hallelujah. Amen.