Be Solid Gold

In your meditations and other quiet moments during this day, August 24, 2023, begin by slowly and systematically settling into the Silence. Wait until It solidifies such that you become crystal clear. Over the last three days, you have had much new input and much review of the past, especially in your connections with Sananda/Abel. So, today, let these thoughts, feelings and memories filter down and settle solidly into your mind, body and soul. Then release any sediment or residue of darkness from within and without that still clouds your four lower bodies, including any “blowback” from those of lesser consciousness on Earth and/or in the lower astral planes. Be your I Am Self!

Four Family Visitors

Once your consciousness is clear and you feel fully at one with the One, stand up and place four comfortable chairs around you, or imagine that there is one chair before, behind, to the right, and to the left of you, a few feet away from you.

See, feel and know that Lord Maitreya now descends and sits in the chair in front of you. Maitreya is the Christ of this solar system, just as Sananda is the Christ of Earth. Maitreya is Sananda’s master teacher. Thus, just as Sananda/Abel/Jesus is your spiritual father, Maitreya is your spiritual grandfather. Therefore, welcome him. Let your heart be one with his huge, cosmic heart. Feel his supreme love for you as his precious grandson or granddaughter. Vow to be just like him in your love nature.

Behind you, see, sense and feel the presence of Lady MaYa, who is Maitreya’s twin soul on the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose colors are white and gold. She is Sol-O-Man/Adah/Mary’s master teacher, so MaYa is your spiritual grandmother who has a heart of gold. She has your back. She loves all of you. Her love further soothes your soul and helps you to settle even deeper into solid I Am peace and love.

To the left of you sits Sol-O-Man/Adah/Mary, who is your spiritual mother, and is the “queen” of the subconscious or soul aspect of humankind. To the right of you is Sananda/Abel/Jesus who is your spiritual father, and “king” of the conscious/masculine level of our one mind. Sol-O-Man and Sananda are the co-leaders and co-rulers of Earth.

Feel the four Christed visitors especially in the four chambers of your heart. Be foursquare with them. Be crystal clear. Know anew that you are a beloved part of One Family of light and love, not only here on Earth but throughout the Solar System.

Four-Step Christ Matrix

Ask the four to show you a new step and way to manifest, demonstrate and crystallize the four-step Christ matrix that Maitreya in 1993 gave via Nada-Yolanda to us: peace, love, cooperation and coordination. Given that today is the fourth day of linking with, and loving, Sananda/Abel, it only makes sense that you apply the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization in demonstrating the four-step Christ matrix in your actions today.

Ask your spiritual grandparents and parents to reveal to you a new and higher degree of peace, within yourself, and as you share and interact with other children of God, be they family, friends or so-called enemies.

Shut the door to the past. Focus instead on today, looking to many glorious, happy, light-filled tomorrows. Seeing the past is a necessary part of soul healing, but nothing changes until you start a new day in loving God and in loving one another. Therefore, right now, all this day, love more, have more compassion, hug others with more of your golden heart, and be love in action in any new way that is shown to you by your/our beloved spiritual Grandpa, Grandma, Papa and Mama.

See others cooperating and coordinating in I Am awareness and consciousness, whether at their jobs, in their church or meditation group, as currently polarized politicians, or in the various health professions. Be more cooperative and coordinated yourself in all that you do, in your interactions with all others. Set the example of what others can do in their own unique ways, how they can work with those of light mind and heart in lifting humankind into spiritual, I Am awareness. Your actions speak volumes. So walk the new walk.

By the end of the day, be solid, crystal-clear gold. A-men.