Go with Margoah

Today, Wednesday, September 27, 2023, we begin our week-long focus on Sol-O-Man’s incarnation as Margoah, as presented in the Second Book of Acts. Note that the name Margoah starts with “Mar” as does Sol-O-Man’s name in her last incarnation as Mary, mother of Jesus.

Margoah lived in about 1800 BC in Canaan with Melchizedek, who was an incarnation of her twin soul, Sananda.

The name Margoah has seven letters in it to indicate that she is of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

To begin your seven days of being with her, see each of the seven letters of her name positioned in your seven major chakras or spiritual centers. In the drawing above/right, the entire golden circle represents Sol-O-Man. The seven letters of Margoah are in her seven psychic or astral chakras.

Place a “M” in your crown chakra, an “A” in your third-eye center, a “R in your throat chakra, and so on until all seven letters of Margoah are in your seven chakras or psychic centers in your soul/astral body. Then think of and welcome Margoah as one more example of Sol-O-Man being your spiritual mother, whom you love and cherish, and who loves you in the deepest depths of her golden, sacred heart. “Ma” in Margoah partly symbolizes this Mama-Son-Daughter role and love connection.

Updates & Corrections

As given in the Second Book of Acts, prior to Sol-O-Man being incarnated as Margoah, she allegedly was the wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh named Khufu. Sol-O-Man’s name in that incarnation was said to be Asenath. Khufu (whom the Greeks called Cheops) lived about 2600 BC. Most Egyptian scholars credit him with authorizing and directing the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which apparently was to be his burial chamber.

According to the scanty surviving evidence of this ancient time, Khufu had two-to-four wives, none of whom were named Asenath. Moreover, the only mention of a woman named Asenath in the Holy Bible was when she was the wife of Joseph and the mother of their two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh (see Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary). This Asenath and Joseph lived around 1600 BC, hence a thousand or so years later than Khufu.

Furthermore, Nada-Yolanda, as the prime Keeper of the Soul Records, never received any confirmation about Khufu and Asenath as being incarnations of Sananda and Sol-O-Man; nor that the historical Asenath was the wife of Khufu. Moreover, Phillel and I (Dr. Robert) have not received any such verification.

Discern & Verify

References are made to Khufu in some modern esoteric mystery schools, especially by the Masons. But nowhere in these depictions has Khufu been described as being an incarnation of Sananda.

In all present-day mystical teachings that I have researched, as well as in the writings of Jesus’ Apostles and disciples that have survived to the present time, a certain amount of error has been common. Therefore, the probable error about Khufu and Asenath does not mean that all of the Second Book of Acts is tainted or inaccurate.

As Hilarion/Paul, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity and Integration, channeled via Nada-Yolanda, the Second Book of Acts is an overall accurate and authentic portrayal of the spiritual law of karma and reincarnation, as demonstrated by Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their multiple lifetimes together. But this does not mean that every detail and description in this book is accurate.

Literal versus Allegorical

Furthermore, some parts of Mary’s accounts of her past lives are more so allegorical rather than literal. Thus, the reference to Khufu and Asenath may primarily symbolize that Sananda and Sol-O-Man, as the spiritual co-leaders of Earth, watched over and influenced this ancient, Egyptian time and its leaders; but that they as Sananda and Sol-O-Man were not incarnated then.

Thus, in evaluating this text, and any other alleged spiritual teachings, we must use spiritual discernment and righteous judgment in separating the wheat from the chaff. However, as the common idiom goes, we are not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Nonetheless, once our best judgment is determined, as Jesus instructed us, we then let the dead bury the dead.

In the final analysis, each spiritual initiate has to decide for himself or herself if any part of this treatise, or what I am sharing in this post, is accurate and legitimate, literal or allegorical. For now, my own conclusion, as guided by Sananda and Sol-O-Man, is that the account of Khufu and Asenath as physical incarnations of Sananda and Sol-O-Man has not been verified. At best it is a symbolic story. Moreover, it might have been added to this text by some person after Luke wrote it.

Pyramid of Light

In relation to the symbology and spiritual purpose of a pyramid, what is known and totally true is that on April 17, 1973, Nada-Yolanda, while in communion with Sananda at her mountain-cabin retreat  in Idyllwood, CA  with El Morya-Mark, received the following visualization technique for birthing the light body on Earth:

“Visualize the light body clamping over or anchoring over the physical body in a pyramid shape. Visualize the white substance of the light form as, in actuality, a pyramid that is not very much larger–no more, let us say, than a foot to a foot and a half larger–than the physical body [hence surrounding the astral body as well].

“The top of the apex is the head, the brain, the mind, the computer, the receiving station. While in this condition, which is a visualization technique, any problem concerning daily affairs, mental conditions, relationships, worldly problems, anything at all that you wish to solve or to raise to a higher level, bring it up to this light-body head and let it convey the true concept or solution. . . .

“Now we go into the next phase, which is not to be realized instantly but will be the result of the many practice sessions of the first phase. We will begin to think all our thoughts, have all our visions and realizations from this high Self area, eyes, thoughts, words, consciousness. Less and less will we be operating out of the physical body [and mortal mind].”

The Pyramid’s Upper Room

Modern physical, external scans of the Great Pyramid of Giza have found upward sloping walkways going to rooms in the upper part of the pyramid, the highest of which is called the King’s Chamber. Another lower room just below it has been labeled the Queen’s Chamber. Thus, the pyramid may have been designed and used as a place for the King and Queen, as well as the high priests, to rise up into their head and to commune with their high Selves and those in the higher, invisible realms. (See depiction of tunnels/walkways and rooms above/right.)

Even if this was so, there still is no evidence that Khufu was an incarnation of Sananda. Rather, given the available surviving accounts of him, he thought and proclaimed that he was a god. He most likely had this huge, massive, pyramidal structure built to to glorify his alleged superior godliness, and to mark and signify his greatness in following times. Apparently, he was to be buried at the base of the pyramid, from which he would rise in his astral or “ka” body, into the afterlife. But this site was never finished and Khufu’s body was not in it.

Khufu’s limited, selfish, superior attitude and action was probably a carryover from Atlantis when its male leaders and scientists glorified themselves, not God the Good; which led to the downfall and Flood of Atlantis.

First Contact

Ten years ago, on August 2, 2013, when perusing the book section in Wal-Mart, my (Dr. Robert’s) eyes magnetically were drawn to a single copy of a small book, The Alchemist, by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho (Paulo is the Portuguese version of Paul the Apostle). On the book’s back cover and in its brief introduction, it explained that many millions of copies of this text had been purchased worldwide, and that it had been translated into 56 different languages.

It is the story of a young Spanish shepherd named Santiago (St. James in English) who lives in Andalusia in the southern part of Spain. Santiago has a potent recurring dream that mystifies him. In time, Melchizedek meets with him, explains the dream to him and advises him to seek his “treasure” or his spiritual mission and purpose in life, which is to be revealed at the pyramids in Egypt.

When he does so, Santiago meets with and is instructed by  a master alchemist, who teaches him that his gold treasure is within himself, not in his ability to change base metals into gold. The account of this inner and outer journey, and its fulfillment, is a totally fascinating, spiritually-oriented, poetic and allegorical tale of Self-discovery and demonstration. I highly recommend it (Amazon sells it).

First Communion

Two days later, on August 4th, after reading most of the book, in my morning meditation, Sananda as Melchizedek overshadowed me. This was the first time this lifetime that I had conscious contact with him as Melchizedek. His name means “king of righteousness,” “my king is righteousness,” or “the Most High Priest.” He was the king of Salem (which means peace), the precursor of Jerusalem. He first is mentioned in Genesis 14:18-20 where he brings out bread and wine to bless Abram, who becomes Abraham, the father of the new nation of Israel.

Melchizedek now telepathically informed me that he had come to initiate me into the Order of Melchizedek, which exists throughout the Solar System. Those in this Order study and apply not only physical sciences but also esoteric, mystical or so-called occult (which means hidden) sciences as part of being a spiritual solar scientist and a holistic healer. Then he directed me to re-read his channeling about this via Nada-Yolanda in our Mark-Age text MAPP to Aquarius, on page 61. (This current blog is devoted primarily to Margoah, so the full channeling about Melchizedek will be in the next blog that will focus primarily on him.)

Melchizedek conveyed to me in thought that he, in conjunction with other ascended masters, had trained me in spiritual sciences throughout the Solar System. Starting now, and continuing for years, he would reawaken these soul memories in me and re-initiate me into this Order.

I was a bit astonished by this, but on the other it made total sense to me. For, Nada-Yolanda had told me way back in 1972 that I represented and served all holistic healers and all scientists on Earth in these Latter Days. So even back then, some 50 years ago, without my knowing it consciously, I was being re-initiated into the Order of Melchizedek. My entire life since my spiritual awakening in 1967-68 has been devoted to this Order and its demonstration.

You Are Our Son

The next day, August 5th, Sananda/Melchizedek once again strongly contacted me, activating especially my heart chakra. He shared that when he was Melchizedek and Sol-O-Man was his wife Margoah, I had been their son. As such, I had trained under both of them to prepare myself for this current lifetime. The most glorious and uplifting feeling of parental, cosmic love flowed from Melchizedek into and through my heart, which moved me to tears. In that cosmic moment, I knew by this extraordinary heart-felt response that what he had just told me was mostly true.

However, as typically happens, later, upon “coming down” from the experience, I had my doubts about it all. But every time I would think about it, my heart would glow in a way that I never had felt before. Whether I had been Melchizedek’s and Margoah’s physical son, the blood of their blood, or if I had been their spiritual son and close disciple, did not matter. They were, and are, my Seventh Ray spiritual parents, teachers and mentors; and yours, too.

This contact was almost entirely with Melchizedek, but Margoah also was present  mostly in the background, standing behind Melchizedek. Yet, I still felt a special bond and connection with her. After all, Sol-O-Man is my master teacher. She has been my spiritual mother throughout my many past incarnations on Earth and elsewhere.

However, when I researched the name Margoah online, I found almost no mention of it. None of the baby name books or spiritual, metaphysical books about names listed Margoah. It is not given in the Holy Bible, and therefore not in Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. It thereby seems that it does not exist, even to this day. However, there is a town in Israel that is called Margoa, but not Margoah, with a “h” at the end. In one birth announcement, a newborn baby with a different given name was said to have the Hebrew name Mar-goah, but I could not find any other reference to this name or what it may mean. Perhaps, I thought, I will find this in some future time.

The Four Ms

Meanwhile, my initial working hypothesis about all of this was that Margoah is a spiritual code name that encapsulates and expresses her role and position in the Hierarchal Board of this Solar System. Lords Michael and Maitreya are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchy, and both their names start with an “M,” as does Margoah. Michael’s First Ray angelic feminine counterpart is named Mariel, hence the common letters “Mar” in her name and Margoah’s. Maitreya’s Seventh Ray twin soul is MaYa, with “Ma” being in her name as well as Margoah’s. (Maitreya also starts with Ma.”) MaYa is Sol-O-Man/Margoah’s master teacher. Mariel is her primary First Ray guardian angel.

I often refer to these 2 angels and 2 ascended masters as the four Ms. Since about 2010, my favorite visualization has been to see Michael in front of me, Mariel behind me, Maitreya to the right of me and MaYa to the left of me. Note that the letter “M” has a downward pointing V in it, indicating that the four Ms pour down their Hierarchal energies and guidance into us here on Earth, if we are receptive to and desirous of this. As I often say to them in my shorthand way, come on down!

The modern feminine name “Margo” is common, but it is a shortened version of the French name Marguerite, which is Margaret in English, and has no apparent or known connection with the name Margoah. (Another version of Margo in French is Margaux, like in Margaux Hemingway.) In Spanish and Portuguese, the word “mar” means the sea or ocean. Symbolically, the watery ocean is feminine, whereas the physical land is masculine. But again, “mar” as the sea appears to have no specific, obvious or stated connection to the name Margoah. Rather, Margoah relates primarily to her connection with, and work under the directions of, the Hierarchal Board, which is not known to many on Earth.

Margoah Steps Forth

For ten years after my August 2013 two contacts primarily with Melchizedek, I had no no specific further conscious communions with him or Margoah. I did think of them on occasion, particularly Melchizedek, as his name is repeated numerous times in Nada-Yolanda’s channeled listing of his incarnations. However, no place in these channelings is the name Margoah used.

Then, just last week, on September 20, 2032, in our noon Hierarchal Board Meditation here at the Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters, to my total surprise, I came into communion with both Melchizedek and Margoah. That morning I had completed and posted my blog about Noah, Yonah and the great Flood. Usually, after finishing such an in-depth blog, I have no new spiritual experiences or contacts with those in the higher planes for 1-3 days.

However, I now felt a hieronic spacebeam on my crown chakra, activating and accelerating my whole head. At first, I took this to mean that the ascended masters, via their space beams, were helping me to get realigned and to rest in the peace of my I Am Self. Then the strong impulse and impression came that I was to raise my two arms and hands in the air, making a V. In my right hand appeared Melchizedek and in my left hand was Margoah. This was the first, definitive, powerful contact with Margoah, whose feminine presence felt so incredibly uplifting and loving, activating my heart chakra. Via my opened hands facing forward flowed her and Melchizedek’s Seventh Ray peace and love to the world.


Before I could ask them any questions, Margoah stepped forward and said that in my next blog I was to focus on the two of them. Thus, without her actually saying so, I was not to focus on their hypothetical physical incarnations as Khufu and Asenath. It was not until hours after the meditation that it dawned on me that this was Sol-O-Man’s way of confirming for me what I long since had suspected: Her and Sananda’s alleged physical incarnations as Asenath and Khufu were not literally accurate, and thus were to be given no further attention. That sealed the deal for me as to the proper evaluation of this part of the treatise in Second Book of Acts.

Sol-O-Man/Margoah then telepathically conveyed that her name as Margoah indeed was a spiritual code name about her connection with, and obedience to the 4 Ms: Michael, Mariel, Maitreya and MaYa. That is why the name Margoah is not mentioned anywhere in modern books and descriptions, whose authors know little or nothing about the Hierarchal Board or how it works.

This whole exchange with her took only about 5 minutes. That was all I could hold in my tired and extended state from my writing and posting of my prior blog. I noted this new information in my spiritual diary, but given my tiredness and the newness of the contact, I still wondered if it indeed was accurate. What impressed me the most, however, was the unique way and timing in which it was given to me. It therefore seemed highly unlikely that I had made up or colored part or all of it. And if it was accurate, I knew that verifications and explanations about it would come in the days to come.

Moreover, even in my tired state, it all rang true to me in my heart of hearts, which always is my prime verification of something’s validity and truthfulness. In the book The Alchemist, Melchizedek and Santiago’s alchemical teacher explain that this knowing in one’s heart is the most accurate way of our knowing what is right and wrong. We are always to follow our spiritual heart if we are to find the golden treasure of I Am consciousness that is within us, which is just waiting to be re-discovered.

Day & Step Two

After a good night’s sleep, the next morning in my meditation, September 21st, upon awakening, the name “Mark” was on the tip of my tongue. Inwardly, I knew that it had been my moniker when I was Margoah’s and Melchizedek’s son. “Mar” symbolized my connection with her, whereas “k” was the last letter in Melchizedek, hence his being my beloved father and teacher. Moreover, my name was a “mark” that what I had been and would be receiving was accurate and true. My heart swelled with love as I quietly pondered and felt the truth of this.

In my morning meditation, Margoah again overshadowed me. The day before, I had felt her and Melchizedek’s presence mostly in my head. Now, she descended into my heart, filling it anew with her Divine Feminine love that was nigh on to overwhelming. Here again was my heart verification and amplification. There was simply no way to deny what was happening.

Once adjusted to this, however, I still asked her about what her name meant and why it was not found in modern texts, other than in the Second Book of Acts. She replied simply that she already had explained that to me the prior day, so I was to get on with the next step. I felt a bit like a young child whose mother loving pats her son’s head in loving appreciation and then helps her son to see and believe in more of the truth. She was not putting me down or belittling me by doing so, but rather she was lifting me up. She was showing me in another way that she is my spiritual mother, my beloved master teacher, and I Am her son and disciple.

Go with Goah

She then proceeded to stand back so as not to accelerate and amplify my forcefield to the point where I would not be able to handle it. In this state, a new series of thoughts flowed into and through me. I already knew about the meaning and decoding of the first three letters of “Mar” in her name. Now my attention was riveted on the fourth or middle letter of “g” that is positioned in her and my hearts. It stood for God, Goddess or Goodness. It meant that God the Good, our Father-Mother Creator loves us, and that we are to love Him-Her and all His-Her Creations.

Thus, as Margoah, she was the “golden goddess,” the so-called high Priestess of the Seventh Ray peace and love. As Yonah, in the overlapping period of the Flood and the start of a new Hierarchal program, she had led the surviving souls into the new land and new time. Now as Margoah, she was baptizing me with the fire of her light body, which revealed my essence as a being of love and light, peace and poise, will and power.

After pondering this, I moved next to the letter “o” in her name. Together with the “g,” these two letters form the word “go”, as in “go forth and multiply;” thus, take what I gave you as Yonah and multiply it by at least 2 times, in the second step to Christhood on Earth. Also, it means to go with God or to go with Goddess, which later word, like Sol-O-Man and Margoah has seven letters in it.

So, the phrase or guidance came that I and other light workers were to “Go with Margoah.” Over the next few days, this solidified and became the title of this blog. Thus, this week, by going with Margoah, we will find our golden treasure, the golden goddess part of our overall consciousness, our sweet soul and heart of love. Our soul will be filled with golden, Divine Feminine consciousness.

Ah, Yes

The next morning, September 22nd, hence day and step three, Margoah again transfigured me, with her whole forcefield, including her feet, being almost all the way down to the floor and ground beneath me. My heart still especially glowed but now all seven chakras were filled with more 7th Ray peace and love. It felt so good, so soothing, like being a child who is hugged by his or her mother. Almost involuntarily, out of my mouth came the exclamation or syllable of “ah.” This is Margoah’s heart sound, just as it is in Ad-ah and Yon-ah, her prior two incarnations. All three names end in “ah,” as does the name of No-Ah. Ah, yes!

Sometimes, when something new flows into our mind, heart and soul, our reaction is to say “aha.” In other words, we have a so-called aha or “peak experience,” an intuitive, clairsentient knowing and feeling that something new and uplifting has been revealed to us through our subconscious to our conscious mind, which is true and uplifting. It may take us some time to fully verify and completely understand this new idea or image, but we already know that it most likely is true.

Therefore, stop reading now, get centered, let go of your mental/analytical/head thinking and orientation, and let yourself be in your heart of hearts. Enter into your “Ah Spa,” so to speak.

Then open your mouth and see how very easy it is to say the word or syllable, “ah.” And, in the best and most uplifted of times, it may be an extended “ah” as in “aaaah.” Note that you do not have to use your tongue or lips to vocalize this. The sound just comes from your center, your heart, and speaks itself through your open mouth that most likely is smiling as well.

Contrary to this, note that when something does not ring or feel true, we may find ourselves saying “arrrh.” It still has “ah” in it, but the “r’s” in let us know that what we are receiving and pondering is not true.

Two Last Letters

What do the separate letter “a” and “h” in the last syllable of Margoah’s name mean by themselves?

The two letter “a’s” in Margoah stand for Adah and Abel consciousness as it flows from our I Am or superconscious Self into our feminine soul/subconscious and masculine/conscious mind and physical body. “A” is also for ascension and redescent. The first “a” in Margoah is for ascension, the second “as” is for redescent, for being love in action on Earth.

And finally, consider the the seventh letter “h” in Margoah. How could it be anymore obvious that “h” stands for heart, our heart of hearts, our heart of love, peace, compassion and mercy, as well as for tough love when it is appropriate? Love is the key to healing the whole, holy person. “H” signifies the holistic harmony and happiness that we feel when this healing occurs. Ah. Ah. Ah. Superconscious, subconscious, conscious. Mind, soul and body. Father, Mother, Son-Daughter.

Take this shorthand symbol of “ah” as one of the simplest, most direct ways, to experience oneness with Margoah and her divine feminine peace and love. Today, tomorrow, at every stage and step in your future, when something assails you and threatens to rob you of your peace, pull back, let go, and let “ah” come out of your mouth, your power center. Make “ah” into your own personal mantrum. When you are with others, or when radiating love and light from the distance, sing, intone, speak and feel “ah.” Mar-go-ah becomes your ongoing three-syllable mantrum.

Margoah, we love you! How incredibly wonderful it is that once again we have come into communion with you and your golden heart, with your abiding peace and love, with you and Melchizedek as the embodiment of this love on Earth. Thank You, Spirit.

Close the Door

The next morning in meditation, September 23rd, Margoah again transfigured me. This time I felt the much more comfortable and confident of her presence, with her contact signal being the feminine flow of her love into my heart. At first, her light form was all around me, above and below me, one with my own light form in my I Am or Soliel consciousness. She said that I was her beloved son in whom she was well pleased. All was in order.

Then she stood behind me and proclaimed: “Close the door.” By this, she meant that I was to stop looking to the past and feeling all the past connections with her. Instead, I was to focus entirely on my present exchange with her. As she put it, Margoah basically is dead and gone. However, the essence of me is still now with you, so keep your eye single on this. Live in the eternal now, the only real time there is.

Pondering this, I sensed that my spinal column of light was still somewhat open and not protected, not closed to any intrusion of those negative souls in the astral planes and on Earth who would try to sneak up behind me and “kill me” as Cain slew Abel. I still had a small residue of guilt and shame about my Cain past, a fear and worry that I might still repeat some part of it. So, I resurrounded my aura in a Christ cocoon or column of light. I pulled back into my spine and stayed centered in it.

Move Forward

Then Margoah nudged me to move forward. She said I was now to go forward and to “make my mark” in the world, to manifest and demonstrate all that had been given to me about her and our mother-son partnership. This is the Fourth Ray and Fourth Step of Manifestation and Crystallization, of practicing what we preach, of being love in action.

It was at this time that I knew I was to start writing this blog, for this would be one of my demonstrations that hopefully would uplift and inspire others to do as I have done, who would follow in the footsteps of Margoah in being a pure soul on Earth. And by writing it, it would help me to solidify and put into order my new insights and inspirations.

And so I started writing this blog after this meditation was over. I had the title and more than enough information and experiences to share. The point was to get started. As I knew from past experience, how everything would finally fit together in the blog would come as I wrote over the next four days.

Second Book of Acts Account

Given all of the above, now let’s take a look at Mary’s account of Melchizedek and Margoah in the long lost Second Book of Acts. Following is Mary’s sharing about this, which she gave after having shared her account about being Asenath, wife of Khufu:

“Eventually, Gabriel came to me and reawakened me, announcing that if I I desired to rid myself of gluttony, there was a favorable opportunity open to me in the land of the Emims and the Zamzummins [east of Jordan River and Dead Sea]. I followed his advice and I took the body of a babe named Margoah.

“It turned out that the Emims and the Zamzummins feast on flesh and wine every day. Thus, one day when I was about twelve, I ate so much garlic that my heart burned whenever I ate anything. This caused me to lose so much weight, one could make out every single bone in my body. Still I could not eat.

“In Salim, on the river Jordan, lived a greatly renowned physician. My mother took me to him there, but I became even worse.

“The king of Salem [the precursor of Jerusalem] was Melchizedek, a priest of the Most High God, a teacher of righteousness. Whomever he anointed and prayed over became well. But not even that saved me. Yet I lingered for ten years after that; and I continued to treasure his godlike face in my heart, even though he never thought of me a second time.

“At first I was vexed, but later became patient, praying that when this dear Gabriel would come at last to deliver me from my lifelong lying in bed, I might meet Melchizedek, the friend and teacher of Abraham, in the future. For, said I, though he forget me, still I love him.

“With tears in his eyes, this dear Gabriel assured me that I might. Having lived a good life, immediately I was reborn in the land of the Hivites [Canaan], in the household of Abraham. However I wasted that incarnation, when in that one time I might have come to a full knowledge of the true God and have unburdened my soul of all its remaining sins.

“Instead, I grew rebellious and from bad to worse. Finally, in mercy, fate offered me an opportunity to close my career there, by permitting me to fall into the river Jabbok. And I was drowned. Weary of myself, I remained asleep for one thousand two hundred and ninety years.”

Questions & Comments

Needless to say, given what I have already shared above in this blog, this whole account of Sol-O-Man as Margoah does not literally ring true to me. To start, I find it hard to believe that Margoah was a glutton. Moreover, it seems unlikely that Melchizedek, her twin soul, would not recognize her or even forget her entirely. And as in all other entries in this treatise, there is the factor of masculine, patriarchal bias, in that Melchizedek is a priest of the Most High God and Margoah is a gluttonous young woman who cannot be healed or heal herself.

My recall is that Melchizedek and Margoah were married and I was their son. Imagine my reading the above account about my beloved mother! My other major recall and realization, which I will describe further at a later time, is that Margoah was the high priestess of the Most High God. In other words, she was the twin soul of Sananda, the feminine priestess, who had been the high priestess of the Earth Temple in Atlantis. There might even be an Order of Margoah, which complements and supplements the Order of Melchizedek. That’s what Margoah has told me.

However, Yolanda has received from Sananda that when he was Jesus, he did not heal everyone who came to him. Some were not receptive, others needed to go slowly through the process in order to learn their lessons, and others were soon to make their transitions (die), which would be their healing. So Melchizedek’s not healing Margoah might be seen in this vein.

And the last part about Margoah taking on another incarnation soon after her death has no other account or verification in any other known past writing or Nada-Yolanda’s channelings. And it does not make common sense. Nonetheless, even ascended masters, when they take on an Earthly physical mission, they may fail to do what they have come to do. They may give into their mortal/soul temptations in the wilderness. Perhaps, Margoah was teaching this principle and possibility. Thus her sickness and death, and her following lifetime of rebellion, may have been mostly symbolic, not literal. That’s what makes the most sense to me. How about you?

Margoah the Magnificent

Moreover, it seems to me that my current spiritual role is to set the record straight, to put it in terms of what we know of the Hierarchal program that Nada-Yolanda so thoroughly described when she was with us on Earth. Furthermore, Spirit and the Hierarchy have commissioned me as part of my Fifth Ray Healing Haven function to see both the symbolic and literal aspects of any account, not just to focus on the facts and figures.

Margoah, being feminine, is more so focused on her intuition, her dreams, and her visions of this and past lives. She works more so with signs and symbols than with physically-oriented, scientific data and information. Her account of her past lives therefore is not just literal but often is more so symbolic. She tells the story of her past mostly to illustrate the principle of karma and reincarnation, not so much as to give literal, third-dimensional, consciously oriented information, although of course she does include at least some of this.

Furthermore, in our own evaluations of this book, it seems clear to me that we will not know the whole truth about Margoah and Melchizedek until Sananda and Sol-O-Man redescend in their light bodies and usher in a New or Golden Age of sisterhood and brotherhood.

Day Five

Returning to my current experiences, the next day, September 24, 2023, Margoah once again transfigured me. This time she did not show herself to me in her specific light body. Rather, she was more so like a white-and-gold mist around me that stretched out for many feet, filling my entire meditation room with his expanded light body, and expanding out into the whole area of our property here at the Sun Temple.

She explained that now, in my fifth day or step, I was to realize that she was always with me, in all ways. They connection with her was solidly anchored, the lines of force between her and me were firmly in place. Therefore, I did not need to see her specific form but rather to know that in her expanded light form, she could be in the etheric realms and here with me at the same time. The doorway between the Earth, via the astral planes to the etheric realms, and vice versa, was now more open and clear.

During this day, several times, I felt her supervisory, loving presence that seemed to bless and kiss me in a subtle but obvious way. Many new thoughts flowed through me about the higher interpretation of her lifetime as Margoah, some of which I have shared above. In a sense, I previously had been in high school, but now I had left and gone to college. But she in her etheric home was still with me in thought and higher energy exchange. I was still her son, but now older and wiser. Our mother-son relationship was even stronger, fuller and more expansive.

Day Six

Not surprisingly, with the doorway between dimensions now more open, the next day, September 25th, I had not one, but two “blowback” or negative reaction dreams. In both of them, the setting was in some previously unknown building or gathering place. The people there initially were friendly and loving, and wanting to hear what I had to share, even to help and serve me. But as the gathering progressed, it became obvious that several of the young men were jealous of me and wanting to harm me. They were the prototypical wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I escaped them by going into an adjoining room, but somehow they managed to follow me and to be still more menacing. Two more times, I slipped away, like Jesus did at times from the people he was addressing, including the negative Pharisees, lawyers and scribes. But each time, the negative souls followed me. I awoke in a near panic, feeling like I was about to be killed.

As I lingered in bed, having turned on the lights in my bedroom, my focus was on First and Seventh Ray protection, on linking with the blue and the gold protectors, especially Lord Michael and El Morya. My thoughts were of Jesus when he was crucified and killed, at the instigation of the Pharisees. However, Jesus resurrected, proving that adherence to divine laws and loving forgiveness always protect us; that nobody can hurt us or deter us from doing what we have come to do.

In my following morning meditation, I fell asleep and dreamt that my former Aunt Mary, the younger sister of my father, Hugh, peered through a window at me, with a big smile on her face. She said that she was of those in the astral planes who were protecting me. I thanked her and she disappeared from view as I shut the window.

My dream Aunt Mary  represented those family members in the astral planes who were being influenced and uplifted by my communions with Margoah. She portrayed Margoah’s assistants and followers in the astral planes.

Day Seven

I slept deeply, long and well that night, feeling that all was in its proper place. In my following morning meditation, on September 26th, Margoah again overshadowed me. With her were about seven of her primary feminine co-workers in the etheric realms. Margoah and the seven surrounded me, standing together in a circle that encompassed my forcefield. Then there seemed to be seventy such golden ladies, and eventually more like seven hundred such Margoah-like, loving, peace-filled ladies who were with me, using me as their masculine Seventh Ray grounding point, and lifting me into yet higher I Am consciousness.

Margoah, with Melchizedek behind her, then proceeded to lift up my arms into a V position. In my victory-posed arms and hands appeared the entire globe of Earth, which was golden in color. I became one with the planet and all life on and about it. At one point, I was drawn into the central core or cosmic heart of Mother Earth, while at the same time part of me was all around the Earth’s surface. It felt like I was giving the whole planet a huge, loving, cosmic hug; and it was hugging me in return.

Margoah then telepathically shared that via my forcefield, she now could more powerfully radiate her Seventh Ray divine feminine energies and consciousness to everyone all around the planet, whether in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres, in the East or the West. She especially could draw unto her all of the 144,000 elect, those who have elected to love Sananda and Sol-O-Man, who have trained for many lifetimes to bring forth Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s Second Coming and the second coming to spiritual awareness and consciousness of all on Earth and in the astral planes.

She guided me to tell everyone who reads this blog that she is now poised and ready to connect more consciously and directly with each such person. What has been accomplished via me as Soliel could now be transferred to each our light worker who openly, positively and lovingly desire it. Each person is to ask and receive. Each one will have such contact with Margoah in some unique way. Her golden heart has room for each  one of her spiritual children. Mama Margoah is now here at a whole new level. See it. Feel it. Be it.

Be With Margoah

Be centered and protected by linking with the four Ms: Michael, Mariel, Maitreya and MaYa. Maitreya and MaYa are your grandparents. See and feel the four Ms around you, like at the points of a solar cross.

Focus your mind, heart and soul on Margoah. Go to her even as she now descends and goes to you. Go with the flow of Margoah.

Follow your heart. Feel Margoah’s presence and her love therein. This is how you will know that it is her who is contacting you, not some astral lady who is trying to impersonate her and thereby deceive and control you.

Say ah. Say Mar-go-ah. Experience your aha moment in your Ah Spa, your aha state of consciousness. Be healed in your soul. Ah, yes!

Discern and verify. Whatever dream, vision or clairsentient knowing you may have, spend some time afterwards wisely judging what you have received. Some of it will indeed be true. Some of it will be partially true but not yet understood. Some part if may have to be cleansed or even discarded. Be not dismayed, for this is just the way things are now on Earth; two steps forward, one step back, two more steps forward.

Take seven days to take your current seven new steps with Margoah to Christhood. Write down your experiences each day. Consider them as pieces of a cosmic puzzle that in the end will show and convince you how to commune with Sol-O-Man/Margoah. If you receive nothing new on some days, then note that in your spiritual diary. Be aware that your guidance may come when out on a walk, talking to someone, reading a book like The Alchemist, or in any number of other ways.

Love Mother Earth and all life upon and about Her. Love Margoah who is your spiritual mother. See Margoah in the heart of all light workers. Know that she has her arms all around the planet, all around each and everyone who is beginning to realize that she is our Mama.

Most importantly, tell Margoah that you love her. The rest will take care of itself, in God’s good time and way. With her, Love God and Love One Another.