Be a Solar Cross

On November 19, 2023, I (Dr. Robert) dreamt that Siddhartha the Buddha stood before me. Rather than being clothed in the typical saffron robe of a Buddhist monk, he wore white clothes like those of everyday Indians. His head was not shaved, but rather he had long white hair. However, although he physically looked like an ordinary, common man, his aura glowed with multiple shades of gold light.

He did not say anything but his peaceful, loving, Buddhic presence was electrifying, transformative, soul-soothing and uplifting. I felt a deep, pervasive peace just by his being with me. Upon awakening, I exclaimed out loud, “I want to be just like him!”

All through the day, when I started to get annoyed, irritated, anxious, in a hurry or upset about some person or condition in the world, just thinking about and reconnecting with Siddhartha brought me back into my center, into my own peaceful, loving Buddha Nature.

Love Rightly & Fully

Nine days earlier, in my dream on November 10th, I dreamt of a self-righteous, arrogant man who told me I was negative. The next morning, it dawned on me that one actual example of this symbolic, superior-acting man was my longtime former friend and fellow light worker named David, who had made his transition (died) in 2001. I now felt his definitive, astral, holier-than-thou presence before me.

He partly was angry with me about my blog sharings that men (positive, active polarity) and women (negative, receptive polarity) were opposite but co-equal, beloved children of God. He thought that I placed too much attention on women and too much blame on men. Thus, in his masculine, distorted, judgmental view, I was negative, too biased in my favoring “negative polarity” women.

His name David represented his challenges on the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Service to a Higher Cause. At a deep, subconscious level, even though David recently had graduated into the lowest part of the seventh or highest astral plane, in which he was about ninety percent in I Am consciousness and his light body, still ten percent of him was in love with and devoted to his own soul/mortal self.

Moreover, he believed in the second coming of all men and women to spiritual awareness, but he did not believe in or work wholeheartedly for the Second Coming of Siddhartha/Jesus and Yasodhara/Mary. Furthermore, he did not believe in the Hierarchal Board of this Solar System or the spiritual space program.


Upon awakening from this disturbing dream, cleansing my aura and re-protecting myself spiritually, I rightly and powerfully spoke the word to David: “You have it backwards. Of the two of us, you are by far the most negative one. In essence, you hate me because of my pure devotion to Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, and to the Hierarchy’s Second Coming program. You hate me in their names.

“Moreover, you are jealous of me because when you were with me on Earth, I always got more attention and respect from others because I was a holistic physician who was more enlightened, loving and knowledgeable than you. In typical masculine, competitive fashion, you still want to finally be number one, better than me, to put me in my alleged subordinate place, rather than be your own, glorious, unique I Am Self who cooperates and coordinates with me in a peaceful and loving way.

“As Soliel-Robert, I forgive you. However, unless you transmute your residual arrogance and work for both parts of Hierarchy’s Second Coming program (the second coming of humanity to spiritual awareness and the Second Coming of Christ Jesus and Mother Mary), I will have nothing more to do with you, inwardly or outwardly. Unless you repent and change, Spirit and the agents of Spirit will not let you come again into my sacred forcefield.

“I love the Christ in you, but not your negative, selfish, soul/mortal attitudes and actions. I now turn you over to your teachers, healers and guardian angels in the highest astral, etheric and celestial planes. I see you rethinking and reprograming your past and present negative thoughts and actions, and becoming illumined and enlightened. Peace be with you.”

New Rainbow of Seven Lights

After this, a vision of a glorious, brilliant rainbow appeared over and covered my entire crown chakra and brain. Its colors, however, were not the usual physical ones, but rather were the colors of all the Seven Rays of Life. In time, the rainbow became a dome of multi-colored shades of transcendent light, indicating my new I Am mastery of all Seven Rays.

This rainbow was like unto the one that appeared over Noah’s and Yonah’s Ark upon the end of the Flood. My rainbow indicated that the my soul cleansing due to my past errors in Atlantis had been cleansed and transmuted. My own Atlantean desire to be loved by others rather than speaking the truth and loving others, which had contributed to my not following the Hierarchal chain of command, now was purified. Thank You, Spirit. Thank you, Sananda and Sol-O-Man.

A Good Start

Now, eight days later, on November 19th, after my dreaming about Siddhartha the Buddha standing before me in my morning meditation, as described above, David once more came before me. This time he was somewhat hunched over, shorter than me, his feet on the ground, not on a platform that physically elevated him. He had seen the error of, and now was ashamed about, what he said to me earlier. He sincerely asked me for my forgiveness and support. He apologized for his past behavior, going back to when we had worked together and been friends while he was on Earth.

In the eight previous days, I hardly had thought of, or projected to, him. Rather, I had stood resolutely in my peace, knowing full well that as Spirit and the agents of Spirit, especially Sananda/Siddhartha and Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah, lifted me gradually into higher states of illumined peace and love, I would prepare the way for folks like David to follow in my footsteps, if they repented and so chose to do so.

I could not force David or anyone else to change, to repent and to make all things new within themselves. But I could be a pillar of peace for, and shine my light on, them, and shine my light on them, just as Siddhartha the Buddha had done for me.

Even now with David’s repentance, however, I still detected some residual arrogance in him. He slyly thought that all he had to do was to repent just once, and everything would be fully healed. To some small degree, he was still trying to con me into believing that he was fully sincere. So, I told David that I welcomed and accepted his apology, but that his words were just the start of a long process. I would judge him not just on his current talk, but would wisely judge him by his ongoing and future walk. “David,” I concluded, “Go with God.”

Day Two

In my dream the next morning, November 20th, Siddhartha the Buddha again appeared to me. Like in yesterday’s dream, he was dressed in all-white, regular clothes, representing the purity of his everyday, down-to-earth, practical expression of peace and love. His aura, however, was brighter this morning, more expansive and more golden than the previous day.

This time, he walked around and stood behind me, and was a foot or so taller than me. With love and joy, as a proud Papa, he presented me to the world as his beloved son. I, too, was wearing white clothing, and my aura was filled with and shimmered with white-and-gold-light, although it was not as bright as his. I felt like I had graduated from college in the University of Life. For years I had thought and taught that Siddhartha was a spiritual and literal father to me. Now, my transcendent dream verified that this was indeed true.

This dream imagery also revealed partly that Siddhartha was pleased with my handling of the exchange with David. It had been the right balance of First Ray will and power, and Seventh Ray peace and love. In the past, as a Seventh Ray worker, I had had my troubles rightly wielding the sword.

Siddhartha was “big” Buddha and I was “little” Buddha. More than ever, I wanted to walk in his footsteps and be just like him. His love for, and support of, me was a healing balm to my heart, and to the heart of mankind.


Later that day, when taking a nap, I dreamt that a woman dressed in white, whose shorter, meek husband or masculine partner stood behind her, strutted up to me and “got in my face.” In a haughty, self-righteous voice, she told me that she was more spiritually evolved than I was, that she was Siddhartha’s and Yasodhara’s favorite “daughter,” their favorite person. She arrogantly proclaimed that she was their number one disciple who should be the leader of all modern-day Buddhist monks and nuns.

After getting over my shock at her audacious belief and power play, I strongly but lovingly told her that this was not true, that she was self-deceived, that she was overreacting to the patriarchal nature of the times, including in current Buddhist monasteries and nunneries. Outwardly, she wore white clothing, but inwardly her colors were dark, nasty-looking shades of red.

Rather than listen to the truth of what I shared, and have a loving, give-and-take discussion with me as a fellow light worker, she ramped up her negative language and became more forceful and overbearing. She seemed like she was about to take out her “sword” and to cut me to pieces, even to shoot me with her pistol that might be hidden under her clothing.

However, it was clear to me that her outrageous attitudes and over-the-top actions were partly due to her being afraid of me; afraid that I would treat her in a negative, dominating fashion like other men had done in the past, and still were doing now. However, I sincerely told her that I forgave and loved her, but that unless she changed for the better, I would not be part of her act.

Love One Another

In today’s terms, she might be called an over-the-top, self-righteous, fanatical feminist who wants nothing to do with men, to be in charge of them rather than the other way around, like unto her symbolically short husband who passively stood behind her in my dream. Rather than follow the Middle Way of seeing men and women as being co-equal but opposite polarities who are to work together as one, she, like male chauvinists, wanted to rule the whole roost. She was just as blind, competitive and angry as the men she loathed.

In a sense, she was the opposite, female version of the overly masculine Davids of the world. Thus, superiority, self-righteousness, self-power and selfishness, which are the misunderstandings and misapplications of the Third Ray, are not just the province of men. Rather, women can be just as imbalanced, deluded and mean-spirited as men, just as much power-mongerers, blind to the universal spiritual law of polarity. Largely out of vengeance and the desire to control others, such women make war with men.

Given this, upon awakening, I ushered this dream woman out of my forcefield, cut the auric threads from her to me, and closed the psychic doorway through which she had entered my forcefield. I surrounded myself anew in my own powerful Christ column of sacred light, wherein I proclaimed: Hail to the Buddhi in you.

All That Is Hidden Will be Revealed

During the rest of the day, I repeatedly remembered and acted like I had in my morning’s dream of Siddhartha standing behind me (he had my back). I was at peace and felt forgiveness for men and women in the astral and physical planes that tried to have power over me.

Several times, I shook my head and was almost bemused by the ongoing crazy antics of mortal males and females. However, protected in my broadcasting tower of power and peace, I radiated love, forgiveness and harmony to the whole world.

While doing so, I remembered a Buddhist story as given by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk from Vietnam, in his book Old Path White Clouds, which is my favorite book about Buddhism (Amazon carries and sells it.)

In this account, whether it actually happened or was an allegory, a beautiful young woman walked up to Siddhartha while he was teaching his monks and nuns. Beneath her sari, her belly protruded, like she was about seven months pregnant.

She boldly insisted that Siddhartha was the father of the child growing in her womb, thereby proving that he was not a glorious, right-living, light-filled spiritual being. Siddhartha calmly and confidently responded by saying that only she and he knew the truth of her assertion.

When this woman turned around in a huff and started to walk away, a round piece of wood fell from beneath her sari to the ground. At the insistence of local Brahmin priests, who felt threatened by Siddhartha’s teachings, she had strapped this piece of wood to her abdomen to make it look like she was pregnant, thereby to discredit Siddhartha and his followers in the eyes of the local community. However, because Siddhartha was who he claimed to be, because he was innocent of her claim, he was spiritually protected. That which had been hidden was now revealed!

Be Wise as a Serpent

Herein was but one example of the many types of blowback or negative reactions that Siddhartha experienced in his life, especially his rejection by those in powerful  religious and political positions of his day. But time and again, no matter what happened, he stayed at peace.

In this above instance, he felt only love and forgiveness for the woman temptress who was a pawn of male power-mongers, and thereby he was protected. He told the truth, knowing that the truth would set him and her free. He firmly instructed his disciples not to belittle the woman, but rather to see the Buddhic Nature within her.

As we sow, so do we reap. Siddhartha, Yasodharah and many other ascended masters (spiritual fathers and mothers) have our back. When we are hated, which every light worker is at times, we speak words of truth and give back golden love. We reinforce our spiritual protection and practice pure-white peace. In so doing, we become even more enlightened. Our illumination reveals the full truth of what other people negatively say or do. In time, we birth our light body, whereas they birth a symbolic piece of wood that has to be put in their fire of transmutation.

Seventh Ray Polarity Balance

After pondering the above, while I was in my kitchen peacefully preparing a snack, the sudden insight came that one meaning or significance of the Seventh Ray dual colors of white and gold is that this represents fulfilment and full practice of the universal law of polarity. In the first six major initiations, under the auspices of the First Six rays of life, each Ray has a single color, like blue for the First Ray and green for the Fifth Ray. Only the Seventh Ray has two complementary colors that together represent the unification, marriage and expression of peace and love on Earth.

So, we may say that white represents peace and gold represents love, or vice versa;  white represents women and gold represents men, or just the opposite. In the seventh step or initiation of ascension and redescent, we demonstrate the co-equal but complementary interaction of masculine and feminine energies. Men are not more spiritual than women or vice versa. Rather, men and women are outpicturings or manifestations of Father-Mother God, Who in working together bring forth the Christ Child, the Son of God or Daughter of the Divine.

After our marrying conscious (male) with subconscious (female) parts of ourselves, we marry or unite this unit with, and bring forth, our superconscious Self and light body. We become fully white and gold, and all gradations of each color. We are filled with peace and love in which we rest. We are a Buddha or Buddhi who is fully enlightened and filled with love.

Buddha of the Solar System

The next day, November 21st, in my morning meditation, I initially felt Sananda/Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha, hovering over me, helping me once more to be at peace and centered in love. I was still in the process of adjusting to Siddhartha’s presence and input from the day before, so it took some time before my mind, soul and body fully calmed down and entered into a peaceful state of awareness and beingness.

Then, the guidance came to use my light-filled hands to expand and widen the boundaries of the protective Christ or Buddhic column of light around me, with this column extending up through the astral planes to the etheric planes and celestial realms. Upon doing so, Siddhartha stepped aside and a higher presence or being descended into my crown chakra-cerebrum, and then down into my other six chakra centers and corresponding physical organs and systems. This being’s extraordinary light and love totally engulfed me.

Initially, it was not clear to me who this ascended master might be. Whoever it was, however, his or her vibration did feel familiar to me. In time, the realization came that it was Lord Maitreya, who is Sananda’s master teacher. Sananda is the Christ, Buddha, Lord or Father of Earth. With his twin soul, Sol-O-Man, he is its spiritual co-leader. Maitreya is the Christ or Buddha matrix, the Father or Lord of the whole Solar System with all of its twelve planets (nine of which are visible, and three of which are invisible or fourth dimensional) and the Sun.

Fifteen Years to Fullness

Maitreya’s forcefield felt similar to that of Sananda/Siddhartha’s, but it was much more powerful, peaceful and loving. To try to somewhat quantity and delineate this difference, we might say that Maitreya’s vibration is ten times or even one-hundred times more powerful and loving than Sananda’s, like that of a father to his young son. That is what I felt.

Together, the three of us were grandfather (Maitreya), father (Sananda) and son (Soliel-Robert). In Buddhist terms, Maitreya is the Buddha of the Solar System, Sananda in the etheric planes is the Buddha of Earth, and I am one of their sons or Buddhas on Earth.

Fifteen years ago, on January 21, 2008, I dreamt that four Chohans or Directors of various Seven Rays of Life, took me to see their father. Upon meeting him, he was about seven feet tall, filled with cosmic light, peace and love, but he still made me feel fully comfortable with him. He welcomed me and then expanded his heart chakra until it was about 7-8 feet in diameter. I walked through and into his spiritual heart, where I felt the most loved and peaceful of any previous time in this present incarnation. Moreover, when I looked out through his heart chakra, I saw all twelve planets as they were orbiting Sun.

Upon awakening and for the next three years, I did not know who this incredible being was. I just thought that he symbolized Father God. I had other loving encounters with him, however, such that more and more he felt familiar to me and his various traits and talents were more evident. Only after these three years, however, did I finally realize that it was Lord Maitreya who was revealing himself to, and working through, me.

Shortly after this, my final doubts about his identity dissolved when in a interdimensional communion with him he told me to think of him as being my grandfather, and the grandfather of all light workers on Earth. As my/our grandfather, he was not some unapproachable, unknowable, totally distant spiritual being. Rather, he was like our beloved grandfather.

Four Step Christ-Buddha Matrix

In my current communion with, and overshadowing by, Maitreya, I felt a whole new degree of peace and love of the Seventh Ray, a deeper immersion in the white-and-gold-light that carries its vibrations. Maitreya was all around me and within me. I once more was in his incredible heart, only this time I knew who he was and what was occurring. Before I had been as a child. Now, at age 77, I was a spiritual adult, a spiritual grandpa in my own right.

Maitreya did not telepathically convey anything new to me during this experience. Rather, his presence was much like my first recent contact with Siddhartha in which he stood silently before me. Maitreya simply was with me, and his love, light, power and peace flowed through and inspired me. It was like he was hugging me to, and hold me in, his heart. It also seemed that his presence signaled the completion of my last three days of enlightened communions with Siddhartha and him.

While all of this occurred, I sensed Nada-Yolanda standing off to my left side. Many times in her channelings, Maitreya had spoken through her while I was present. That is how I first began to know and feel out his spiritual vibration. In 1993, while I was present, he gave Nada-Yolanda the four-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. I am eternally grateful to Nada-Yolanda for her incredible channeling ability and her role in reintroducing Lord Maitreya to me and all on Earth in these Later Days.

Now, via thought transference, Maitreya instructed me to live this four-step matrix and to focus more and more on it as time goes by. He also shared that he would be with me and other light workers more often and more definitively as time marches forward to the Second Coming. He directed me to now share this information with others partly because we are entering  the Christmas cycle with its accelerated input of spiritual energies. Many light workers worldwide will feel his definitive presence in this cycle.

Name & Nature

Decades ago, when Maitreya first started contacting and channeling through Nada-Yolanda, he explained that from the Hierarchal, etheric level, his name means Christ Matrix, hence the “Maitr” in his moniker. He is the most spiritually evolved man in the Solar System, and thereby is the matrix for all Solar System citizens to emulate and follow, just as on Earth we follow the examples of Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their seven lives together on Earth.

As shared in my prior blog, the name Maitreya comes from the Sanskrit word “maitri.” When translated into English, it means means loving-kindness, being a friend, helping others and being compassionate.” The word “compassion” as used by Buddhists does not mean just feeling sorry for the plight of others, but rather that in proper Third Ray application we are passionate about, and devoted to, selflessly serving and helping others. It means to love and see the Christ or Buddha/Buddhi in everyone on Earth and in the astral planes; to put our love into action.

Jesus said to his Apostles, love one another as I have loved you. In like fashion, Siddhartha told his followers to have compassion for, and serve, all sentient beings, just as he had done since his enlightenment.

Maitreya is the most compassionate and loving of all men in the Solar System. His twin soul, MaYa, is the most peaceful and loving of all women. As Maitreya and MaYa have done and still are doing, we are to follow the four-step matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination, which is sometimes called the Middle Way. Thus, Maitreya and MaYa set the proper, divine pattern and practice of cooperating and coordinating with one another as co-equal but opposite polarities.

Future Maitreyic Expression

In Tibetan Buddhism, Maitreya is said to be the future Buddha who will incarnate hundreds of years from now. But, Nada-Yolanda has received that this is not rightly perceived or described. Rather, after Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man have been in their ascended light bodies on Earth for 333 years, thereby leading everyone here into a New or Golden Age, it will be as if Maitreya then will return to Earth.

But, it is not Maitreya himself that will redescend to Earth, but rather his “maitri” consciousness and four-step matrix that will manifest on the planet. By this time, souls on Earth will have become more consciously aware that life exists throughout the Solar System, that Earth is an integral part of the Solar System and its inhabitants on the 11 other planets, and that loving-kindness will lead the way for everyone on Earth to progress through the seven steps of Christhood and to fully birth their light bodies, to be completed about two-three thousand years after the Second Coming.

Begin Anew

One way you can prepare yourself for new, higher, more peaceful and loving communions with Sananda as Siddhartha the Buddha is to focus on the three syllables of his name: Sid-dhar-tha. Intone, chant and feel the sound vibrations of “Sid” in your head that is the connecting center or portal to your spiritual, superconscious, Buddhic Self. Sound “dhar” in your heart chakra that is of your emotional body, love nature and feminine subconscious. Pronounce “tha” in your sacral and regenerative centers that symbolize your physical body and masculine, conscious aspect of mind

Put it all together as your mantrum of Sid-dhar-tha. Affirm and know that you are one with Siddhartha the Buddha, that he is your spiritual father. Would not a loving father want to visit his own beloved son or daughter? From above to below he comes to be with you and love you up. Hi, Dad.

When and how will he appear to you? Maybe in a dream like mine. Perhaps in a vision. Maybe while you are walking out in nature or meditating alongside a creek. Perhaps while you are reading a book about his life, such as Old Path White Clouds. You cannot determine ahead of time how or when he will appear to you. But you can prepare for his visitation when it does occur in God’s good time and way.

Like Jesus proclaimed, Siddhartha the Buddha is with you always and in all ways. Once a father, always a father. Once a son or daughter, always a son or daughter. You are one with him, and he is one with you in Buddhic illumination. Know this, feel this in your heart of hearts, be this. It is.

Next Step

On a following day, do the same thing with the name Maitreya. Intone “Mai” in your crown chakra/brain, “trey” in your heart center/physical heart, and “a” in your two lowest chakras and their corresponding organs. To me, the last “a” in Maitreya sounds like “ah.” Yes, his presence brings an “ah” to your lips that you feel through your whole body. “Ah,” it is so wonderful and uplifting to be with him.

“Mai” symbolizes Maitreya being the ascended master of masters, the highest male master of this Solar System, the highest representation of being a son of God the Father.

“trey” stands for the trinity of Father, Mother and Son or Daughter. “trey” also stands for the right use of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause or Plan.

“a” is for I Am, Abel consciousness and expression on Earth. “a” is also for the seventh step or initiation of ascension and redescent.

Affirm: I Am one with Maitreya; I love my Grand Pa and he loves me; I am a Solar System citizen. I am that I Am. I Am that I am.

Four Quadrants

In another meditation, see yourself inside and protected by your Christ/Buddhic column of fourth-dimensional light, love, peace and power that is about 10-12 feet in diameter. Rise through the column to above your crown chakra and head, and then look back down upon and into the Christ cylinder/column.

Imagine and see that the column, when thus viewed from above to below, is divided into four equal quadrants, thereby forming a solar cross. (See drawing to right.)

One part of the column is before and to the right of you, in the solar cross’s right/front quadrant. A second part is behind and to the right of you. A third part is to the left and in front of you. The fourth quadrant is behind and to the left of you. You are in the center of the quadrilateral solar cross that surrounds and protects your aura and physical body. (See drawing

Family of Five

Imagine Maitreya descending and standing before and to the right of you. The right side symbolically is masculine. His being before you symbolizes that he is your Grand Pa, who has a Solar-System-wide Heart.

Visualize Siddhartha the Buddha materializing in the right/back quadrant of the overall Christ column. He is your Buddhist father. He is understanding, wise and filled with compassion for all sentient beings.

See MaYa, Maitreya’s feminine twin soul, in the left/front quarter of the column, who is your Solar System Grand Ma. The left side symbolically is feminine. She loves you as only as a cosmic Grand Mama can. Join with her in an etheric, Mama-grand-child hug.

Behind you to the left, perceive Yasodharah the Buddhi, your Buddhist Mama. With MaYa, she enlightens your soul, your subconscious feminine aspect, whether you now are in a male or female body. She has a heart of gold that is of motherly, abiding love.

Your two grandparents, two parents and you comprise one family of five enlightened ones. Feel your family harmony in your mind, soul and body. All is in divine order.

Shine Like the Sun

See Yasodhara, MaYa, Maitreya and Siddhartha now holding hands with the two others to either side of them, thereby forming and completing the circle of the solar cross that you have envisioned. Shine like the circular-shaped Sun, like the Son or Daughter that you eternally are. Be illumined by the abiding light and love of your two Grandparents and your two Parents. With them, be one in the One. Be the Buddhi or Buddha that you always are in your I Am core.

Radiate your Seventh Ray white peace and gold love to all four quadrants of the Earth. See everyone, everywhere becoming illumined and enlightened with golden peace and white love. Visualize them awaking to the fact that they are all children of God with one set of Grandparents and Parents. See them following the four-step Christ/Buddhic matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

Rest in I Am cosmic consciousness. Give thanks to Father-Mother God. Amen.