Be on Fire

On November 5, 2023, I dreamt that I was observing Siddhartha the Buddha in his darkened, private quarters or meditation room. One by one, he placed twelve scrolls in a fire that appeared to be physical but was not of the third dimension. It was a sacred fire of fourth-dimensional light that baptizes us. The colors of the fire were a range of whites and golds, hence of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

Upon awakening, my first impression was that the twelve scrolls contained the teachings of the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path, which together comprise twelve steps to Buddhahood.

Putting the scrolls in the fire symbolized that these teachings now are to be cleansed of the errors that Buddhists monks have added to them over the centuries. Moreover, these core teachings are to be updated to this present time, given our knowledge about the current Second Coming Hierarchal program.

Noble Truths & Path

The Four Noble Truths as described by Siddhartha the Buddha are: 1) third-dimensional, mortal life is filled with suffering; 2) the cause of suffering is craving for, and being attached to, things and desires of this world; 3) the end of suffering comes with detachment and observation of, and devotion to, universal laws and reality; and 4) there is a pathway that all can follow to enlightenment and freedom from mortal suffering.

That pathway is the Noble Eightfold Path. It consists of: 1) right view; 2) right intention or resolve; 3) right speech; 4) right conduct or action; 5) right livelihood; 6) right effort; 7) right mindfulness; and 8) right samadhi (enlightenment) via deep meditation. The word “right” also means proper, as it ought to be, best.”

One does not necessarily apply these steps in sequential fashion, but rather picks out the step that most needs attention, and then moves on to another step. Thus, each of one’s scrolls gets refined, reformed and re-filled with cosmic light.

Fire Sermon or Discourse

Several months after Siddhartha’s enlightenment about 2600 years ago, in what is said to have been his third, major talk to his new spiritual disciples/monks, he delivered what in English is commonly called the Fire Sermon Discourse.

In this dissertation, Siddhartha use the symbology of fire to further describe and to give additional insight into the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path. He explained that due to mortal man’s ignorance and craving for impermanent, third-dimensional pleasures — including fame, fortune, sex for its own sake, and having power over others — the five senses and the analytical aspect of the conscious mind burn with the fire of suffering.

This is not a physical fire but rather what might be called an astral, psychological, soul fire. Due to self-power, self-aggrandizement and feeling separate from God or Spirit, people become upset, agitated, anxious, insecure, angry, lonely and/or self-righteous. This is due partly to the inflammation of the cerebrum and the rest of the nervous system. A person’s entire tree of life is thus on fire that leads to all manner of mental, emotional, astral and physical disease, disequilibrium, disability and dysfunction.

To use a Christian depiction, mortal, negative, spiritually unawakened souls burn in the fire-and-brimstone-version of a manmade hell. They grow old, get sick and die, only to be reborn and go through the same and even more suffering due to their own selfish refusal to be loving, compassionate, wise and selfless.

Fourth-Dimensional Fire

To reawaken and return to I Am, Buddhic/Christ consciousness and to express once again in one’s fourth-dimensional light body from which we initially descended and fell in third-dimensional matter on Earth, an initiate follows the Noble Eightfold Path. As noted above, he first step is having the right view, which means viewing and venturing into the Void. By entering the Emptiness, Womb or Nothingness, a monk, nun or lay disciple prepares himself or herself to become enlightened and illuminated with sacred, etheric, fourth-dimensional, I Am fire of light.

In the Darkness of Deep Meditation, a person is overshadowed by, and comes into communion with, one’s own I Am Self and with one’s spiritual, higher plane teachers who guide one to think clearly, to speak rightly, to put love into action, to keep one’s eye single, and to become evermore wise, compassionate and service oriented.

In the Dark, all twelve scrolls of one’s akashic record become filled with, and transformed by, fiery Light. All of one’s twelve spiritual or I Am powers, such as faith, strength, love and wisdom, and their corresponding physical organs and systems, become rejuvenated, regenerated and reborn. Upon passing through the Dark of Night, a secure seeker awakens to the Light of a New Day.

A New Noble Matrix

In this Day of now, we as truth seekers and spiritual initiates already know about the Buddhist tenet that all mortal life is filled with suffering. Therefore, instead of our focusing on suffering and overcoming it, we now focus on suffering’s antidote that is peace. This is the first step in the new four-step Christ-Buddhic matrix that was given to us by Lord Maitreya via Nada-Yolanda in 1973. These four steps are: 1) peace, 2) love, 3) cooperation, and 4) coordination, which are to be followed in this order.

Maitreya is the master teacher of Sananda/Siddhartha/Jesus. He is the Christ matrix of the whole Solar System, the most evolved of all men, the one with only the slightest whisper of selfishness. In Sanskrit, his name comes from the word “maitri” (“metta” in Pali) that means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others.

Sananda is our spiritual father. Maitreya is our spiritual grandfather, who is our foremost masculine friend and the most compassionate, loving soul in the Solar System. Lord Maitreya of the Seventh Ray and Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchy.

It was Maitreya with his twin soul MaYa who oversaw and directed Siddhartha’s enlightenment in which he became a Buddha or an Awakened One. Now Maitreya and MaYa oversee, guide and inspire us to be a Buddha or Buddhi in these End Days prior to the Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary; and the second coming of all on Earth into spiritual awareness and consciousness.

Begin with Peace

Nothing is more need these days than peace. The whole world seems to be inflamed with selfishness, power-mongering, us-versus-them-consciousness, and outright hatred and murderous actions. To cite just two examples of this War of Armageddon, Israel is battling with Hamas, who openly proclaim death to Israel;  and President Putin of Russia continues his self-destructive and deranged attempt to conquer and subjugate Ukraine.

As Jesus predicted, fathers are fighting with their sons, mothers are clashing with their daughters, men and women are at war with one another, and spiritual initiates are fighting with one another, like unto Cain and Abel. It seems like the inmates are running the asylums. Instant insanity appears to rule the day. Suffering suddenly flares up everywhere around the planet.

So, today, as a Buddha or Buddhi in the making, we focus primarily on peace. We are starting the Christmas cycle, which begins after Thanksgiving in the USA, and goes until Epiphany on January 6th of the new year. During this approximate six-and-one-half-week cycle, Spirit will newly and more powerfully pour Its fire-filled, etheric, fourth-dimensional light upon all flesh. The influx of these higher spiritual energies will noticeably accelerate as the days go by in this cycle. This is because Christians the world over are thinking about the birth of Christ Jesus. Therefore, they are more receptive to spiritual input, considerations and baptismal fire.

Choose Whom You Will Serve

We can respond two ways to this outpouring and infilling with fiery light that is beginning now. We can allow ourselves to get upset, agitated and caught up in the mortal dramas around us, or we can time and again come back into our own powerful pillar of peace, the core of our being, the part of us that is one with Sananda and one with Maitreya, our Grand Pa.

We can give in to feeling alone, isolated, unworthy, insecure and unloved, or we actively and positively can take comfort in the ever present, peaceful, loving, fourth-dimensional hugs of Sol-O-Man and MaYa, who is our beloved Grand Ma. No matter what happens, no matter what comes up for our wise review from our own twelve scrolls of our akashic record, we can be peaceful and compassionate, and filled with and express loving-kindness, good will and equanimity.

Twelve Scrolls, Twelve Realms

At some time in the long evolution of Earth, we have incarnated in each one of its twelve realms or planes. These twelve consist of two planes on Earth, one comprised of those who are spiritually aware, and one that is inhabited by those in mortal consciousness; seven astral planes wherein souls purify themselves; and three etheric planes in which we express I Am, ascended consciousness in our seventh or ascended light body.

Sananda and his twin soul Sol-O-Man are the masters and leaders of all these twelve planes of Earthly expression and spiritual growth. Sananda, Sol-O-Man, you and I, and all light workers in all realms are members of one, big, multi-dimensional Family of Fire.

Thus, the twelve scrolls in my dream of Siddhartha represent the record of Sananda’s having been at times in all planes or being the leader of all of them. Aboard his ship #10 in the third or highest etheric plane, in conjunction with Sol-O-Man aboard her ship #01, he and she now are directing and coordinating the influx of etheric, fourth-dimensional light into the second and first etheric planes, the seven astral planes and the two physical planes. Hence, as symbolized in my dream, Sananda/Siddhartha placed twelve scrolls in the fire, one scroll per plane or realm.

All Together Now

With Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Maitreya and MaYa, plus visitors from other planets in this Solar System and beyond it, we speak as One Voice: Let there be peace on Earth; let it begin within each of us; let each light worker on Earth be part and parcel of the new I Am Christ/Buddha fiery matrix that encircles the globe; and let there be peace in the hearts, minds and souls of all on Earth and in its astral realms.

Peace. Today. Tomorrow. Forever we feel and perform in the Fire. So be it. Thank You.