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Starting Monday, August 2, 2021, and continuing for seven days, we are going to focus for a second week on our I Am power of UnderstandingThis Christ attribute externalizes physically as the five physical senses and the reasoning, analytical aspect of the conscious mind.

Jesus’ Apostle Thomas Didymus portrayed this power of understanding. Both his personal name Thomas and his surname Didymus mean twin, twain, joined, conjoined. Our physical senses come in pairs: two eyes, two ears, two sets of touch receptors on two sides of the body, two sets of taste receptors on two sides of the tongue, and two nostrils.

Moreover, Thomas is paired with the prior power of imagination that functions in and through the two thalami at the base of the brain in the center of the head. Imagination-psychic senses is the positive, active, masculine, Father polarity; whereas Thomas-five physical senses is the negative, receptive, feminine, Mother polarity. The two must work seamlessly together as one to perceive  and understand the invisible and physical worlds.

The corresponding colors that carry the power of understanding are a range of hues from cream yellow to pale orange.

Our theme for this week is: Be a spiritual scientist.

Mind Power is the Key

On March 28, 1962, Thomas Didymus channeled the following via Nada-Yolanda: “On an occasion where you saw demonstrated certain equipment [radionic], it became obvious to those on the Earth plane in this program that its significance and wide-range use would be valuable in many aspects of this New Age plan.

“We wish to endorse and to encourage your use of all such equipment which is dedicated for the raising of man’s consciousness and the alleviating of man’s error condition, both physical and mental, to any degree. We who work together in the invisible planes–to your eyes; but very well organized, which is not to your eyes either–have seen that some of this material equipment can assist in the bringing about of new states of consciousness in a rapidly evolving planet.

“But it would not do to have you expect that this equipment is the final experience before you take upon yourselves your own challenge for your own mind power. Always remember that your mind power is the key to all inventions and ideas presented on a material scale. Nothing can exist that does not exist already within you as a full-blown image creation of the spiritual Father-Mother God. [Note the word “image” as in imagination.]

“Therefore what is on the outer in the Earth plane is somewhere, somehow related to the inner of you. It is your duty and obligation to learn to relate the inner experience with the outer manifestation and to employ the outer only until the inner can be relied upon. . . .

“In the time allotted for the exploitation of this type of equipment you will become engaged publicly in many experiments. As to the means for furthering them, you should find your health and science divisions in the world today of extreme caution, and not be too disappointed that they do not accept readily every new opportunity you have been able to bring to their attention.

“It is not so important to us to change, in the sense of appearances, the thinking and actions of man on the Earth plane. Please begin to understand our ideas are to crack the walls of mental resistance and not to crack the walls of physical habits. These of themselves will crumble. Nothing in the physical plane is permanent.

Solar System Scientists Aiding

Following the above communication, John Mark on March 28, 1962, channeled the following guidance and understanding via Nada-Yolanda: “Thomas Didymus, in his rightful place in this present program, charges up and heads the New Age scientific equipment, along with other such directors throughout the solar system. Much of the experimental functions of the science department are carried out by Serapis Bey on the planet Mars, [which is the primary Fourth Ray center in this solar system], where there are gathered some of the finest inventors of the Earth plane dimensional graduational school.

“In other words, we are saying that those who have risen to great heights when on the Earth plane have incarnated frequently on Mars, Saturn and Pluto in order to receive higher instructions, that they might influence Earth plane activities, or reincarnate, from these planes. Not all are are physically incarnated on those planets, and would remain in other outlying dimensions that are in the sweep or orbital influence of those ranges of frequency, and are able to participate easily in advancements. . . .

“You have at this present time the greatest scientists in this solar system, and other solar systems, working to advance rapidly man’s good aspects for good action, for positive results in the evolution of the race on this planet. It is necessary that these be brought about quickly in an effort to counterbalance the harm and ill which are perpetrated by monied factions which resolve themselves in what you term quick turnover. This is what your ammunition and warfare instruments do.” (See our Mark-Age text MAPP to Aquarius, pages 96-98.)

All Bodies Radiate

Radionics is a technique in which one uses his or her ESP or psychic powers in conjunction with a specially designed physical equipment to measure the unique vibrational frequencies or radiations of the mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical bodies.

In terms of imagination and understanding, the only way to determine the state of health or disease of the physically invisible mental, emotional and soul-astral bodies, plus the degree of opening of the seven major and five minor chakras in the astral body related to each correlating endocrine gland and other nearby organs of the physical body, is to utilize one’s psychic talents that are the expression and the utilization of the power of imagination. No strictly physical instrument can do this.

When it comes to the physical body, one can use any number of conventional physical methods, in addition to radionics, to measure the various physical organs and systems: blood tests, X-Rays, CT and MRI scans, EKG and EEG recordings, and other conventional techniques. These physical determinations and analyses come under the heading of understanding with its five physical senses and the reasoning, analytical aspects of the conscious mind.

Radionic Training

In 1973, after completing the first year of my psychiatric residency at Upstate Medical School in Syracuse, NY, I traveled to Great Britain to study radionics with a prominent American radionic practitioner who lived there. I first had learned about radionics in my travels to and stays at Mark-Age MetaCenter headquarters in Miami, Florida in 1970-73, where I had almost immediately determined that someday I would become a radionic practitioner.

After about six weeks of radionic training in England, I came back home, dropped out of my residency program, obtained my official license to be a medical doctor, and set up my own private medical office in a converted bedroom in the house that my ex-wife and I were renting. The radionics machine was upstairs in the attic, out of view to my clients, for radionics was not, and still is not, accepted by conventional medicine. Especially back then, medical radionics practitioners have been called before medical boards and some have been stripped of their license to practice medicine until they stopped using this heretical machine.

In October 1974, I joined the Mark-Age staff in Miami, to my great joy and thanksgiving — I had come home. There, I became the Medical Director of Mark-Age Healing Haven, and used radionics as my primary means to measure Yolanda’s four lower bodies and chakra centers as she moved through her fifth and sixth major initiations. My work was entirely research oriented, without public involvement or treatment, as a means of proper spiritual protection, and has continued to be so throughout my long years on the Mark-Age/I Am Nation staff.

Have a Heart-to-Heart

By way of explaining how radionics works and how each spiritual initiate uses his or her psychic senses to see and feel beyond the veil of the physical level into the astral, emotional, mental and light bodies, let me share the development of my psychic talents when I was still in my medical practice in Syracuse.

When a client/patient came to see me, we first sat together in my office and talked about why he or she had come, what symptoms this person had, and what their traditional doctor already had told them was the “proper” diagnosis and medical treatment. In other words, to use the medical term, I took a history. What I found, however, was that once I got quiet and and fully focused on my client, and listened with my inner ears and felt with my heart, so to speak, I often psychically would discover the hidden, inner, mental-emotional-astral causes of their physical symptoms.

For example, one day a lady who was about forty years old came to my office and talked for about 20 minutes about how good her health was, except for a few minor symptoms that she wanted to treat with vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. She smiled, laughed and put on a good, convincing front. But as she talked, my heart started to hurt, the center of my chest filled with a deep, searing pain. I thought to myself, what the dickens was I feeling? For my heart pain did not conform with anything that I saw physically or heard with my two ears about this lady; nor did it correlate with anything that I had been feeling within myself prior to this history-taking.

Finally, she got to the real point of why she had come to see me. For several months, she had been and still was in the midst of a difficult stretch of her marriage of twenty years, with all kinds of nasty conflicts with her husband, which looked like would end in a bitter divorce. Just the night before she came to see me, she had dreamt that she was nailed to a cross, her heart had been pierced and she was bleeding profusely from her wound. Well, no wonder my heart hurt! So we talked about this, I gave her a loving foot rub, counseled her as I had been trained as a psychiatrist, recommended a marriage counselor, gave her some homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements that would help her deal with her stressful emotions and physical symptoms, and reassured her that my wife and I would work with her in our prayers.

Diagnosis & Treatment

After my client left, I took the small vial of her blood that I had taken in a finger prick, and went upstairs to my radionic office, turned on my radionics machine and placed the small blood sample in the well of the instrument, thereby allegedly connecting her auric and physical vibrations within the circuitry and the diagnostic dials of the radionics instrument. When I went through the usual diagnostic routine, lo and behold, with no surprise at all, her heart chakra and physical heart, her solar plexus chakra (hence he emotions) plus various brain centers involved with the emotions, all measured decidedly lowered in function.

However, I had not really needed to work with the radionic instrument to come to this determination. Rather my own auric forcefield and body, my own astral body, already had been my primary radionics machine!

Via my imagination faculty, I psychically had detect my client’s mental-emotional-astral distress and symptoms; but importantly and scientifically,  via my understanding faculty, I had given these symptoms a numerical readout via the instrument, readings that could be compared and verified or enhanced by physical lab tests such as blood work or X-rays or EKGs of the heart.

In other words, as Thomas Didymus had explained via Nada-Yolanda in the channelings above, I was a spiritual scientist, a spiritual or holistic healer/physician, who used my psychic and physical senses to diagnose and treat the whole person, mind, body and soul.

Unity and Oneness

After joining the Mark-Age staff in October 1974 and taking a couple months to get adjusted, I started my intense radionic research in measuring Yolanda’s chakras, seal openings, increase in her white light or light-body anchoring in and through her four lower bodies, and her correlating physical symptoms. By then, having honed my psychic, radionic talents via my astral body and in and through the radionics instrument, I had become fairly adept, although in a beginning sort of way, in bonding with Yolanda’s forcefield.

In a manner of a few months, it got so that I at times could not discern where I ended and she began. During the day, even when we were in different locations, I would feel and develop various symptoms in my body that I could not explain. Only later, in one of numerous, ongoing daily talks, I would discover that I was psychically picking up on Yolanda, feeling her symptoms, such that later I radionically could measure them and develop a scientific, medical, psychic record and logical explanation of her inner spiritual development and anchoring of her Nada light body.

Yolanda would report her interior feelings and sensations in more or less general, symbolic terms: she felt activation, acceleration and quickening in one of her chakras; she had dreams that depicted the nature of her sensations, whether they were part of her ongoing light-body anchoring or were due to old soul memories that were surfacing and needed cleansing. Via the radionic process, we could document and delineate, further diagnose and treat her various symptoms.

At times, however, when I did my radionics readings each morning, without feeling any psychic connection to Yolanda, I still was able to discover and measure various imbalances within Yolanda’s four lower bodies. However, I always sought confirmation for these determinations when I talked with Yolanda.

Sometimes, I had gotten things accurately, and sometimes I had not. No one is 100 percent accurate when using radionics, for it involves the psychic senses. No one who relies on their psychic sensory input via their astral body is 100 percent accurate. Ideally, one has a high degree of accuracy, but that is the best that anyone can expect or demonstrate.

In late 1974-early 1975, Mark, Yolanda, Phillel and I  moved from our living quarters at our Miami headquarters to the Sanctuary for the Second Coming located on Miami Beach alongside the Atlantic Ocean; which contained a two-story home where Mark and Yolanda lived, and a separate smaller two- story apartment complex, where Phillel and I resided. There, in this quiet and protected forcefield, given its location at the ocean, my psychic, spiritual exchange with Yolanda grew and became evermore clear and reliable.

Higher Astral Plane Guides

In early 1975, as part of my ongoing research and resulting explanations of what was taking place, Yolanda intuned that my higher astral plane mentor, guide, associate and “switchboard operator” was a great, great Scottish uncle (if I remember this right), whose name she did not receive. He was the go-between or connecting link between the astral plane and the etheric planes wherein Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, and etheric director of Healing Haven resided; and where other ascended masters and visitors from other planets watched over and worked in and through this Scottish astral relative to help him and me to do the research.

This Scottish astral guide also worked to protect me from intrusion by lower astral plane entities, as did guardian angels. In Yolanda’s development, her former sister Lenora, in the fifth astral plane, was her switchboard operator who performed a similar function. Consciously, I had little awareness of this Scottish astral co-participant. I did have a couple of symbolic dreams about him, but they gave little additional, specific information about him and his functions.

Martian Scientists

During early 1975, Yolanda also received that amongst the many space visitors who oversaw, assisted and contributed to Yolanda’s and my research were those from Mars. Martian scientists, as noted in Thomas Didymus’ channeling, are amongst the finest inventors of the Earth plane dimensional graduational school. They are especially adept in using the electromagnetic, hieronic equipment aboard spacecraft.

Yolanda, in her astral flights to aboard space craft, had seen on several occasions the computer-like, highly sophisticated, hieronic machines that are operated by mind power. Via this equipment, Martians and others are able to diagnose the state of balance, vitality and health of those on Earth; and to project via electromagnetic, hieronic space beams higher, fourth-dimensional frequencies that help to uplift and transmute those residing her in the third dimension of Earth.

Two days after this intunement, I dreamt that I was aboard a spacecraft, visiting my etheric co-workers there. We were in the community gathering room, which reminded me of Ten Forward in the Star Trek TV shows and movies. There, my host led me over to a table where two rather normal looking earthlings were seated, and proceeded to introduce me to them. The first one or leader gave me his name, but he spoke in an unrecognizable space language that I could not comprehend or repeat. My host then explained that he and his associate were Martians! They were amongst those Martians who were working with me here on Earth using radionics.

Following this, Nada-Yolanda received that the overall goal of our hieronics and radionics teamwork was to integrate, align and unify Earth, astral planes  and etheric realms: My  using physical radionics, my Scottish astral guide clearing the way through the astral planes, and space visitors and ascended masters using hieronics to guide, inspire, diagnose and aid us on Earth.

Radionics, as presently practiced on Earth, was like a toy as compared to the hieronic instruments aboard craft. However, it was the best such “toy” or beginning level instrument that we had available to us.

Even medical diagnostic equipment, as advanced as it was in 1975, and even with the later development of various CT, MRI, and fMRI scans in the 1980s and 1990s, likewise was/are relatively simple and limited as compared to the hieronic equipment aboard spacecraft. We only can imagine and look forward to what will happen in the upcoming New Age of Aquarius when solar system scientists incarnate on Earth and bring forth still more sophisticated, medical equipment here!

Additional Martian Contacts

On March 8, 2007, I dreamt I was with Nada-Yolanda, who alerted me to the presence of five etheric spacecraft over our I Am Nation HQ property. One of these five was a Martian craft whose commander was Sokar. In following years, I became familiar with Sokar’s guiding influence, both at headquarters and when he and his craft traveled with my ex-wife and me when we went on several hierarchal missions in 2010-2015 to sites around the planet.

In 2011-2012, Phillel channeled several communications from a Martian named Krator. At the end of some of these channelings, Phillel did his best to speak the Martian words that Krator guided him to vocalize. Deja vu: This language sounded just like the Martian words that I had heard aboard spacecraft in my 1975 dream shared above! (Go to Phillel’s blog site,, scroll down the right side of the home page to the Tags section, and click on Krator to go to these messages and listen to them on podcasts, including Martian space language.)

Birth of the Light Body

From out of this interdimensional research from 1974-1978 came two ground-breaking texts that would be the basis of all my later works as Director of Healing Haven. In 1975, Nada-Yolanda, under Sananda’s direct guidance, inspirationally received the metaphysical explanations and visualizations for each of twelve spiritual powers. In Jesus’ lifetime, he represented the I Am Self and each of twelve I Am powers such as faith, love, strength and wisdom had been portrayed by one of his twelve Apostles, such as Peter, Andrew, John and James, respectively.

Yolanda and I both received how each of these twelve powers externalized and materialized via one or more specific physical organs, such as the power of will expressing as the respiratory system, imagination as the thalamus, and understanding as the five physical senses. I added all the correlating medical and physical data to complete this elucidation of the spiritual anatomy of man. By transforming and expressing properly each spiritual power, we birth our fourth dimensional light body, in and through our purified astral and physical bodies on Earth. We heal our mind, body and soul.

Charles Fillmore, who was an incarnation of the Chohan or Director of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, had received the first treatise on the twelve powers, which he published in 1930 with the title The Twelve Powers of Man. Fillmore was not a physician or scientist, but rather primarily a metaphysician who with his wife founded the Unity Church of Practical Christianity. Yet, via his imagination faculty and his understanding analytical focus, he had produced this epic work. Note too that the Fillmores emphasized “practical Christianity”, hence the understanding aspect or power.

When Nada-Yolanda and I co-received Birth of the Light Body, we discovered that Fillmore had been about 75% accurate in his correlations between spiritual powers and particular organs or systems. Some of Fillmore’s discrepancies were because the function of several organs, such as the thalamus and hypothalamus at the base of the brain, had not yet been discovered by medical researchers. In other instances, Fillmore was somewhat accurate but not completely so. Others were incorrect. It just goes to prove that pioneers in any field, including highly evolved spiritual masters, are not necessarily 100% accurate. It typically takes time and other researchers to flesh out, verify, refine and develop deeper understanding of the original research. That is what Nada-Yolanda and I did.

Sananda told Nada-Yolanda that there were no major discrepancies or errors in the information that we would publish in 1995 as Birth of the Light Body. However, further elucidation, confirmation and explanation would be provided in the years to come, by any number of other spiritual scientists and medical/healing researchers that would follow in our footsteps.

Nonetheless, Birth of the Light Body would serve as the foundation or “bible” for all holistic healers throughout the upcoming 2,000 years of the Age of Aquarius. Medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, massage therapists, spiritual healers doing loving touch, chiropractors, nutritionists, herbalists, metaphysical teachers and many other such professionals and healers would apply the basic formula of the 12 powers in helping others to heal their four lower bodies and to birth their fourth dimensional light or etheric body.

Seven Steps to Christhood

The second major text to come from this accelerated period from 1974-1978 was devoted to the opening of seven seals (chakras) in seven major initiations. This research was published in a series of seven booklets, one for each major initiation, in 1989-1995. We hope to publish it in book form in the next year or so as Seven Steps to Christhood. 

Here again, Sananda-Jesus, as the superconscious representative, the son of God aspect within each of us, laid down the universal, step-b-step pattern that all us are to follow, even when we do not know consciously that this is what we are doing. To use the term use by Thomas Didymus that I quoted at the start of this blog, Christ Jesus’ demonstration was a superconscious or “full-blown image” of how to birth our light body on Earth.

Yolanda as the subconscious representative followed in his footsteps and recorded each of her steps over the years in her spiritual diary, explaining each one in symbolic terms. She channeled from her I Am or Nada Self the information that described each of the major initiations, plus the elucidation of how each chakra was opened along the way.

Portraying the conscious or physical sensory level, the analytical scientific and medical-mind aspects, I thoroughly researched Yolanda’s diary and determined in a logical, clear-cut way how it was that her life had demonstrated each of the seventh major initiations, which added additional information and description to what Jesus had enacted in his lifetime.

So, here it is again: the I Am Self, working via the imagination and understanding faculties, brings forth a new heaven on a new earth, with each person following the universal pattern but doing so in unique, specific ways, times and places worldwide.

God is good. God is great! Thank You, our beloved Mother-Father Creator.

Prayers and Projections

Rather than following a daily series of prescribed visualizations this week, focus each day on what your I Am Self and higher plane teachers inspire you to do in refining your understanding faculty. Ask yourself in each new meditation, what can I do to uplift, refine, cleanse, purify and express in a new and higher way your understanding faculty? Ask and you shall receive.

Be like Thomas Didymus — be a spiritual scientist. Whether or not you have any interest in science or medicine, you can be more of a scientist, you can be more analytical, your can better use your five physical senses in whatever field or profession you are in and which you represent.

Remember that you are a radionics instrument. You not only sense and measure the thought, feeling and soul-astral memory radiations from others, but you also radiate out your own thoughts, emotions and soul desires to your friends, family, and those in foreign countries to help them understand more deeply that they are beloved children of our One God.

How do you psychically sense what is going on within others, often hidden from your conscious-five sensual view? How do you confirm what you receive? How do you act upon this input to help your fellow travelers on the road to Christ consciousness? How can you improve in this use of your imagination and understanding faculties? How can you be more grounded, practical and scientific?

Realize anew that you have higher astral plane guides who watch over, inspire and protect you, people who maybe you knew in past lives (like my Scottish great-great uncle) or when you were in the fifth and sixth astral planes in-between incarnations. Ask them to reveal themselves in your visions, dreams and moments of quiet contemplation and reflection. Know that they are part of the doorway between the Earth and the etheric realms. At the same time, be aware of protected from negative influence and attempted psychic intrusions by those in the lower astral planes.

Think about, make yourself open and receptive to, visitations by solar system scientists from other planets, particularly by Martians. Maybe in your dream this week, you will be taken up in your astral body into an etheric spacecraft, where you actually get to meet a Martian in person. Seeing is believing.

Visualize your five senses and your analytical ability being filled with the brilliant cream yellow to pale light of your I Am power of understanding.

Read or reread the chapter on the power of understanding in the Birth of the Light Body book. Each new perusal of this material will bring you new insights and enlightened understanding.

Radiate cream yellow to pale orange light to the whole planet and all who live upon it. Call upon our spiritual brothers and sisters around the globe to open up their eyes and see, to unplug their ears and hear, to be in touch with the Divine within them; to understand anew that each person regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality is an equal, beloved creation of our Creator. See new understanding coming to light in the hearts, minds and souls of one and all.

So be it!

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  1. What really stands out for me right at this moment is this excerpt:

    “Therefore what is on the outer in the Earth plane is somewhere, somehow related to the inner of you. It is your duty and obligation to learn to relate the inner experience with the outer manifestation and to employ the outer only until the inner can be relied upon. . . .”

    What I am seeing more clearly is how the inner and the outer reflect each other, and ultimately are one; two sides of a coin, the yin/yang; what is within is without; as above so below. The One within the All, All within the One.

  2. I’m reminded this morning of the Unity principle “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind”. So that is my self-directive for today, my Self-
    directive, to be ‘Conscious’ moment to moment – the true vigilance.

  3. My early morning thought:

    “Christ is that consciousness wherein you are one with everything; the
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