Enter the Emptiness

Sixteen years ago, in my vivid dream on April 28, 2007, two light-filled, loving ascended masters descended from the heavenly, etheric realms and stood before me. One was masculine and the other was feminine, but I did not know the specific identity or name of either one.

The man authoritatively instructed me to Enter the Emptiness, even as the woman nodded her agreement and support. (See image to right.)

In a series of short dreams during the rest of the night, I tried to do as they had advised, but only had partial success due to my multiple thoughts, feelings and memories that surfaced and blocked my view of, and centering in, It. I knew, however, that in due time I would be able to do so.

West & East

Upon awakening, I reviewed my past experiences about and understandings of how Sananda/Siddhartha the Buddha and Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah the Buddhi had guided their disciples, including me as Rahula, to venture into the Void, to navigate into the Nothingness, to rest in the Cosmic Womb. At first I did not remember them referring to entering the Emptiness, but upon some research found out that this was a major tenet or description of Buddhist teachings and practices. Therefore, Enter the Emptiness became my primary mantrum, practice and goal.

In Western or Christian terms, we let go and let God. In Buddhist or Eastern wordings, we enter the Emptiness. In the West, with it representing the male polarity of planet Earth, God is mostly perceived as being Father, hence of the positive, masculine or active polarity. In the East, God is primarily Mother, thus of the negative, feminine or receptive polarity.

Buddhists do not speak of Mother God as a specific Being. Rather they refer to Her as Emptiness, Nothingness, the Void, or the Cosmic Womb. Buddhist believe and experience that we are in and of Mother God, so there is no point in naming Her or thinking of Her as being separate from us.

Westerners tend to think that Buddhism is atheistic, but this is only because they conceive of God as being a Masculine Entity, as a Man above the Earth, not right here on Earth, within and around us.

God is One, Indivisible, Whole, but to bring forth any creation, God or Spirit does so via two polarities, which we on Earth call Father and Mother. We are the Son, Daughter or Child of Father-Mother God.

Sanskrit to English

Upon eventually researching more thoroughly the word Emptiness, it derives from the Sanskrit word “sunyata” or the corresponding Pali word “sunnata.” When translated into English, in addition to emptiness, both words also mean vacuity, hollowness, voidness or nothingness.

In Buddhist teachings and practices, a devotee empties himself or herself of his/her mortal, personal consciousness. Especially in meditation, Buddhist monks and nuns, as well as Buddhis lay followers, let go of their identity as an egotistical, physical, mental being. They let go of thinking that they are in control of their lives, that they will never be sick, suffer or die; that that they will be happy when they have enough money, fortune, fame and/or power over others. They let go of their selfishness.

Right now, today and for days to come, we enter the Emptiness of Mother God by letting go of our mortal, third-dimensional, personal, egotistical consciousness in order to make way to be illumined by enlightened, immortal, fire-of light, I Am consciousness. We become a Buddhi or Buddha.

See the Sun

In the West, to become more enlightened and illumined, spiritual initiates analyze their thoughts, feelings, memories and physical habits, and then speak the word to transmute and uplift them. Such spiritual devotees also put some physical plan, program or practice into place to bring about the change that is desired. This is the active, positive, conscious, masculine approach.

In the East, in meditation, Buddhist devotees step back from outer phenomenon, sit serenely in the Silence, and watch in detached fashion as personal thoughts, feelings, memories and physical habits parade before them on their third-eye screen. The appearances of these thoughts, emotions and memories are said to look and be like clouds in the sky that block the view of the life-giving, fiery Sun.

Rather than do something to disperse and change the clouds, a Buddhist practitioner lets them go. He or she lets the rain come down from the clouds, which cleanses his or her attachment and addiction to mortal, physical, five-sensual things and views. After all, it is the nature of clouds to come and go, to have form and then to dissolve into formlessness, to go from being white clouds to black clouds to becoming rain that nourishes all life on Earth as it baptizes all life on Earth with water.

Mortal clouds are not the problem. Our beliefs about and attachment to them, and our mortal attempts to control them, are the source of our ongoing personal suffering. When we let our limited, error-filled, selfish thoughts, feelings and memories go, we become a clear channel who sees the Sun shining above the clouds; we perceiving and become one with the spiritual Son-Daughter-Self that shines within, around and through us. Baptized with fire, we become illumined and enlightened with cosmic knowledge and wisdom.

Six to Seven

When my above dream of entering the Emptiness occurred, I was in the overlapping period of completing my sixth major initiation of crucifixion and resurrection, and of starting or birthing my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent. Thus, it was time to let go of the good accomplishments and resurrections of my sixth step of cleansing and transmutation, and to begin my seven step of peace, love and rest. It was like completing college and entering a master’s degree program.

To start the seventh step, I entered the Emptiness. Consciously, I knew not what to expect, nor did I try to speculate about it or figure it out. Rather, as guided by my spiritual teachers, in a new and higher way, I turned myself over to the One Power. I entered the peaceful, loving place of Mama’s Womb. I had faith that in time, for my highest good and that of the planet, She would show me the way forward. As she did so, Papa would shine His glorious light and love upon me, to protect and guide me.

Mom & Dad

And who were my parents in this process? Who are your spiritual parents? Of course, they were/are Sananda/Siddhartha the Buddha/Jesus the Christ, and Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara the Buddhi/Mary the mother of Jesus, who are the spiritual co-leaders of Earth. In my above dream, I did not know their identities, for I was just starting the seventh initiation. I only knew that they loved me as I Am/am, just as a good father and mother love their son or daughter.

Every light worker, no matter what initiation he or she may be in, is at the cusp of planetary sixth-step cleansing and transmutation, and seventh-step peace, love and rest. These are the End Days or Purification Period prior to the Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, who will usher in the New or Golden Age, that of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

In the seventh initiation or the seventh minor phase of each major initiation, our key task, opportunity and challenge is to rest in the peace and love of our I Am Self and in that of our spiritual teachers in the higher planes. We initiate this process by entering the Emptiness, venturing into the Void, and dancing in the Divine Darkness. in Mama’s Womb, we begin to gestate.

Knock & Enter

Today, tomorrow, or whenever else you are guided from within to do so, be still, be at peace, Enter the Emptiness. Resting therein, wait, watch and listen to whatever mortal thoughts, feelings and memories flow into your conscious awareness. Let the goofiness and godlessness of third-dimensional, mortal consciousness return back into the vastness of Mother God. Bless your mortal/soul clouds and let them go and be dispersed.

Give thanks for being able to be in the Nothingness, to be with Nada whose name means the Nothingness out of which all things come. Rest in the heart of Sol-O-Man/Yashodarah/Mary. Feel the aunt-like love of  Somma/Gautami/Mary Magdalene.

In the Stillness of your meditative Night, remember who you truly are and how loved you are by so many in higher realms and by a few on Earth. In the Emptiness, do not try to create something new but rather remember your spiritual creation as a child of God. Be prepared to be illumined and enlightened. Welcome your baptism with fire and water, the pouring out of Spirit upon all of your soul record and physical flesh.

In the Darkness, become the Light.

Shine like the Sun

Moreover, practice being in the Silence no matter well you physically are or what you are doing. Be peaceful and loving no matter who is trying to yank your chain, no matter who attempts to put you down or control you or suck you into his or mortal drama, no matter how much of your own negative self talk surfaces.

When you are attacked psychically or physically by others on Earth or in the astral planes, turn the other cheek. Remember that you are in Mama’s Womb, which no one else can enter. She will protect you!

Let the dark thoughts and feelings of others, and your tempting mortal responses to them, be dispersed. Return light for cloudlike darkness. If so guided from within, wipe the dust of your “enemies” from your feet and keep moving forward. Mama and Papa will show you the Way.

Affirm once more that you, when you are uplifted by Them, will lift all others into I Am Buddhic enlightenment and illumination. Be the Way, the Truth and the Light. be the Buddha or Buddhi that you are.

Let your white-and-gold, Seventh Ray light shine!