On August 16, 2023, I dreamt that I was in an unknown, higher-vibrational meeting room. About 30 people were there, lovingly conversing with one another in small groups. MariLyn, my ex-wife, walked into the room, beaming with love and happiness. She eventually said a sweet hello to me, and we exchanged a few pleasant sentences. Then she said she needed to rest, so she curled up and closed her eyes on a nearby couch.

After watching her for awhile, I went over and kissed her tenderly on her right cheek. She opened her eyes, looked lovingly at me and said that when she finished resting, she would like to take a walk with me, for she missed our past walks together. I awoke in a warm glow of pink love.

With this day being the third day of loving our Father/father, I immediately interpreted that this dream symbolized my day’s focus: I was to walk anew the walk of Third Ray Personal Love, Feeling and Devotion to a Higher Cause. MariLyn is a Third Ray Worker and is my soul mate. I was to be pink love in action at a new and higher level, to awake to and express a higher degree of Third Ray pink personal love.

Moreover, the dream indicated that my new degree of pure love for Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah in my Sol-I-El/Alla consciousness had radiated to MariLyn who now lives in Minnesota. Thus, her expression of love to me was partly the result of her feeling loved by me, no matter the prior physical and emotional distance between us. In other words, pink love heals hearts and relationships.

Be a Three

In my following morning meditation, during its first hour, my concentration was on being sheathed in the spiritual protection of my 8 blue and 8 gold guardians and guides. Moreover, I spent a long time absorbing all that had been given to me in the past two days. In particular, my focus was on Sananda/Abel, our spiritual Dad; and on Sol-O-Man, our spiritual Mom. My heart especially glowed with their love of me and mine of them. I felt at peace, ready to take the next step forward and upward in my trinity relationship with them. Together, we are a pink 3. The 3 of us form a 9: 3 + 3 + 3.

In the second hour of my quiet time, two space beams looked into my crown chakra, one from Sananda’s ship #10 on the right, conscious side of my head, especially at my right temple; and the other from Sol-O-Man’s ship #01 on the left, subconscious side of my head at my left temple. My entire head was electrified and unified.

I tried to rise up my octagonal shaft of light to be bilocated in ships #10 and #01 above the West and the East, but was not able to do so. Instead, Abel and Adah came down the beams to me and stood to my right and left. Between them, a bar of Christ light traveled from my two temples into the middle of my brain. This formed a crossbar of Christ, I Am, Abel-Adah light and consciousness in my crown and third-eye chakras and their corresponding physical organs. In reborn Alla consciousness, I felt three-in-one, at-one with my spiritual parents and primary wayshowers.

Pink Triangle 

Next, an image of a downward pointing triangle appeared on my third eye, which depicted what I was feeling and experiencing. In this image, Sananda was above me to my right and Sol-O-Man was above me to my left, at either side of the triangle. I was the grounding point on Earth for their Third Ray personal love, with my being their beloved son.

The lower apex of the triangle entered my crown chakra/cerebral, and then gradually descended to my third, all-seeing eye at my temples, forehead and center of my head. Over the next five-to-ten minutes, the bottom apex of the temple anchored all the way down to my lowest or regenerative center. This indicated that I was birthing greater pink, personal love and devotion on Earth. From the bottom apex, pink light/energy flowed down my legs, through my feet which became warm and vibrant with energy, and into the holy ground below me.

From my triangulated forcefield, pink love flowed out to all children of God in the West and the East, and to all animals, plants and minerals in both hemispheres. The entire planet became bathed in pink, loving energy. I not only felt at one with Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah, but also with Lanto and Anna. Lanto is the Chohan or Director of the Third Ray, and she is his twin soul. Note that her name, Anna, is a palindrome.

No additional specific contacts, new insights or powerful I Am ideas came to me. Rather, I simply reveled and rested in the pink flame of light that was all around and within me, and radiating out to all others, all of whom I loved deeply and dearly. As guided especially by Sananda/Abel/Jesus, my blood (water) turned into pink wine (Christ love flow).

Two Pink Hemispheres

In our noon Hierarchal Board Meditation this same day, in a vivid image, my protective, bony skull was peeled back, revealing that my two cerebral hemispheres were a brilliant pink color, as was my entire crown chakra. From the two halves of my brain flowed pink light and energy to all my other chakras and corresponding physical organs, and from them out to the two sides of the planet.

I was a universal love child, my head in heaven, my feet on the ground, triangulated with my spiritual parents, in love with and devoted to the Christ Self in each other child of God, and to the Second Coming of Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah. I was born anew as Alla. My flinching days were a thing of the past. I was transmuted and all was well.

My cerebrum being pink symbolized that Third Ray pink consciousness and love had anchored all the way down into the physical, third-dimensional, conscious, masculine level of my whole being. Sananda/Abel told me I was no longer to look at or to fear the past, but rather was to keep my eye single on the pink present, with a view to the future.

Love One Another

In your meditations and projections today, be inspired by whatever moves you in the above description of my personal experiences. Be protected. Link with Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah. If it suits you, use the downward pointing pink triangle visualization.

Have a pink brain. See the Earth being surrounded and suffused with pink light that radiates from your crown chakra. Project love to your “MariLyn.” Take a walk with her or him, not done memory lane, but into a new and glorious future. Physically or from the distance, kiss this soul mate/fellow light worker on his or her cheek.

Love your personal parents, siblings, children and friends. Love even the crazed, selfish, self-powered leaders of nations, who are not being love in action. Paint them pink.

See and feel your heart chakra opening and flowering, radiating more and more pink light that has some white and gold in it. This represents Third and Seventh Ray love working together as one. Feel this pink-and-gold love flowing to past spouses, partners and friends turned to enemies. Befriend one and all, even as you spiritually protect yourself as needed. Be a pink Abel-Adah-Alla; superconscious, subconscious and conscious.

Time and again, remember and feel at ever deeper levels that Abel and Adah love you as their beloved son or divine daughter.

Give thanks to our Cosmic Parent/Source, Mother-Father God, and to all Sons and Daughters of God who are showing you the Pink Way, who are walking the pink walk with and for you.

A-bel. A-dah. Al-la. A-men!