Be Two by Two

About twelve years ago, on January 23, 2012, I dreamt that I walked into a large forest composed of hundreds of tall trees. The tallest one was about two hundred feet high, whose trunk was about twenty feet in diameter. It looked somewhat like a sequoia tree, but it had many more green-leafed, busy branches than a sequoia.

To my astonishment, as I walked up to this tree, a door appeared on the lower part of its trunk. This door opened and out stepped a older women, seemingly in her sixties or seventies, with white hair who was dressed in ordinary clothes, some of which were yellow in color.

She walked up to me, smiled warmly and said joyously, “Welcome to my home inside this tree, my name is Ella. I have been expecting you.” She evidently knew me but I did not know her. It was not until days later that it fully dawned on me that she was the feminine twin soul of Kut Humi, the Chohan or Director of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom, whose corresponding color is yellow. She was a wise yellow woman.

Over the next several years, especially when my ex-wife and I were on the India Mission from March 26-April 10, 2014, Ella communed with me numerous times in dreams, visions and moments of clear knowing or clairsentience. In an epiphany while in Varanasi, India, which is the epicenter of the Second Ray Temple of Mercury, it came to me that Ella in the etheric planes had been present with Siddhartha Gautama when he had had his major epiphany or enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, the so-called tree of wisdom and illumination. She was as a Second Ray mother, aunt or sister to him.

I came to feel and know that she was the same to me. Whenever I found myself in darkness and confusion, I called on her to shed new light on my apparent soul dilemma; and in time she enlightened me.

 Baptism with Water

Twelve years later, on December 28, 2023, one week since the winter solstice on December 21st, I dreamt that Luke, the “light-giving” one who  wrote the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts, took me to see Kut Humi. Luke is of the Fifth Ray and works with Hilarion in the etheric realms to bring forth healing, harmony and holiness on Earth. ASs given to Nada-Yolanda and in my own dreams and communions with him, I have been together with him in many past lives on Earth and in the higher planes.

When I had been in India in 2014, Kut Humi had revealed to me that he had been Siddhartha’s close disciple whose name was Ananda, which means peace and bliss. Thus, Ananda was close to Sananda/Siddhartha the Buddha. Ananda also was close to me, with his being like my beloved or favorite uncle when Siddhartha had brought me as a seven-year old Rahula to live and train in Siddhartha’s sangha or spiritual community of Buddhist monks. In a later incarnation, Kut Humi was Jesus’ Apostle John the Beloved. Other incarnations include Aristotle, St. Francis of Assisi, Leonardo da Vinci and Shakespeare.

However, in this present dream, Kut Humi was fully in his role and position as the Chohan of the Second Ray. He was not Ananda, John or Babaji, who was and is able to project himself in his light body to Earth such that he appears to be physically present. Babaji, meaning “beloved father,” serves to bring those of the Hindu religions into alignment with Sananda-Jesus’ teachings and demonstrations.

Now, as my dream progressed, pure, sparking liquid-light poured down from the etheric realms into Kut Humi who directed it via his arms and hands to me, thereby baptizing me in the waters of life. Four separate such streams of spiritually charged water flowed through him to me, with one stream enlightening each of my four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical. Kut Humi filled me to overflowing with cosmic understanding and wisdom. He made the way clear for me as Soliel to shine more light upon one and all.

Give and Receive

Then, he shifted his focus to the Ganges River that is considered to be sacred and holy by Hindu devotees. By immersing themselves in the River, they hope to have their sins/negative karma wash away. But, the vast majority of them do little or nothing to cleanse the Ganges of its huge amounts of physical and mental pollution. Untreated sewage, industrial wastes and other toxic chemicals are poured into the river, making it one of the most polluted major rivers in the world. Man’s greed and selfishness are the major causes of the physical pollution.

From Kut Humi now poured four huge streams or rivers of pure water, charged with fourth-dimensional energy and light. Each stream became as a tributary to the river which began to be cleansed and purified. By doing so, Kut Humi demonstrated that Hindus were no longer to be “takers” but rather were to be “givers” of love, light and life to the river that flows through most of northern India. Hindus expect Ganga Ma to “take away” their sins, when in fact only they can remove their negative thoughts, feelings and memories by selflessly giving forth light and love to all life on Earth, including its animals, plants and minerals; its trees and rivers.

I awoke from this dream in a cosmic daze, almost unable to come back to conscious awareness. I still felt I was more in India, where I had been enlightened and illumined by Kut Humi. In my morning meditation, I projected light not only to India but also to the Tennessee River that flows near the Sun Temple here in northeastern Tennessee, and to the Mississippi River that flows from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, with it being the most polluted river in the United States. In the process, I was healing my own life stream of many incarnations going back eons of time. This was the gift that Kut Humi had given to me for Epiphany.

Walk the Walk

Two days later, on December 30th, in a brilliant vision, I saw Kut Humi, who was about seven feet tall and clothed in yellow garments, walking in the center of a group of men and women who were on the way to the banks and Ghats (a series of steps) of the Ganges River, apparently at or near Varanasi (see image to right).

I was walking with him and them. They, however, did not seem to know that he was urging them forward, inspiring them to give light and love to the river, rather than to ask it to wash away their darkness and depravity as mortal beings.

Kut Humi was walking the walk of an understanding, illumined, enlightened and wise man on Earth, one who knows the divine law of karma: as we give so do we receive. When we give light and love, they will come back to us multiplied. If we are takers, we will enter deeper into selfish, mortal darkness. Our mental pollution, our selfishness, is what makes us sick in mind, soul and body.

Whereas my first experience with Kut Humi mentioned above was in a dream, this second communion with him came via a vision. Thus, our spiritual enlightenment or epiphany, our new break through or revelation in consciousness, may come in either of these ways. Or it may just seem to come from nowhere, with no images or outward happenings.

Shortly after Jesus’ birth, Kut Humi appeared to him, Mary and Joseph. Christianity has concluded that he saw and realize that Jesus was the Messiah. Hence they refer to this as the Epiphany, with a capital “E.” They think of the Three Wise Men or Magi as being actually physical visitors from the East, when in fact they were etheric beings who visited the Holy Family in their light bodies.

Many Male & Female Visitations

Moreover, El Morya, Kut Humi and Djwhal Kuhl, who were the actual etheric wise men, may have first visited Mary and Joseph in their dreams. Maybe Mary had a vision or several visions of them over several days. With Sol-O-Man/Mary being Sananda/Jesus’ twin soul, she was fully capable of having such a vision or visions; after all, she had “seen” Lord Gabriel when he had come and announced that she was pregnant with the soul of Sananda, whom she was to call Jesus. Kut Humi may have manifested himself in a holographic image/projection to Mary which seemed so real as to be a physical event.

Moreover, a so-called “angel of the Lord” had visited Joseph in a dream to confirm that Mary was a virgin vessel, and in another dream after Jesus’ birth to direct him to take his family to Egypt after the Wise Men left, so as to escape the murderous wrath (blowback) of Herod.

Thus, Kut Humi, El Morya and Djwhal Kuhl may have appeared several times to the Holy Family and those who had gathered around them, just as Kut Humi currently had appeared not just once, but twice to me, once in a dream and once in a vision. Moreover, I had intuitively felt his abiding presence on several other occassions.

And don’t you think it highly likely that Kut Humi’s twin soul Ella also came with him to bless baby Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah of the Jews, the chosen people, who like us have chosen to serve Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their Second Coming? Would Mary’s own spiritual sister, Ella, not come to help her after she birthed Jesus?

Of course, it was well-meaning but masculine-biased Christians, in the years after Luke’s and Matthew’s Gospel accounts, who wrote their story of the Epiphany of only Three Wise Men and made no mention of “Three Wise Women;” who had little awareness that the visitations were partly from those in the etheric realms in their light bodies. So, let us write a new, balanced, co-equal, multi-dimensional story of Epiphany for this New or Golden Age of Aquarius.

Home in the Tree of Life

Speaking of which, yesterday, January 4, 2024, I was driving home from town through the wildlife sanctuary on old Rt. 63, south of the I Am Nation/ Sun Temple. Along the way, I came to a section where hundreds of trees lined each side of the road, whose branches reached over the road. Suddenly, while pondering these majestic, tall but barren trees in this winter season, Ella descended and transfigured me. I was so quickened and taken by her presence that I pulled off to the side of the road, parked and meditated.

Ella enclosure of me was like inside the trunk of a huge tree. I was inside the tree trunk with her, in her “home” in her huge tree of life. We sat down at her table, broke bread and drank tea. In my initial dream about her tree in 2011 and since then, I never had entered into her tree-trunk-home. Now, I was with her and my whole being filled with her loving light and feminine Christ clarity. I was home in her heart, in her mind, in her extraordinary soul, in her I Am Self and light body. I was home with my Second Ray mama or aunt. Tears of glory poured down my face.

While soaking up the vibes, a tightness in my heart chakra/heart slowly dissolved, without my doing anything to make this happen. It reminded me of Siddhartha the Buddha’s teaching about “knots.” Where there is a lack of understanding or wisdom, a knot exists in our soul. Today, we call this a soul blockage. Such a knot or blockage impedes the flow of light and love into and through us from the higher realms. Just by being with, and surrounded by Ella, my knot unraveled and came loose. My heart no longer hurt. If felt as expanded as it ever has been.

This was Ella’s Epiphany gift to me: her wisdom and knowledge that love heals, her understanding and compassion of and for me; her confirming for me that as I had grown in wisdom during this Christmas cycle, had worked diligently to uplift and shed light on others, so now new I Am wisdom flowed from her into my soul. I was a newborn I Am babe.

Eventually, I regained my composure, wiped the tears of thanksgiving from my eyes and face, and starting driving again. When I came to the next stand of huge trees along each side of the road, I clearly sensed Ella sitting next to me in the front, right seat of my car. In other words, she was in my “home,” my “vehicle,” my heart. Who better to understand me and treat me with wise words and actions than Ella, the twin soul of Kut Humi. Once more, I pulled my car over and thoroughly and totally enjoyed my precious time with Ella. It was like old home week, like being in the etheric realms with her, and/or her being here on Earth with me. It was beyond description.

Some twelve years earlier, I first had dreamt about meeting Ella in the forest. Now I had an ongoing, wondrous vision of and communion with her that was more real than anything I saw with my physical eyes. I was two by two: Two contacts with Kut Humi, two with Ella; in two places at once; home in both of them, above and below; with my having come full circle in my heart and soul. What an Epiphany this was and still is!

Meet, Greet & Be

How will you come anew into communion with Ella and Kut Humi? Well, they have plans for you as to how they will reveal themselves to you. So, ask for and receive their input and presence. Prepare yourself by clearing your mind of any expectations, for their exchange with you will be as an epiphany, a sudden breakthrough or insight, by way of your new, brighter, and more wide-open mind whereby you know that all life in all dimensions truly is one, that as we give, so do we receive.

You may wish to start by seeing and feeling yourself in the yellow flame of the Second Ray. In the flame, see and imagine Kut Humi to the right of you, Ella to the left of you.

Perhaps the inspiration comes to go for a walk to the nearest tall tree, where you sit under it and wait to be enlightened. Maybe you envision yourself inside the trunk of your own huge, tall, tree of life, which not only protects but also enlightens you.

As you walk, those around you in all directions feel and respond to your yellow light. Many will walk with you, without knowing anything about you. However, some who think they already know it all will resist and rebel, will react negatively. Let them go. Keep walking forward.

During the day, perhaps you take a nap, have a dream and/or consciously see a vision or just know something new via your intuition or clairsentience. Maybe you already have had such a dream or new insight, an epiphany whose full meaning now makes sense to you.

Be yellow. Be understanding. Be wise. Be masculine and feminine as one; conscious and subconscious, aligned with the transcendent wisdom of your own I Am Self. Be a Buddhi or Buddha. Be more aware that Ella and Kut Humi and their Second Ray associates, including those from Mercury, the primary Second Ray planet in the Solar System, are with you, for you, enlightening and loving you, helping you to dissolve and disperse your remaining soul knots.

Fill the nearest river to you with yellow light. Direct one stream of liquid-yellow-light to each of the four quadrants or corners of the world. See the entire planet surrounded in yellow hues.

May all men and women have a glorious epiphany today, tomorrow and in the days, weeks, months and years to come. Every day is a good day to have an epiphany. It begins now. So be it.


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