Be White

In my morning meditation of November 23, 2023, Lord Ariel appeared above me. He is the masculine angelic counterpart of Lady Uriel, feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. Ariel showed himself to me as a large, brilliant, scintillating, white heart, with the color white and the heart representing pure love.

Since 2014, when Lady Uriel first introduced Ariel to me, he usually has appeared to me as an Λ that represents Ascension into I Am Abel consciousness, hence the letter A in Ariel’s name. The Λ, however, does not have a horizontal crossbar as does the letter A, because the Λ represents the seventh major initiation of Λscension and Redescent, not the sixth major initiation of Crucifixion (hence the cross bar in a letter A) and Resurrection.

Many times, Ariel has transfigured and encased me in an Λ that is about 7-10 feet tall, within which he has taken me in my seventh or ascended light body up and into the lowest of the three etheric realms.

Dual Angelic Guardians

Over the last nine years, Ariel’s visitations and work with me were as frequent as those of Uriel. In time, I realized that both of them were my guardian angels. Uriel was of the feminine polarity, whereas Ariel was of the masculine polarity. Where two or more angelic guardians are gathered together with us, there in their midst is our I Am Self and light body. (To see my thorough 2023 post about Uriel and Ariel, click angels.)

Moreover, with angelic guardianship and assistance, whether we currently are in a male or female physical body, our conscious, subconscious and superconscious become one holy trinity. That which was dark, black, selfish or third-dimensional within our four lower bodies becomes bright white as our guardian angel or angels help us to rise into and then redescend in our fourth-dimensional, etheric or light body via which we express love, compassion and selfless service to all life on Earth and in the astral planes.

Descent of our Sacred Heart

Lord Ariel now telepathically explained to me that the shape of his white heart partly represented the redescent of pure love. The upper, rounded, two sides of the white heart were symbolic of his two so-called wings that angels commonly are depicted as having. Such wings represented spiritual upliftment, the ability to rise again into full I Am consciousness, and then safely glide back down to Earth. However, these supposed angelic wings are actually parts of Ariel’s and other angels’ auric fields.

The bottom part of the white heart was like a letter V, with its apex pointing downward, which portrayed redescent. Ariel now placed the apex or bottom part of his white heart in the top, central region of my crown chakra/cerebrum. My whole body shuddered involuntarily with this implantation into my two cerebral hemispheres that serve as the central computer for my whole physical body.

Then, slowly the apex moved downward into my third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and regenerative chakras, staying a few minutes in each such spiritual center until I was adjusted to the presence of Ariel’s descending, loving heart. Finally, the apex flowed down my two legs to the floor and ground below me. By this time, I was totally encased in Ariel’s white forcefield/heart, which was 7-10 feet tall.

I was white through and through. My entire physical heart filled with pure love. I had the white heart of my own I Am, Soliel Self. I was enlightened and reborn, illumined and spiritually re-awakened, in love with all in the East and the West.

Be a White Heart

In your meditations over the next 2-3 days, ask to come into communion with the pure white heart of Lord Ariel. Visualize him hovering above you in the shape of a white heart. Then, focus on the top, central portion of your head. See and feel the descent and insertion of the bottom apex of Ariel’s white heart into this area that is your crown chakra and cerebrum. Affirm, feel and have faith in his presence there.

Then see, feel and experience the apex of Ariel’s white heart descending into each lower chakra, staying at each such spiritual center for as long as it takes for it to be fully anchored there. Eventually, the white heart descends all the way to the ground, its apex being anchored into the holy ground below your feet. Ariel is all around you, encasing you in his exquisite, masculine, angelic, guardian love. Your own heart lights up and glows with white love. Even your feet tingle with the higher vibrations of his white heart.

Rest, Radiate & Sing

Rest in the love of your own redescended light body. Savor the peaceful stillness that you feel. Sit with it. Be in it. Be of it. Be a white heart. Feel your entire chest lit up in the white light of divine love. Be the Buddha or Buddhi, the re-awakened and re-born child of God that you are.

Wherever Ariel is, Uriel is with him in consciousness as one, united, angelic team. Ariel and Uriel were with Yasodhara and Siddhartha, as well as with Mary and Jesus, guarding and guiding them. Now Uriel and Ariel are with you as you become more enlightened and illumined, and bring forth more of your own light form, your own white heart.

With Ariel and Uriel, one with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, radiate your white love to friends, family and fellow light workers that you know worldwide. See each of them having a huge white heart around them and a glowing white heart within them.

See them coming into communion with their guardian angel or angels. See them being illumined and re-born.

Angels we have heard on high, softly singing lullabies; Glory be to God in the Highest.