Being In Love with You

Friends, fellow lovers, brothers and sisters who are beings of Love, here’s our song for this moment of Now: I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You, a cover of Elvis’ song by Arlo Guthrie and friends and lovers.

But, here’s the minor change, and then we can sing along together. We are not “falling in love” or even “rising in love.” Atop the mountain we are being love. How can we help but be loving when Mother-Father God has lifted us into His-Her Lovingness. We now know and feel what it is to be hugged by love. So we hold all others in our loving heart.

Thus, as we are getting ready for the next three days to come on down and testify, being like Moses coming down the mountain, being like Mother Mary meandering and moving and circling on down all sides of the mountain, showering her love as she goes on all her beloved children, everyone on the planet, we cannot help but be love and give our love to one and all.

Wise women say, it cannot be not a sin, cause no one can help being in love with God and loving one another. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, we are not moving down, we are just walking the walk of love, wherever we happen to be now.

Love ya, from the mountain top, all the way on down to your toenails. (By the way, especially you lovely ladies, one and all, you have lovely feet!)

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DJ Doc Love