First, the Malamutes taught us to howl. Now Sourdough Slim teaches us how to yodel. Tell me, how does it get any better than this! I think this must be Howling Happy Heaven on Earth (which is another name for Healing Haven under Hilarion).

I always feel good if I learn one new thing each day, it has been a good day. It means I may be getter older, but I still am getter better. Well, I learned one thing this morning about being wiser (and I am betting you did, too, in your own unique way); and then this afternoon I learned how to yodel. Yup, double the pleasure, double the fun, when we are wise and yodel we are one! I love these Double Days of De-Light.

So don’t be bashful but check it out: howlnyodel

My best howl/yodel is that I love you in any language, sound or song. That’s what makes me howl and yodel in joy. And that’s what heals humanity.

DJ Doc HY (Hilarion and Harmony are howling and yodeling with us, don’t you think!? And Yolanda, too.)

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