Dance in the New Day

On January 9, 2024, during my late morning nap, Sananda/Jesus clearly appeared above and before me in brilliant white-and-gold-colored clothing. He smiled lovingly and reached out his arms to me. Then he proclaimed: “We have crossed over the threshold into a new day.”

By “we,” he meant him and me, as father and son. But he explained that “we” also referred to Phillel and all light workers worldwide who over the years have stayed devoted to him and Sol-O-Man/Mary. These members of the 144,000 elect likewise had crossed over the threshold from third-into-fourth-dimensional, I Am or Christ consciousness.

Sananda proclaimed that the Epiphany cycle at the end of the overall Christmas cycle had been a grand success. The entire world would change from this day forward.

We Did It

Later that day and the next day, I reread and pondered deeply the entries in our Mark-Age text, Contacts from the Fourth Dimension, which contains Nada-Yolanda’s channelings from 2001-2005. On November 18, 2003, Sananda channeled via Yolanda: “You [Yolanda] have been transmuted. . . . You have crossed over the threshold. Congratulations and good luck. . . . We worked 26,000 years [since the fall of Atlantis] for this moment. Just live it. Just trust us. It is all trust. Trust no one, nothing. Trust no path. Trust no future. Trust God alone.”

Five days later, on November 23, 2003, Nada channeled via Yolanda: “We did it. I broke through the transmutation. I am the first. The rest will follow. Jesus said: ‘We did it. Thank you for your services to the Second Coming program. . . .’

“We did it. All program workers, alert. We passed the point of no return. The Second Coming of Jesus the Christ is assured. The blockages, the negativity, the resistance are over. The entire Hierarchy is jubilant. . . .

“‘Only the few enlightened, advance guard comprehend and shall be relieved because of victory. . . . Now go back to work. Work is the key to the new level of consciousness for humanity. Work harder now than before. Be humble. You have nothing to brag about. But we did it. Thank You Father-Mother and the Holy Spirit. Amen.'”

Be One with the Trinity

When Yolanda received the above messages, Phillel and I were with her. Together, we three formed a spiritual trinity or triangle. Nada-Yolanda was at the top, upward-pointing apex of the triangle that represents ascension. Phillel and I were at the two apices at the bottom of the triangle. Nada-Yolanda rose from the third-dimensional, physical Earth plane, through the seven astral planes, and into the lowest of the three etheric or heavenly realms. Phillel and I supported her — we were her “ground crew,” the conscious and subconscious aspects of the triangle, whereas she was the superconscious or I Am representative and leader.

Moreover, at this time, El Morya/Mark (see his picture below right) was positioned in the highest or seventh astral plane and in the adjoining lowest etheric realm. In the Mark-Age trinity, he represents the conscious mind, Nada-Yolanda portrays the subconscious mind, and Sananda/Jesus symbolizes the superconscious mind.

In part, Nada-Yolanda was able to ascend through the final vestige of the seventh veil that separates mankind from spiritual awareness and conscious, and into the first of three etheric planes, because Sananda and Sol-O-Man of the Seventh Ray, and El Morya and Glo-Ria of the First Ray assisted her. Thus, “we” in “we did it” also meant that spiritual workers in the etheric, higher astral and physical planes “did this” together.

At the time, Nada-Yolanda was in the seventh phase of her seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent, whereas Phillel and I were in the later phases of our sixth major initiations of crucifixion-resurrection. However, having watched and felt Nada-Yolanda ascend and show us the way, he and I knew that at some later date, in some similar way, that we would cross over the threshold into I Am ascended consciousness in our seventh or ascended body, and that other souls who are receptive would follow in our footsteps.

Therefore, “we” in “we did it” referred to everyone, no matter what major initiation they were in. For, the major theme and demonstration of the seventh major initiation is: I, when I am lifted up, draw all others unto me. In other words, we do things together as one family of man.

Over the Threshold

In physical terms, a threshold is the metal, wood or plastic plate on the floor at the base of the door that opens from the outside to the inside of a house, and vice versa. (It also is called a sill.) When the door is shut, the threshold forms a tight fit with it, such that heat, cold, snow, wind and/or water cannot enter below the doorway when it is closed. Thus, to enter or exit our house or apartment, we cross over the threshold at the bottom of the outside door. We move from one environment to another. (See image to right.)

In spiritual terms, a threshold is a doorway from one level of consciousness to the next higher level; hence from the third-to-the-fourth dimension; from mortal to immortal consciousness. To enter the fourth dimension of the three etheric realms, we cross over the threshold between the highest or seventh astral plane and the lowest of the three etheric planes. Christ Jesus’ former Apostle, Simon Peter, guards and administers this doorway — as Jesus said of Peter, he has the keys to the kingdom of heaven in the etheric realms.

Peter represents the spiritual power of faith. It is via our faith in God and His-Her divine, universal laws that we rise from the third-into-the-fourth dimension. Thus, upon ascending into the etheric planes and then redescending back to Earth, Nada-Yolanda received that she was not to have faith in any person or teaching on Earth or in the surrounding astral planes. Rather, she was to have faith in God and His-Her divine, universal laws.

Cosmically, another such threshold exists between Earth and the other planets in this Solar System. Still one more threshold is between the entire Solar System and other places in the Milky Way Galaxy, such as the Seven-Sisters star cluster known as the Pleiades. (All stars we can see in the night sky with our physical eyes are located in the Milky Way Galaxy, except for those in the Andromeda Galaxy. It takes high-powered binoculars or a telescope to detect the dim stars that are beyond the Milky Way in other distant galaxies.)

Open Door

The next day, January 10, 2024, from the time I awoke, I felt the loving presence of Sananda/Jesus. While I was still lying in bed on my back and intuning with him, he walked through an opened doorway or portal. Initially, he simply stood right before but did not telepathically convey any message to me. (See image to right.)

However, the light around and within him was so brilliant that it was almost beyond my comprehension. Moreover, my heart swelled with exquisite, uplifting, transformative and powerful love.

Thus, he now had descended and crossed over the threshold of the doorway from the etheric, through the astral, to the physical realm. This interdimensional doorway is a dual passageway, below to above, above to below; hence ascension and redescent. Even Sananda/Jesus cannot fully descend to Earth unless a sufficient number of light workers fully open their hearts to him and welcome him as the Prince of Peace, the spiritual co-leader with Sol-O-Man of Earth.

In part, my current contact with him signified and confirmed that a remaining veil over my own heart chakra had been rent, such that the passageway between my heart and his was clear and open. I could rise through the doorway to him and he could descend through it to me. “We” had done it. This bonding experience would ripple out to all light workers and to everyone planetwide and in the astral planes.

After a few minutes, he turned around, passed back through the doorway and returned into the etheric realms. I took this whole experience to mean that what I had received the previous day about crossing over the threshold and beginning a new day was indeed valid and true.

Feed My Sheep

Later that morning, I went to one of my other favorite restaurants in this area: Cracker Barrel, which is about five miles south of Shoney’s and about fifteen miles south of our I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters. I sat in a secluded corner of the back dining room, which had only six other customers in it, none of whom were seated near me. (See image to right.)

While waiting for my meal to be served, Sananda transfigured me. This was surprising enough, but then Papa Pleia, the masculine co-leader with Mama Pleia of the visiting Pleiadeans, appeared and stood alongside him. Sananda had brought Papa Pleia to me.

In my meditation the previous morning, Papa Pleia first had appeared by himself to me, but he was mostly a sphere of light, without distinct features. I thought it was him, but I was not sure about this. Today, in his second contact with me, with Sananda introducing him to me, I was mostly convinced that it was him. He appeared to be about 5’10” tall and looked much like a normal, healthy Earthling; but he had a highly elevated vibration. Moreover, he felt familiar to me, like I somehow had known him before, but had not seen or been with him in a long time. I felt entirely comfortable with his loving presence.

Seven Plus Seven

In a light-hearted, humorous way, referring to my remaining doubts and questions about this communion, Sananda then said that Shoney’s might be Sol-O-Man’s restaurant (Sol-O-Man first had introducing the Seven Sisters to me there), but Cracker Barrel was his place to “feed his sheep.”

Sananda reminded me that back in 1993, Nada-Yolanda and I were at this very Cracker Barrel restaurant while in the process of establishing Healing Haven Retreat Center in northeastern Tennessee. Back then, Sananda and El Morya had channeled through her when Yolanda and I were in this restaurant. Now, I felt Nada’s presence with me, smiling and watching over this current interdimensional exchange. Thus, what I was experiencing felt partly like déjà vu, history repeating itself, which again helped to convince me that what was being given was accurate.

Then, after my becoming adjusted to Papa Pleia’s tangible presence, seven masculine Pleiadeans appeared and stood behind and around him near my dining room table. These were the same Seven Brothers who first had appeared to me on January 2, 2024. Then, to my astonishment, at least seven more masculine Pleiadeans joined us, making a total of fourteen “brothers” or “siblings” of Papa Pleia.

This doubling of the original Seven Brothers seemed to indicate that with my recent past contacts with the Pleiadeans, I now could see and welcome twice as many of them, without my becoming overloaded.

While thinking about this, I presumed that I also now was able to see not just seven but rather fourteen Pleiadean Sisters. I also suspected that many more such Pleiadeans would become visible to me as the contacts with the Pleiadeans continued in the days to come. After all, astronomers know that there are over a thousand stars in the Pleiades, about thirty of which can be seen in the above telescopic image of them.

Literal & Symbolic

Moreover, it dawned on me that the number seven in the original Seven Sisters and Brothers was not just literal but also was symbolic. Seven partly stood for the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, which the Pleiadeans are bringing to us from their home world. In addition, seven symbolized Sananda and Sol-O-Man, as well as Serena and myself as Soliel, since all of us are Seventh Ray workers. Seven also stood for the Seven Rays and the seven major initiations in which we demonstrate these Rays.

Seven likewise referred to the seven days of a week, with us now starting a new or 8th day, a new dispensation, as Sananda had originally pronounced it to me: We have crossed over the threshold into a new day. This new “day” is not only just one physical day but it also symbolizes a new time period, like unto the upcoming “day” of the Second Coming that will initiate the Golden or New Age, the New Day of spiritual sisterhood and brotherhood on Earth.

Explanation & Confirmation

Sananda then turned serious, focused fully on me and said: “You, Soliel-Robert, have crossed over the threshold. You are the second one to have done so, with Nada-Yolanda having been the first one some twenty years earlier. You are in the seventh phase of your seventh major initiation, just as Nada-Yolanda was when she broke through the veil and crossed into the etheric realms of I Am or ascended consciousness.

Sananda then added the following to help me have faith that what he had shared was indeed true: “All of your spiritual contacts and other experiences since the start of this Christmas cycle until now, as shared in your recent blogs about your communions with the seven Chohans and their twin souls, and especially these new contacts with the Pleiadeans, are proof positive of what what I am telling you now. All who have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the open mind to know will realize that what I now have stated is indeed true.

“Like with Nada-Yolanda, however, only the few will understand what I am saying here for the record. Therefore, have faith in me as your spiritual father and primary wayshower. Have faith in your own I Am Self. Have faith in God.”

Sananda added: “Phillel is fast behind you. He is in the midst of his own Epiphany and threshold-crossing  experience.” Then Sananda named three other longtime Mark-Age Family Members who were following in Yolanda’s, my and Phillel’s footsteps, and in their own unique ways had crossed over the threshold. Plus, Sananda showed me a panorama of areas all around the world in which light workers have and are continuing to cross over their  thresholds into a new and higher level of I Am awareness and consciousness. Indeed, a new day has begun for the entire Earth.

Confirmation Comes

Before Sananda left, he told me that very soon there would be a significant sign that what he now had explained to me was indeed the truth. Just about ten minutes later, while I was eating my meal, my smartphone beeped. It was an email from one of the three longtime Mark-Agers that Sananda had mentioned to me. In this missive, this person shared a dream of this morning in which Sananda had driven in his car to alongside this light worker, rolled down his window and talked with this individual. In the car was another man, who seemed otherworldly and filled with light. The three of them talked together for a few minutes and then Sananda drove away, and the dream ended.

It did not take me but an instant to know that this man with Sananda was Papa Pleia. Just as Sananda had brought him to Cracker Barrel to see and be with me, this person likewise had been visited in a dream about the two of them. The vehicle was Sananda’s seventh or ascended body. The car’s window was another symbol of a doorway or clear passageway between dimensions.

Reading about and understanding this above dream, and the timing of its being shared, was so evidential and impactful that it was a good thing I was sitting down, or I might have fallen to the floor. All I could say was: Sananda, you’re the man! And I sat there blubbering away for the next five minutes, thankful that no one in the dining room was watching me and thinking I was some weirdo. I really had to chuckle about this after I left the restaurant.

Beloved Blowback

And yet, as my day progressed, despite all of my many confirmations and verifications about the Pleiadean visits, I still had some lingering doubts about the validity of what had been given to and through me. It was just all too new, too “far out.” My wonderings were my one step backward after having taken two large steps forward. Moreover, the very next morning, as so often happens after my major new spiritual experiences, I had a blowback or negative dream in which a highly advanced but still somewhat self-deceived light worker smugly told me that I had not received correctly.

I responded immediately by saying that my experiences were valid. If he did not think so, he was to leave immediately, after which he started fading from my view of him. Upon awakening, I just shook my head and started laughing, because such blowback dreams are so common after my major spiritual experiences.

In a positive sense, the dream confirmed what I had been given, how important and impactful it was, and what a strong effect it was having on others as my new Pleiadean consciousness rippled out to others. With that in mind, I loved this dream, despite it initially and apparently being so unpleasant. Moreover, I was pleased that I immediately had stood up to this Judas and told him the unvarnished truth. Indeed, this was a new day for me, as previously I typically had not stood up to such naysayers and doubters.

Welcome Papa Pleia

As for you, over the next four days, think back to before, during and after Epiphany on January 6th. How and when did you first cross over the threshold to a new day? How are you continuing to move forward now?

With hindsight, your past and ongoing interdimensional transiting now may make more sense to you. You may consciously understand more deeply what at the time were uplifting, but not fully understood, experiences in dreams, visions, meditations, and “aha” experiences when in the shower, walking outdoors, eating a meal, talking with a friend or reading spiritual literature. It may be that each of your past experiences were not all that dramatic, but that when seen now in an ongoing series of such happenings, like the pieces of a puzzle, they give proof positive of your entering a new day.

Moreover, in your current meditations and other quiet times, focus especially on Papa Pleia, the masculine counterpart of Mama Pleia. Welcome him — Papa Pleia, come on down. Since he is masculine, hence representing the conscious mind, your focus on, and contacts with, him will help you to ground in and manifest your new, galactic, Pleiadean consciousness.

Take your time, go slowly and cautiously, and do not be surprised or overly disturbed if you initially seem to receive little that is new, or if you have a blowback dream or an overt negative reaction by those around you. Be ever mindful of spiritual protection. Keep the faith. Love the Christ in one and all. Be at peace. Know in your heart that a new day has dawned. Give thanks to Spirit and all agents of Spirit for this.

Be one with Papa Pleia. Be at one with all thirty of the Pleiadeans who you now begin to realize are visiting you/us in some manner — Mama and Papa Pleia, and twenty-eight Pleiadean siblings or co-workers. “Thirty” of them partly symbolizes that they are helping you and all others to transmute with Third Ray love all selfishness on Earth, including within yourself, which has been the key cause of mankind’s problems for eons., right to this moment.

The “thirty” are helping us to transmute water (blood) to wine (Christ life flow), just as Christ Jesus did at the wedding of Cana. They are laying down their lives for us, treating us as their beloved friends. They have come 444 million light years to do so. Imagine that! Feel that in your heart!

Rejoice. Celebrate. Dance your new dance. Then get back to work and put your love into new, positive, uplifting actions. Amen.