Double Up

On August 15, 2023, the second day of loving our father, while I (Dr. Robert) was eating breakfast, Sananda/Abel, your and my spiritual father, overshadowed me and gave me his instruction for the day: See the Source.

This reminded me of what Sananda/Jesus had shared with his Apostles. As recorded in the Gospel of John 14:6-9: “Thomas said to [Jesus], our Lord, we do not know where you are going; and how can we know the way? Jesus said to him, I Am the way and the truth and the life; no man comes to my Father except by me. If you had known me, you would have known my father also; from henceforth you know him and you have seen him.

“Philip said to him, our Lord, show us the Father, and that is enough for us. Jesus said to him, All this time I have been with you, and yet you do not know me, Philip? He who sees me has seen the Father.”

Our Source is our Father-Mother God. Sananda/Abel is our spiritual father. When we see and love Sananda/Abel, we see the Source, the Father who created him and us. As Jesus said, the Father and I are one; the Father does all things in, through and with me as his beloved son.

Be Sheathed

In preparing to see and perceive the Source, we first focus on spiritual protection. In the second hour of my following morning meditation, Sananda/Abel appeared above me and extended his Christ love and light down to and around my entire auric field and physical body. He telepathically relayed that he was “sheathing” me in his protective, loving, powerful forcefield.

A sheath encloses and surrounds something, like the sheath of a sword, knife or blade. Also, a sheath is a structure in living tissue which closely envelops, like the fatty sheath of myelin around nerve fibers, so that they can function properly. A sheath is also a protective covering around an electric cable.

Theosophists use the term sheath to refer to each of our seven bodies that surround and encase our indwelling I Am Self. So, we have a physical sheath, an astral sheath or body, and so on. The truth of our Being or spiritual I Am identity is the core of us as the Christ Child that we are, regardless of how we have clothed and sheathed it with our positive or negative thoughts, feelings and memories.

As Sananda/Abel now was using the term sheath with me, it referred not only to him as a sheath but also to the octagonal column, pillar or tube of light that we see, feel and experience around us, of which he is a vital part. In this Christ column, we become clothed or sheathed with Christ power, light and love. No one of lesser consciousness can invade our sacred space.

Once I was secure within and fortified by Sananda/Abel’s sheath, he took me in my ascended or seventh body up through the seven astral planes into the etheric levels, wherein we entered his city-sized ship #10. In multiple past dreams, visions and teleportations, I have been aboard this spacecraft. It houses thousands of space visitors from around the solar system and beyond, who have come to aid Sananda in the Second Coming program. 


While aboard ship #10, I remained fully aware of my physical form and consciousness on Earth, which was protected by my body devas, astral guides and angelic guardians. I was bilocated, in two places at once, on Earth and in the etheric realms, above and below. I sat down with Sananda/Abel/Jesus, and he began to reveal to me new I Am insights and ideas. In time, my first question to him was: What was my spiritual code name during the days of Cains and Abels. He replied that it started with the letter “A,” but indicated more about this would not be given until later.

My next question was: Was he the only one who received and applied the mantra Love God and Love One Another, or was Sol-O-Man/Adah somehow part of this. Sananda/Abel looked me straight in my eyes and said with full authority: “We co-received it.” In other words, as twin souls and co-leaders of Earth, the two of them had received it. From the way Sananda said this, I knew that he was not about to give me any details about this. It was enough to know that they as a spiritual team had co-received it, which made perfect sense given the fact that they are twin souls and co-leaders of the planet.

Moreover, his proclamation about this confirmed what I had been receiving over the last few years that Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah had been together on Earth in the days of the Cains and Abels; and that I had been with them as their spiritual son.

Nada Reveals the Records

In 1966, when Nada-Yolanda recalled the past history of the Cains and the Abels (as found in Evolution of Man), she did not receive or mention anything about Sol-O-Man/Adah. Her revelation of the ancient past was so advanced and so mind-expanding that it apparently was not the time to do so. Her focus was entirely on Sananda as the leader of the Abels, who would become the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and the Prince of Peace or the Christ of Earth.

Perhaps if so many light workers from 1966 to 2005, when Yolanda made her transition and ascended, had not aborted their spiritual missions, maybe Yolanda would have been given and added this information about Sol-O-Man/Adah. Instead, it appears that Nada has now done this via me, who she trained as a clear channel. Moreover, since Sol-O-Man is my master teacher, it makes sense that I would be able to recall and receive this recollection about and further explanation of her twin soul relationship with Sananda. Moreover, in most of my own past soul recalls, I was aware that Nada was helping me to do so. It is part of our interdimensional teamwork.

Two Ships as One

After I had absorbed Sananda/Abel’s input, he then engineered and assisted my sheathed teleportation in my ascended light body to Sol-O-Man’s ship #01, taking me there in what seemed like a flash. In the past, I have been aboard both ship #10 and ship #01, but this was the first time that I was bilocated into both of them at once. It was a deeply enlightening experience and spiritual expansion of my consciousness, almost more than I could tolerate without “going out” or losing conscious awareness. On this day 2 of loving our father, I was in 2 places at once: in the etheric realms and on Earth, and in two etheric spacecraft. This number 2 or bi-location also related back to the number 2 in  259 that Sananda/Abel had given to me the day before this.

Upon asking Sananda and Sol-O-Man where their respective ships were located, they said that his ship #10 was near, over or focused on Argentina in South America; and ship #01 was over Indonesia, about halfway around the planet from Argentina. Both of these sites are in the Southern Hemisphere, whereas Phillel and I are in the Northern Hemisphere, at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters in northeastern Tennessee.

Central Argentina is the location of the 10th spiritual temple that is a primary grounding point for the 10th planet in the Solar System (whose name is currently unknown). Planet X or 10 is the first of three invisible, fourth-dimensional or etheric planets.

Indonesia is due south of the 12th Temple of Vulcan in southeastern Vietnam, with it being the highest vibrational spiritual temple on Earth, given that Vulcan is the highest vibrational planet in our Solar System. Thus, the higher energies of this current cycle are pouring down initially and most powerfully into these two temples, and via them to all other temples in the West and the East.

A couple months ago, as I shared in a past blog, Sananda revealed to me that ship #10 was located near or north of Bolivia. Argentina’s northern border is partly with Bolivia’s southern border. Indonesia is especially prone to severe earthquakes, with its being located along the so-called Ring of Fire; as such it needs our ongoing prayers and projections.

West & East

Thus, Sananda aboard ship #10 is now in the Western Hemisphere, and he especially coordinates and works in and through Dr. Hannibal/St. Germain aboard his mothership #1235. Dr. Hannibal is the etheric coordinator of light workers throughout the western half of the world. In a past life, he was the Apostle Matthias, who replaced Judas. St. Germain is the Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation

Being in the East, Sol-O-Man coordinates more closely with Summalt aboard his ship #7423, who is the etheric leader of light workers in the Eastern Hemisphere. In a past life, he was Jesus’ Apostle Simon Peter.

Sananda and Sol-O-Man as co-leaders of the planet oversee and direct both Dr. Hannibal and Summalt. My twin soul, Serena, who as Aleta had been my mother this lifetime, is located in the seventh astral plane over the Eastern Hemisphere, and is aligned primarily with Sol-O-Man.

Name Revealed

By this time, once I returned from the two ships to being grounded here in my meditation room at headquarters, I felt that my meditation and communion with Sananda/Abel was over. So, I thanked him and Sol-O-Man, and all others who had been part of my experience.

I eventually stood up and started on my way into my kitchen to get some vitamins, supplements and food, so as to help me become more grounded. But, as I began my few steps there, suddenly, clairaudiently, I distinctly heard Sananda say to me: “Your spiritual code name in the days of Abels and Cains was Alla.” When he pronounced the name, it sounded similar to how Muslims pronounce the word Allah, which is the Arabic name for God. “Allah” has its accent on the second syllable, “lah.” As I heard my name, however, both “Al” and “la” in Alla were of an equal sound level, with no accent on either of them.

Upon researching “Alla” online, I learned that it was a fairly common name in Arabic countries for boys and girls. It means God-like or noble one, and is one of the 92 attributes of Allah. In Russian, Ukrainian and German, “Alla” means to ascend or to go up.

Abel, Adah & Alla

Given my ancient soul history, however, to me the name Alla has additional, more meaningful interpretations and representations. First of all, it has the word “All” as its first three letters, thus referring to Almighty God, Who is All-knowing, All-Power and All-Loving. Alla starts with an “A” and ends with an “a,” thereby symbolizing that I Am the spiritual son of Abel and Adah. It consists of two syllables that are co-pronounced with the same emphasis, thus referring to Sananda and Sol-O-Man as co-equal, masculine and feminine twin souls; and Serena and myself as Sol-I-El as twin souls. In the name Alla, “Al” and “la are mirror images on each other (in capital letters, AL and La show this more distinctly). Alla is a palindrome, a name that is pronounced the same forward or backward. Anna, Eve, Hannah and Otto likewise are palindromes.

As with Abel and Adah, Alla is a spiritual code or symbolic name, not just a literal one. However, it depicts and confirms my incarnation with Abel and Adah back in the days of the Abels and the Cains. In those ancient days, I was initially an Abel, thus with a capital letter A, but after I flinched, I became a Cain that starts with the letter “C” and contains a lower case “a.” Now, I am ascending to once again be an Alla, a leader of all other so-called Allas, who in the past lives likewise fell from grace and now are ascending back into their true identities as spiritual sons and/or daughters of Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah.

The two “ls” in Alla partly symbolize this ascension and redescent via the spinal column of light in our individual form and via the Christ column around our auric field and physical body. The lower case “l” when in the higher case “L” indicates bringing the I Am Self and Light body down into conscious, physical expression, hence the horizontal, right-pointing line of the the lower part of the “L.” Hence, as above, so below.

Double Up

Today in your meditations, double up. Yesterday, let’s say that you upped your love for and devotion of Sananda/Abel about 10 percent. In this second day of our week-long project, your goal is to double this, so that you love Abel and the Abels, who are our spiritual fathers, about 20 percent above from the starting point.

How are you to do this? Well, however you are guided from within by our Father God and by our spiritual father, Sananda/Abel. In other words, as always, ask and receive your guidance in dreams, visions, clairsentient “aha” moments;, when reading spiritual literature, talking to a friend or going for a walk. Perhaps at some point you say: Take my hand, Lord Abel, and lead me onward and upward in my ongoing, ever-evolving journey to ascended Alla consciousness. Whether you are a male or female this lifetime, you have a masculine conscious mind that comes under the influence of your own symbolic Alla nature.

Remember to first be all in your own Christ column of protective light, one with the 8 blue protectors and with the 8 gold protectors. Sananda/Abel especially sheaths you within this tube, column, pillar, elevator shaft or passageway of light. Double up: ascend in I Am consciousness, in your ascended seventh body, and be aboard ship #10. Bilocate to ship #01. In I Am ascended awareness, be in the West and the East. Go global.

If you do not actually go there, be aware that in Alla consciousness you are already there in spirit. You have a conscious and subconscious mind, the two of which are to function as one, hence in the western or eastern mode of consciousness. So, extend this from your own personal self to all other light workers in the West and East.

Ask to be given you name as a son or daughter of Abel and Adah. Have faith, be patient, know that it will be revealed in God’s good time. Having asked, you will receive. If nothing else, just asking will put you in a receptive, conscious state to receive the pouring out of Spirit upon your flesh. You will be as the symbolic Alla, whatever name you may or not receive for yourself.

Above all, slowly double your love for our spiritual father, Sananda/Abel. This will help you to see and be one with the Source, our Divine Father-Mother.

Apply more fully the two-part mantrum of Love God and Love One Another in your everyday thoughts, feelings and activities; in all your relationships and interactions with others.

Have faith that All is well, for It is. A-men.