Love Our Father x 7

Last week, we focused primarily on Sol-O-Man/Adah/Mary who is our spiritual mother. This week, starting today, Monday, August 21, 2023, we shift our attention to Sananda/Abel/Jesus, who for 26 million years has been our spiritual father. Since the ancient times of the Abels and Cains, Sol-O-Man and Sananda have been the co-leaders, the Queen and King, the Princess and Prince, the Mother and Father of Earth. (See golden image of Sananda/Jesus to right.)

Sol-O-Man and Sananda are twin souls on the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose colors are gold and white. As described in Nada-Yolanda’s intunement in 1966 (see our Mark-Age text Evolution of Man), about 26 million years ago, Sananda as Abel was the leader of the Abels. As described allegorically in Seven Lives of Mary and Jesus, Sol-O-Man as Adah was the leader of the Adahs. The “A” in both their names signified their mission to uplift the fallen humans back into I Am, ascended consciousness, and to oneness with Almighty God.

Love God & Love One Another

As Nada-Yolanda received in 1966, in that long ago time, Sananda/Abel initially was at the Third Ray Temple of Venus, which radiates Person Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. This spiritual temple or power center was, and still is, located in the modern-day Teton Mountains and Yellowstone in northwestern Wyoming. From there, Sananda/Abel led a small band of fellow light workers northwest through Utah and what is now British Columbia, Canada, to central Alaska, which is the site of the Temple of Saturn that expresses and radiates Sixth Ray Cleansing and Transmutation. From there,  Sananda/Abel traveled south to what is now Mt. Shasta in northcentral California.

There he confronted the Cains whose political, governmental headquarters was nearby at Lake Tahoe that straggles the borders of California and Nevada. The  Cains were in the vast majority of the so-called golden giants of those times, meaning those who had not fallen fully into matter and physical/animal bodies. At Mt. Shasta, although Sananda taught and demonstrated the mantrum of Love God and Love One Another, the selfish, superior-feeling Cains predominated. As the Biblical allegory goes, Cain slew Abel.

Nonetheless, Sananda as the leader of the Abels embedded and hid the history of this conflict and the selfishness of the Cains in crystals that are buried or housed in caves, which still exist today around Mt. Shasta. Moreover, after Abel returned to the etheric realms, the Hierarchy designated him as the Chohan or Director of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, who thus sat on the Council of Seven that meets on Saturn. Later he was appointed as the Prince or spiritual ruler of Earth, which is destined to be the primary Seventh Ray planet in this Solar system.

The Flinch

From my (Dr. Robert’s) soul recall of the battle of Abels versus the Cains, at the Third Ray Temple of Venus, I trained not only with Sananda/Abel but also with Sol-O-Man/Adah who likewise was there, working together with Sananda as his twin soul. With Abel, Adah and others, we traveled from Wyoming to Alaska, where our challenge was to transmute the residue of our soul imperfections or selfishness. Abel and Adah did so, but as their disciple, I did not do so completely. Out of my fear, a lack of faith, and feeling somewhat  more concerned about myself than others, I allowed myself to be adversely affected by the self-centered, self-powered, self-important, superior Cains of those days.

Like the Apostle Simon Peter in the days of Jesus, my faith faltered and I “flinched.” In so doing, I became a Cain. I did not accompany Abel and Adah when they went to Mt. Shasta. I not only betrayed and left Abel but also Adah as my master teacher. (It still hurts my heart to say this.) Afterwards, Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man as twin, complementary souls were designated as the co-directors or spiritual leaders of the Seventh Ray and the co-leaders of Earth, which they still are today.

My first soul recall this lifetime of the wretched karma of these ancient times came in 1976, just two years after I had joined the Mark-Age United Staff at MetaCenter in Miami, Florida. At that time, I dreamt that Christed light beings banished me and the rest of the error-ridden Cains or golden giants from Earth to Venus for Third Ray Transmutation with Personal Love, to change my “blood” into “Christ life flow.” I did not want to go to Venus and did not want my past history and downfall revealed. In my dream, it was like in disgrace I was Adam being expelled from the Garden of Earth.

However, on Venus, I deeply repented and began my long journey to becoming once again a true, loving son or disciple of Abel and Adah, one who loves God and loves one another. I was reborn as an Abel.

Love of God is more so of the Seventh Ray love, whereas love of one another comes primarily under the Third Ray, even though the two Rays work together seamlessly. The primary error of the fallen segment of mankind and of the Cains was the misapplication of the Third Ray; hence self-love, self-power, self-aggrandizement, and feeling separate from God, with all them being part of being selfish.

Go Slowly & Steadily

Coming forward now all the way to the present time, on August 14, 2023, I dreamt that I was with Sananda in a light-filled, higher-dimensional room, like unto the Upper Room where Jesus appeared in his light body to his Apostles following his resurrection (see painting to right).

At first, he guided me to relax and get comfortable, to “chill” as the modern idiom expresses it. Sananda said that the answers I was seeking would come out in our ongoing, loving conversation with one another. Not long after this, to start things off, he gave me his identifying numbers that started with 259 and overall contained 8 numbers (upon later awakening, I could not remember the last five of these numbers).

Pondering “259” in the dream, my first insight was that 2 plus 5 equaled 7, with Sananda, Sol-O-Man and myself as Sol-I-El being Seventh Ray workers. Together, the three of us form a spiritual trinity of Father-Mother-Son, with Sananda and Sol-O-Man being in the etheric realms and my being their beloved Christ child and grounding point on Earth. Our trinity relationship helps to set a pattern for others to follow in their own unique ways as fellow sons and daughters of Sananda and Jesus.

Moreover, the number “2” represented the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom: I was about to consciously have a deeper comprehension of my connection with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, going back to Cains and Abels. Furthermore, “2” referred to Sananda and Sol-O-Man being twin souls who function together as one, two who are our spiritual father and mother (our two parents).

Other Numbers

The number “5” in 259 was for my ongoing healing and the healing of others on and about Earth, under the direction of Hilarion and his twin soul Harmony of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing. Moreover, Sananda as Jesus aptly has been called the Great Physician, for he healed his followers of all manner of disease (see painting to right of Jesus healing a blind man). As a modern-day physician and the Director of Mark-Age Healing Haven, I am following in his footsteps. Furthermore, “5” referred to the unification and integration of male and female polarities, as demonstrated by twin souls, plus the alignment of our conscious and subconscious minds to prepare for the marriage to the superconscious. It also indicated integrating the earth plane (masculine) with the astral plane (feminine).

The number “9” was 3 times 3, and thereby represented the new, higher, I Am or Christ demonstration of Third Ray consciousness on Earth. (When I awoke from this dream, it was 3 AM.) Sananda is a master not only of the Seventh Ray but also of the Third Ray, whereas I am still working to become so. The ongoing atrial fibrillation of my heart is a reflection of this.

Furthermore, upon adding 2, 5 and 9, the sum is 16. As Sananda has channeled via Nada-Yolanda, we have 16 bodies. In the etheric realms, Sananda and Sol-O-Man demonstrate all 16 of these, whereas we on Earth in these Latter Days can only demonstrate and understand the first 7 of these bodies: physical, astral, emotional, mental, light body, resurrected body and ascended body. In the three-digit number 259, 9 also represents the 9 higher bodies that Sananda and Sol-O-Man express in the highest etheric realm of Earth, and around the Solar System.

Additionally, as the number 16 portrays, 1 plus 6 equals 7, hence again the Seventh Ray,  the first seven bodies and the seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent. I currently am in my seventh major initiation, and able to demonstrate aspects of my seventh, ascended body.

Physician, Heal Thyself

I tried to explain the basics of the many levels of 259 to other light workers whom I now saw around me, but they paid scant attention to my enthusiastic sharing, shaking their heads in disbelief. To some degree, this represented my own confusion about the whole sequence of 8 numbers. Upon awakening from this dream/night vision, the realization came that during this week, I would come to a higher understanding and demonstration of what the 8 numbers represented. By my sharing my new experiences and insights, those reading my blogs likewise would have a better comprehension of how to come into a new and higher degree of triangulation with our spiritual father, Sananda/Abel, and with our spiritual mother, Sol-O-Man/Adah.

Moreover, as shown in the dream, my first step was to focus on my own healing and upliftment, thereby following Sananda/Jesus’ instruction: Physician, heal thyself. Then and only then could I rightly share all of the above and my following insights, new images and new I Am ideas; in the ways and manners that others could most clearly comprehend and apply.

As one demonstration of this ongoing, step-by-step healing process, it would not be until two days later, on August 16th, that the clear insight came that the overall sequence of 8 numbers also represented Sananda’s lifetime as Abel plus his 7 following incarnations, starting with his being the leader of the Noahs and ending with his lifetime as Christ Jesus. In each of these 8 incarnations in this modern era, Sananda demonstrated a different aspect and degree of I Am or Christ consciousness, as befitted the times, peoples and places where he was. Moreover, 8 stood for a new octave of spiritual expression here on Earth in all who align themselves fully and lovingly with Sananda and Sol-O-Man.

Sit with Sananda

So, how are you to get started this week in working with the numbers 259 and the overall 8 numbers and talents? Perhaps you will follow to some degree in my footsteps.

After my above dream, while having my breakfast and beginning to ponder and understand its many possible meanings, Archangel Lady Uriel of the Seventh Ray hovered over me. She lovingly directed me to Sit with Sananda.

Thus, I was to be still and sit in the Silence, to be at peace, so that in time I could peacefully and lovingly commune with Sananda as the Prince of Peace of Earth; just like I had done in my dream. I was to be still and know at a deeper level, especially in my heart, that he is my and your beloved spiritual father, who is leading and inspiring us and all other receptive souls on Earth and in the surrounding astral planes in our ongoing journey from the third back into the fourth dimension.

So, in my following morning meditation, I placed a chair in front of mine for Sananda to sit in, such that we could have a relaxed, intimate, loving, father-son talk and exchange. As most often happens in my meditations, it then took me some time to still my conscious mind (masculine) and to let go of my subconscious desires and meanderings (feminine); in other words, to chill. (See image to right of someone being still and tuning into Sananda/Abel.)

Once I was fully still and clear, Sananda descended and sat before me, electrifying my whole consciousness and lifting me into Seventh Ray peace, love and rest. He was ablaze with brilliant Christ light, but I could clearly make out many of his features in his redescended light body. His love vibration was almost more than I could handle and absorb.

After my adjusting to his powerful yet gentle, loving, authoritative, fatherly presence, we began to exchange telepathically. After doing so a while, he morphed into being how he had looked as the leader of the Abels, the first such time that he had done so with me in this lifetime. I could see enough of his distinct features, but more importantly could psychically sense his overall vibration and unique expression, so as to know him as the symbolic but literal Abel. In so doing, I was taken all the way back to the days of Cains and Abels when I had been with him and Sol-O-Man/Adah.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that Sol-O-Man as Adah was sitting behind me in a chair there. As my master teacher and spiritual mother, she had prepared the way for Sananda to appear as Abel. Her distinct, mother presence also confirmed my own past soul revelations that she had been with Sananda/Abel and me at the Temple of Venus and the Temple of Saturn. (In Nada-Yolanda’s 1966 intunement and throughout her life, she had not received this information about Sol-O-Man/Adah or my being with her and Sananda/Abel, so I had my remaining doubts that what I had received several times in the past was indeed accurate.) Together with Abel and Adah, in a whole new way and degree, I was their beloved son, filled anew with their Third and Seventh Ray love. I was in Abel-Adah heaven on Earth!

You Are Our Son

Eventually, this prompted me to reflect on my soul recall about 13 years ago that I had been their son, Rahula, when they were Siddhartha and Yasodhara in India, where Siddhartha became Gautama the Buddha, and both of them attained I Am Buddhahood. (See image to right of the child Rahula with his father, Siddhartha/Gautama the Buddha, and mother, Yasodhara, who is sitting behind him and to the right.) Since my recall of this past life with them, I often have wondered if my remembrance of this was literal or symbolic, if I was the blood of their blood, or just their close and beloved disciple who was like unto a son to them.

Upon asking them now about this, together as one voice, they promptly and powerfully replied: “You were our actual son.” I involuntary shook and shuttered several times with their proclamation, and took it fully to heart. It felt totally right. It meant the world to me. It quickened my whole body.

After some time, however, Sananda then explained that it really didn’t matter whether I had been their physical son or not. What mattered was that I was their spiritual son, who was learning from them how to radiate Buddhic, I Am or Atman consciousness to all in the Eastern Hemisphere. Physical things do not necessarily make one spiritual. We become spiritualized, sons and/or daughters as part of one spiritual family, by how much we love God and love one another. And I certainly had loved Gautama and Yasodhara; and following their example and teachings learned to love others as well.

Sananda/Abel went on to say that everyone on Earth was his spiritual son or daughter. It mattered not whether anyone had incarnated physically with him as their father, or what anyone remembered of the past. Each person was and still is their beloved child. I was not to feel special or unique in any way because I had been their physical son in India. After all, many sons and daughters rebel against their parents. Being related by blood/DNA does not necessarily make anyone a reborn, spiritual child of them. Love does this.

Mary & Jesus

Following this, I found myself reflecting on my soul recall that I had received in a visionary communion with Mother Mary in Argentina in 2011. She had revealed that I had been her younger brother, and thus had known and served Sananda as Jesus. Therefore, in two of my past incarnations, one in the East and one in the West, I had been part of the trinity or family of Sananda, Sol-O-Man and Sol-I-El on Earth. All of this went back to 26 million years ago when I had been a “son” of Abel and Adah. It was like I now was seeing and understanding my entire soul record of my lifetimes on Earth for the last 26 million years. Filled as I was with so much love, I felt like my heart might burst.

Pondering all this, it came to me, as inspired by Sananda/Abel, that the whole panorama of my past is what Sananda was showing me in my dream when he revealed that his and and to some degree my numbers are 259XXXXX, with the 5 Xs representing other numbers or aspects of the past that I still have not remembered. It suddenly dawned on me that these overall 8 numbers, when looked at together, was 25.9 million (25,900,000), hence like the figure of 26 million years ago of the time of Cains and Abels until now. Needless to say, this flabbergasted me and filled me with awe.

Sit, Talk, Feel, Know, Accept, Be

Today, start your meditation by sitting in the Silence, entering into the Emptiness, being within Our Divine Mother’s Womb: “chill.” Then, surround yourself in your octagonal shaft, column or pillar of light. Link in thought and in your heart with the 8 blue protectors and the 8 gold protectors, those of the Elohim, angels, ascended masters, visitors from other planets and beyond, and higher astral plane guides, including former Amerindians; all of whom comprise your core, interdimensional family of light and love, peace and power.

Feel Sol-O-Man/Adah/Mary behind you, even sitting in the chair you have put there for her coming to give you a motherly, loving hug and to sit a spell with you. Then, if you have not already, put another chair in front of you for Sananda/Abel/Jesus to sit on when he descends to be with you; in other words, put out the welcome mat for him. (Acting this out physically helps to make things “real” to your conscious mind.) See and feel Sananda/Abel before you, with the two of you uniting in your two hearts, meeting in the middle, so to speak. You are lifted as he descends, with both of you uniting together in one heart, and the heart of God.

Once you feel the quickening, whether you see images or not, or feel any specific physical sensations or hear any vocalizations, start to welcome your spiritual father, Sananda, who in ancient times was the leader of the Abels. Say to him: “Hi Dad, it is so wonderful that you have come.” And thank him for coming. After all, as he said as the ascended Jesus: “I Am with you always in all ways.” Have faith now and know that this statement has become reality. Like me, you may now realize that you are as a prodigal son who has come home to his or her father. (See painting to right by Rembrandt of the prodigal son and father.)

When Sananda/Abel is ready, let him open the serious parts of conversation. Listen and learn. But, then as you are inspired, ask your questions and give your input. Ask and receive. Seek and find. Knock on the doorway of your and his hearts and it shall be opened unto you.

Love One Another

Then, go with the flow. Have an ongoing, leisurely, loving chat with him that sometimes is deeply serious and cosmic, at other times is humorous, joyful, light-hearted and pleasant. Most of all, be cosmically happy that he is with you, and you are with him in love.

His name, Sananda, in the ancient Sanskrit of India, means “the happiness of God or of of being in God consciousness.” In Hindu mythology, Sananda is one of four sons of Brahma, who is the Prime Creator, the One God; thus, Sananda as Son-Anda is the prototypical Son of God. “S” in Sananda connotes Spirit, Silence, the I Am Self. “Ananda” means happiness, joy, bliss; one of the Buddha’s closest disciples was named Ananda. “S” and the 7 letters in Sananda also stand for the Seventh Ray and the Seventh Initiation of Ascension and Redescent.

The name “Abel” starts with the first two letters of the alphabet, A and B, hence the All and the Beingness of God the Good, that of our Father in heaven.  “El”  in A-bel symbolizes and refers to God, the Elder or God/I Am consciousness, as well as for the Elohim. Abel is the son of Father-Mother God.

Be a Reborn Abel

As your sharing continues with Sananda/Abel, be aware that you now are able to better commune with him, to be the reborn Abel that you are, no matter what you have done in the past, for better or for worst. Be happy about this, for happiness is the Way, as Sananda/Buddha taught. (See painting to right of Sananda as Gautama Buddha and Jesus being with and hugging one another, hence as two of Sananda’s past lives.)

In fact, being cosmically happy, harmonious and joyous, bordering on being blissful, may be the foremost thing that you experience in your meditation. How can you not be happy when you are in the loving presence of your spiritual father, when your two hearts are joined as one, when you hug one another with your hearts?

If you need to know a new part of your past, Spirit will happily reveal it to you. If all you need to do is focus on and heal the present, that too will be enough. Be happy with what you are given, whether you receive it clairvoyantly, clairaudiently or clairsentiently. Perhaps you feel closer to Buddha than to Jesus, or vice versa. Maybe you were incarnated during one or both of his two lifetimes, or in his other lifetimes.

Sit, be silent, talk, share, give and take, love our spiritual father, Sananda, leader of the Abels, co-leader of Earth with Sol-O-Man/Adah. Revel in his fatherly-ness, the deep love of a father for his son or daughter. Feel the joy of being his beloved child. Does it get any better than this?

All during this first of seven days in developing your new, higher relationship with our Father/father, be rejuvenated as an Abel, one who Loves God and Loves One Another.

So be it.