For Baby (For Bobbie)

Here’s our song for today and days to come. It is one of my favorite John Denver’s uplifting songs: “For Baby (For Bobbie).”

This was only the 4th song of the 200 or more songs he would go on to write. It was amongst the first songs that he recorded. He originally wrote it for his first, serious girlfriend. Later, he apparently sung it for his three children, but none of them were named Bobbie, although maybe one of them had this nickname.

Today, some people sing this song to their young children or even teach it to them in the first years of school. Others play it at their weddings.

I sing it to any one of my “sweethearts” — young children, teenagers, or adults, especially ladies. Romantic that I Am, I love its lyrics and the joy it brings to me and others. It definitely moves my heart.


DJ Doc Bobby K