Mend the Matrix

Today, Thursday, October 5, 2023, we begin our 7-day focus on Melchizedek, who was an incarnation of Sananda, the Prince of Peace for Earth. Sananda is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

As described in my last blog, when Sananda was Melchizedek, his twin soul, Sol-O-Man (who with him is the spiritual co-leader of Earth) was incarnated as Margoah. They lived in Canaan in about the 19th century BC, which century went from 1900 to 1801 BC.

Melchizedek first appears in the Holy Bible in Genesis 14: 18-20, when he meets with, and blesses, Abram. Melchizedek quickens Abram’s faith, such that shortly thereafter Abram comes into direct communion with God, who changes his name to Abraham, which means father of a multitude. Abraham and his wife Sarah, (note the “ah” at the end of her name) become the father and mother of the new nation of Israel, whose citizens serve the One God.

[It makes me–Dr. Robert–wonder if Sol-O-Man/Margoah likewise came and blessed Abram’s wife Sarai, perhaps in a vision or dream, whose name became Sarah; thereby preparing Abraham and Sarah at ages 100 and 90, respectively, to beget Isaac; whose son Jacob fathered 12 sons that led to the formation of the 12 tribes of Israel. Prior to this, Jacob’s name was changed by God to Israel. Thus, from Melchizedek and Margoah eventually came the birth of the new I Am Nation known as Israel, wherein Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary incarnated in their last lives on Earth.]

Biblical Account

Here’s the actual entry in Genesis about the above described meeting: “And Melchizedek, king of Salem [which means peace and is the precursor of Jerusalem] brought out bread and wine; he was the priest of the Most High God [El Elyon].

“And he blessed him, saying, Blessed be Abram to God Most High, possessor of heaven and earth; And blessed be the Most High God, who has delivered your enemies into your hands. And Abram gave him tithes of everything.” (See painting of Melchizedek and Abram  above.)

This text partly foretells Sananda’s later incarnation as Christ Jesus, when he at the Last Supper gave his Apostles bread and wine, saying that the bread represented his body and wine symbolized his blood. (See image of Sananda/Jesus to right.)

Thus, as Melchizedek, he gave his Christ, ascended, light-body energy/consciousness to Abram, thereby blessing him and opening his crown chakra/cerebrum, in and through which faith expresses and manifests. The “multitude” refers to the minimum144,000 elect in all nations around the world; those who  whole-heartedly serve Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary in paving the way for their return or redescent to Earth at the culmination of these current Latter Days or End Times..

Meaning of Melchizedek

The Hebrew name “Melchi” means king, and “zedek” means “righteous.” Charles Fillmore, in his Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, writes that Melchizedek means: king of righteousness; righteous rule; upright counselor; righteous judgment; king of justice.”

Fillmore, an incarnation of Hilarion, the Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing (see his photo to right/below), then says that Melchizedek is: “King of Salem,” and “priest of God Most High” who brought forth “bread and wine” for Abram, on his return from the slaughter of the heathen kings who had taken Lot captive (Genesis 14:18; Hebrews 7).

Fillmore continues: “Of Jesus the Christ it was said that He should be a priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek (Psalms 110:4; Hebrews 5:6.”

Fillmore adds his metaphysical interpretation of Melchizedek: “The divine will established in man in righteousness, justice, and peace (king of righteousness; king of justice; king of Salem, [with] Salem meaning peace. Melchizedek refers to the Christ mind or superconsciosness, that which when ruling in man’s consciousness establishes and maintains right doing, perfect adjustment, peace, and perfection.”

Melchizedek & Maitreya

The first letter “M” in Melchizedek represents the so-called four Ms: Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, Lord Maitreya and Lady MaYa. Michael and Maitreya are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board, whose highest ruling body, the Saturnian Council or Council of Seven, meets on the planet Saturn that portrays and radiates the energies of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation.

“M” in Melchizedek especially stands for Maitreya, who is Sananda’s master teacher. On February 13, 1963, as found in our Mark-Age text Seven Rays of Life, Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “I [Sananda] am known as the chohan or master director of the seventh, final step in evolution to physical completion of spiritual man in a three-dimensional vehicle.

“I Am known not only on this planet but through all the dimensions of this solar system, even unto the farthest corners of this galaxy, because my training has been love, peace, enlightenment under Lord Maitreya, who is known as Lord of this World.” (Thus, Maitreya holds the office of Christ for this solar system, just as Jesus is the Christ or spiritual co-leader of Earth.)

Be an El

As to the meaning of “Mel” in Melchizedek, the “el” means God, Elder or God/Elder/I Am consciousness, as well as the Elder Race going back to the days of Abels and Cains (note the “el” in Abel). Thus, in the Biblical account, God is referred to as El Elyon, hence the God of the Most High, our One God.

“El” also stands for El Morya, who is the Chohan or Director of the First Ray of Will and Power. Melchizedek was an incarnation of Sananda of the Seventh Ray. However, to fulfill his Seventh-Ray missions as Abel, Melchizedek and Jesus, he was aided, aligned with and helped by his spiritual brother El Morya, who is the Christ of Neptune, the co-ruler of this planet with his twin soul, Glo-Ria. The First and Seven Rays are twin rays. They are to work together in equal, cooperative and coordinated fashion in order to birth Christ awareness and consciousness on Earth.

“El” in El Morya means Elder or Godlike, whereas “Morya” is a scrambling of Om Ray. El Morya is the master of wielding the sword of truth, hence of speaking the Word of Divine Laws of God, as he described so clearly and potently in this life when he was Mark Age/Charles Boyd Gentzel; in his book How To Do Things.

Moreover, as Nada-Yolanda has intuned and channeled, El Morya in his fourth-dimensional light body was present and active on Earth during the days of Abels and Cains some 26 million years ago. He inspired, assisted, supported, augmented and empowered Sananda, especially when Sananda and Sol-O-Man traveled from Alaska to Mt. Shasta in northern California, where they confronted the selfish, superior, arrogant Cains.

El Morya has worked together with Sananda and Sol-O-Man ever since then, with El Morya also having a special, powerful, loving relationship with Sol-O-Man.

Order of Melchizedek

On April 30, 1961, Christ Jesus channeled the following via Nada-Yolanda: “In the ancient history of this race it was brought to the attention of those traveling the path of enlightenment that the universe is made up of many signs and sciences. Man who was endeavoring to uncover the meaning of God and of the universe, His creation, went forth in uncovering and in analyzing and in exploring these various signs and sciences.

“You use, and has man through the ages, the popular word for covering this subject matter. It is called the occult sciences. Such was the order and is the Order of Melchizedek, not only for the race upon this planet but throughout this particular solar system. It is unique to this solar system; that is, the Order of Melchizedek is confined to the solar system. . . .

“Among your occult sciences are the sciences of sound vibration, color therapy, chemical transmutation, astrology, numerology, and the mental hypnotic or the control of the brain or reflexes by mechanical means. These are some of your known occult methods, as well as certain ways of breathing and eating. You know from your history and the history of ancient civilizations long lost that man has used and has abused the occult. . . .

“In the Brotherhood—often called the White Brotherhood but known to other channels and known in other ways [as the Hierarchy or Hierarchal Board]—the main method of teaching and of exploring the universe and the basic Creative Energy of that universe, which is only the end result of the product of Creative Energy or God, the methods promoted or consigned have been those methods of creation with the original or Divine Energy principle: positive thinking, creative thinking, energy of mind power, you have many terms.

“This was my mission. In all my philosophy and in all my teaching I tried to sum up, in the life I lived as Jesus of Nazareth, the science of mental power; which is Creative Energy or God Energy or Mind power; which is, after all, what God uses. The earlier lives I have expressed were for the time element and for the expression man needed in his own mass evolution. It is not wrong to explore and to use the occult, but it is better to go directly to mind power. The occult is a by-product and the mental power is the direct current.”

Be a Spiritual Scientist

To put the above in another, but similar, framework, those in the Order of Melchizedek are spiritual scientists and holistic healers, who rightly use their five physical senses and conscious mind, their ESP or psychic senses of their subconscious mind and astral body, and their Christ or I Am Mind Power and Senses of their superconscious mind and light body. The problem in the past has been when just the physical senses or psychic senses (Elementary Spiritual Powers) have been used without their being under the guidance and mastery of the full spiritual, I Am senses of one’s light body.

Also, much damage has been done by those who believe that only physical things and methods are real, such as in using electroshock therapy to treat depression, which disrupts not only one’s physical brain but also one’s mental, emotional and astral bodies, thereby disconnecting the individual from his or her light body, which is the highest source of all healing..

The term “occult” comes the Latin word “occultus” that literally means clandestine, hidden, secret, hence occult means knowledge of the hidden. For the man or woman who uses only his or her physical senses, the subconscious/astral realm is hidden from his or her view, as is the etheric realm and life on other planets. Physical scientists do not believe in past lives, other non-physical realms, or mystical experiences and light-body communions. They, like physically oriented healers, thereby become the blind leading the blind.

Because of the past misuse and abuse of the psychic senses and occult sciences, the term “occult” primarily now carries a negative connotation, as in witchcraft, black magic, sorcery and the like. However, as Jesus proclaimed and prophesized, in this Purification Time, all that is hidden will be revealed. We will become aware of both “black magic” and “white magic.”

Black magic is using one’s powers to control, demean and dominate others, to treat others as servants or slaves, as did the Cains. White magic is that of peace and love of the Seventh Ray, whose colors are white and gold, as practiced by the Abels. Sananda and Sol-O-Man are the masters of Seventh Ray white and gold light, which “magically” seem to uplift others, just as Abram and Sarai were uplifted, transmuted and spiritually awaken due to their spiritual scientific and holistic healing approaches. Only those who are blind to their true spiritual natures think that such quickenings and awakenings are magical or miraculous. The truth is that they are normal, obvious, logical and ordered.

Soul Healing

With the above in mind, let’s take another look at the description found in the Second Book of Acts about Mary’s alleged account of Margoah and Melchizedek. In this fable or allegory that is also based on physical fact, Mary at age 83 describes her past incarnations, including as Margoah. She took on this incarnation within the society and people of the Emims and the Zamzummins, who drank much wine and ate ample amounts of meat at every meal. In other words, they were gluttons. To use modern terms, they were alcoholics and food addicts.

So, in Sol-O-Man’s role as the spiritual mother of the soul of man, Margoah took on the karma of her family or group, and it became a part of her. Rather than being a glutton herself, she took on the gluttony of her family or group in order to cleanse and uplift this mortal, gluttonous soul tendency. Thus, Margoah’s problems with gluttony were mostly those of her peoples, not of her own soul history. After all, she as Sol-O-Man is the co-leader of Earth. So, is it reasonable to think that she could possibly have been a glutton all by herself? Only by knowing her spiritual identity and soul mission can we as a spiritual scientist see the full truth of the matter.

Margoah is twelve when she becomes sick due to her gluttony. Her family not only were gluttons about wine and meat, but they also and primarily were gluttonous consumers of  anger, jealousy, power-mongering, desire for sex for its own sake, etc. Thus, it is not just food and drink that makes one a glutton. It is when we fill ourselves with the ills and temptations of this physical, mortal, third-dimensional world. It is our soul programming, going back eons of time, that is the most powerful cause of our physical disorders.

Multiple Ways & Levels of Healings

Margoah’s mother, out of love and compassion for her child, takes her to see Melchizedek, the priest of the Most High God, a teacher of righteousness, the greatest spiritual scientist and holistic healer of his day. (Note that he is much older than the young Margoah. Here, as it is throughout this whole text, is the patriarchal bias rearing its ugly, self-righteous head. He is a wise, older man, a king, and she is a young, gluttonous woman.

However, Melchizedek is not your usual man of his day, who dominated women and saw them as less than a man. He uses mind power (prays) and physical approaches (anointing with oil) in his initial attempt to heal Margoah. But this does not work. To understand this, via his ESP or psychic senses, he peers into her soul and sees who she truly is. He recognizes that she is his twin soul and honors her as such. He knows that she has come to take on and transmute the gluttony of her people, to be a living example that others can follow. She primarily represents feminine soul healing whereas he more so portrays masculine physical healing.

Therefore, he steps back and does his spiritual healing projections from the distance. For he knows that he does not need to be physically present in order to assist and help her heal her soul and the soul of man. In the text, it is said that he never thinks of her again. Symbolically, this means that he never again employs conscious, mental and physical (hence masculine) methods, but goes instead to I Am spiritual healing via speaking the word; thus via affirmations, decrees, visualizations and realization.

Therefore, to say that Melchizedek never thought of her again, as it does in Second Book of Acts, is mostly a misinterpretation of what Melchizedek does and portrays. It says that only physical methods and approaches work. Melchizedek, knowing full well that Margoah is his twin soul, whom he loves more than any other woman, must have thought of her daily in his spiritual prayers and projections. It seems likely that his heart may even have hurt when he did so, for he as an incarnated man must have felt impotent to heal her, and totally disliked that she had to suffer as she did.

But, he rose above the temptation of giving his I Am spiritual power away by wanting to be physically present and to believe only in physical methods. Rather, he was spiritually present with her in his light body. His seeming “distant” love was the best healing approach. The potency of the physical realm in this sense was an illusion. Separation from God is an illusion. Separation from those that we love is an illusion. Are we not all children of our Father-Mother God? Love re-builds the bridge between us that is totally real! Love heals!

Love One Another

One of the key paragraphs in this tale of spiritual love demonstration by Melchizedek and Margoah is when Mary says: “At first I was vexed, but later became patient, praying that when this dear Gabriel would come at last to deliver me from my lifelong lying in bed, I might meet Melchizedek, the friend and teacher of Abraham, in the future. For said I, though he forget me, still I love him.” Thereby, love heals Margoah’s gluttony. Love heals Melchizedek’s belief in only physical remedies and approaches. Both of them are holistic healers in their own rights and methods, female and male portrayals of being love in action. 

Hence, physical methods alone, like changing one’s diet and loosing weight, may help to restore health to the body, but they will not entirely heal the soul of its gluttony for the things of this third-dimensional Earth. And for that matter, these approaches are a vital part of holistic healing. We are to use the best of all helpful, proven healing approaches. However, it is superconscious, I Am Self love that heals one’s conscious mind/physical body and one’s soul/subconscious/astral body, whether we are incarnated in a male or female body, no matter how old or how sick we are in a physical way, whether we are together or apart from our twin soul or soul mate.

I Am, superconscious love is our beacon as we retrace our steps out of the hellhole of mortal, earthly, egotistic, loveless consciousness into glorious, fourth-dimensional peace and love, wholeness and holiness. Sananda and Sol-O-Man love us. Our twin soul in I Am consciousness loves us, whether we consciously know of her or not. Most importantly, God loves us. Our love of God and all His-Her Creations is what brings forth spiritually scientific knowledge and holistic healing of the whole, holy person.

Seven Days with Melchizedek

On September 27, 2023, at our Hierarchal Board Meditation here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters, Melchizedek transfigured me and locked his light form primarily into the right side of my head and brain (my conscious, masculine side), then all the way down the right side of my body to my right foot. He ended up standing right next to me. I clairvoyantly saw and clairsentiently felt his powerful, loving presence. (His mostly focusing on my crown chakra/cerebrum was like Melchizedek meeting with Abram and quickening his faith, such that he would have more faith in God and His-Her divine laws.)

Melchizedek then telepathically proclaimed that he had come to complete my re-initiation into the Order of Melchizedek, which he dramatically and verifiably had started with me 10 years earlier in 2013, as I described in my last blog. (However, he further explained that since my spiritual awakening prior to going to medical school, he had overseen my re-entry into Melchizedek consciousness and expression.) This current, final leg or chapter of the my full re-entering into the Order of Melchizedek was to take seven days, like unto the seven days of creation.

This was a re-initiation, because in my past sojourns on all the planets of this Solar System, I had trained under Sananda/Melchizedek and others of the Order of Melchizedek, including Hilarion and El Morya. Now, I was to remember more of this, and to reincorporate my spiritual, I Am powers as a representative for, and a leader of, all men and women of science and all healers on Earth in these Latter Days.

I felt totally electrified, which confirmed what he had just shared. For the rest of the day, I did my best to not speculate about what next might or might not happen. My ongoing prayer, in good First Ray fashion on this first day, was: Thy will be done with Your power.

Day Two: Baptism

The next morning, September 28th, deep in my morning meditation, in came Melchizedek again. This time he anchored strongly and deeply into my entire spinal column, from my third eye and base of my brain down to the bottom of my back, fortifying and strengthening my Christ column or pillar of light. This was baptism with fire. My whole spine, but especially the uppermost part of it, and all my nerves, were charged to the full degree that I presently could handle without burning up or flaming out.

Then, Melchizedek instructed me to become more of the spiritual man that I Am, to be more proficient at being a Man’s man, so to speak, to be better at wielding the sword of truth as well as being peaceful and loving. He said that he as Sananda was “The Man” for Earth, the prime example of what it is to be a man, one who uses not only Seventh Ray peace and love but also First Ray will and power.

My lifelong tendency has been to focus too much on Seventh Ray peace and love, and too little on First Ray will and power. I am more comfortable and likely to focus on my ESP talents as expressed via my dreams and visions, than on being tough minded and putting the new guidance into positive action. I have had a tendency “to make nice” even with my enemies, in my mistaken desire to be loved by others. It had been my downfall from Abel to Cain consciousness going back 26 million years ago. My whole soul record now was to be cleansed of this past error, mistake or so-called sin. To put this another way, I was to demonstrate both tough and tender love.

Man Up

Afterwards, I thought once again of two example’s in Sananda’s life in which he rightly and powerfully wielded the First Ray sword, even as he unconditionally loved and saw the Christ deep within others. When in the presence of the scribes and Pharisees, Jesus fully healed a deaf and mute man. But, rather than the Pharisees praising him and seeing this as a sign that he was the Messiah, these self-righteous Pharisees said that it was Beelzebub (the devil) who did the healing through Jesus. In response to this, Jesus got tough, took out his sword, and called them a “brood of vipers.”

Vipers are the most poisonous snakes in the Middle East. Jesus continued by saying that the Pharisees, whose words of denial of him and his I Am healing powers came out of their evil hearts, were the offspring or progeny of the devil, the so-called “sons” of Satan. In other words, they had it backwards and in reverse. They were not the most evolved and glorious leaders of the Jews. Rather, they were vipers, like unto the snake in the Garden of Eden. Christ Jesus was the Messiah whom the Pharisees thought they were serving, but in reality they were serving their own self-power and selfishness.

The second time Jesus masterfully wielded the sword was when he took his whip and drove the money changers out of the Temple. He knew that this was the only way that these “bloodsuckers,” who charged exorbitant fees to change pilgrims’ moneys into the one money that that they could use to make donations to the Temple priests, would not hear what he had to say if he “made nice” with them, if he tried in tender love fashion to teach and educate them. (See painting to right.)

He demonstrated his First Ray power (that may well have been aided by El Morya in the etheric realms), which of course they thought was not right. How could the Messiah treat them like this? But, Christ Jesus did not whip them because he hated them, but rather because he loved them and wished for them to open their hearts and see the light. To use the modern phrase, he “talked turkey” with them.

By his actions, Christ Jesus demonstrated and showed them what thieves they truly were. Maybe only one or a few of them would get the message and take it to heart, but Jesus’ demonstration would ring true down through the ages until right now. Moreover, if only one money changer saw the light, that would be enough to prove what needed to be done by all of them. Jesus did not care whether those in this den of thieves loved him or not. Out of Jesus’ love of the truth, he did what he was guided to do. Most of these whipped ones hated him for it, and plotted to have him killed. But Jesus was a spiritual Man’s man. And later, he proved it in his resurrection and ascension. I was to follow in his footsteps and stop being a mortal/soul “wuss.” I was to “Man Up.”

Day Three

The next morning in meditation, September 29th, Melchizedek transfigured over me in the shape of a capital M. The downward pointing apex of the M was in my heart chakra, which lit up with Melchizedek’s fatherly love that penetrated deep into, and transmuted, my soul. Seeing this and knowing the depth to which he loved me, who was I to care about whether various ones on Earth or in the astral plane’s loved or hated me. They would reap what they sowed. I was ready anew to be seemingly alone rather than “friends” with the sons of Satan who would destroy me if I let them. I was going to sow love, which in time would come back to me multiplied.

Nonetheless, during the day, various memories of past hurts and denials inflicted on me by others, which I had allowed to occur without my wielding the sword, wandered through my mind, heart and soul. At times, my heart and chest hurt. Like all light workers, I had suffered multiple rejections by others, right up to the present time, including by those who once had been close and dear to me; which of course hurt me the most. As Jesus had prophesied, in the Age of Marks, brother will fight against brother.

Once more, I blessed the Christ in these betrayers and let them go to God. As part of this process, I also got over my own shame and guilt about not having loved them enough and having not wielded the sword to help them. With power and grace, I now forgave them, maybe for the 490th time. Even as I was doing this, Melchizedek was forgiving me. Before he ascended back into the etheric realms, he reaffirmed that I was his son in whom he was well pleased. If he was pleased, then so was I. All was in divine order. Through my tears, I believed him and thanked him, and marveled about all that had transpired.

I, when I be lifted up into the Order of Melchizedek, will draw and lift all others unto me, if indeed they too want to be loving and rightly use the sword. In the Order of Melchizedek is the manifestation of divine order. If others want to stay behind, continue to suffer and not enter this Order, I have no choice but to let them go and learn their lessons the hard way. No matter what occurs, I continue to move forward and upward.

Manifestation & Crystallization

The next morning in meditation, after the completion of a long stretch of struggling to be still and at peace, suddenly an entirely new I Am image imprinted on my third-eye screen. It was of a rounded, sloping letter M, rather than an M with its straight lines and points as I always previously had seen the M. The new M was gold in color. It looked much like the M logo that is used by MacDonald’s burger places. (See the image of this to right.)

As I pondered the meaning of this symbol, I began to feel the presence of Melchizedek. Eventually the realization came that Margoah was with him, but more so in the background. They were of the right and left loops of the M.

However, this new, rounded, flowing M stood mostly for Man or masculine, for being a Master in and of the Order of Melchizedek. To be a whole, healthy, harmonious, loving and powerful man, I was to be equally man and woman, conscious and subconscious. I was to “round” out the rough edges of my maleness, of my difficulties of wielding the sword and rightly loving others.

Finally, the rounded M also stood for the Fourth Ray or Day of Manifestation and Crystallization, the time that we step forth publicly and demonstrate our newly developed and anchored talents as an initiate in the Order of Melchizedek. As above, so below. As within, so without. This is like when Jesus stepped forth in his public mission, teaching, healing, castigating, cleansing and loving all those around him, friends and enemies alike.

I totally loved being within and surrounded by this rounded, sloping, flowing, golden M. I felt at home in it, in so many ways. Thank You, Spirit. Thank you, Melchizedek and Margoah, my beloved Dad and Mom.

Day Five

With my new level of I Am manifestation and Melchizedekian consciousness and expression, it did not come as much of a surprise that October 1st, the next day, was mostly a time of dealing with negative reactions by others, what I have called “blowback.” In meditation, black splotches and energies assailed my aura and tried to penetrate it. Outwardly, someone tried to shaped me up, to point out my alleged negativity and misuse of the sword, when in fact they were not of a high enough consciousness to do so. They were projecting their problems with love and power onto me, and trying to blame me for their own darkness..

I re-centered myself time and again in my Christ column of light, wherein I was loved and protected by the 8 blue and gold protectors. Fighting against my tempters would not work. Immersing myself in their drama was not the way forward or upward. My resolution with each and all of them was: You take care of your darkness and I will take care of mine; then we will able to rightly love another.

During the daylong dealings, I had to also have power over my own doubts, fears, wonderings and worries. Had I received correctly all that Melchizedek had given me? Could I really “Man Up” in the right, proper and Christlike way? When would all this garbage end?

By the time I went to bed that evening, I was finally in a new state of balance and harmony. The battle was over for the time being. I had not succumbed to the darkness, but focused on and brought forth the light for myself and others. I had done my best to speak the word as well as to forgive my betrayers and tempters. I had “Manned Up” to a new level. I was a new man of I Am peace and power.


The next morning, the sixth day, on October 2nd, it felt like the dark forces who had tried to attack and defeat me yesterday, but had failed, were furious. They had gone out and called upon other lower astrals and negative souls on Earth to destroy me. The whole thing reminded me of Jesus’ crucifixion, when even his Apostles, except for John (love), had denied and abandoned him.

I called especially on Melchizedek to help me yet once again. Once again, he guided me anew to be still more centered and confident inside my Christ column or pillar of power and peace. About a half hour later, the dark ones disappeared. They were defeated by their own darkness and selfishness, so they decided to go and try to defeat someone else in the light worker ranks.

Following this, the most amazing inflow and downpouring of white liquid-light light occurred, flowing into and around my spinal column and all my chakras. The light was almost blindingly brilliant, looking much like the color of the Sun when you see it at noontime, high in the sky.

The fiery yet soothing white light eventually began to coalesce and take shape around me. Melchizedek labeled or alluded to as being a “white ingot.” “In” meant that this process was taking place within me, whereas “got” referred to my being a begotten son of God.

Looking up the word “ingot” in a dictionary, it meant to pour into. Furthermore, I discovered that as a bar of steel is heated up to very high temperatures, it changes colors until it become white hot. If heated further, it vaporizes. (See picture of white ingot/rod to right.)

My spinal ingot stayed white, with some yellowish gold light-energy around it, as I tried my best to welcome, absorb and be one with it. It was the strengthening of my spine, making it fortified and new (Jesus after his ascension said via John that he made all things new). Moreover, it reminded me of the pole or column of fiery light that guided Moses (another incarnation of Sananda) and the Israelites through the wilderness.

All day, I stayed in this white ingot as it cooled. Upon doing so, the image of myself as Soliel began to appear inside and around the ingot. The ingot was the birth canal from above to below. I was being reborn and resurrected as Soliel of the Sun. Thank You, Spirit, especially Melchizedek as an agent of Spirit, for this “hidden” or “occult” transmutation, for transforming base metals into gold, for changing the metals or minerals of the physical into the super-elements of my seventh or ascended light body, for helping me to become the Golden Male Giant that I Am.


That night, I slept deeply and long. The following morning, September 3rd, I seemed to have come back from far, far away. It took me much time to awaken. While in the process of doing so, I was taken up in my light form, where via my all-seeing third or cosmic eye, I saw a being who looked somewhat like a Earth man coming to me from my symbolic right or conscious side.

Upon his standing in front of me, he appeared to be about seven feet tall, had long and wavy light brown to blond/golden hair, was handsome in a higher and more radiant way that I ever had seen before, smiled lovingly at me such that I felt entirely comfortable with him, like I had known him forever. I felt enveloped in and suffused by his aura. Having appeared and made contact with me, he walked to my left and disappeared from view, dissolving into what looked like a mist or cloud. I had no conscious idea who he actually might be, but I surely wanted to find out.

After laying several minutes on my back in bed, suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, his identity came clearly to me: He was the masculine EloHim of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. In the past, going back to 2013, but much more so in the last couple years, he had visited and communed with me several times, but always was “bodiless” or without specific form, more so a matrix of light like unto the mist or cloud into which he melted in my current visionary communion with him.

The realization slowly came that he would fully and finally initiate me into the Order of Melchizedek. That was why he was here. He had lowered his vibration and showed himself in a recognizable form to me to help me to be comfortable and receptive, to have faith that this was about to manifest and take place. In the white ingot of the day before, my vibration had been uplifted such that I now could “see” him. Moreover, his showing himself to me in a masculine form confirmed for me that there was a masculine EloHim and a feminine EloHer for each of the Seven Rays of Life.

Mend the Matrix

While having breakfast, he still was with me, filling up my whole apartment. But I no longer “saw” him in any specific form. When I went into meditation, he again was present, above me, around me, within me in cosmic oneness. Maybe ten minutes into the meditation, he said: “Mend the Matrix.” By the way he said this and how it affected me so deeply and profoundly in my heart, I knew that this would be the title of this blog. I even chuckled that this title had Mend and Matrix in it, with both words starting with a capital M.

Slowly, he guided me to think in a spiritually scientific way about how God creates manifestation on Earth and elsewhere. God is One, Indivisible, Whole, Complete and Present throughout all creation; All-Knowing, All-Powerful and All-Loving. In bringing forth manifestation, however, God works with two polarities that we call Father and Mother. The Father speaks the Word, the Mother receives, nourishes and nurtures the Word, until the Son or Daughter is born. Herein is the Trinity of Father-Mother-Son.

Moreover, when God as Father speaks the Word, he first does so to the Elohim, who therefore are said and described to be part of the Godhead. Nada-Yolanda’s channelings  only describe one Elohim for each of the Seven Rays of Life. What has been given to me over the years is that there is a masculine and feminine Elohim for each Ray, which I have been guided to label the masculine EloHim and the feminine EloHer. The Elohim as a co-creator with Father-Mother God then forms the basic matrix, pattern or inner design of that which eventually is to be manifested. In an earthly analogy, they are like architects who make blueprints.

From there, the angels take the blueprints and begin to flesh them out. They create thought forms and all kinds of forms in order to manifest them. The angels work in and through the devas who are etheric beings, who add further substance and energy to the thought forms; who in turn work with the elementals.

Angels also work in, through and with humans who are in their fourth dimensional light bodies. Humans have come to Earth to become the guardians and masters over the three lower kingdoms: animals, plants and minerals. Humanity’s function is to uplift them, not dominate and destroy them, as has occurred throughout our past history on Earth.

Thus, the Elohim form the matrix or logos of each planet, the angels add form and substance, the devas step it down and work with the elementals, and humans work under and are guarded by the angels.

Repair, Heal, Reform

However, starting 206 million years ago, Lucifer, then the Archangel of the Third Ray of Personal, Love and Dedication to a Higher Cause, became enamored of his own individual creative power, thereby separating himself from the Third Ray EloHim and EloHim. At the same time, more and more 4th-dimensional men and women became enamored of their own self-power, self-love and self-aggrandizement, whereby they felt separate from God and His-Her laws. As it is channeled via Nada-Yolanda in our Mark-Age text Angels and Man, the Luciferian angels and the selfishly tainted golden giants collaborated in creating a physical body in which man could operate on Earth. This was the downfall of man, the final segment of which occurred about 26 million years ago.

Hence, this was the disruption, the dispersal, the denial of the original matrix that had been brought forth by the Elohim, especially the EloHim and EloHer of the Seventh Ray, since the Earth was designed to be the primary Seventh Ray planet in the Solar System. This downfall, this denial of God and the Elohim is what has to be mended, restructured, reformed and healed. You and I and all light workers are called upon to mend the matrix. The downfall and damage was due to the misapplication and abuse of the Third Ray, including throughout the Solar System, but nowhere so thorough and deep as on Earth, which now is the lowest vibrational planet.

Given the Earth’s ancient history, this is why the Elohim of the Seventh Ray had come to complete my initiation into the Order of Melchizedek. Spiritual scientists in this Order that exists on every planet know the history, see the pattern, scientifically and logically diagnose the disease, and initiate new healing works. With my work being primarily of a masculine nature, it is the masculine EloHim of Peace and Love who shows and tells me what to do, who completes my initiation me into this ancient, yet current Order of Melchizedekian scientists and healers.

Golden Crown

Next, from out of the EloHim’s forcefield appeared the most magnificent, golden crown I have ever seen, seemingly in his hands. It was almost invisible, because it was so filled with etheric light and energy. He placed it on and around my head, thereby completing my “coronation” and initiation of re-entering the Order of Melchizedek. I now was at the head of this Order on Earth, preparing the way for Sananda/Melchizedek/Jesus’ return. The crown had about 12 points or upward pointing triangles, one for each of the 12 planets of this solar system.

With this done, the EloHim left. This whole communion with him had lasted maybe fifteen minutes. This short timing indicated that I was not to get overly excited about it, to make more of it than it was, or to lose my humility. It was as simple a ceremony as one could imagine. And yet, it was indelibly imprinted into my mind, heart, soul and body. I will never be the same.

Four-Step Christ Matrix

You may wish to follow my own demonstration to some degree or to be inspired by parts of it. But, most importantly, seek and follow your own unique, I Am guidance and presence.

Ask and receive how you are to enter anew into the Order of Melchizedek, how you can commune with Melchizedek and Margoah, how you can be love in action on Earth in these crucial Latter Days.

Take your time. Take it one day and one revelation at a time. Be patient and content to know that you are beloved by Melchizedek and Margoah, that they are watching over you, awaiting your invitation to welcome them into your heart and soul.

Whatever else you do, focus primarily on mending the matrix in your own soul record. Take care of, and heal, whatever is still out of divine order within you. Do so by loving God and loving one another, even as you wield the sword of truth

Employ tough and tender love. Follow the four-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination that Lord Maitreya gave us back in 1993. Let go and let God flow through your mind, soul and body, which is a science in and of itself. Know the truth and it will set you free.

Keep it simple. Do your best. Love and love some more. Speak the truth as you know and have verified it to be.

Be reborn as a solar system scientist!

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  1. It’s like riding horses (our power centers activated, thinking, speaking and wielding the sword of truth in daily actions) together for all of US in the field who read this Blog. We are with you each in our unique Christ ways day by day, above the fray, in the world but not of the world.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Jane. I love your description and analogy. I am with you in spirit, in I Am will and power, and I Am peace and love; First Ray and Seventh Ray. Forward we go! Love ya, Dr. Robert

  2. Thank you for your detail account of your story, journey, and demonstration. Truly an inspiration, for me personally and for many others, I’m sure. Love in Action all the time, always in all ways. So be it.

    1. God bless you and thank you, Jonathan! Your story is likewise important, uplifting and an example to many others. I walk with you in the light of a New Day and a New Way of Brotherhood and Sisterhood on our beloved planet. Robert

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