Heal the Soul of Africa

Today, Wednesday, October 26, 2022, we begin the first of seven days of focusing on the Third Ray soul healing of Africa, starting with Temple Eleven at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria and the Serengeti in northwestern Tanzania, Africa. (See photo to right of the moon rising over the tallest of three volcano cones that comprise Mt. Kilimanjaro. Click here for a large map of Africa.)

Planet Eleven in the solar system demonstrates and radiates the combined use and mastery of the First, Third and Seventh Rays, as does Temple Eleven in Tanzania. Last week, we concentrated primarily on the First Ray of Will and Power. This week our focus will be mostly on the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. In the upcoming third and final week, we will shift our attention to the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. We will be fully 1 3 7 in action.

Last week, we focused more so on the I Am or superconscious aspect of our one one mind. This week, our principle attention will be on healing the subconscious or soul component of our mind, and on healing the soul of Africa. In so doing, our primary etheric teachers and mentors will once again be Kil-I-Man and Afri-Ka, the two co-leaders of Planet 11, who now are positioned in their spacecraft #137 over Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and three large surrounding lakes. Lanto, Chohan of the Third Ray, and his twin soul Anna likewise will be guiding and guarding us, as will Archangel Lord Chamuel and Lady Chamuel of the Third Ray. Our primary color will be pink. We will think pink, feel pink and be pink love in action.

Third Ray Regeneration

There is not a person on Earth, spiritually awakened or not, who does not have some trouble with properly and rightly expressing pink power in personal relationships, especially physical, sexual exchanges.

As for myself (Dr. Robert), let me just say that I have been married and divorced twice, and have dreamt of having had mistresses in past lives in Lemuria and Atlantis, and homosexual experiences in other prior incarnations. In this lifetime, in each of my seven major initiations, I have been in love with a lovely lady, including one African-American sweetheart. But none of these led to a long-lasting, physical relationship. Thus, at times, I have done yeoman battle with my loneliness and feeling unloved and appreciated. More and more, however, I have learned to love my times of solitude as well as my relationships with others. Sananda and Sol-O-Man love me, as does my twin soul, Serena; and that is what matters the most! As long as I know and deeply feel that they love me, then I always can love others, no matter what they do or say, or how they treat me for better or worse.

It took Yolanda thirty long years, from 1975 to 2005, throughout her sixth and seventh major initiations, to heal her long-time, multi-incarnational relationship with her beloved soul mate, George. Sananda told her in 1976 that her soul relationship with George was like his relationship with Mary Magdalene. Jesus’ challenge had been to love her without expecting anything physical in return, which he did. Yolanda, however, wanted a physical, married relationship with George, and thereby this strong feeling colored and distorted her psychic receivings about him. Finally, in 2003, El Morya set Yolanda straight, telling her that she and George would not get together physically in this life, and they never did. But Yolanda, bless her heart, did heal her soul record with George, which paved the way for her transition and ascension in 2005, and her ongoing exchange with him on the other side of the veil.

As long as we live in a third-dimensional, animal body, we will have to deal with our inappropriate, unhealthy, imbalanced sexual desires, however great or small they are. Sexual desire is hardwired right in our brains, as part of the animal programming to procreate the species. The point is to continue uplifting and regenerating these desires until we procreate the birthing of our light body and that of all others. We are here on Earth to use our God-given creative energies to regenerate, not to degenerate, our minds, souls and bodies. We are not to be as the “golden giants” of old, who in the Biblical allegory “slept” with the daughters of physical, third-dimensional men. We are to be true, righteous, Pink and Gold Giants who love the Good in one and all.

Male-Female Exchange in Africa

So, what does all of this have to do with Temple Eleven in Africa and all regions of Africa? One major consideration is that currently the theory is that mankind as homo sapiens came to life in the Great Rift Valley in Africa, much of which is near Tempe 11, some 200,000 years ago. In many ways, this current evolutionary theory is symbolic of the descent of a segment of fourth dimensional man into third dimensional, physical animal bodies. It occurred in Africa. However, the Great Rift Valley also extends all the way north to Israel and the Middle East, where the Garden of Eden allegedly and allegorically existed.

Throughout Africa today, most women basically are dominated by men and considered to be second class citizens, whether they be Christians or Muslims. In terms of slavery, in years past, white men bought black slaves in Africa, both men and women, and brought them to the Americas. They whipped, emasculated and killed the men, and had sex with the women. White men lusted after black women. Of the founding fathers of the United States, only John Adams of Massachusetts never owned slaves. By contrast, Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, who wrote the uplifting verses of the Declaration of Independence in which he proclaimed that all men were created equal, had about 300 slaves and had sex with one of the female slaves and fathered a number of children with her, as documented and proven by DNA testing.

Even today, many white men think of black women as being more sexually attractive, desirable and active than white women; that the best thing about African-American women is their primal sexuality, not their mentality, soul talents or spirituality.

Sing a Song of Love

On August 1, 2013, I dreamt that I, along with several white men, were observing,  a series of three African-American women who were singers. The first lovely lady woman sang in a somewhat throaty voice, which however was pleasant. The white men around me were critical of her, but I was not as I knew she could and would get better with some more vocal training. I focused on what was right, not what I thought was wrong.

When a second Black woman sang, her voice was noticeably better that the first lady’s. When she stopped, a white man went up to her, hugged and kissed her; in essence stopping her from singing more. He was much more interested in sex than he was with her soaring singing.

Then a third African-American lady sang in a beautiful, clear, powerful voice like an opera singer. Her exquisite voice lifted me to the heavens, so I said to the other men: Now that is a singer! Then one of the white men, like her agent or manager, came up to and kissed her in a long, passionate kiss, in an overtly sexual, dominating way that was completely inappropriate. His actions took her right out of her heavenly glow that she felt from her singing, when she had felt and demonstrated that Spirit was singing through her.

Here depicted in this dream is the attitude of many white men, who are still so rooted in their sexual feelings about Black women that they do not even appreciate their heavenly singing. In the dream, none of the men were the husband of the three ladies; and none were black men. Rather they were all white men in power in the music business, who obviously preyed upon African-American woman, as white men have been doing for ages.

Dansville Red Light District

When I was growing up in Dansville, New York, a  small town of 5,000 people in upstate New York, there were only a couple of African-Americans there. One was a overweight, middle-aged Black woman, who during the day cleaned the houses of relatively wealthy white folks, and at night turned on the red light bulb outside her apartment door to indicate that she was ready to provide her services for the right price. She made lots more money being a prostitute than in cleaning houses. And most of her clients were white men, including some prominent leaders in the community, if one believed the prevalent gossip about them.

When I was in medical school from 1968-72, there were 2 African-American women in my class of 125, and only 6 total women. Now, over half of each medical school class throughout the USA are women, and one-quarter of them are black. The times they are a-changing!

In wretched contrast, violent sexual abuse of women in African warring countries is common and even epidemic. Ladies who live across the border of these countries in refugee camps, having left their homeland because of black-on-black violence there, commonly cannot even walk by themselves to get water without risking being raped.

On the other side of the coin, there have been about seven black women presidents of various African countries in the last 20-30 years.

Astral Regeneration

In my dream on July 11, 2014, I was talking with a tall, large, muscular African woman of great presence and power, who had a pink glow about her. At first, although she was spiritual in her own right, she did not fully understand or accept what I said about higher spiritual matters. However, after I persisted, she saw the uplifting truth of what I shared. It helped that I told her my high Self name was Soliel, that I devotedly served the Hierarchy and shone my light on one and all.

She slowly responded by giving me a big, loving, joyous smile. However, when I went over to lie on a couch to rest and recoup, she came and laid right on top of me and hugged me. She was about a foot or so taller than me and wider and heavier than me. I thought it inappropriate that she would lie on top of me, and even wondered if I could possibly hold her weight and presence, or would I be squashed or suffocate. Slowly, however, I grew in size, rising more fully into my light body until I was taller and bigger than her. In response, she moved over, laid beside me and exhibited no personal, sexual desires for me, or any desire to “lord (lady) it over on me.”

Upon awakening, it took some time to realize that this tall, black, muscular, fleshy, powerful African woman was from the highest or seventh astral plane. In this astral dimension, souls are 90 percent pure, 90 percent in I Am, light-body consciousness, but still have about 10 percent of mortal consciousness. In other words, they are 90 percent Abels but still 10 percent Cains. As they evolve through this seventh plane, they transform and transmute their remaining selfishness and darkness, until they can ascend in their seventh or ascended body into the first, lowest of three etheric planes.

In my dream, this former African lady was indeed highly evolved, but she was not fully aware of the Hierarchy or the Second Coming program. Thankfully, she did listen to me about all of this, and decided to be of help and to guard me as a higher astral plane guide. But she initially went overboard, did not allow me to rest, plopped herself down on me, thinking that this would protect me and show her pure love for me, when in fact her positioning nearly suffocated me. In time, I rose into my own light form and she moved to my side, still loving me but granting me my own space and power. She served me rather than tried to subtly dominate me.

Pink It

In your quiet times today, October 26th here in the USA, wrap yourself in a Christ cocoon of protective light, love and power. Be centered. Leave the area at the top of your crown chakra and cerebrum open. Pouring down and into it is a vibrant stream of pink liquid-light. Once it has anchored into your seventh or crown chakra/brain, it begins to flow down into your third eye and other lower chakras. Afri-Ka, Kil-I-Man, Anna and Lanto have “painted you pink,” have quickened your Third Ray personal love, feeling and dedication to a higher cause. You are in the pink. You are Pink.

See yourself high above Tanzania in central-eastern Africa, home of the Eleventh Temple. Join and become one pink power with Afri-Ka, Kil-I-Man, other ascended masters, angels and space visitors from Planet 11. With them, pour down pink liquid-light light into Tanzania, which first travels down into the seventh astral plane and then to each lower astral realm, until it reaches the Earth. As above, so now below.

Rather than focus on Mt. Kilimanjaro, which has three volcanic cones, with the one called Kibo being the highest at over 19,000 feet in elevation (which is what you usually see in pictures of Mt. Kilimanjaro, like in the one above at the start of this blog), aim and direct your pink liquid-light into Lake Victoria (which I have renamed lake Afri-Ka) that is located on the northwestern boundary of Tanzania. This is the largest freshwater lake in Africa, and the second-largest freshwater lake in the world. It is the headwaters of the Nile River that flows north all the way to Cairo, Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea, and thus to all northern African countries. The Nile is Africa’s longest river.

Lakes Tanganyika & Nyasa

Next, move your attention to Lake Tanganyika on Tanzania’s western border (see map above; click here3 to see large map of 3 Tanzania huge lakes). It is the second-deepest lake in the world and the second-biggest lake by volume. It serves as one of the headwaters of the Congo River that travels west from here through all of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the Atlantic Ocean. Pour pink personal love into this huge lake, knowing that its pink energies will flow via the Congo River to much of the central section of Africa, as well as to all of its west coast countries. The Congo River is the second longest river in Africa.

In your third step, see pink liquid-light pouring down and into Lake Nyasa, also called Lake Malawi, located on the southwest border of Tanzania. From there it flows via the Shire River to the very large Zambezi River that carries its waters through Mozambique, to its eastern coast and into the Indian Ocean, wherein it circulates to all African eastern countries and out to the island of Madagascar .

Thus we project pink, Third-Ray light and energy into three large lakes, symbolizing the Third Ray. Water is a much better container and holder of the higher spiritual energies than is physical dirt and rocks. Plus, water symbolically refers to the soul or subconscious, whereas dirt and rocks represent the physical body or conscious aspect of mind.

(Our own physical body is composed of about 66% water and 34% solutes or physical substances. Water as H2O better holds the higher frequencies of our light body than do solutes in and around the cells of our physical body. Thus, in reality, we are a living stream of etheric liquid-light that pours down and into us from above.)

See & Be

See all three lakes being lit up and sparkling with fourth dimensional pink light that then radiates and flows out to all of Africa by way of three major rivers.

Visualize African men and women being pink and loving one another as complementary equals. Imagine blacks and whites living and working together as equals, brothers and sisters in the one family of multi-colored humanity. See etheric, astral and physical realms of Africa being one in the One. As above in pinkness and selfless personal love, so now below.

Affirm and see Temple Eleven being pink. Visualize all of Africa being pink. Know in your heart that pink light now flows from Africa to all the other spiritual temples or power centers, to all other countries around the world. All is Pink!

So be it.