Love the 144,000 Elect

Today, March 6, 2024, and continuing for at least one week, affirm, visualize and realize that 144 Pleiadeans are contacting and working though you. These include 72 feminine Pleiadeans that are positioned primarily to the left side of you in a semi-circle, and 72 masculine Pleiadeans that are mostly to the right of you.

As they encircle you, your forcefield is charged to a new and higher degree with Seventh Ray peace, love and rest that you then radiate out to the world.

The combined, interacting, harmonious presences of the 72 male and 72 female Pleiadeans may remind you of the yin-yang symbol of Taoism. The two small dots are like unto Mama and Papa Pleia, who are the twin leaders of this overall Pleiadean contingent. The circle around the two polarities represents the Tao or Way of peace and love, as symbolized by the white and gold colors of the Seventh Ray.

One with the 144,000 Elect

Looking back, it was just Seven Sisters from the Pleiades that first contacted you on December 27, 2023. Then Seven Brothers joined you three days later. From there the number gradually increased over about the next five-six weeks to seventy (70) visiting Pleiadeans, with your adjusting to each corresponding increase in the influx with the higher, etheric energies into our mind, body and soul. Now the total number of Pleiadeans is doubling to 144. With all your past training and experiences, you are ready and capable of handling this new level.

Why this number? It represents the 144,000 elect who as light workers worldwide have chosen to serve the Second Coming program that includes the spiritual awakening of all on Earth to spiritual awareness and consciousness. This sets the stage for the upcoming redescent or Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary in their seventh or ascended light bodies to Earth, to usher in a New or Golden Age.

Thus, there is one (1) Pleiadean for each one thousand (1,000) of the elect. There are twelve (12) Pleiadeans for each of the twelve (12) planetary spiritual temples, power centers or cities of light all around the planet. This entire group of 144 Pleiadeans are particularly skilled at removing the astral veil over each of the twelve planetary centers, such that greater spiritual light, love, peace and power can flow into and revitalize each power center.

Moreover, you have 144,000 cells or centers in your cerebrum that likewise need to be fully recharged with more fourth-dimensional, etheric energy in order for your entire brain and the rest of your body to be lifted into I Am, ascended consciousness and light-body expression.

You, when you are lifted up, lift up all others unto you, starting with all others who comprise the minimum of 144,000 elect whose collective light shall uplift all peoples of Earth.

Easter Resurrection is Upon Us

Easter this year on March 31st is just 25 days away. People worldwide now are focusing more and more on Christ Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. We light workers are to concentrate mostly on resurrection, whereas most people in traditional Christian churches are focusing way too much on the suffering of crucifixion. As Sananda/Jesus has channeled via Nada-Yolanda, we and others are to take him off the cross and see him risen anew in his light body.

Moreover, we are to look at our own experiences of crucifixion in the next few weeks in a similar way. With the new doubling of Pleiadeans in our forcefields, and the corresponding influx of higher spiritual energies, we are likely to have various physical symptoms, such as clogging of our upper respiratory system, headaches, low back and joint pain, and difficulty sleeping. Our tendency when this happens is to wonder what we are doing wrong to cause these symptoms. But for the most part, such difficulties, including doubts, fears, anxiety and lack of confidence, are due to our need to continually adjust to the amping up of the Easter energy influxes. We are to keep our eye single on our own resurrection and rebirth, even as we let go of the remaining errors of our past.

Of course, we always follow a holistic approach in our ongoing transformation and healing, using the best of all orthodox and so-called unorthodox healing modalities. But still, our primary and most powerful healing modality is our use of spiritual, I Am or Christ mind power through affirmation, decree, visualization and realization.

Furthermore, our own transformation and healing depends on the transmutation and upliftment of the 144,000 elect. In other words, only if we support, link with and help them are we uplifted. As we give, so do we receive.

See and Be

Therefore, for the next week, and continuing on to Easter, link daily with the 144 or more Pleiadeans who are adding their higher, galactic energies to your forcefield, who are bonding with you as spiritual brothers and sisters. Be still, be at peace, feel new love flowing into and through you. Feel the astral veil around your crown chakra/cerebrum being dissolved and dispersed such that you experience being more of who you truly are: A beloved child of God, made in His-Her image.

Then, radiate peace, love, cooperation and coordination especially to those of the 144,000 elect, 12,000 of whom are mostly connected with one of the twelve (12) planetary spiritual temples. Many of the elect, especially those in the Eastern power centers, particularly need our ongoing support and encouragement, for their physical governments are corrupt and self-serving, trying to deny them their freewill expression.

Perhaps sometimes you are guided to work primarily with the 12,000 elect in just one of the twelve (12) spiritual temples, power centers, cities of light, or vortices of sacred light, such as the First Ray Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Russia. Other times, Christ peace and love may flow through you to all of the 144,000 elect worldwide, as well as to the entire Earth with its 8 billion citizens.

Stay centered. Take it one step, one meditation, one day at a time. Keep the faith. Walk the walk. In your prayers and projections, and in any of your physical actions, help others to cross over the threshold to a new day of golden peace and love on and about the Earth. Amen!