Make All Things New

Starting today, July 30, 2022, and for several following days, we are going to focus on catastrophic Earth changes, which now will accelerate following the successful re-opening of the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont. In so doing, we will commune with angels, devas and elementals who oversee, initiate, authorize, manage and direct such catastrophic events. These include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, and very high or low temperatures.

We can liken the interactions and functions of angels, devas and elementals to the three aspects of mind. Angels are analogous to the superconscious mind that in humans expresses via the light body. Devas are like unto the subconscious mind that correlates with the soul-astral body. Elementals relate to the conscious mind and physical body that is composed of the elements of the Earth. All three levels of mind, as well as the angels, devas and elementals have to work harmoniously together to bring forth positive changes in our individual Earth Temple, and on and about the the whole Earth, including at and near the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont, such as in New York City, NY.

Physical catastrophes, as disconcerting, dangerous and difficult as they are to man of Earth, are in reality the necessary decrystallization and transmutation of error on and about the Earth, making way for the anchoring of a new Earthly paradise for man to inhabit. Therefore, we are not to focus excessively on the sufferings, trials and torments of people who are affected by natural disasters, but rather to see these souls resurrecting above these disasters and crucifixions. We are to keep our eye single on healing, rebirth and ascension.

As Sananda-Jesus said following his ascension into the etheric realms, we are to “make all things new.”  (See image to right/above of Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mt. Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our I Am or Christ Self redeems our four lower bodies and all the lower kingdoms of Earth.)

Angels And Man

As given via Nada-Yolanda by Lord Michael, Archangel of the First Ray of Will and Power, who is the co-titular head with Lord Maitreya of the Hierarchal Board or spiritual government in our solar system, angels are celestial beings who come under the guidance, authority and direction of the seven Elohim of the Seven Rays.  (See our Mark-Age text Angels And Man, which contains channelings via Nada-Yolanda from all of the seven archangels. This book is the most accurate and authoritative description about angels currently available on Earth.)

On October 19, 1971, Lord Michael channeled: “The angelic realms are created for the sole purpose of managing, directing and co-creating with God the forms that exist in and throughout all space and eternity. Wherever form exists there are angelic sources of one type or another to prepare the way; to govern in relationship to all other forms and purposes; and to prepare mankind for his entrance into that area of space, place and time, to understand, to govern, to know, to expand, to experience and to move on and out of that place and sphere. (Painting to right/above by Guido Reni is of Lord Michael using his sword of truth to defeat Satan or Lucifer.)

“The angelic forces go before that, remain with that and stay afterward in the dissolution of that, provided it is decreed on high from the Source Itself. Since the Source is interested only in purpose, function and the pleasure of knowledge, It determines the creation and the dissolution of whatever is to be and to be experienced.

“Therefore, there are levels, hierarchies and cosmic derivatives of that Source and substance Which are God or Life Force Energy. They alone are responsible for the forms, the existence and the energy manifestation of that which is immutable, eternal and magnified in multiplicities of infinite varieties. We see your knowledge and your cooperation as regards these energy forms and patterns, and the relationship of man, who is the Son of God, to those who are of the eternal celestial realms.

“Your relationship is one of service and companionship. Your respect is one of obedience and knowledge. That is why we come as messengers of the light and bring you the incoming information, decrees and announcements where it befits your own ongoing and evolutionary processes.”

Angels as Messengers

The word “angel” came into modern English from Old English engel and the Old French angele. Both of these derive from Late Latin angelus, which in turn was borrowed from Late Greek angelos, which literally means “messenger.” (Click here to read a Wikipedia article about angels.)

One of the most famous angelic messengers in the Holy Bible was Lord Gabriel, who is the Archangel of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization. He appeared to Mary and told her that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and would give birth to the Messiah, Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace and Love on Earth. (See picture to right/above of Gabriel and Mary.)

Angels comprise a separate, unique kingdom — angels do not become humans, and humans cannot become angels. Angels oversee and direct devas, in addition to working directly with mankind. In dreams and visions, angels may at times appear as a man or woman, but this is just a symbolic representation that humans can comprehend.

Everyone has an angelic guardian, whether she or he is consciously aware of this or not. The more the veil between dimensions is dissolved, the more that the thirteen spiritual temples or power centers are opened, the more conscious contact and exchange with angels will become evident.

However, with our five physical senses, we cannot see, hear or feel angels. Rather, we only can view and detect their presence with our Elementary Spiritual Powers, which are our ESP or psychic senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience).

Thus, in my (Dr. Robert’s) dreams and visions, angels typically appear in symbolic fashion as being mostly invisible, even though I can sense and discern their presence, which is as tangible as that of an etheric, ascended master, or someone in the astral planes or on Earth. While mostly invisible, their presence is powerful, immediate and clearly felt. It is distinctly different than that of an ascended master or space visitor. They convey their messages to me via telepathy.


Devas are intelligent entities of the etheric planes who control the patterns for manifested form in the etheric, astral and Earth planes, under the direction of the angelic kingdom.

On January 30, 1962, when Mark and Yolanda were driving from El Paso, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Yolanda received from her Nada Self the following intunement and information about devas: “The interrelationship of man and the devic kingdom is a never-ending series of causes and effects. When man in the lost civilizations misused his divine power and emphasized his materiality instead of his spirituality, the spirits of nature responded in kind. The results were eruptions through natural catastrophes, which left certain areas barren and difficult to manage.

“The devic beings in charge [who were affected by, and responded to mankind’s negativity] became uncooperative, negative and destructive. Then a new opportunity was permitted and a new race took possession of this land, confronted with the challenge to revitalize it by thoughts and plans, prayers and positive physical actions. Mankind has the inherent power to recharge, to reinspire and to reverse any destructive pattern in and around the Earth. (See symbolic image below of a deva who directs and works with and through elementals.)

“Man, no matter to what level of civilization or culture he has evolved, has been entrusted with dominion over the Earth and all that are upon and of it. Highly advanced spiritual communities, regardless of how undeveloped their material societies, have practiced control over the weather and other elements, have understood and have cooperated with the land, and have subdued the animal kingdoms for use as food materials, protection, companionship and labor.

“Many Amerindian, African and Polynesian peoples have been demonstrating this cooperative coordination with nature for thousands of years. But where man has forgotten or has abused his true heritage and interrelationship with other kingdoms he has been persecuted and destroyed by them. By divine decree, nature is the servant of man; but where man has relinquished his mastership because of fear, laziness or lack of right action he has become enslaved by the forces of nature.”

Speak The Word

Yolanda continued: “In the Aquarian Age it will be absolutely necessary for man to recognize and to exercise his power over nature, aided in this by the nature forces.

“And when the divine will is known to our consciousness we will speak the word regarding certain areas of the land and it will be done according to such commands of men, God’s co-creators, in proper direction of and harmony with the devic and elemental kingdoms. It will be the responsibility of the children of light to dispel the lengthy hold of negatively manifesting lower kingdoms, which unwillingly but helplessly are treading paths of destruction, having been pushed into and kept in that role by man’s fears and errors.

“Corresponding forces of light in the nature kingdoms constantly strive to overcome the inert negative design by steaming their way to the surface. These are seen in the hot springs of New Mexico that burst through the pores of the Earth in an attempt to dissolve the crystallized and imprisoned land. (See picture to right of a hot spring in NM.)

“Let man’s thought also steam through to break this stranglehold and to redirect the devas and elementals into positive, productive, fertile activities. Man consciously must decree this in order to demonstrate his power and supremacy over all creation under his dominion and guidance.”


Continuing Yolanda’s intunement, she wrote: “To assist in this evolutionary plan, many light workers chose to incarnate in the Amerindian race [who prior to the fall of Atlantis had been trained by Sol-O-Man/Zolanda in the Earth Temple then located in central Long Island, NY]. Some accepted responsible positions on the astral as intermediaries between the invisible nature forces and the incarnated race of man on Earth.

[In the mid-1500s, Yolanda had incarnated as Lobo-Tan, a psychic or seer of the “Lobo” or wolf clan of the Tanoan Amerindians in the what is now New Mexico and Arizona. About this time, I had incarnated as a Zuni Amerindian in New Mexico. Phillel also has soul recall of being an Amerindian in the general area east of the Mississippi River.]

“In their experiences as Indians they were able to establish an affinity with the nature beings so that during this present Mark Age era the coordination of all levels of consciousness relative to manifestation upon the physical plane can be completed. These powerful souls on the astral are helping to breakup the negative thought pattern crystallized by the devas, so that many of the massive land changes can be effected in a more controlled and less drastic manner.

[War Cloud is the leader of the higher astral plane Amerindians, so named because he leads other astrals in the War of Armageddon; his second in command or chief petty officer is Black Cloud, named after his ability to call forth black rain clouds. Golden Eagle is the chief of the Amerindians who are in the higher astral planes above our I Am Nation property in northeastern Tennessee.

“Light workers on Earth must unite consciously and cooperate constructively with those co-workers in the astral realms who still portray Indian aspects and roles. Those presently of the Indian races, in both physical and astral realms must be granted rightful recognition in God’s plan; for many in other races once were Amerindians, as well as of other races.”


As described in Angels and Man, elementals are intelligent entities supervising the elements which comprise manifested form in the Earth and astral planes, under the direction of the devas for those forms.

On August 20, 1964, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that are located west of the Green Mountains of Vermont in the United States, Lord Michael communicated with Yolanda in her function as Nada: “Thou has no need to charge the elemental kingdom, for thou art known, even before thy coming.

“Seventh Ray workers of love divine are in charge of and in close attunement with the elemental kingdom. Your Amerindian incarnation [as Lobo-Tan] gave you full command of this aspect. Your presence and conscious awareness of their functions and specifics suffice in this respect. As you travel, give more conscious acknowledgment to the elementals, as a force, by appreciating each of their forms: rocks, trees, water and so forth.

“Your function is mainly with people and man-made forms; such as cities, groups, organizations and governments. This is where, for definite purposes, you will do the charging of energies and the realignment of forces. Both you and Mark are required for this manifestation. It is more difficult to sway and to persuade man’s consciousness than to enforce power to rechannel energies of the elemental kingdom, which shall need redirection and which desires appreciation.

“Yes, Nada, you are correct in your assumption of a catastrophic earth change in these White Mountain ranges. But this is foretold. This is accepted already by the lords and ladies of the natural (devic) kingdom. Your presence has been accepted, next appreciated, because you are love in action and actually shall project peace to their upheaval and reorganization. . . .

“You are required to have love, energy, peace, endurance during this time. Be well assured that this journey is essential, important, to me and my co-workers of light force, energy in action; for love is the key of all manifested good and changes for the good.”

Devic Protection & Assistance

On August 28, 1964, Nada-Yolanda became united with one of the devic forces of a most ordinary tree on the highest peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. (See image of Blue Ridge Mountains to right.)

In silent communion it relayed, “We work for the protection, comfort and shelter of man while he is on the planet Earth. We provide him with food and shelter, and the ground upon which he treads. To know one tree is to know the whole forest.”

Nada-Yolanda responded, “To know is to love, and to love is to be united with all for ever and ever.”

Lord Michael said, in confirmation: “All is well. All is good. Speak to all mankind in my name. . . . Love God, love one another.”

Assist Devic Forces In Earth Changes

On August 3, 1966, Nada channeled via Yolanda: “As Nada, I am hereby ordered, instructed and divinely directed to bring forth this Hierarchal Board decree and announcement. All devic forces concerned with the structure of Earth and the planetary vibration of third dimensional frequency have received their instructions about changing dimensional form. This shall and must affect every living creature as well as the structure of the Earth henceforth.

“All is in divine order and harmony. Nothing can occur outside of structural advancements for evolutionary progress. So we will see in transmuting forms and energies that which seems catastrophic to our original mortal eyes and experiences, but cannot be accepted in spiritual consciousness and loving, divine concerns as such. We must maintain order, peace, love, joy and the perspective of truth wherever it is deemed necessary to bring about these transmuting energy forces. . . . (See image to right of golden peace and love all around the Earth.)

“Please be assured that all is well, in spite of change that comes upon the Earth and in the Earthlings and in the creatures below the Earth-form conscious mind. Believe in Me, saith the Lord. . . .

“We are as one in Christ consciousness, whether on Earth or outside of Earth orbit frequency. Therefore we can aid one another in every level of our evolutionary growth. Your assistance is needed by those devic forces who control the elements and the natural creatures under their dominion. You can be aided by these forces in the transmuting of your own flesh, which is part and parcel of the Earth frequency and of the elements that make up the Earth, which you take upon yourselves an Earthly form in spiritual consciousness.

“You can aid those who are beyond the Earth, as those beyond the Earth can aid you when it is according to divine law, harmony, order, peace, justice, fruition of all good things that must come. Please believe this. Work with this and be conscious of this. For the new era has begun, and these things are part of it and must be made manifest in you in these times of now.

“We have issued instructions on the inner planes to all forces that will work in this way. Now we issue all instructions outwardly, in Earth plane force, that you may be as one with them, and they with you; holding the bond as one creation of the one God in eternity.”

See & Be

In your prayers and meditations for the next few days, start by surrounding yourself in Seventh Ray golden light. Above you, see your guardian angel; or simply affirm that he or she is with you, watching over and guiding you.

Before or around you, envision your body deva. Once again, you may not so much as see this deva as just sense and feel his/her presence, whose energy seeps into your soul and astral body. Affirm: I Am one with my body deva, whose presence I call forth and welcome, in God’s good time and way. Proclaim: Thank you, beloved body deva for helping me to transform my soul such that I can resurrect and ascend into higher consciousness and expression.

Then, concentrate on your physical body that is composed of the elements of the Earth. Imagine that various elementals are infusing your physical cells and elements in higher energies. Maybe you see the elementals as being little balls of light. Remember that your body is mostly empty space, as is each atom that comprises all physical matter.

Looking inwardly at your physical body, therefore, it may appear like hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of stars in the cosmos, in the “body” of the heavens. As above, so below. As without, so within. All physical planets and stars are composed of elements, just as all physical bodies are filled with light-infused elements under the guidance of the elementals, who are under the direction of the devas.

Light up your mental body with new, cosmic thoughts. Imbue your emotional body with feelings of love for God and for one another and all creations. Remember and re-birth all the good karma that is stored in your soul-astral body even as you let go of past, catastrophic mistakes. See your physical body with its elements being lifted anew from the third dimension into the “super-elements” of the fourth dimensional.

Be at one with angels, devas and elementals. Be at one with the superconscious, subconscious and conscious aspects of your one mind that is in the one Divine Mind of God.

Look around you and take in the glory of all animals, vegetables and minerals in this now physical world. Everything you see, imbue it with your love.

New Heaven on New Earth

Focus next on the area in which you live. Everyplace on Earth is about to undergo new decrystallizations and physical catastrophes. It does not mean that these will all happen at the same time or way, or to the same degree. But everything and everyone on and about the planet is about to “shake, rattle and roll.” This decrystallization may only be at the mental, emotional and astral levels, or there may be so-called natural disasters in your area or someplace near to your location.

See your region being imbued with the golden light of peace and love. See a dome of light over the area in which you live. If earth changes already have begun, then keep your eye single on the new earth to come, the New Jerusalem that is descending from heaven.

See angels hovering over the Earth, near to and far from you. Envision devas all around the planet working together as one to carry out the Hierarchy’s instruction to bring forth the changes that are needed in every part of the world. Envision man of earth working positively, constructively and harmoniously with the elements of the Earth, instead of abusing and misusing them.

In particular, focus on the Earth Temple area in south-central Vermont, which extends to New York City and Boston, Massachusetts; and radiates its energy even further to the entire northeastern United States. Especially surround and imbue New York City in golden light.

Thank You, Lord, for bringing forth a new heaven on a new Earth. Thank you angels, devas and elementals for uplifting the planet another step from the third into the fourth dimension. Thank you all light workers who are co-participating and co-operating in this planetary transformation and ascension.

As we see it, so shall it be.