Make All Things New: Part II

Below are several of Phillel’s posts on his blog, click Motah Chronicles, which relate to angels, devas and elementals. Also listed  are his posts about the Amerindians, in particular about Golden Eagle.

These blogs supplement and complement my prior blog, as well as my upcoming blog, in which I will cover many of the prophecies about upcoming Earth changes and catastrophes, and how we as light workers are to work with them. I will post my this blog in the next couple days or so.

Earth Logos Sends Warning (dream of deva emissary of planetary logos)
Earth Changes (article)
Tectonic Dangers in Indonesia (channeling by Zorrah)
Mass Reactions & Cleansings (2014 dream re New York City)
Severe Travails on Earth (channeling by Hannibal)
Link with Star Nations (article on Amerindian traditions of contact with extraterrestrials).
Golden Eagle (listing of blog entries regarding contacts with Golden Eagle; in chronological order, scroll down to bottom entry, start there, then go up the list)
    Note: (A) First contact with Golden Eagle was on September 25, 2013; in entry Inner Plane Coordination, see subheading “Conrad’s Hieronic Testing.”
              (B) Operation Clean Sweep, channeling by Dr. Hannibal/St. Germain on January 29, 2014, in which he officially introduces Golden Eagle by name.