Make All Things New: Part III

This is the third in a series of blogs about upcoming earth changes, some of which will be catastrophic, and how we are to rightly see and work with them for the good of all. Throughout this series, we are focusing especially on our integrated and harmonious interactions with angels, devas and elementals who initiate and oversee such necessary earth decrystallizations and transmutations.

Our ongoing goal is to “make all things new” by following in the footsteps of Sananda/Jesus, who prophesied that earthquakes, floods, storms and the like would be signs that we are in the Latter Days, the End Times, the Purification Period, the War of Armageddon between good and evil in each and every soul on and about the Earth.

In these challenging, cleansing times, we are to keep our eye single on rebirthing the temple of peace and love that the Earth is destined to become as the heart-love center for the entire solar system. (See image of resurrected Jesus to the right/above, who is the Prince of Peace and Love for Earth; its primary wayshower.)

Let Your Light Shine

One origin of the word “deva” comes from the ancient Sanskrit language of India and Hinduism, carried over into Buddhism when Sananda was incarnated as Gautama the Buddha: the Enlightened, Awakened, Shining, Compassionate One.

As a Hindu, Siddhartha Gautama, who became the Buddha, hence the first Buddhist, simplified and clarified the complex, mysterious teachings of Hinduism. He demonstrated and gave all men and women of his time, and now, the simple, straightforward Way to experience enlightenment by having compassion (love) for all sentient beings.

In dealing with Earth catastrophes, we are to be centered in peace and harmony, as was the Buddha when he sat and meditated under a huge Bodhi tree, symbolic of his tree of life.

No matter the outer or inner disturbing, destructive, difficult event or times, we are to rest in golden Seventh Ray peace and love. We are to radiate and express our Buddha Nature or I Am Self. (See picture of golden tree of life.)

Devas Are a Separate Kingdom

In Sanskrit, “deva” means radiant or shining. In Hinduism, it refers to higher-plane gods and goddesses who help and guide mankind, and who work with all the lower kingdoms (animal, plant and mineral) on Earth. As is typical of Hindu teachings, however, devas are described in scores of ways, such that it is hard to discern the core understanding about, and nature of, them.

That proper and righteous delineation was especially given in 1971 by the seven archangels via Nada-Yolanda, as found in our Mark-Age text Angels And Man. Devas are not gods and goddesses, but rather consist of their own kingdom, which comes under the guidance and authority of the angels. Devas oversee and direct the elementals and thereby the elements that comprise one’s physical body.

Because devas work with elementals and all forms of life on the planet , it is understandable that ancient and modern Hindus have thought of devas as being gods and goddesses. But in reality, there is only One God who has created all kingdoms, including the devic kingdom.

God Force, Energy, Love shines in, through and as us since we are His-Her children. Therefore, in good times and bad, we in harmonious interactions with the devas can be radiant beings who shine our light and love on all life. Angels, devas and elementals, who likewise radiate and shine with light, help each of us to be the son or daughter of God that we are.

Male & Female He-She Created Them

In Sanskrit, the word “deva” is masculine whereas the word “devi” is feminine. Thus, there are masculine devas and feminine devis, just as there are masculine and feminine angels and humans. This male-female Sanskrit description of devas and devis is similar to the words “Buddha”, which in Sanskrit means a masculine enlightened one, and “Buddhi” (with an “i” instead of an “a”) refers to a woman who is an enlightened soul, such as Gautama the Buddha’s wife, Yasodhara. She she was an incarnation of Sol-O-Man, Sananda’s twin soul, who later incarnated as Mary, his mother).

As to the pronunciation of the words “deva” and “devi,” two versions exist. In Sanskrit, “deva” in spoken form is similar to the name David in English. In other words, the “e” in deva is pronounced as a long “a.” So, deva is said “dav-ah,” with the accent on the first syllable.

As used more so in the West, the “e” in deva or devi is pronounced as a long “e.” Thus, deva is said “deev-ah.” This is similar to the word “diva,” meaning a female opera singer or woman who is “full of herself.” A true diva is one who is full of her I Am Self and full of love for all life on Earth.

Having deeply immersed myself in yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism in the first 3 years of my spiritual awakening, I (Dr. Robert) still usually prefer the “dav-ah” pronunciation. Phillel prefers “deev-ah.” Both are acceptable and commonly used.

Evil & Devil & Deva

As found in the glossary of Angels and Man, devas are “intelligent entities of the etheric planes who control the patterns for manifested form in the etheric, Earth and astral planes, under the direction of the angelic kingdom.” We might ask ourselves, if devas and devis are of the etheric planes, why are they subject to mortal mankind’s negative thoughts, feelings and actions? Why do some devas become crystallized in negative energies and thereby cause negative, destructive, catastrophic events on Earth? Why are some devas “good” and some devas “evil”? In Hinduism, the “good” devas are called devas, whereas the negative, “evil” devas are called azuras. Devas and azuras are thought to have been at war with one another, down through the ages, right unto now.

The answer to these questions lies in the fact that devas and even angels, in their supervision of, and interaction with, mankind, are subject to men’s and women’s negativity. Remember that such human negativity goes back millions of years, thereby creating a prevalent hellish environment on Earth — the air we breathe and the food and minerals that we consume are impregnated with selfishness and negative energies. In Nada-Yolanda’s intunements, she has been told that even angels, when they descend to help mankind, absorb so much negativity in their forcefields that they cannot stay long and have to go through a cleansing of their auras when they return to the celestial planes.

Devas, being less powerful, and more directly involved with humans and nature forces, likewise can become infected and infused with mankind’s self-power and self-aggrandizement. They thus become “bad” or “evil” or “devilish.” The word “evil” means to “live our life backwards,” to learn our spiritual lessons through torments and sufferings rather than through positive thoughts and actions that are peaceful, righteous, harmonious, balanced and loving.

Thus, if we chose to be with many fellow humans who are negative and of lesser spiritual evolvement, over time we, too, absorb and even act out their devilish or evil ideas, feelings and actions. Our soul or subconscious becomes loaded with their darkness. That’s why we always need to focus on being spiritually protected, and to be careful about whom we associate with over a long period of time.

Yes, we always help others, but sometimes our assistance is primarily from the distance in the quietude and sanctity of our prayers, not in our outer actions and exchanges. We are to be wise as serpents, gentle and loving as doves. Moreover, like doves, we sometimes ascend and fly away to the peace of our I Am Self, to the seclusion and protection of our angel-guarded, love-filled home/golden dome.

God Is Good

El Morya/Mark and Nada-Yolanda toured the United States from September 26, 1966 to February 4, 1967, in what came to be called the Hierarchal Board Tour. On November 20, 1966, when Mark and Yolanda were driving through Idaho and western Oregon and Washington, Yolanda received: “The word devic comes from the word devil, which derives from evil. Evil is live in reverse. This line of thought is produced because man has dominion over the nature or devic forces. They are not evil in any sense of the word. But since man’s early use and understanding of them has been one long, sad history of reversal in proper authority and power, his attitude (and, as a result, even his language) has turned the normal flow of power and ideas back upon himself.

“Man’s entire purpose in a third dimensional vehicle and on a third dimensional plane is to learn command over and mastery of the [classical] four elements [earth, air, fire, water] of which he is composed; and of which the planet with its many corresponding forces in relationship to man, is made. Man will be subjected to the basic elements until he reverses his ideas about nature and God; which is good, not evil.

“When he appreciates this aspect of the Spirit, which created the elements and himself, and sees his own dependence on them for orderly and harmonious life on every level, he will regain his mastery over his body, his environment and all life forms (animal, vegetable and mineral) which supply, support and complement his outer life and all experiences of that expression. This is necessary in the evolution from third to fourth dimensional existence. That is why this understanding is now being rediscovered and uncovered; so he can reevaluate and make new decisions about his relationships with all forms of life, energy, the Creator.”

Thus, devas are not evil, except when they are adversely affected and overwhelmed by man’s negative, selfish thoughts, feelings and actions.

Ice Age

Here’s a graphic example of mankind’s negative influence on devas, as recalled and received by Nada-Yolanda on October 20, 1966 when she and Mark were traveling through upstate New York, USA:

“From Binghamton to Syracuse to Geneva, bordering on the Finger Lakes region, it became apparent that the predominant influence remains Amerindian. it was disturbing to find this influence in a sense quite hostile, reserved and uncooperative. The Indian forces on the astral planes still are in control here, in an effort to keep the lines of communication operative between the devic forces and the race of man.

“The Indians here led a very rugged and difficult existence. As a result, when the white settlers came they appeared to be a threat to an already meager way of life. These Indians were not too willing to share with other humans, strangers from beyond their understandings, their own limited supply.

“This whole karmic pattern stems from an ancient and complex period of man’s history on the planet. Many millions of years ago, when the poles and magnetic lines of force were different, a race of giants inhabited a semi-tropical area like the proverbial Garden of Eden, in what we now would designate as parts of Central Canada, down into central New York. These highly evolved beings retained powers as co-creators with God, but fell into such total disregard of their physical bodies that they began to practice a form of mutilation as proof of their mastery over matter.

“As a result, they gouged, gorged and bloodied themselves and all of nature. The physical dimension was treated by them the way a baby sometimes treats a new toy in tearing it apart to see what makes it work, and for the fun of putting it together again.

“The devic forces, which follow or obey the thought commands and desires of mankind, went on such a rampage that we eventually experienced the Glacial Age. Man to some degree still is suffering from a thawing out or a realignment with those nature forces. So the land, the waters and the weather are hostile to him. He in turn is hostile to his fellowmen. Thus it has been a long and bitter struggle in the last ten thousand years or more to see who is ruling whom in this area. [Ice covered the area that we now know as New York City and Long Island, thus the site of the Earth Temple in Atlantis that was located on central Long Island but whose power radiations include New York City and Boston, Massachusetts.]

Northeastern Redemption

Yolanda continued: “A great victory by man in recent history has been his conversion of the natural cataracts and wounds in the Earth to purposes of good and as an aid to mankind. For example, the inspiration to use Niagara Falls, the result of a cataclysm, for electrical power for millions of people in this difficult environment is a positive and constructive working with the devic kingdom in redevelopment of man’s proper command over the elements which he previous had abused. (See picture of the falls to right/above.)

“When a great deal of spiritual light and understanding have been reestablished here and man can learn once more to control the powers of nature for the betterment of his life as a whole, the sons of God will be able to redevelop entirely this northeastern section. But this will take the race many long years, perhaps centuries, as man evolves back into his true heritage and relearns his fourth dimensional functions.”

Inundation of Smoky Mountains

On September 30, 1966, Yolanda intuned: “At the southernmost tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, just before reaching the Smoky Mountains [that are in southeastern Tennessee and northwestern North Carolina], I received that this area was to be changed. The mountains would be shifted: from north of Atlanta, Georgia to Asheville, North Carolina and including Knoxville, Tennessee, to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where the Atomic Energy Commission is based.”

(Our I Am Nation/Sun Temple property is located about 40 miles north of Knoxville and Oak Ridge. There is a valley located along state road 62, going west from route I-75 to Oak Ridge, with north of this valley being of a higher elevation. Therefore, when the flooding occurs, it will stop approximately here, so that we will be protected.)

Two days later, on October 2, 1966, Yolanda received additional information about this area: “The Smoky Mountains are due for a great change. They have succeeded in a very high form of balance and harmony and have achieved the fulfilment of their purpose and mission. They are to be inundated completely by water after the Golden Era has arrived, probably sometime after the year 2000 A.D.

“They are to make room for and to provide a foundation, a sea bed so to speak, for a new species of elemental life preparing to inhabit the new frequency environment for several million years after mankind; as man is now expressing on the Earth planet in his present form and after he no longer has any use for this type of environment or home for habitation.

Nada-Yolanda Is Chief of Devas & Elementals

Yolanda continued: “This definitely means that according to divine plan the planet cannot be destroyed. It must be preserved in a favorable fashion to make ready for this new life form to learn, to grow and to evolve in a new frequency vibration. (See picture to right of Newfound Gap in the Smokey Mountains, where Yolanda had this intunement.)

“Those of mankind who shall attain the Son of God consciousness and development, and who will take up the responsibility during and after the Golden Era to supervise and to coordinate with the devic kingdom, and who will accept the role of lords over the Earth planet as it then will be manifesting and will be providing a school room for higher and greater opportunities for the race of man, will be accepted and recognized as masters of Earth and will direct the devas as true lords would direct their subjects.

“The devas in the Smokies are evolved to the point where they see and recognize no god but the one God, Force, Energy, Power. But they are aware of the chain of hierarchal command within the universe, and so the terms of gods and goddesses are odious to them. The race of man [in etheric, I Am consciousness] comprises the lords, commanders of the law, in the right place and heritage as sons of God.

“In this respect Nada is now the recognized chief on Earth of all devic and elemental forces. The exchange of love is acknowledged at his time and enhanced by this relay of information. At the 5000 foot elevation of the southeastern part of Newfound Gap is the seat of devic control or command for this particular mountain congregation. (See picture above.)

“Nada gave blessings, thanks and appreciation for the successful and loving works accomplished. A decree was issued for the calm and peaceful shift in changing form, at the proper time and in the proper manner and for all concerned.” (See picture to right of Nada-Yolanda.)

Release of Devic Forces

On November 1, 1993, Yolanda and I (Dr. Robert) flew north from Davie, FL to Knoxville, TN to take what we planned to be a two-week vacation at Norris Dam State Park, about 20 miles north of Knoxville. (See picture below/left of Yolanda and me.) The next day, we traveled in our rented car to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, southeast of Knoxville, to catch the last of the fall colors. About two miles south of Newfound Gap, where Yolanda in 1966 had communed with the chief of the devic forces of this area, Yolanda directed me to pull over and park the car. Then she spoke in Nada consciousness to the devas of Earth:

“You are free. You are released from any frozen or crystallized life form. The bonding is sufficient so that life form will not disintegrate, nor be fragmented, disrupted or destroyed. This call to freedom, then, means that transmutation and light-body expansion for the new form to be expressed in Earth domain are beginning.

“The light-body braiding which the Hierarchy has instituted has many ramifications. This is possibly the most important and major development of bringing fourth dimensional form to planet Earth during this hierarchal period and program.

“So begin, know and have the faith that all is well in the human kingdom, thereby allowing you of the devic-elemental aspects to re-form, rebuild and grow. Amen. So it is in truth. Nada of the Karmic Board, under the authority of Lords Maitreya and Michael. Om. Om. Om.”

Integrating All Realms & Frequencies

Four days later, on November 5th, at our Hierarchal Board meditation, El Morya and Nada jointly addressed the devas: “Rest. Be not alarmed. All is in divine order and harmony. This is an eternal relationship in the hierarchal chain of command. No matter the recrystallization and re-formation of life substance, all shall be according to divine principles. No amount of urgings or interference can substitute for the strictly spiritual, simple, scientific methods of regroupings.

“As we address these forces from the higher astral planes and the Earth plane existence, we vow and promise to execute our divine guidance, synchronicity and fulfillments, according to strict developments of ease and evolutionary patterns. Nothing can abrogate or amend, interfere or substitute for these decrees and announcements.

“You have cooperation and protection from the angelic and etheric realms throughout this solar system. All is elemental, with the elements comprising the highest, the best, the most direct route from one frequency form to the next higher frequency form.

“You are under the auspices of the elohim; and always shall be integrated and coordinated with every elevated form and force throughout creation. Be therefore satisfied; be therefore Godlike; be therefore holy. All in due course; time is not essential in this execution of timelessness.

“Nothing will come between thee and thine. Nothing will interfere with the process once it begins. And so, it must. Do therefore as you are bidden, from the highest to the lowest. All is well. God is peace. Be harmonized, integrated, healthy and whole. Holy, holy, holy. Amen. So be this in truth, according to our commission and our devotion to the laws of God Almighty, the one and only Force and Power that is. Om. Om. Om.”

Healing Haven Retreat Center

From the time Yolanda and I arrived in Tennessee, Yolanda unexpectedly received that we were there to establish Healing Haven Retreat Center (HHRC) in this area. Previously, in 1971, when Mark and Yolanda were here, Yolanda had received that such a holistic healing center was to be established in this region, near or in Elk Valley, Tennessee, to the west of Pine Mountain. This area is about 15-20 miles north of Norris Dam Sate Park.

(At this time, Nada-Yolanda was at the start of the fourth phase of her seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent, during which she manifested and demonstrated her seventh or ascended body. Establishing HHRC was one of her major Fourth Ray demonstrations of I Am or ascended consciousness.

On November 8, 1993, El Morya/Mark, in his perch in the higher astral planes as the leader of light workers in those planes, in conjunction with Hilarion, guided Yolanda to a 20-acre site in Elk Valley that Mark-Age purchased on November 11th, which had been Mark’s birthday. Since it was undeveloped, we bought a double-wide trailer to place there as the initial step in developing HHRC. An entrance  road was established, plus all utilities were brought in. To start, only the Mark-Age staff were to stay here for the first year or two, then other Mark-Age Family Members were to come for their healing needs.

Circle of Power & Light

On November 18, 1993, Lord Uriel, Archangel of the Seventh Ray and Yolanda’s primary guardian angel, appeared to Yolanda and instructed her to expand her light body over a large area that was about 250 miles in all directions from Elk Valley. (See image to right of this circle of power and light.) Yolanda breathed the white light for his area for three minutes, which is all that she could hold safely.

Later this day, Yolanda recorded: “Lord Uriel balanced my auric field again. She brought in the deva of my body, with whom I have not had conscious communion in a long time. Uriel explained to the deva what changes I must undergo in order to accommodate the expansion into the fourth dimension while maintaining a third dimensional vehicle.

“The archangel said to me: Your body will be changed cell by cell. It is still experimental. But we will work together. You will receive instructions and information as we go, step by step. Evaluating what is safe and comfortable, we will tell you, as needed, what adjustments you have to make consciously. Be not afraid. We are in command. Your vessel is precious. It is respected as holy. You must treat it likewise. So be it. This is the truth. Uriel.”

Eastern Hemisphere Mission

Five years later, when Yolanda was in the sixth phase of her seventh major initiation, Yolanda embarked on the Eastern Hemisphere Mission from September 1 to October 23, 1998. Corinne Thorsell, one of the Mark-Age staff at the time, accompanied Yolanda.

When they were in Perth, southeastern Australia on September 16, Yolanda communed with Lord Michael and Maitreya: “The whole continent of Australia is under the protection of Michael. It shall be the place of refuge, least affected by the natural catastrophes which are destined to begin in the Eastern Hemisphere, between the present through the year 2250 A.D.

“The purpose for your journey on the Eastern Hemisphere Mission is to anchor in the light for those elemental and devic forces responsible for changing the present conditions of this area. Weather shall change significantly, in order that there be enough water to support all the life forms necessary for many millions of survivors, from islands which shall fall into the sea, and of the vast coasts of China and Russia, which are bound to suffer from floods.”

I Am Nation Headquarters

In mid-January 1999, when Yolanda was in the sixth phase of her seventh major initiation, she and staff moved Mark-Age from Davie, Florida to Elk Valley, TN. This site for the new I Am Nation headquarters and Sun Temple was  about five miles from the HHRC.

There, on February 1, 1999, Sananda channeled: “This is Jesus the Christ. This is my city of light. I have called each one here to establish the I Am Nation. . . . Long it has been established that this is my chosen area for bringing in the highest frequencies that the planet can tolerate as we transmute very gradually over the next two thousand years evolving into the fourth dimension.” This city of light was/is the new location of the Sun Temple.

Sight Restored

Two months later, on March 31, Yolanda suffered a thrombotic occlusion of one of the retinal branch arteries in her right eye, suffering the loss of the upper half of her vision in that eye. Her ophthalmologist said the loss would be permanent, since no medical treatment could reverse it; nor would the damaged retina regenerate by itself. Nonetheless, Uriel worked numerous times in conjunction with Yolanda’s body deva to instill light into, and regenerate, the damaged area.

Then, one month later, on April 30, Yolanda lost about ninety-five percent of the vision in her right eye, this time due to an occlusion of the central retinal artery. Again, an ophthalmologist examined her and stated the vision loss was permanent and irreversible. Yet, when she returned for reexamination five weeks later, on June 5, her regular ophthalmologist was astonished to find that she was seeing normally out of both eyes, with the right eye just slightly impaired. And her vision remained clear and healed.

Here was dramatic evidence and proof that Yolanda was in her sixth phase of her seventh major step, for she had experienced, with Uriel’s and her body deva’s help, sixth phase rebirth, resurrection and renewal of her retina and sight, which seemed impossible to mortal consciousness. She had been blind in one eye, but now she could see. Amazing grace indeed!

Body Deva Appears

At the start of the seventh phase of Yolanda’s seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent, on June 4, 2000, Yolanda recorded: “Uriel opened my heart center to its maximum.”

Three weeks later, on June 27, Yolanda wrote: “Through the vision of the I Am Self, I saw the most gorgeous woman. She was more exquisite than anyone I have ever seen, including archangels. She was shimmering in silver and wore a magnificent crown that radiated the sparkles of diamonds. Her eyes radiated a scintillating beam of light. She is my body deva. I have had contact with her for many years, but never before saw her. She said that now that I am able to sustain the [ascended] light body, I will be seeing her and many other fourth dimensional beings who do not lower their vibrations for mortal clairvoyance.”

That evening, Uriel shared: “What you have experienced so far through the clairvoyance of your light body is exactly what the masters on the Earth have achieved, especially the greatest master of Earth, Jesus the Christ One of Nazareth. It is not known to you yet, but you will come to recognize this status from previous visits to third dimensional Earth: two hundred and six thousand years ago until twenty-six thousand years ago, when the current hierarchal plan which has just been completed had begun, you were a frequent visitor from Venus and from sitting on the Karmic Board on the etheric planes as Nada.”

Mideast Mission

From September 7 to 16, 2000, following guidance from the Hierarchy, Yolanda undertook the Mideast Mission. Traveling alone, she boarded a Mediterranean cruise ship outside Rome, Italy, and sailed to various ports of call in Sicily, Greece and Santorini. Plus, the ship docked in Turkey at ancient Ephessos, home of John the Divine, and at the isle of Patmos, where John wrote the Book of Revelation. Also, Yolanda spent one full day in Rome, touring the Colosseum and the Forum.

The night before she left on this voyage, on September 6, Uriel gave her the following information: “Your [ascended] light body demonstrations now begin. Although at first, it seemed to be a vacation, this cruise around the Mediterranean Sea is part of your Mideast mission. . . .

“We have shown you some prominent devic forces: elves, gnomes, wizards both male and female. They are aware of your coming to their residential abodes in a volatile part of the planet geologically. There is to be . . . an upheaval in this part of the Earth globe such as has not been experienced in many thousands of years. Therefore, you will be made aware of these beings as well as them becoming more connected with your Nada role and function.

“Go forth, thereby, without fear of any kind. But by all means be aware of the hidden purpose of your journey for God, the Hierarchy and for demonstrations and decrees to be uttered silently into the sea by Nada of the Karmic Board of this solar system.”

Earth Changes in Israel

On September 13 in Kusadasi, Turkey, from her Nada consciousness she received a dire prophecy regarding Earth changes in Jerusalem, Israel: “Earthquakes in the next twenty-five years will crack the holy sites and make rubble. This is the sign of the end of the Piscean Age, and makes ready for those new structures for the next two thousand years of Aquarius.

“Similarly, in the next one hundred years many revered sites of the past six thousand years of history in Jerusalem, and everywhere in Israel, shall be shattered as the Earth wipes out the monuments of the Ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces in order to reestablish the Aquarian Age of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.”

As shared previously on my blogs, Jerusalem is the site of the Temple of Mars, which planet is the primary Fourth Ray center in the solar system.

Two Devas

On October 12, 2000, back home at I Am Nation headquarters, Nada-Yolanda reported: “In a flash, I clairvoyantly saw two beautiful devas; one exquisite female and one elf-looking male. I knew they were not devas of my body . . . but nature sprites which are responsible to the angelic realm for holding the structures of the mineral and vegetable kingdoms which hold our planet’s form in place. As Nada, I have been in contact with these only a few times in the past 30 years; usually in the Smokies or various geographical places close to Elk Valley.

“On those occasions, as Nada I have spoken to them about gradually transmuting the third dimensional frequency into the fourth dimension which is taking place now and will be effective for thousands of years as humanity transfers from the five-sensual form into the resurrected form of the light body as Jesus demonstrated two thousand years ago. He is the master pattern for the entire race incarnating on Earth for evolution of mind, body and soul.”

Nature Spirits

Please note that this is only the second time in all of Yolanda’s writings, experiences and channelings that she referred specifically to gnomes, elves, wizards, fairies and sprites — the first time was before she left the night before going on the Mideast Mission, as given above. Note that in both cases, such intelligent entities were male and female.

I have wondered since reading these two references if such elves, fairies, gnomes, elves and nature sprites may also be representations of elementals. For elementals are intelligent entities supervising the elements which comprise manifested form in the Earth and astral planes, under the direction of the devas for those forms. However, there are no descriptions of what elementals look like in any of Nada-Yolanda’s receivings, nor has Phillel received such information.

Gnomes, fairies and sprites are commonly depicted as being much smaller than body devas, such as the one that Yolanda saw that was filled with light and had the sparkle of diamonds around its head, as noted above; which she described as being in the shape of a woman.

Water sprites are said to be in and of the water itself; hence they might represent elementals that supervise the elements of hydrogen and oxygen that comprise the water. In the common fairy tale of a leprechaun at the pot of gold below a rainbow, that leprechaun or fairy might be representative of the intelligent elemental that works with and supervises the element of gold that mankind has so abused and misused, such that the leprechaun has hidden the gold in a pot below the earth where the rainbow touches down.

Balls of Light

The only time and way that elementals have been pictured in my dreams and visions is when on July 23, 2022, about a week ago in meditation, multiple small, light-filled balls of light, about 6-12 inches in diameter, were positioned on and partly in the ground all around me. Intuitively, I knew that these spheres of light were symbolic representations of elementals. It is not that elementals are sphere shaped, but rather that this form represents them.

These balls or globes of light reminded me of my vision when doing healing, balancing work for Phillel on July 20, 2022. At the end of that session, a vast vision appeared of hundreds or thousands of what looked like stars in the heavens, out in the cosmos. Each such star twinkled and sparkled with light that had a slightly reddish glow. Each physical star in the galaxy is composed of its own unique elements. So, this vision partly was symbolic of seeing the elementals in and around Phillel, as well as in me. They were balls of light, just as the small spheres I saw a few days later were balls of light. Thus, I was communing with the elementals of Phillel’s and my body.

Still, I really do not know if gnomes, elves, fairies, sprites and such are devas or if they are elementals. In the end analysis, it does not really matter. For devas and elementals work together, hand in glove. When we radiate love to devas, they absorb and transfer it to elementals and the elements. When we focus on elementals, we recognize that they are interconnected to devic forces. In cosmic oneness and harmony, we are united with angels, devas and elementals, just as our mind, body and soul work together as one.

Forgiveness Heals Catastrophes

In your affirmations, prayers and projections over the next few days, focus on devas and elementals. Begin by asking to come into communion with your own body deva, who may be masculine or feminine. He or she may appear as a man or woman, but with unique features — filled with sparkling light, with gemstones in her clothes or body, or in other unique ways.

As happens with Phillel, your body deva will be more so as a flame of light. I typically see and dream about devas having bodies that are ovoid shaped. Maybe you will not see your body deva in your visions and dreams, but rather you may just feel his or her unique presence. Maybe just thinking about and linking with your body deva will be enough to lift you into higher consciousness and oneness with all life.

Even if you do not have a definitive devic experience, know clairsentiently that your body deva, under the guidance of your guardian angel, is watching over you, is near you, is helping you to be your I Am, Christ or Buddha Self.

In Japanese Buddhism, 12 devas were said to surround Gautama the Buddha under the Bodhi tree when he experienced his enlightenment, protecting and helping him as he did so. Maybe as you sit under your Bodhi tree, in your inner vision or outside under an actual physical tree, you may sense 12 such devas with you, protecting you your twelve physical organs or systems, infusing you with angelic light that has streamed into them from your angelic guardian(s).

Ask your body deva to forgive you for your past mistakes in dealing with him or her, and other devas. One with your body deva, radiate forgiveness out to others who have “sinned” against nature, who have abused their own bodies and the Earth itself. Remember that you likely have been incarnated many times in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. You may well have made mistakes that contributed to the catastrophic downfall of those civilizations. Atlantis went down and all of us have some memory of this, which has left a scar in our soul. Each of us is afraid to some degree that we will make such errors again.

Practice forgiveness, for forgiveness heals catastrophes, those within our minds and souls, and those in our physical bodies and throughout the planet itself. Father, forgive us, for we did not know what we were doing or what effect it would have. Father, forgive them, all others who made miscalculations and acted in a superior and selfish fashion, or who because of feeling inadequate and inferior did not rightly perform their spiritual missions.

Dig in the Dirt

Connect also with the elementals, in whatever symbolic or literal way they come to be represented and shown in your mind. We all are elemental, because physical elements make up our entire physical body. We all have so-called super-elements that are light-filled elements, physical or third-dimensional elements that are raised back into fourth-dimensional expression. We are one with elementals who supervise these elements, bringing them into a new state of wholeness, as represented by little balls of light. Our bodies are a cosmos of “stars” and elemental light and substance. Each of us is potentially a star in heavenly consciousness and expression.

Go out and dig in the dirt, plant some flowers, marvel at the trees and rocks and animals that you see. Go walk in the woods, climb hills and mountains, take a swim in a lake or ocean. Imagine the entire physical area around you lit up in transcendent light, that of your ascended or transcendent light body, for in this light you are one with all life in all kingdoms.

When you dig in the dirt, know that you are digging into the dirt of your mind, body and soul. So, be joyous and delighted as you dig up the weeds. Prepare the soil for new plantings. Fertilize your thoughts, feelings and physical bodies with new ideas, emotions and physical substances. And eat good, healthy, vibrant food that comes from our good earth!

Be a ball of light, one with the smaller balls of light that are animals, plants, minerals and elements. Large, medium and small angels, humans, devas and elementals are all of one Ball of Light and Love that is God the Good.

Love One Another

Where a natural catastrophe is taking or has taken place, near or far from you, radiate peace, love and healing to all people there, to all animals and plants in that region, to the very earth itself, to all of God’s good creations. May each soul and each animal, vegetable and mineral sparkle anew in dazzling light. May all sons and daughters of God be the diamonds that they are in I Am consciousness. May we all be born anew!

Broadcast the redeeming news: Forgive heals catastrophes; forgiveness wipes away the memories of the negative past; forgiveness fills us anew with fourth-dimensional awareness and consciousness; forgiveness transforms so-called negative devas and restores them to the loving beings that they truly are; forgiveness heals and uplifts our beloved planet Earth.

With forgiveness comes peace. With peace and love comes Sananda and Sol-O-Man back to Earth in their ascended light bodies. With Seventh Ray peace and love, they will lead us into the New or Golden Age.

So be it! Om. Om. Om.