See Sol-O-Man’s Sistership

As noted in my previous blog, Re-Open the Earth Temple (click here), on July 1, 2022, in my vivid dream/night vision, Sol-O-Man/Mary appeared above and in front of me, enclosed within in a crystal-clear bubble or globe of light. Her appearance was breath-taking, her etheric, fourth-dimensional body radiating brilliant light, but her features were clearly discernible. It was the most magnificent communion and clearest vision of her that I have had this lifetime.

Although she did not say so during this vision, as I would later discern and discover, she had come to announce the start of our four-week focus on the revitalization and re-birth of the Earth Temple that is located in south-central Vermont, USA; and to announce and anchor her etheric sister-ship or spacecraft on Earth, especially over the Earth Temple.


As I noted in my prior blog, Sol-O-Man’s appearance strongly reminded me of the description by John the Beloved in his vision on the Isle of Patmos, two thousand years ago, of the appearance of a lady who was “clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.” Revelation 12:1-2. (See picture to right.

In my writing about the above in my last blog, I did not include the phrase “with the moon under her feet.” So what did “standing on the moon” indicate?

The moon symbolizes the feminine soul or subconscious. The sun represents the I Am or Sun-Son-Daughter Self whose light shines in and through the soul and astral body. The sun is the source of physical and divine light in the solar system, whereas the moon only reflects that light at night in the darkness (hence the subconscious), such that is glows with moonlight. The soul/subconscious is the record keeper, the memory bank, of this and past lives that have shone in and through it. Earth represents the physical body and the masculine, conscious mind.

Legs and feet are instruments of I Am or Christ power. To stand on the moon, therefore, means to have power over the soul or subconscious, to be a master of it, to have righteous, balanced control over all that is found in our soul record. To birth our I Am Self and light body, we must have mastery of our soul, the womb in and through which the birth takes place.

Sol-O-Man has demonstrated this masterful soul power in multiple lifetimes, but especially as Mary, mother of Jesus; at the end of which she was assumed or ascended into heaven (the etheric realms). We are to follow in her footsteps in transmuting and mastering our own soul record, even as we are clothed with the sun and have a golden crown of twelve stars that represent the twelve planets in the solar system and the 12 Christ of I Am powers of our Sun-Son-Daughter Self. It is with these purified spiritual powers that we re-open and re-birth the Earth Temple or power center; within ourselves and in south-central Vermont. We birth the Earth-Heart Temple on Earth.

So, what is it in your soul that still needs cleansing and transmutation? Purify it by placing it in the Sixth violet flame of transmutation. That will pave the way to the rebirth of Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest here on Earth, which is the primary Seventh Ray heart center for the entire solar system. Stand up for peace and love, for forgiveness of the past and the present, for walking the walk, for being divine love in action.


On April 24, 1972, days prior to the return by Apollo 16 astronauts John Young and Charles Duke (see picture to right/below), Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “These astronauts are chosen to land on the moon, to walk among the remnants of past civilizations and memories, and to carry with them the auric vibratory rates of those who sojourn there in the astral bodies.

“Yes, it is true that there are certain levels of the astrals who occupy the moon, and use it as a way station to get to the Earth for their incarnations, to revive their memory banks and to lift off from their astral life into embodiment onto other higher astral planes; but, more importantly, to aid in their return to the Earth before their birth into the physical. They wait there for their birthing process.

“Therefore, those astronauts who are traveling across the face of the moon during these explorations are touching upon, and are touched by, the astral bodies who are waiting birth into the physical forms being prepared for them on the Earth in the coming age, and particularly preparing during this time for life on Earth in the Golden Age of Aquarius. Some of these are directly my own disciples and children of light who will assist me in my return, of the Second Coming.” (See Visitors From Other Planets, pages 286-290.)

Sol-O-Man’s Spaceship

In my morning meditation on July 6, 2022, I hoped to rest in the peace of my I Am Self and light body, without receiving anything in the way of new input. To my surprise, however, after 30 minutes or so of getting centered and being mostly at peace, I felt a strong hieronic spacebeam on my head, especially at my two temples. Then a large golden globe appeared over my head, as Sol-O-Man overshadowed and linked with me.

She instructed me to focus anew on the re-opening of the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont, USA. (See map to right.)

To do so, she guided me to visualize a huge letter V descending from the etheric realms into the top of my head. While I did so, Lord Michael of the First Ray of Will and Power appeared with Lord Uriel of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love.

Michael inserted the sword of truth into my crown chakra/cerebrum, thereby opening one more step into re-manifesting and rebirthing the Earth Temple that I Am. Concomitantly, the thrust of his sword opened the Earth Temple in Vermont. Uriel, feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray, surrounded me in a mantle of 7th Ray love as this took place. God’s will is that we Love God and Love One Another, which is what protects us.

Then, Sol-O-Man lifted me in my light body above my head, up a Christ column of gold and white light, into a huge, round, etheric brilliant-white spacecraft. After a couple minutes of my being there, she proclaimed that this was her space ship, which she called her sister-ship, with it being a spiritual sister to her spiritual brother’s spacecraft, that of Sananda’s ship #10. I was so startled and dazzled by all of this that I abruptly returned to Earth and out of meditation. (See picture to right/above of Mary as Sol-O-Man of the Solar System.)

Never before had I been aboard Sol-O-Man’s spacecraft, or at least not that I consciously remembered. I did not even know that it existed. However, now, in the brief time I just had been in it, it felt so familiar, so much like my home away from home, so utterly and profoundly comfortable.

Still, however, later as I pondered this experience, I recalled that there is nothing specific in Nada-Yolanda’s channelings or intunements about Sol-O-Man’s sister craft. Therefore, wisdom dictated that I seek to verify and confirm what had been revealed to me. I did not tell Phillel about this contact because I wanted to wait and see if he would have something that would confirm it, without his first being told about it. That way, I would be sure that he had not been influenced by me.

Phillel’s Transfiguration by Sol-O-Man/Mary

That afternoon, at Phillel’s and my 3 PM Hierarchal Board Meditation, I did not receive anything new, but rather spent most of my meditation linking with and helping Motah/Phillel to have his own experience. (See picture of Phillel below/right.) Here’s what he reported in his sharing after the meditation:

“Robert led the meditation this week. He suggested that, since he was working on the first entry for the Earth Temple series for his blog . . ., and had had some new contacts and inspirations, we should focus on the Seventh Ray.

“Within moments after we said the Lord’s Prayer to begin, to my surprise Sol-O-Man appeared in her guise as Mary, mother of Jesus. I had not been thinking of her, even though in her Atlantean role as Zolanda, she had been high priestess of the Earth Temple, at that time located on what is now central Long Island, New York.

“Mary overshadowed me. Our light bodies became so interlaced that the two seemed as one, indistinguishable. Her etheric form extended just several inches around my own auric field and physical form, fitting them closely as a [glove over a hand]. Her light body thus manifested a tight-knit transfiguration.

“In this radiant state, at one with Mother Mary, I was imbued fully with her divine feminine qualities of Seventh Ray love and peace. I rejoiced and gave thanks for the supreme example she portrays for all mankind in this solar system. As Sananda’s twin soul, she exhibits the soul’s purity and alignment with the Christ Self. In her role to herald the Second Coming, she represents the new birth of Christ consciousness on Earth.

“Although she did not open up a telepathic exchange with me, I asked for her assistance for all on Earth, as every soul is in need of healing and transformation. Through the oneness of our vibrational forms, I thereby grounded her presence and emanated her exquisite vibration to one and all.

“I had the realization that Mary, through this transfiguration, also reconnected and strengthened the lines of energy force between the Earth Temple (now relocated to south-central Vermont) and the Sun Temple (now expressed through I Am Nation headquarters in Tennessee). In this unified force field, I also was connected solidly with Robert, who is her direct disciple.

“Coming out of meditation, I felt transformed. A new peace pervaded my soul. “My soul doth magnify the Lord.”

“Note: My impression is that Sol-O-Man appeared to me as Mary because of our soul-akashic connection. According to my past-life recall [click here], I feel I knew her as Mary, mother of Jesus, when she was an older woman, years after Jesus’ resurrection. (According to Catholic tradition, Mary lived to the age of eighty-three, prior to her assumption.) Also, I was reminded that my master teacher, St. Germain, in his lifetime as Christopher Columbus, was greatly devoted to Mary.”

Needless to say, I (Dr. Robert), took Phillel’s experience with Mary as confirmation of what I had received that morning. Indeed, it seemed to me that Sol-O-Man/Mary had engineered it partly to convince me of the truth of what I had received, as well as bringing Phillel into co-partnership with me as we both re-open the Earth Temple under her direct guidance, each in our unique way.

Seek & Verify

The next morning, I began reading every reference to Zolanda, Mary and Sol-O-Man in Mapp to Aquarius, Visitors From Other Planets, and all of Yolanda’s diary entries from 1956-1963 in her series of seven booklets titled Into the Fourth Dimension (now out of print), some of which are included in the diary section of Autobiography of a Prophet.

Yolanda, who was stilled called her given name of Pauline from 1956 until 1960,  began having communions with Zolanda in 1958, two years after her spiritual awakening. In every instance, Zolanda appeared as a space lady.

Two times in 1960, when Pauline was in the seventh phase of ascension and redescent in her first major initiation of birth, she was taken up and into a round, bubble-shaped spacecraft where she met with Zolanda; Wains, who is well known through his Gospel of Mark, the communications as Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey, his channelings as J.W. of Jupiter through Gloria Lee Byrd (whose high Self name is Glo-Ria– she is the twin soul of El Morya), and as Jim Speed, one of the early three Directors of Mark-Age, Inc.; and also with Jonte, an etheric master who was an organizer of interplanetary orders.

What struct me most about these ascensions into spacecrafts was the two times she described them as being bubble-shaped, just like the bubble or globe-like shape around Sol-O-Man when she appeared to me on July 1, 2022. I wondered: Could this crystal-clear bubble around Sol-O-Man represent her own spaceship; could it be a small scout ship from her huge, city-sized, mother ship? Did it mean that I was to see more clearly who Sol-O-Man is and that she has her own massive mothership that it is a sister or complementary spacecraft to Sananda’s ship #10? It certainly made a certain amount of sense.

Moreover, Pauline had started doing automatic writing in 1958, in which a master teacher took over her arm and hand, and wrote messages through her, and at times drew pictures. On September 6, 1958, Zolanda wrote her whole message in space language on Pauline’s note pad, which indicated that indeed Zolanda was a space lady. (See image to right.)

Later, in the early 1960s, Zolanda channeled via Yolanda of the Sun (who had received this, her soul name, in spring 1960) that she, Zolanda, previously had incarnated on Mars and Venus, plus on Earth in India (where it was revealed later via Yolanda that she was the wife of Gautama the Buddha, who was an incarnation of Sananda).

Zolanda also revealed that in Atlantis she had been the high priestess of a spiritual center or temple that was near Miami, FL, which was called the Sun Temple. Zolanda was the high priestess of the Earth Temple, located on central Long Island, NY, which actually is about 1100 miles north of Miami, but still nearby in the eastern United States, especially when compared to where the Temple of Mercury is in northeastern India and Nepal. The full information about Zolanda and this Earth Temple location in Atlantis on central Long Island was not given to Yolanda until 1966.

Mary as Mother of God

Starting in 1957 and 1958, Pauline also started having numerous visions, visitations and channelings via automatic writing and vocal delivery by Mary, mother of Jesus. On November 7, 1962, Mary spoke via Nada-Yolanda: “I am Mary, mother of God, in this way: you are life and love and light; and I Am, in this light, demonstrating this life and holding forth this love. As long as I am, there is life, love and light. My role and my being are but one part or aspect of many levels of demonstration.

“I am queen of the subconscious realms, as you would understand it from your technical or psychological points of view. I am the soul aspect and reign there with all who do demonstrate and who do participate in bringing forth the subconscious manifestation and in bringing forth the subconscious coordination with all other levels of life and light to be love.

“You must begin to understand these various levels not only of your own consciousness and being as you demonstrate upon the Earth, but you must begin to understand these various levels and realms that participate in the very Earth, physical dimension which you are experiencing. For until this balance is completed between one realm and dimension and another while you are in the physical, we cannot eliminate the physical and transmute it into a higher form of expression, which is the I Am consciousness on Earth, a fourth dimensional experience.

“I am guiding and controlling those beings or individuals who have dedicated themselves to the mother or the soul aspect, the subconscious or womb of life, as it is manifesting for the realm or the race of mankind upon the Earth. Be then cognizant of these urgings and these yearnings from the soul within you.

“For I am to tell you that now is my time for actual demonstration and participation. (See picture to right/above of Mary appearing multiple times in her ascended light body atop the Zion Coptic Church in Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt from 1969-1971, where she was seen by hundreds of thousands of people; see another view of her below). I am coming forth in many ways. It has been known for many hundreds of years that my part in the scheme of this race’s evolution is to be made manifest.

“I am known by the name of Mary to some but my names are multiple. I have demonstrated upon this Earth planet many times in many ways; and more often in realms above and beyond the Earth, where great seers and great souls have reached me and have been able to bring forth my works and my words. You have them in your legends and in your stories of great tellers.”

As Mary said, she has many names and incarnations. However, it was not until December 26, 1962, via Nada-Yolanda, that Mary channeled that Zolanda was a prior incarnation in Atlantis of her.

Sol-O-Man as Soul of Man

On January 9, 1963, Sol-O-Man first channeled through Nada-Yolanda. However, it was not until December 11, 1963 that Sol-O-Man channeled that she had incarnated as Mary. Moreover, about this time, it became clear that Sol-O-Man is the I Am or high Self name, Zolanda was an incarnation of her in Atlantis, and Mary was her best known Earth incarnation. However, it was not until 1966 that the specific location of the Atlantean Earth Temple was given to Nada-Yolanda, with it being on what is now central Long Island, whose vibrational forcefield extended to New York City, Boston and the southern section of Vermont. Also, this was when the information was given that Zolanda was the high priestess of the Atlantean Earth Temple. Finally, all pieces of this puzzle were put together to form the whole picture.

Sol-O-Man represents the “soul of man,” the mother of God aspect, the Divine Feminine polarity. The name Sol-O-Man also connotes that there is a group or band of spiritual workers concerning this soul-of-man aspect of man’s teaching and awareness, with Sol-O-Man being the spokeswoman for this band. She is the feminine twin soul of Sananda, who was Moses, Buddha, Socrates and Jesus.

And yet, Sol-O-Man also incarnated as King Solomon who designed and oversaw the building of the Temple in Jerusalem. He was considered to be the wisest man/judge in the land and amongst the Jews of his day. The word “temple” as used in the Earth Temple, as well as the other eleven spiritual planetary temples around the Earth, thus comes from the days and demonstrations of Sol-O-Man/Solomon.

Sol-O-Man of the Sun

Starting about 2010 with my visit to Costa Rica, Central America, Sol-O-Man shared with me that “Sol” in Sol-O-Man also refers to the sun. In Spanish and numerous other languages “sol” means sun. The French word for sun is “soleil.” The twelve planets revolve around the sun in our solar system, with the sun being the source of light for this system. Therefore, symbolically, the sun represents the I Am or Christ Self, with its twelve spiritual powers.

Thus, “Sol” represents Sol-O-Man’s Sun-Son-Daughter-I Am Self that shines purely and fully in and through her soul. The “O” in Sol-O-Man represents the feminine soul or astral body, the womb of the subconscious. “Man” portrays the physical body and masculine, conscious mind.

I Am named partly after Sol-O-Man, with my high Self name being Soliel. I Am the son-sun or direct disciple of her and Sananda, who are my spiritual parents. Sananda also refers to himself as Son-Anda and Sun-Anda.

Be An Astronaut

In my morning quiet time on July 8, 2022, Sol-O-Man and other feminine masters in her group who are headquartered in Sol-O-Man’s  mother spaces craft radiated white light all around and into my astral and physical bodies, coating me in etheric energies that extended 4-6 inches from my physical body. I felt like I was begin clothed in Mother love that nourished and protected me. Slowly this sheath of fourth-dimensional energy took on the appearance of a space suit like those that astronauts wear when they are lifted out into the Earth’s higher atmosphere, even all the way to the moon and back.

In my case, this spacesuit protected me from intrusion by those in the seven astral planes as I ascended into, and returned from, Sol-O-Man’s etheric, fourth-dimensional spacecraft. It also strengthened my resolve to keep moving forward with my exploration while confirming that indeed it was her sister space ship, and not a figment of my imagination. I had to be protected even from my own doubts, worries and fears; my feeling insecure and inadequate to rightly and accurately receive this new information about her ship and my visitations to it.

In a sense, we all are spiritual astronauts as we rise into I Am consciousness and light-body expression. Spiritual protection always is necessary. Each step of the way we also have to verify what we receive and experience. It takes time, perseverance and tenacity to stick with it, to keep on keeping on, to keep rising higher and higher in consciousness, to dismiss our doubts and fears — perfect love casts out all fear;  in a series of two steps forward, one step back and two more steps forward. This occurred with Yolanda on multiple occassions from 1958 to 1966 when she received all of the information pertaining to Sol-O-Man, Zolanda and Mary.

Mary’s Ship

When Phillel and I got together the next day, July 9th, and shared our daily thoughts and experiences, I finally asked him if there was anything in the Mark-Age literature that I had yet to find which mentioned or confirmed that Sol-O-Man has her own huge space ship. After all, I know this literature but Phillel has an encyclopedic, in-depth memory of all these Mark-Age teachings from his nearly 50 years of working with it. Phillel replied that there was nothing from and through Nada-Yolanda about Mary’s sister ship. However, he shared that he had had a dream in 1988, 36 years ago, that referred to it; as noted below from his spiritual diary:

December 18, 1988. DREAM. Standing outside in the daytime, I looked up into the sky and saw a large, circular, white mother ship overhead, at an altitude of several thousand feet. I pointed at it and said to someone near me, calmly and matter-of-factly, ‘That’s Mary’s’; meaning, ‘That is Mary’s ship.’ Next, another large ship immediately came on the scene and landed in the middle of the town we were in. A ramp extended as it opened, and I walked on board. I remember seeing large banks of instrumentation inside and many lights; also I met at least a couple of extraterrestrial beings. I vaguely recall that they were wearing space suits and clear helmets. We took off. I don’t remember where we went, but I have a vague recall that they took me to their planet.”

Upon reading a printout of this dream, I excitedly exclaimed, “What an incredible confirmation for me!” Then, for the first time, I shared with Phillel my experience of my being taken aboard Sol-O-Man’s mother ship.

Note that in Phillel’s dream, he says her mother ship is “large, circular and white.” It’s large size indicates it is a mother ship. Being circular means means that it is bubble shaped, like a ball or globe. White indicates the gold and white colors of the Seventh Ray, plus the purity of the love vibration of this etheric craft. It being described as “Mary’s ship” and not “Sol-O-Man’s” ship indicates Phillel past life association with Mary, as described above; plus his being transfigured by her a couple days ago.

I profusely thanked Phillel for sharing this “blast from the past,” of which I had no conscious memory whatsoever. If he ever had shared it with me back in 1988, I have no recall of it. Moreover, together, we marveled at the way that he and I so often have complementary experiences, concurrently or in the past, that confirm and enhance what we individually are receiving.

Needless to say, I also thanked Sol-O-Man, time and time again! For a couple days, in the silence, she had been telling me that all was in order, that confirmation would come. I just had to be patient and trust her.  And here it was!

Halfway Home

The next morning, July 10th, I hoped as I started my meditation that I would be lifted again to aboard Sol-O-Man’s mother ship. Yet, instead, via my third-eye clairvoyant vision, I saw an image of a Sol-O-Man’s gold-colored ship being lowered down and over me. The ship looked like a huge golden globe that was dazzling, but without any other external features. Days earlier, I had been lifted up and into this ship, had ascended into it; so now it was in order that the ship redescend to me here on Earth. As above, so below.

Slowly, the very bottom part of the ship descended into the top of my crown chakra and head, then to my third-eye chakra, and on down to my throat and heart chakras and their correlating physical organs and systems. My entire upper body, from my diaphragm up, was accelerated as it was filled with golden light, love and peace. It felt almost overwhelming each step of the way, but gradually I was able to adjust to its fiery presence.

Nothing more was given in the meditation in the way of details. Afterwards, it came clearly to me that this vision was primarily symbolic and not to be taken  literally. Obviously, I could not hold a huge mother ship in my forcefield, nor could such a mother ship actually be lowered to Earth at this time. Rather, this imagery symbolized that its vibration and consciousness, its Mother love and light, its feminine Sun-Daughter light and energy was descending into my four lower bodies, lifting them into my light body. My heart especially was stimulated and accelerated, and became golden, like the golden heart of my light form. My heart felt whole and I was at peace, in love with life in all its forms. I was at-one with Sol-O-Man and her mostly feminine co-workers.

Celtic Cross

Moreover, my inner sense was that this descent of the mothership represented the corresponding redescent, re-opening and re-birthing of the Earth Temple on Earth. It was like I was in two places at once, bilocated from here at Hilarion House in the I Am Nation/Sun Temple vortex, to the Earth Temple focus or power center in south-central Vermont.

When my ex-wife and I there in Vermont, we had come across the Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church in Proctorville, south-central Vermont, which Sol-O-Man was the approximate epicenter of the new Earth Temple; as I described it in my previous blog. See picture to right/above of this small church.

Atop this church spire it is a Celtic cross that is composed of a solar or sun cross, but with the arms of the cross extended out beyond the circle of the solar cross. (See picture to the right.)

The solar cross is a symbol found in ancient countries around the world, in which its inhabitants worshipped the sun as a symbol representing God as the source of spiritual light and love that radiate out in all four directions.

Hilarion first showed me this solar cross in my meditation when my ex-wife and I were in Costa Rica in 2010. To me, its four arms and segments represent the fours-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination that is to be demonstrated in the four corners of the world, prior to Sananda’s Second Coming to Earth in his ascended light body. Moreover, Sananda’s ship #10 is in the shape of an equilateral cross like that found in the solar cross. (See picture to right of a radiant sun or solar cross.)

To me, the equilateral cross is masculine, with straight lines and angles, whereas the circle is feminine, being round. The circle is the Divine Womb in and through which physical man or woman is born. Moreover, the left two quadrants of the solar cross represent Sol-O-Man and her feminine/soul/Mother-of-God polarity; whereas the two quadrants to the right symbolize Sananda of the masculine, Father-of-God polarity. The two sides are co-equal, just as Sol-O-Man’s “sister” ship is co-equal with Sananda’s “brother” ship, combined together to direct and guide the rebirth Christ consciousness on Earth.

 Mary in the New Garden of Eden

Vermont is only 22% Catholic, with the rest of the population being mostly Protestant. The day that my ex-wife and I saw the above church, we had traveled from northern to southern Vermont through numerous small towns, all of which had similar white churches; but every one of them was a Protestant Church. Catholic Churches in Vermont mostly seem to be located in the bigger cities such as Burlington.

Therefore, it was somewhat amazing to come across this small Catholic church in a small village of about 450 people. It was even more intriguing and highly symbolic and significant that it was named the Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church. I had never before heard of such a named church.

The picture to the right/above is of the statue of Mary that is to the left and front of this church. I plan to have a similar statue of Mary placed in my developing wildflower garden here at Hilarion House, my own Garden of Eden, alongside one of Jesus!


I spent all of July 10, 2022 adjusting to, and assimilating, the descent of the golden sphere of light from Sol-O-Man’s mother ship that had been anchored into my four upper chakras and corresponding physical organs. By the next morning I felt reasonably grounded and relaxed, but did not know consciously what to expect in my morning meditation.

As always, I began with the Lord’s Prayer and especially affirmed and prayed that God’s will be done. Then, I waited to see what would happen. A couple times, I got a bit impatient and tried to lower the golden sphere into my solar (sun) plexus chakra or further down, but it did not budge. Then, as a complete surprise, Sananda/Jesus appeared above and before me, and lifted my right arm and hand into his characteristic J sign, composed of my thumb and first two fingers. I tried to lift my left hand and form the mirror-image J sign to represent Sol-O-Man/Mary’s presence, but Sananda conveyed telepathically to me that I was not to do so. (See image of golden Jesus to right.)

He then explained that Sol-O-Man was his co-equal, twin soul. Therefore, rather than a reverse J sign, she deserved her own unique hand sign. After all, she was not just a reflection of him, but rather she was a unique feminine ascended master in and of herself, the equal co-leader with him of Earth.

For the last 2000 years, men and women alike have seen Mary mostly as a mortal mother, one who followed Jesus, whose role has nearly always been portrayed as being less important than his, when in fact she was an ascended master herself, while playing the role as the mother of Jesus. The Catholic Church, for example, teaches that Mary at the end of her life was “assumed” or taken up into heaven. The truth is that she “ascended” in I Am, masterful fashion in her light body, just like Jesus did.

For that matter, men of Earth throughout its known history have tended to treat women as subordinates, even as mortal/emotional tempters like the allegorical Eve in the Garden of Eden, who led Adam astray. Note, too, that the two symbolic children of Adam and Eve were Cain and Abel, hence brothers — no sisters were involved, like they didn’t exist. After all, the Biblical account was written by men.

Co-Equal Ships

I tried to come up with a sign to indicate Mary with my upraised left hand, like a “M” sign with my fingers, but nothing worked. Sananda/Jesus was just using this discussion to illustrate to me in an unique way that Sol-O-Man was his beloved, co-equal twin soul, with a unique mission of healing the soul of man whereas he worked more so with mankind’s conscious, masculine self; with the two roles and functions overlapping and complementing one another.

Then, Sananda said that until the Earth is fully and rightly feminized and balanced with the male polarity, until the Mother aspect of God is seen to be co-equal with the Father aspect, until Sol-O-Man is seen as co-equal with Sananda as the co-leaders of Earth, the feminine/soul/astral planes cannot be purified and the soul of mankind as a whole cannot rise into full I Am consciousness on Earth. The astral planes (feminine) have to be brought into full alignment with the physical planes (masculine), before the planet can be lifted from the third into the fourth dimension, that of the superconscious, I Am light body.

Sananda next affirmed what I had received earlier about Sol-O-Man’s sister ship. He said that indeed it existed and was of a similar size to his, was co-equal but unique in its vibrations, and that it was the time for it to be seen and acknowledged as such by light workers worldwide.

Sananda telepathically conveyed that as a direct disciple of Sol-O-Man and Sananda, following in Nada-Yolanda’s footsteps, I was the ideal person to make Sol-O-Man’s sister ship known to the world, especially to the 144,000 elect who have chosen to love one another and all life on Earth. Moreover, my having trained under Sol-O-Man/Zolanda in the Atlantean Earth Temple and having healed my soul karma from that time, had prepared me to do so. Now, the revelation about Sol-O-Man’s mother ship was the key to the re-opening of the Earth Temple, both the Temple of Earth that is in each one of us, and of the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont. After all, Sol-O-Man’s space craft is now positioned over this Earth Temple site.

In time, Sol-O-Man’s sister ship will be seen to shine as brightly as when Sananda’s ship #10 had appeared as the Star of Bethlehem, illuminating the place and advent of the birth of Jesus. Sananda said to me: Keep lookin up; in time you will see Sol-O-Man’s craft with your physical eyes, as will others. Seeing her craft symbolically will indicate the eminent return of Sananda and Sol-O-Man as they redescend in their light bodies to Earth, with the original 12 Apostles descending with them.

Elohim, Angels and Devas

Meanwhile, I was so elated and ecstatic about Sananda/Jesus’ explanation and confirmation of what I had received about Sol-O-Man’s ship that I thought my meditation and communion with the higher plane forces was over. Shortly, however, Lord Uriel overshadowed me and wrapped me in her arms or “wings” to help fortify, remodel and protect my forcefield, which was now widely expanded and exposed. With and under her were two devas, one male and one female, who combined serve as my primary body devas. These two helped to to solidify all the new input and images that had been introduced into my mind, soul and body.

Finally, a huge, out-of-this-world, ethereal face appeared above Uriel, Sananda and the two devas, with this face having two equal eyes that radiated brilliant light. This was the “face” of the Elohim of Peace and Love. The two eyes represented the Elohim’s masculine and feminine aspects. The two eyes were equal and functioned together as one, blending together in my vision into one all-seeing eye. It made me wonder again if there are masculine and feminine Elohim for each of the Seven Rays of Life, like unto Father and Mother God. But I was given no direct guidance about this. Rather, the important point and input was that the Elohim’s Peace and Love was helping me to manifest my light body in my own, individual Earth Temple and in the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont. I felt that I was bilocated in my light body, with one foot at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters in northeastern Tennessee, and the other foot in Vermont.

Blow Back

I was so spiritually charged and uplifted by this time that I rose up in my light into the etheric planes and lost conscious awareness of my four lower bodies — outwardly it would appear that I had fallen asleep. When I came back to my physical form and functioning here on Earth, I remembered a dream/vision I just had had in which seven children and young adults of varying ages from about ten to thirty visited me here at Hilarion House. Even before they arrived, I saw that all the bushes, trees and other plants that had been in front of the house had been removed. Therefore, there was no visual screen between the house and the country road that passes along about thirty feet from the house. I felt totally exposed and unprotected from the possible curiosity and glare of those on this road. It symbolized that I had lost my spiritual protection.

The children and young adults came down the steps from the road to the house, walked around in my upcoming wildflower garden area, and even managed somehow to get into my house. They were not negative or nasty so much as they were disrespectful and demeaning of me. They felt it was their rightful privilege to invade Hilarion House. They asked me no questions, did not greet me, were not the least interested in me. It was like they felt that Hilarion House had been built for them, almost like it was their playground, and I did not live there. I tried my best to to tell them to leave and to shoo them away, but they didn’t listen. To put it in gross, Earthly terms, I felt “slimed” by their astral presence and attitude.

Upon awakening, I shortly realized that this dream was a classic “blowback dream” in which those of lesser consciousness try to invade my Healing Haven forcefield. Such blowback is so typical after my having a new, high, spiritual experience, in which the veils that separate the physical plane from the seven astral planes, up and into the etheric level, are rent anew. Note that there were seven such children and adults, who were young in years and maturity. They represented those in the seven astral planes who now had been attracted to the newly implanted light and love here at Healing Haven. Thankfully, these seven children were not so much negative as they were of a lower spiritual vibration, like kids or young adults who basically do not respect their parents, who think they are wiser than their mom and dad.

Therefore, once more, as I often have done in the past,  I worked on protection, calling especially on Lord Michael and El Morya. I surrounded myself in a golden globe of loving light. It took some time, but by the time I finally came out of meditation, I was feeling centered, strong, protected and balanced. I no longer felt the lingering presence of the seven souls of the seven astral planes. I was at peace!

Sol-O-Man’s Stamp of Approval

Thirty minutes or so later, while preparing breakfast, all of a sudden I felt a tremendous, loving energy come over me. It was Sol-O-Man. Her presence was so powerful that my knees buckled and I had to bend forward and down to grasp and hold onto the counter top in my kitchen. Tears started flowing down my face.

Sol-O-Man was incredibly loving. She beamed with light, with a wide smile. She told me how pleased she was about my ability to see her ship, to record it in my diary, to share it with others. She said that every clue and input she had given me I had received correctly and had applied it. She had been present behind Sananda when he was with me.

Before this, following my communions with her, she had on several occassions said that my actions were well done, that I was her son in whom she was well pleased. But this time, she went on and on, like a mother with her beloved child, enjoying with me the glory of the moment. It was so intimate, so personal, so uplifting that I thought I might melt right there on the spot. I never have such ecstatic, all-compassing joy. In part, it was because this seeing and reporting about her star ship was so pivotal, so indicative of my transmuting my Atlantean and Lemurian karma, so indicative of all the work that she has done in mothering and mentoring me over all the years of this life and prior lives. I cannot fully describe the depth of how joyous and happy I felt.

I walked around all the following day in the glow of experience, still feeling her lingering light body presence and motherly embrace of me. I was still in the world, both feet on the ground, even as I went into town to shop and had lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant. But, truly, I was not of this world. I was with her as one in the One. It was a time of being in heaven on Earth. I knew it would not last forever, but I enjoyed every precious second of it while I basked in the remaining vibrations of the love fest with her.

Everyone on Earth is Self-Deceived

And then, the next morning, I had another blowback dream! Oh my. Up and down we go. Two steps forward, one step back. And this dream was nasty.

In it, a highly evolved, spiritually advanced light worker visited me, who was about as old as me. Despite this individual’s evident spirituality and good qualities, some selfishness and arrogance remained that had been exposed in this soul by my recently birthed light body; by the new light that emanated from the Earth Temple that I Am. This person had received some information from some supposed feminine, Hierarchal channel that said that I had screwed up and made mistakes, evidence of which I had written about and placed and hidden in a small cubic structure, about 7inches wide, tall and deep. So it was this person’s job to expose me, for the alleged good of the Second Coming program.

This self-deceived one came busting into my house and demanded to retrieve the negative evidence. I was shocked by this individual’s behavior, especially since all that I had written about was in this blog, which Sol-O-Man herself, with Sananda, had praised to high heaven. It was bizarre! Here I had had such profound confirmation from Sol-O-Man and Sananda about the accuracy and rightness of what I had received and demonstration, and here was this self-righteous jerk trying to lord it over on me, even to destroy me. We physically fought for a time over possession of the cube, and my trying to remove him from Hilarion House, and then I woke up. Talk about feeling slimed!

This dream/vision/experience reminded me of Sananda’s channeling via Nada-Yolanda that no one on Earth or in the seven astral planes is not self-deceived to some degree. Not until every soul memory has been fully transmuted, not until the physical body and conscious mind have been fully cleared, not until one has ascended fully into the fourth-dimensional light is one no longer self-deceived. Not until one has healed the entire soul record as it relates to Earth can one fully birth and ascend into the I Am consciousness and light form.

Cain and Abel

Remember, in the Biblical allegorical account, Cain slew Abel. Historically, the Cains overcame Sananda of the Abels 26 million years ago, and Cain consciousness has ruled the Earth since that time. It happened before and potentially it can happen again, unless we are vigilant, humble, truthful and particularly as we are loving and service oriented. We have to always be mindful of working with and for spiritual protection.

Even those closest to us may betray us. The higher we go in our spiritual climb, the worst the astral/soul/physical attacks may be. But, at each new level, we have the support of our ascended master teachers, our guardian angels, the guidance of the space visitors, even the overseeing of us by the Elohim of the First and Seventh Rays. One with God and with those pure agents of God is a majority.

So, steady as she goes. Keep on applying the universal principles. Love those who hate and and try to demean you. Keep on keeping on. Be love in action and all will be well!

It took me all day to transmute and remove the residue of the nasty feelings of my unwanted dream intruder, and to deal with my residual doubts. Time and again, I protected myself in the golden globe of my light body, in my union with Sol-O-Man in her golden, mother ship. Repeatedly, when I was tempted to react in kind to my adversary, instead I radiated love and forgiveness to this deceived soul — Father-Mother God, forgive this child of God who is momentarily self-deceived. Help me to be sure that I deal rightly with my own remaining self-deceptions. Please continue to help me, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, El Morya and Nada as I continue to move forward and upward. Together, we will win this War of Armageddon, within and without. So be it.

By the next morning, I felt wonderful, renewed, balanced, fully alive, in the flow, on top of things. I was ready to complete the writing and sending out of this blog, which went out the next day, July 13, 2022. Glory be. Thank You, Spirit!

Be Golden

In your meditations over the next few days, time and again, visualize yourself in a golden globe that is about 12 feet in diameter. This represents your golden light body. It also symbolizes Sol-O-Man’s sister spaceship. Inside the golden ball of light, become more aware of your own indwelling I Am Self and golden light body. Be filled anew with Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest.

Look up inwardly and outwardly. Inwardly, see Sol-O-Man’s golden space craft, over you and eventually over the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont. Outwardly, with your physical eyes, scan the sky during the day and at night. In the day, perhaps you see a golden sphere high above you. At night, maybe you see a new, shining star, whose light shines into the depths of your soul. Maybe you revel in seeing a glorious full moon that represents the new clarity and brilliance of your subconscious, of your mastery of some new aspect of our soul memories.

Be mindful in dreams or visions or actions of some remaining remnant of your own self-deception and selfishness as it gets revealed to you. Rather than be dismayed by this or denying it, welcoming this new insight. For it is the start or first step in transmuting, healing and rising above it. This is your opportunity to grow into more of your light-body consciousness. Dear Lord, bring it on. I Am ready to heal it.

Give special, ongoing attention to your spiritual protection. Trust only God. Know that everyone on Earth and in the seven astral planes is capable of denying, deceiving and demeaning you. This is not you being negative. Rather it means that you are being vigilant and masterful in dealing with the selfishness of others, even as you keep focusing primarily on the good or the Christ within them.

Forgive but do not forget that everyone still may revert back to former negative attitudes and actions. It’s just the way things are here on Earth in these Latter Days, in the war between good and evil within everyone not only on Earth but in the astral planes, which contain 100 times more souls than those who are incarnated now on Earth. Be wise as a serpent, as gentle and loving as a dove.

Be happy. How can you not be happy if your know and feel that Sananda and Sol-O-Man are with you, that they are your spiritual parents who love you with all their hearts.

Rejoice in the new level of re-opening and re-birthing of the Earth Temple here on the planet, in verdant, green, beautiful, south-central Vermont. Rejoice in the Temple of the Holy Name of Mary, your cosmic mother of peace and love, which invigorates the Earth Temple. Welcome her hugs and kisses. Know that she has your back, your front, and every other part of you. She and you are truly one. You and she are totally, irrevocably committed to the ongoing re-opening of the Earth Temple.

So be it. So it is. Love, love, love, love. Om.



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  1. “As I was reading the accounts of your and Phillel’s contact experiences with Sol-O-Man/Mary, I was almost overcome with feelings of joy and happiness, experiencing my personal overshadowing sensations of body chills and shakes, leading me to wonder if she was stopping by to say “hello”. I was left
    with a very peaceful, easy feeling. Thanks for sharing!”

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