Transmute Tahoe

Ten days ago, on February 9, 2023, after waking up early in the morning, while still lying in bed, I (Soliel-Dr. Robert) focused on the healing of my heart, which still is exhibiting Afib (an irregular heart rhythm). After linking with my high Self and with ascended masters and guardian angels in the etheric and celestial planes, a deep peace eventually came over me.

Unexpectedly, Lady Uriel, feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, appeared above and around me in multiple shades of white, tan and golden light. She proceeded to fill the four chambers of my heart with brilliant yet soothing, mostly white energy/substance, especially my left ventricle whose thickening causes my Afib. My whole heart glowed and vibrated with this Seventh Ray light and love. Never before had I felt so at one with Lord Uriel, so lovingly embraced by her.

She reminded me of when she had worked in 1999 with Nada-Yolanda to restore her vision in her right eye — Yolanda was 95% blind in her eye following an occlusion of her central retinal artery. Her ophthalmologist had said that she would never regain sight in that eye, but five week  s later, after multiple healing sessions with Uriel, her sight was ninety-five percent restored! It was one of the few “miraculous” healings that Yolanda had experienced in her long life.

Be At Home 

Uriel now shared that she hoped to do the same with me. She proclaimed that she is my “angelic Mama” who loves me as her son. I felt incredibly uplifted and totally “at home in her heart.” (See my simple drawing to the right of Nada-Yolanda’s depiction of Lord Uriel surrounding her; which is how I now felt during Uriel’s presence.)

Previously, my focus on recharging Lake Tahoe had been primarily on the First or Blue Ray of Will and Power, under Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, El Morya and Glo-Ria; as described in my prior blog (click here.) Lady Uriel of the White and Gold Seventh Ray now was leading the way, in and through me as a representative for other light workers, in supplementing and complementing the First Ray with the Seventh Ray, to bring about the full upliftment and transformation of The Lake, as the Washo(e) Amerindians call it.

Be Cloaked

After breakfast, in my following meditation this same morning, Uriel again hovered over me, checking out the effectiveness and results of her work. With her was my feminine body deva, who Uriel was instructing about the re-sculpting of my heart. Uriel then placed a protective white cloak or mantle of protection all around my auric field and physical body, with a hood covering my head, through which I somehow could see, even though others could not see the etheric, fourth-dimensional light that I carried and radiated. To others of lesser consciousness, I looked like a “normal” Earthling, when in fact I was a “visitor” from the higher realms of life and consciousness.

Uriel explained that with the new work with the Seventh Ray, there would be much negative reaction or so-called blowback, so I had to be vigilant about being cloaked, only opening myself with others who truly loved me and welcomed what I shared. I was to be ever aware that those with residual Cain consciousness would do whatever they could to stop me from directing the recharging of Lake Tahoe and from exposing the Cain residue that still existed in their souls, as it is embedded in The Lake.

Uriel said that I now was a “marked man” because of my leadership position and functions, but that all other light workers doing this same work also were “marked men or women.” However, to counterbalance this, Uriel said that El Morya/Mark was with me, and others in the light worker ranks — I and they were “Marked” by him, for my/our protection and right use of the First Ray sword of the truth.

Uriel warned me that many times I would want to directly confront others who are exhibiting Cain selfishness. But before doing so, it would be wise to make sure that I am cloaked in light and love, and that Spirit wishes me to wield the sword in an outward fashion. Often, my guidance instead would be to pull back and to work in the Silence with such individuals. After all, thoughts are things. Our loving, light-filled, power-packed thoughts reach others whether we speak openly and physically, or not.

Lady Uriel ended this communion with me by saying that symbolically and literally she is “The Lady of Lake Tahoe” at its most sacred site along its shore (see my prior blog). Uriel works in and through higher astral Amerindians and in and through Washo shamans now on Earth, as well as with light workers who live around Lake Tahoe and nearby. Uriel and her angelic cohorts, including her masculine, angelic, co-worker Lord Ariel, with their Seventh Ray focus, oversee the transmutation and transformation of the elements of the lake and the surrounding area; and the birthing of the light body on Earth.

Ship #10 Meeting

Two days later, on February 11, 2023, I dreamt that I was aboard Sananda’s ship #10, meeting with him, Sol-O-Man, Archangels and other members of the Hierarchal Board. They were discussing what the next steps would be in re-energizing Lake Tahoe that had been the former primary site or nexus of negativity of the Cains 26 million years ago, with this area being the location of their central government.

Mostly what I remembered when I awoke was that Lanto, the Chohan of the Third Ray of Personal Love and Service, and his twin soul Anna, were amongst the attendees of this conference and decision making process. Lord Chamuel, Archangel of the Third Ray, also had been aboard the ship. Pondering this, I remembered that twice in the last week, Lanto had briefly appeared to me, once in a vision and once in a dream or night vision.

After getting something to eat, in my following morning meditation, the healing of my heart was again my central focus. This time, Uriel took me in my light body to under the waters of Lake Tahoe, in its central region. It was like I was in a kind of submersible (see image to right) or submarine that could travel all the way down to the bottom of the lake, about 1,645 feet. However, I actually was in my ascended light body, via which I could descend into the depths. This apparently was the next step to be taken, as discussed when I had been aboard ship #10.

Under the water, my heart became one with the now submerged, darkest depths of the subconscious record of the selfish, superior thoughts that had existed in the days of Cains and Abels. It was these errors, including my own back then, that were the ultimate cause of my current heart problems. In those ancient days, I was not in rhythm with the will of God, which as Sananda demonstrated as the leader of the Abels is: Love God and Love One Another.

That ancient error came primarily under the heading of the misuse Third Ray of Personal Love and Service, for it was due to self-power, feeling separate from God, self-aggrandizement, and treating the fallen race as slaves; in other words, to selfishness. That is why I especially remembered meeting with Lanto and Anna in my dream visit to ship #10. They would be working with me in the pink light of personal love of the Third Ray.

Devilish Monsters

As to the depths of Lake Tahoe being the site of the darkest secrets of the superior past of the Cains carried over to the present, local current legends say that “monsters” live in the depths of the lake. These are alleged to be like the monster Nessie that is said to be in Loch (Lake) Lomond, Scotland. Indeed, we have to be aware that such negative, monstrous thoughts still exist in the depths of even light workers, until they have fully transmuted their soul record. None of us are 100% pure.

However, recent physical explorations under the surface of Lake Tahoe via submersibles, submarines and deep scuba divers have found no such physical monsters or skeletons of dead bodies that were alleged to have been dumped there by the criminal element associated with the early casinos around the lake. What a team of scuba divers and helpers, totaling 160 people, found and retrieved in 2019 was  25,000 pounds of garbage, debris, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, parts of ship motors, car tires, whole cars, and so on.

Such debris is found in most lakes around the world, as mankind has a nasty habit of polluting them; especially with plastics. Despite this clean up, still remaining on the floor of Lake Tahoe are over 400 larger items that still have to be removed, as shown in the image to right.

So, here is the analogy: The physical garbage and refuse in the lake is/was like unto the uncleansed and selfish thoughts, feelings and memories in people’s subconscious minds. It now is surfacing, being brought up to be disposed of properly by light workers who want to clean up the lake and restore it to its pristine purity.

We sons and daughters of God work with our thought projections to help others to transmute the errors in their souls, which they still deny having, but which they persist in demonstrating in their daily thoughts and actions. If self-deceived light workers do not clean up their souls, then these currently submerged errors will manifest as various physical disorders that seem to have no known cause. As you sow, so do you reap!

Be in the U

Lady Uriel now overshadowed me, showing herself to me in the form of a large letter U that was all around me. The bottom, rounded part of the U, rested on the lake floor. Uriel worked with me to “uplift” (note the letter “U” in uplift) me and the whole Lake, to fill the waters anew with peace and love. In so doing, I was protected by Uriel’s guardian presence and energy. Together, we and all light workers under her command are to return The Lake to its crystal-clear state, before it had been polluted by Cain abuses and misuses of Creative Energy. This present work is that of the Seventh Step of the Seventh Ray.

In a following set of images and experiences, my light form was so large that my feet were at the bottom of the lake, my waist was at the surface of its water, and my upper body was above the lake, with my arms reaching up in a V shape to Spirit and the agents of Spirit, receiving the outpouring of Spirit upon all flesh and all elements. Here depicted was the core principle of the seventh step or major initiation, and the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest: “I, when I be lifted up, lift all others and all life unto me.” So may it now be done!

Transmute Water to Wine

I now felt so charged by the higher energies and by Uriel’s presence that I lost consciousness or “went out.” Physically, I fell asleep. Fifteen minutes or so later, upon coming back to conscious awareness, all around me in my third-eye vision was a beautiful dark pink-to-red color or substance or energy. This hue represents regeneration, renewal and rebirth; the lifting of third-dimensional elements into so-called super-elements, those which are charged with fourth-dimensional vibrations and power. This vision initially baffled me because I expected that the color would be white-to-gold, as radiated and anchored by Lord Uriel.

Eventually, it dawned on me that the color red I was seeing and experiencing was similar to that of a red wine like Pinto Noir (see image to right/above). In other words, the lake’s water now had been transmuted into wine!

By my example and experience, all of us who read and act upon my blogs are now commissioned and capable of transmuting Lake Tahoe into a Temple or Vortex of Third Ray pink/red light that once and for all will transmute and wipe away the residue of the Third Ray errors of the past.

We are to make Lake Tahoe new! We are to bring forth spiritual, Hierarchal, Abel government in this region to supplant the past Cain government. In time, this will ripple out and transmute the whole world. (See image to right of a pink-red sunset at Lake Tahoe.)

In so working with Lake Tahoe, we link with the Third Ray Temple of Venus that is located nearby in the Teton Range and Yellowstone area in northwestern Wyoming. By plane, it is only 550 miles between the two sites. Therefore, pink light emanating from light workers at or near the Temple of Venus augments our work in transmuting the waters of Lake Tahoe into spiritual wine or Christ life-and-love flow.

Third Step

Here’s what Yolanda received from Nada, on April 7, 1969 in regard to this Third Ray initiation and project: “The third step is that when the feeling nature and the love transmutation start to take place. This is when the individual begins to realize he is all love, and that love can be directed and can cause the change within his own beingness. This is the beginning of changing the self from man into spirit; the time when Jesus transmuted the water into wine, when he made the lifeblood of himself, which is symbolized by the water, into the Christ life flow, which is symbolized by the wine. This is the third step and the third initiation.

“This comes under the jurisdiction of the Third Ray [of Personal Love, Feeling and Service to a Higher Cause], which brings about this tremendous desire within the individual to express his spiritual Self in a definite and concrete way in his own life. Until that time the person is often only conscious of the change that takes place within him and how he relates it to his own life and experiences and deeds. But at the third initiation he is required to express it for others. He is required to serve others. He is required to give out unto others some of that which he has recognized and has had revealed unto himself.

“Again, passing to this or having some of this initiation is not to say that one has conquered all that is to be learned in the third step of spiritual transmutation of the mortal man into the spiritual being that he is on the plane wherever it is that his body or personality is expressing.” END quote.

Love The Lake

Regardless of what major initiation we may be demonstrating, with each new opening of our heart chakra, greater Christ love flows through us and anchors into and charges our circulating blood with higher love vibrations. In this way, water (blood) is transmuted into wine (Christ love-and-life flow).

Initially, we love and serve those near and dear to us: friends, family, spouses and fellow citizens where we live. Eventually, however, we must love equally every child of God in all realms. In addition, we are transmuted by our deep compassion for and loving service to the other kingdoms: angelic, devic-elemental, animal, plant and mineral. Currently, we as united light workers have grown spiritually to the extent that we are to transmute all the water of Lake Tahoe, and all creatures and plants that grow within and around its shores; as well as all humans there and nearby.

(By way of clarification, the word transmutation also refers to the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation, which is the central focus of the sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection. In the third major initiation, the transmutation is primarily of the feeling nature; hence, this third step, under influence of the Third Ray, entails a transmutation or transformation with love. In the sixth initiation, the change or cleansing is of the entire soul record, preparing the initiate for resurrection of the light body.)

Wedding In Cana

Following his baptism, Jesus was tempted for forty days in the wilderness, where he was strengthened and purified. Afterwards, he attended a wedding in Cana, and was accompanied by his mother, Mary, and his disciples. (See huge painting of the Wedding of Cana by Paolo Veronese, who was an incarnation of Lanto, the Chohan of the Third Ray; now in the Louvre in Paris, France.)

Mary symbolizes the purified soul; she also represents the love or feeling nature, the feminine aspect of our consciousness. As Sol-O-Man, she is Sananda’s twin soul. The twelve disciples represent twelve spiritual qualities, which externalize via seven major and five minor chakras as twelve physical systems. Those at the wedding reception are symbolic of those whom we serve, whether they know it or not.

When the wine ran out at the wedding, Mary called upon Jesus for help; symbolically, love prompted him to be of service. Literally, it demonstrated their twin soul relationship and complementary interaction. But since Jesus had completed only recently his second step of baptism, he was not sure at first if this was his time to serve others more publicly in his role as the Messiah or Christ. (To right, see a close-up of Paolo Veronese’s above painting, showing Jesus wearing a pinkish-red garment, with Mary sitting by his right side; both with halos of light.)

Eventually, however, Christ Jesus directed the servants to fill six large jars with water; then through his Christ powers, while being aided and supported by Mary who added her love to the process, he transmuted the water into wine. This was the first so-called miracle Jesus performed in his public ministry (see John: 2:1-11).

Third & Seventh

As mentioned above, in terms of the Seven Rays, the color corresponding to the Third Ray is pink, with shades that darken to hues of red, including blood red. The Seventh Ray colors are white and gold. In the mantrum Love God and Love One Another, the “Love God” aspect is more so that of the Seventh Ray, whereas the “Love One Another” expresses more so the Third Ray. However, much overlap and coordination exist between these two love rays, with both working together as one love vibration and force.

Thus, in my experiences as shared above, first I came into communion with Lady Uriel, Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. But then the emphasis shifted to the Third Ray of Personal Love and Service. The balanced use of both rays is required, as well as that of the other five rays, in order to fully transmute the residual Cain karma embedded in the waters of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding astral planes.

Lord Chamuel is the Archangel of the Third Ray, and his angelic counterpart is called Lady Chamuel, for her specific name has not yet been revealed. As noted above, Lanto, who was Paolo Veronese 1528-1588 A.D., an Italian Renaissance painter of the Venetian school, is the Chohan of the Third Ray. His self-portrait is above and to the left.


Anna, Lanto’s twin soul, first contacted me twelve-and-one-half years ago in a vivid dream on September 28, 2010, one that is still near and dear to me, given its uniqueness, power and clarity. In this night vision, my ex-wife, MariLyn, and I became annoyed with one another over a minor matter, so to let things cool off and calm down in her and me, I walked into my office and shut the door. To my total surprise, standing there was a sweet, grandmotherly woman dressed in ordinary clothes, whom I never had seen before. “Who are you and how did you get in here?” I demanded.

Gently she replied: “I live in the adjoining apartment behind your and MariLyn’s house [which apartment in real life does not exist]. I watch over and guide both of you, especially MariLyn. I am her master teacher on the Third Ray. Your and MariLyn’s nerves are on edge partly because I have been in your force fields.”

Doubting all this, I thought to myself, “Yeah, right.” So, when this sweet grandma saw that I did not believe her, she opened her eyes wide and gazed at me in a most otherworldly way. So much powerful pink light rushed from her eyes that it knocked me backwards and down on my butt. She then turned around and passed through the walls of my office!

So, even today, I have to chuckle when I think of this extraordinary dream of interdimensional communication and exchange, this first time of meeting her. Talk about my falling in love! Talk about my falling hard in love!

So, if you do not want to get knocked off your feet by Grandma Personal Love, please do show her the love and respect that she deserves. She is one powerful lady of pink light. And she will be with us, along with Lanto, in our Lake Tahoe prayers and projections for the next week or so.

Maybe she, you and I will show up at a wedding along the shore of Lake Tahoe, such as the one shown in the picture to the right/above. With the bride and groom, and all people celebrating Third Ray personal love in the wedding of conscious and subconscious, male and female, you and I will turn water into wine. We can call this new wine Lake Tahoe Wine. It’s especially good for the health of the heart!

Lady Lanto to Anna

At first, I only called my dream Grandma of the Third Ray by her name as Lady Lanto, per her request. Then, about five years later, on February 19, 2015, deep in my morning meditation, I found myself looking in my inner vision to my left, in about the center of which I saw a slight disturbance or distortion. This became an interdimensional portal through which came Lady Lanto, whose vibration immediately was recognizable due partly to her pink forcefield, plus her extraordinary personal love vibration. She relayed that her unique, individual, high Self name is Anna.

Two mornings later, in my meditation, via my third or all-seeing eye, I saw Anna standing before me. Her form was barely visible in its outline but clearly discernible. Her entire auric field and body were suffused with shades of ethereal pink light. This ability to begin to “see” her confirmed what she had revealed to me two days earlier as to her name Anna. Many later confirmations also were shown to me over the years until now.

Soul History

Anna now telepathically revealed that following my fall from grace in Alaska during the period of the Cains and Abels, after which I and other golden giants had been banished to Venus (primary home of the Third Ray), she especially had tutored and trained me on Venus in Third Ray reconditioning, and has continued to do so down through the ages, until currently. As such, she is special to my heart, as you can well imagine!

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, in the First Book of Samuel, Hannah was the second but favored wife of Elkanah. Her name means “favor” or “grace.” Elkanah’s first wife bore a son but Hannah was barren. So, she prayed fervently to God to bring her a son that she would dedicate to His service. Her prayers were answered, and she brought the child Samuel to Shiloh for religious training, whereupon Samuel eventually became a notable Jewish judge.

In the New Testament, the Jewish name Hannah became Anna in Greek and Latin. According to the Gospel of Luke, 2:36-38, Anna was an elderly woman of the Tribe of Asher who prophesied about Jesus at his presentation of Jesus at the Temple.

In both of these Biblical depictions, Hannah-Anna clearly demonstrated Third Ray Personal Love and Devotion to a Higher Cause. However, in my contacts with Anna in her role as twin soul of Lanto, she has not revealed whether or not she was either of these incarnations. Nor has she given me any information about later lives here on Earth. Therefore, we have no accurate historical images or paintings of her.

Anne as Mother of Mary

Moreover, in the four Canonical Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), Anna as being Anne, the mother of Mary, is not mentioned. However, Anne is described as such in some of the apocryphal texts. Catholicism teaches that Anne indeed was Mary’s mother. Moreover, on December 24, 2004, Sol-O-Man channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “As Mary, daughter of Anne, wife of Joseph and mother to Jesus, I appreciate all the souls who have paid me honor and acknowledgment for that incredibly miraculous incarnation two thousand years ago.” Over the centuries, many paintings of Anne as Mary’s mother were produced. Currently, numerous Catholic Churches are named after St. Anne.

The artistic depiction of Anne that I love best is by Leonarda da Vinci, who was an incarnation of Kut Humi, Chohan of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom, whose twin soul is Ella. In this painting (see image to left), Mary sits on Anne’s lap, reaches down to hold and support her young child Jesus, who reaches down to a lamb, even as he looks back to his Mama. When MariLyn and I were in Paris at the Louvre in 2013, we saw the original of this painting, which some art authorities say is his best painting. I have a copy of it on my office wall here at Hilarion House.

Whether Anna was incarnated as Anne or not, certainly from the higher realms she often reached down to and guided Mary as she brought up her beloved child. Note in the painting that Anne’s head is in front of the distant blue mountains behind her, indicating her high, spiritual elevation. But her feet are firmly on the ground. In our soul work with the Third Ray, we are to be the same as her.

Moreover, as depicted above, Anna in the etheric realms is reaching down to each of us right now as we rebirth the Christ within us. We affectionately can call her our Pink Grandma! And when we do so, we are definitely in the pink.

Thy Will Be Done

About three weeks ago, from about February 1st when I started researching and thinking about these two current blogs that focus on transmuting Lake Tahoe and past Cain government there, the negative blowback has been particularly evident and difficult with which to deal. Mostly, it has centered in my throat chakra and respiratory system.

Typically, after having a new, elevating experience, a day or two later, there has been pressure on my throat and upper chest, such that I start coughing and being short of breath, as if somebody or some force was trying to shut down my respiratory system; to take away my voice and free will expression. In these episodes, my shortness of breath sometimes has lasted for fifteen minutes or more; and often has lingered at a lesser level for hours at a time. Usually, there has seemed to be no outward cause for these symptoms. In the worse blowback experiences, I have felt like I never would be able to breathe freely again, that I might even die. Always, however, I powerfully and lovingly have have fought back and dislodged my detractors.

This reminds me of the description about the war between the Cains and Abels as given in our text Evolution of Man. In this account as given via Nada-Yolanda is the following description: “The last battle between the two dissenting forces [Cains and Abels] took place near the foothills of Mount Shasta, about two hundred miles northwest of Lake Tahoe. The Cains, in the majority, tried to prevent Sananda and his band of disciples and a small group of humans from leaving their control and rulership. This so-called war was fought on a higher level than the physical as we understand it [Robert’s bold].”

Now, the war or battle seems to be taking place again, a war of wills, a War of Armageddon, a war between selflessness and selfishness, a battle between good and evil within each of us, and with one another. Time and again, I have felt inwardly like I was being psychically attacked, that someone or some group of former Cains had their hands around my throat, choking me, wanting to “shut me up” and not publish anything about The Lake’s needed transmutation.

At these times, I went into meditation, surrounded myself anew in my cloak of protection, took out my sword of truth and cut away the auric tentacles that were impinging on my upper chest and throat area. Repeatedly, I called upon Spirit and the agents of Spirit to protect me anew, to which they always have responded. Somehow, by the grace of God, I eventually managed to forgive my attackers, or to have our Father-Mother God forgive them through me.

Measure Up

The worst episode came on February 13, 2023. I slept soundly for about four hours that night, then awoke coughing deeply and almost uncontrollably. I could barely take in a new breath. First, I called upon and aligned myself with the First Ray forces — Michael, Mariel, El Morya and Glo-Ria — to help me rightly wield the sword in dealing with my psychic attackers, mostly those from the astral planes. This brought some welcome relief.

Then the Four First Rayers, along with St. Germain and his twin soul Violet of the Sixth Ray, ushered into my forcefield a new, feminine guardian angel of the Sixth Ray, plus a masculine ascended master of this ray, both unnamed but clearly seen and felt. Their assignment and work was to augment my use of the Violet Flame to burn away any negative intrusion into my auric field, and to keep myself balanced and cleansed in the process. Again, I felt better, but not totally well.

Lanto and Anna next appeared and added their Third Ray energies to the mix, since the “blowback” was coming from those entities associated in the past with the Cain government in the days of Cains and Abels. I started feeling more so in the pink, but still felt some pressure on my chest and around my neck.

Then the image of a wooden yardstick appeared in my psychic vision, with my focus being on the last three inches of it — the 34th, 35th and 36th inch markers. Symbolically, this meant that I was getting to the end of this session of dealing with my own Third Ray errors of eons past (all 3 feet or 36 inches of it), but also was able finally to measure up to serving selflessly and devotedly no matter what difficulty this would entail. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak and that was good. It meant that redemption was at hand — just three more “inches” to go. I took heart in this.

My Peace, I Give Unto You

Still, all that day, off and on, I had episodes in which I felt disgruntled, annoyed, irritable, ready to lash out at those on the inner planes and the outer planes who still opposed me, who had and continued to mistreat me; several of whom were not even fully aware that this is what they were doing. In their uncleansed residue of superiority, they thought they were “helping” me by trying to set me straight according to their self-deluded ideas of spirituality. (I’m sure you know this type.) Time and again, I turned such folks over to Spirit and the agents of Spirit for their ongoing transmutation.

During the last three weeks, I also was deeply tired, with this being yet another sign of the blowback, as well as with rightly dealing with the positive influx of the higher spiritual energies. Multiple times, I felt exhausted, like I could not take another step forward in dealing decisively with the darkness; in feeling inadequate, insecure and anxious at times about it; wondering whether or not I truly was measuring up; or in feeling angry or powerless to do anything to change my life and consciousness. Sometimes, I felt so disturbed that I wanted “to cut somebody’s head off,” which of course I logically knew was inappropriate, but which at a deep emotional, visceral level I still was tempted to do.

Finally, it dawned on me that my excessive negative feelings and reactions were part and parcel of the blowback. In other words, in the world these days, people are more and more frustrated, upset, angry, annoyed; and are acting out these feelings; with the many shootings being the most obvious marker of mankind’s current imbalance. So, partly I was psychically picking up on this and feeling in ways that I almost never do, having worked to cleanse my mind and soul for some fifty years. My anger was largely the world’s anger that was washing over and through me. So, I stepped back time and again, got re-centered, and found a new measure of harmony, peace and balance.

Finally, late that afternoon, still February 13th, while I was working at my desk, still feeling somewhat out-of-sorts, suddenly Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary strongly overshadowed me. (See picture of Jesus to right.)

Sananda spoke for the both of them: “Soliel-Robert, be at peace. Whatever trials or tribulations or temptations you are experiencing, inwardly or outwardly, use your First Ray Will and Power to bring forth greater peace. There can be no excuse to not do so. So, particularly as a Seventh Ray worker and one of my stand-ins, be at peace and radiate this peace to one and all. Then I felt his and Sol-O-Man’s combined peace come completely over, around, in and through me. It was divine! Finally, I was fully at peace, filled with love for one and all.


Outwardly, as verification, this was the first time all day I felt like I could breathe deeply and slowly. That night I slept well and had almost no respiratory symptoms. Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s combined peace was with me and I was at peace being with them. God bless them! For now, the battle of wills had been won. I had chosen and acted to be peace personified, no matter what; and therefore no one could rob me of this peace, unless of course I was foolish enough to let them do so.

I prayed and visualized that all other light workers would feel Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s presence and abiding peace that surpasses mortal understanding. In the following days, every time I have found myself being tempted to get upset, overreact, give up, blame others, be annoyed and the like, I quickly  responded by affirming and feeling that I Am at peace. Everything else, all the good in my life, starts with being at peace.

During these conflicts within me between war and peace, I particularly felt Sol-O-Man’s guiding presence, with her being clothed in gold-and-white light, with a golden heart, as she had shown herself multiple times to six children in Belgium in 1932-1933. (See the picture to right of her as the Virgin with the Golden Heart.)

After all, if we are not at peace, how in the world can you or I rightly wield the sword, or love and forgive others despite, or as a healing counterbalance to, their negativity? How can we transmute Tahoe? Peace and love transmute and heal!

Peace it is. Peace I Am. Peace, love, cooperation and coordination.


Now that you have read this long but informative and inspiring blog, set forth in working in your prayers, visualizations, meditations and other quiet times during the next seven days in transmuting water to wine, within yourself first, then with others around you, and finally with Lake Tahoe.

Think of the “T” in Tahoe as being for Transmutation. So, affirm: I Am a T, one who like ChrisT Jesus Transmutes water to wine. Following faithfully in his footsteps, affirm: I instill Christ life-and-love flow in the waters of The Lake that I love with all my heart.

Call upon your angelic guardian and others to help you wrap yourself in a cocoon of Christ light, that serves as a cloak or mantle of protection. Then see yourself inside a Christ column of love and light, which is about 13 feet in diameter, at least to start; with it extending from the ground up through the astral planes to the etheric and celestial planes. Be centered. Be at peace. Slowly and deeply, breathe in the will of God. Rest in the powerful peace and love of your I Am Self.

Systematically, link up with all the various angels and masters that have been referred to in my above sharings: Lord Michael and Lady Mariel of the First Ray; Lord Chamuel and Lady Chamuel, plus Lanto and Anna of the Third Ray; El Morya and Glo-Ria; Sananda and Sol-O-Man; and St. Germain and Lady Violet of the Sixth Ray, and their co-workers. Consciously focus on them and ask them to guide and guard you in your meditation and throughout the day. Then see what comes to you, as to any specific visualization to perform, any way of speaking the word, or some new way of being at peace, one with God the Good.

You are unique, so no one approach will fully fit into your role and function. And each day, your focus, technique or receiving may change. In this blog, I have shared many of my most impactful visualizations and communions to serve as possible examples of how to work in the transmutation of Tahoe. One or more of them may resonate with you on different days. Or you might be inspired some days to do something entirely different, something that suits you better and feels more fitting and appropriate. Or you may need a day to rest and do nothing, to recharge your spiritual batteries.

Take A Swim

Maybe one day you visualize your being in your light body and submerged in the Lake’s waters, to which you radiate peace and love, healing and harmony, transmutation and cleansing; wherein you see the transmutation of the lake’s waters into exquisite new “wine.”

Maybe on another day you stand in the Lake, your light-body feet at the bottom of it, your waist at the Lake’s surface, your upper body above the lake. (See the gorgeous image of the blue Lake Tahoe to the right.)

Maybe all you do is just imagine and feel yourself there, without your projecting anything. For you are a beacon of love, light, life and peace. Your love and peace radiate in and through you to all the water around you.

Perhaps a pink diamond comes to mind, with pink being the color of the Third Ray. If so, see a huge pink diamond submerged in the Lake, radiating via its many facets or faces a wide variety of Third Ray love radiations. (See image of pink diamond to right.)

Maybe during this or other days you wear pink clothing, to help you stay in the pink, even when you feel out of sorts.

Maybe you see yourself in a boat on the waters, out in the center of the Lake, looking at all the mountains that surround the perimeter of the Lake. Maybe instead of being on the water, you see yourself being atop one of the higher mountains. Most such mountains at Tahoe are in the 9000 foot range, but three of them are above 10,000 feet. On the water or from your mountain peak, radiate Third Ray Personal Love into the Lake and to all the area and life forms in and around it.

Lake Tahoe has three fault lines as shown in the picture to the right. The blue, diagrammatic shape is that of the Lake, with the faults indicated. Geological evidence indicates that in the past, strong earthquakes have shaken the Lake, and sent tsunami waves of twenty or more feet high throughout the Lake. Such happening today would cause a vast amount of damage.

Remember that Nada-Yolanda has intuned that what is now Nevada and the surrounding states will undergo much upheaval and physical catastrophes as part of the cleansing of this whole region. So, project balance, harmony and peace to the earth below the waters, as well as into the waters.

Link with Tahoe Light Workers

Lake Tahoe is mostly a recreation center these days, with lots of boating, water skiing, snow skiing and the like, plus with several casinos and nightclubs nearby. However, there are a number of spiritual centers around The Lake: yoga, Buddhist and meditation centers, as well as conventional Christian churches. Also, there is Unity at the Lake at South Tahoe, a Unity Church of Practical Christianity, who follow the teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.

However, like elsewhere around the world, many spiritual folks at Lake Tahoe practice their spiritual teachings in relative obscurity, behind the scenes, cloaked and yet engaged; like the scuba divers who who put their love inaction to clean up the lake and now are cleaning up other nearby lakes. So, we can link with all light workers in this area, as they need all the help that they can receive. We especially can link with the Amerindians on Earth and in the higher astral planes.

We know that transmutation and cleansing is taking place at Lake Tahoe. This brings to mind when Christ Jesus walked on the waters and calmed the storm, one of his many fabulous demonstrations of his light body. Now that was recreation or re-creation in its highest form!

So, take a few moments, see yourself walking on Lake Tahoe, calming not only the waters but all life in the area. Talk about transmutation! (See image to right/above of calm waters at The Lake.)

Disperse the Dark Blowback

In a sense, Jesus, when walking on the water, was dealing with blowback in his time and way. Mankind’s negativity in those days, including the doubts, fears and worries of his Apostles, contributed to or caused the storm that riled the lake and threatened to swamp the boat in which the Apostles were positioned. Jesus walked on the waters to them and said: Peace, be still. And he helped Peter, who after walking a few steps of the water had fallen into it due to a lack of faith, to rise out of the water.

It is what we now say when the negativity of mankind wells up, washes over us and threatens to dump us in the dark depths of our negative feelings and that of mortal men. We speak the word: Keep the faith, friends; keep focused on, and radiate peace, love, cooperation and coordination to all at or near Lake Tahoe.

Be in the Pink

Whatever else you do, be pink; think pink; feel pink; put your pink love into action. See pink light pouring into Lake Tahoe, transmuting it into a pure lake of personal love and Christ service. With Lord and Lady Chamuel, Lanto and Anna, love one another, just as Christ Jesus loved his Apostles and disciples.

See a new day and a new way dawning at Lake Tahoe, a time when the spiritual Hierarchy is welcomed to Earth and honored in the hearts of all those in this area. See Sananda as Sun-Anda, with Sol-O-Man, redescending to this area, to reclaim and uplift it. (See image to right of a sunrise over the mountains of Lake Tahoe.)

As it is, the seven Chohans and the seven Archangels who comprise the Council of Seven, with their co-leaders being Lords Michael and Maitreya, symbolically and literally are standing atop the mountains that surround the entire lake. They are readily accessible to one and all who seek their guidance and counsel. Ask and you shall receive.

See the future as now.

Give thanks that Tahoe is Transmuted.

So be it.









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  1. Glad to hear you are ok. So thankful you are back and can send out these wonderful testimonies to your work. It is inspiring! As for me, it’s been tough going the past few months for sure. After more than a few weeks of illness after New Year’s and as soon as I was well enough, I got to work on the list of issues I saw coming up and why I was being ‘blind sided’. Another 3 weeks went by before I started to see the light and insight came in. It’s a work in progress that I am hoping will build a momentum to get on the other side of whatever this is… maybe before Equinox! Take care of yourself!

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