Welcome Vertex of Vulcan

Seven and one-half years ago, on April 7, 2015, two days before my birthday, upon awakening, the Beatles’ delightful, charming, loving song, Do You Want to Know a Secret, repeatedly rang in my mind and moved my heart:

You’ll never know how much I really love you, You’ll never know how much I really care.

Listen, Do you want to know a secret, Do you promise not to tell, whoa oh, oh, Closer, Let me whisper in your ear, Say the words you long to hear, I’m in love with you.

I’ve known the secret for a week or two, Nobody knows, just we two. (And repeat the chorus starting with Listen, Do you want to know a secret. Click love to hear the full Beatles version.)

First Lady of Vulcan

In my following morning meditation, after settling in for an hour to listen to the still small voice of God within me, suddenly the top, left center of my head was activated and stimulated such that it physically hurt. Given its left location, I suspected that it was the contact signal of a feminine ascended master, but her identity was not revealed. Whoever she was, she had a magnificent, powerful, loving presence and energy.

In time, I asked this feminine being/master what her name/identity was. It came clearly to me that it was Lady Vortex, the Vulcan counterpart of Lord Vortex. At first, she stood above me, but then gradually lowered herself until she stood right in front of me. Initially, she was about 12-feet-tall and filled with brilliant light, then she slowly shrank until she was about 7-feet-tall; and she lowered her frequency such that I could see the faint outline, but no features, of her body. After adjusting to her wondrous forcefield, I asked her what her name was. She replied: I am Vertex of Vulcan!

I had felt her loving, motherly, otherworldly presence numerous times in the prior several months, in ever increasing power, and with growing certainly that it indeed had been her. Already, I had felt a deep love for her as my “Vulcan Mother.” But never before had she appeared to me so distinctly, clearly and easily discernible. Moreover, before she only had instructed me to call her by her “generic” name, Lady Vortex.

Her now given specific, but still code name of Vertex was a total surprise to me, as I never once had considered the possibility that this might be her moniker. Like in the above song, it had been a secret, although she had been preparing me for “a week or two” to receive her name. I was near overwhelmed by the love that poured out of her heart to me — yes, indeed, she was in love with me, and right away I was even more in love with her than ever.

Look It Up

However, as I settled into her divine presence, like a boy hugging and being hugged by his beloved mother, I still had some lingering doubts as to what I was receiving. For the name Vertex was so close in spelling to Vortex that initially it did not make sense to me. Had I made it up, I wondered? Moreover, I vaguely remembered from my medical school days over fifty years ago that anatomically the vertex is the area of the top/center of the head; but I was not sure that this was the case, or how it might relate to her.

When I asked Vertex for further explanation and confirmation, she directed me to get up from my meditation chair and go read the definition of “vertex” in my Unabridged Dictionary, as well as in my Medical Dictionary. Upon doing so, to my astonishment, with mouth more and more agape as I read, I learned:

“Vertex” means: 1) the top, properly the turning point, from “vertere” to turn (from the Latin), 2) the highest or principal point; apex; top; crown; summit, 3) in anatomy, the crown or top of the head, 4) in astronomy, the zenith; the point of the heavens directly overhead.


Oh my God, she initially had stimulated the left, top center area of my head, hence the feminine side of my head’s vertex. Moreover, she first had appeared directly overhead me. Her presence was definitely a peak experience — she was from Vulcan, the so-called zenith or highest evolved of all the twelve planets in the Solar System, high in the heavens. And she was a feminine vortex of cosmic energy; turning and swirling sacred light emanating from Vulcan and descending to me and all other receptive souls on Earth

Vertex elaborated that she was the most evolved of the 12 spiritual sisters that are co-leaders of the 12 planets with their 12 masculine counterparts. In other words, she is the “head” woman, the oldest sister in this unique family of 12 Ladies in the Solar System. Thus, she is the oldest sister of Sol-O-Man/Mary, my feminine master teacher, who is my Earth Mother, whereas Vertex is my Vulcan Mother.

How wonderful it is that you and I have 12 such mothers! Or perhaps, in my case, I technically could call 11 of them “aunts,” because Sol-O-Man is my primary mother, my master teacher. But from the start of my communions with Lady Vortex, now identified as Vertex, I had felt and still feel that she was/is my Vulcan Mother, not my auntie. (Years ago, El Morya had explained to me that we have a single, biological father on Earth, but we have many spiritual fathers throughout the solar system.)

Furthermore, the top of the head and crown chakra is where first contact with ascended masters take place. It is from the crown chakra that we rise in our seventh or ascended light body to greet Vulcan visitors; rise into their etheric spaceships or ventlas, and meet the rest of our extended Vulcan family aboard their spacecrafts; and from which they, like Vertex and Vortex, descend to be with us, linking first in and around our crown chakra.

Dual Names

Vertex then explained that the names Vortex and Vertex were so similar because the two of them best exemplify and demonstrate the equality and the working together of man and woman; just as we speak of Father-Mother God, with Father and Mother being equal but opposite, united polarities. Thus, there is only one letter difference in their two names: “o” in Vortex, and “e” in Vertex; similar to “yang (male) and yin (female)” in Taoism.

Vertex next showed me that symbolically she comprises the left line of a Vulcan V, which is the feminine/subconscious side; whereas Vortex represents the right line of the V that is the masculine/conscious side; with the two lines being of the same length, joined at their base, but pointing in opposite directions. (See drawing to right.)

Then she showed me an image of two Vs joined together to form the letter W, which in English is called “double-U” but in French and other languages is called “double-V.” So Vortex and Vertex together are a W or double-V, meaning they are the equal co-leaders, male and female, of Vulcan.

“W” also stands for the Will of God. Hence, together, Vortex and Vertex do the Will of our Father-Mother Creator with His-Her Power, with Will and Power being of the First Ray. As the first or highest vibrational planet in the Solar System, it is essential that they do God’s will in order to receive the cosmic, fiery energies from the Sun; to anchor them into planet Vulcan; and to radiate them out to the 11th Planet, name unknown; and to all other Planets.

Twin Rays

Finally, Vertex said that the left line of the V symbolizes First Ray Will and Power, whereas the right line represents Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest; with the First and Seventh Rays being twin rays. The two lines of the V likewise portray the two-part mantrum, Love God and Love One Another.

I sat back down, meditated and profusely thanked Vertex for all of this cosmic flow-through and enlightenment. I felt like in the process I had gone to Vulcan and come back; that she had brought Vulcan and the Vulcan logos to me. I knew without a doubt that I had trained with her and Vortex on Vulcan, which I now more clearly recalled with an abundance of joy, many tears and more than a bit of homesickness. (I also had incarnated and trained in the Temple of Vulcan of southern Vietnam.)

Having been on Vulcan in several past sojourns, I now could be a channel for their extraordinary Vulcan light and love, their combined First-and-Seventh Ray demonstrations and radiations; so as to share this with other light workers here on and about Earth in its astral planes; so as to introduce them to those of the 144,000 elect.

At this point, it came clear that the planet Vulcan partly examples the combination of these two Rays, the 1st and the 7th. Other rays also are involved but nothing more was given to me at this time. Rather, I was filled fully to the brim with all these above new insights, remembrances and revelations.

To cap off this exchange and bonding with Vertex, as a Beatles lover, I joyously sang to and with Vortex and Vertex, “I’m in love with you, whoa, oh, oh.” For now, however, other than with them, all of this new info remained in a deep, secret, secure, sacred place in my heart, until I could be sure that it was all in order, until I had “downloaded” it into my mind, soul and body. What I already knew for sure, however, was how deeply and completely I felt loved by them, and how much I loved them. Yes, I was in Vulcan heaven on Earth!

Pregnancy & Re-birth

Following this meditation, and after getting something to eat, I went to my spiritual diary to re-read the entry about my first conscious communion with Vortex and Vertex, which I had shared in my prior blog. On July 6, 2014, Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary had brought the two co-leaders of the 12th Planet into my forcefield, who stood behind me, partly to indicate that prior to this time, I had not psychically seen or felt them. At that time, I did not know their names — I was in the “dark” about all of this, although it was percolating in my subconscious/soul. Now they had started to come out into the open, into my conscious awareness.

Checking the dates of this first contact with them and of when Vertex revealed her name to me, thus July 6, 2014 and April 7, 2015, I discovered that it had been nine months to the day before Vertex had given me her specific name and explained what it meant. Nine months! It was if I had been “pregnant” for nine months as her communion and connection within my consciousness had gestated, and then been re-born. With Vertex being feminine, this timing made perfect symbolic sense. I took it as verification that what I had received was accurate. Thanks, Mama Vulcan!

Now, in 2022, as we are focusing for four weeks on Vulcan, both Vortex and Vertex  have contacted and worked numerous times in and through me, confirming and expanding what they initially began giving me eight years ago. These current experiences will be in a later blog.

Hi Mom!

In your meditations and quiet times for the next couple days, see yourself once again in a Christ column of cosmic light whose boundaries are in the shape of a 12-sided dodecagon. Realize that since you stared focusing on Vulcan on November 21, 2022, the 12-sided dodecagon-shaped column has been expanding about 1-2 feet per day in diameter. So, let’s say that the Christ or cosmic column is now about 24 feet wide, give or take a few feet. With each daily expansion, the V or vortex of sacred light that is gradually descending into you can anchor more deeply into your four lower bodies, can flow further down and into your chakras and spinal column.

Once you feel protected, ask Vertex to visit you — she’s just waiting for your invitation to do so. After all, she is your Vulcan Mom. Say hi to her even before you feel her presence. In other words, act as if she is already with you, anchoring the apex of her V down through your crown chakra into your third-eye chakra, via which third or all-seeing eye you can perceive her presence.

Perhaps you visually see her. Maybe you intuitively sense her vibration. Maybe all you feel is mother love surrounding you. Maybe as you think of her you sing along with the Beatles’ song to open the way. As you sing and let go, Vertex flows into your mind and heart, just as she has done with me. And, remember, she gives the most incredible Mother hugs. See and feel yourself hugging her — literally see yourself with your arms around her as you experience Vulcan heaven on Earth.

Meanwhile, stay ensconced in your Christ column of light. Do this because Vertex’s descent will light up your aura and thereby attract lower astral folks to you, like bugs to a nightlight outdoors. Do not worry about this possible, uninvited attempt to breach your forcefield. Remember and re-affirm that you are protected. If someone from the astral planes tries to “bug” you, they will be “zapped” by the electromagnetic, Christ energies of the boundary of your pillar or tower of light and power.

Combined Vulcan Salute 

Welcome Vertex into your home, into your head and heart, and into your hands. Raise both of your hands in the Vulcan salute. In the Star Trek series, the actors typically raised only one hand. But you have two hands, the right one representing the conscious/masculine use of power, the left one portraying the subconscious/feminine power aspect. So, it is your left hand that mostly welcomes Vertex.

As Leonard Nimoy, who played the role of Spock, explained in interviews, he was inspired to use the V sign with his right hand to welcome, bless and honor visitors. This came from his early days of attending an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue (Temple or “Shul”) with his grandparents. In the early part of the service, five or six men who were priests/rabbis/spiritual leaders stood before and faced the congregation, raised both hands in front of their chests and formed two V-shaped-finger-and-thumb signs, with the thumbs next to each other. (See image to right.)

This formed the Hebrew letter “shin” which stands for El Shaddai, the masculine polarity of God; and for Shekinah, the feminine polarity of our Father-Mother Creator. Shin also is the first letter of Shalom that means hello, goodbye, peace. (See image of the letter “shin” to right/below. To read about how Shekinah came to be viewed as Mother God or the Divine Feminine in the Kabbalah of mystical Judaism, click here.)

The men then chanted an ancient Hebrew blessing of those attending this gathering: May the Lord bless you and keep you, may you be at peace (or words to this effect). The hands served as broadcasting devices and blessing instruments for this spoken benediction.

During this ceremony, the congregants were supposed to close their eyes, because when “Mother” Shekinah came and appeared, Her feminine power would be so great that it could be harmful to one’s eyes. (However, as a child, Leonard peeked to try to see her; and lived with clear sight to tell about it.)

Vulcan Help

When reading several accounts about and reflecting on this Jewish ritual as it has evolved, I have to wonder if it in part was inspired by Vulcans. The symbolic correlations and connections are there. After all, during the forty years of wandering through the desert to the Promised Land, as led by Moses, the Israelites were contacted by space visitors — the pillar of light over them was most likely a space beam. And Sananda, who was incarnated then as Moses, had traveled and trained throughout the solar system, including at Vulcan; and was/is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and a member of the Council of Seven on Saturn.

In any case, the whole symbology of the letter “shin” is fascinating. How about “shin” also standing for Sananda and Sol-O-Man? And isn’t it amazing how Leonard Nimoy used it in Star Trek, in relation to going where no Earth man has ever gone, not just to the stars and other galaxies, but to the planets of this Solar System!?

Father & Mother

Reading about this ritual, however, strikes me partly as yet another example of the patriarchal nature of mankind down through the ages. The Jewish priests in this ceremony are all men — where are the women? In the minds and eyes of these male priests, one had to be careful about being with or even looking at women, or like Eve allegedly did to Adam, they might tempt men to do something evil, to eat of the “forbidden fruit.” Thus, women were potentially “evil,” so it was best to keep one’s eyes closed to their seductive ways. Mother God was not to be fully seen, welcomed or trusted; or she might somehow harm you).

What utter nonsense! Instead, readily and wholeheartedly we welcome Vertex, as well as Vortex, into our minds and souls, right down and into our physical heart. Vulcans honor both men and women as equal, complementary partners. You and I are to do the same.

So, whether you presently are in a male or female body, be part of the Earthly welcoming committee for Vertex and Vortex. For, which one of us does not need a Vulcan Mother as well as a Vulcan Father? Therefore, lovingly, honestly and wholeheartedly say to them: Please come and visit me/us. Please bless us with your Vulcan First Ray Will and Power and your Seventh Ray Peace and Love. We love you, Mama Vertex, just as much as we love Papa Vortex. Yes, your Mama love may expose the residual darkness in our souls, but you will help us to heal it with Mother Love.

Indeed, we’re in love with both of you, Vortex and Vertex, whoa oh, oh. And Father-Mother God surely knows how much you two Vulcans love us. And that’s no longer a secret!

Love One Another

Once connected with Vertex and Vortex, if and when you feel so guided, when you pray for and project to others, hold up your two hands in the combined male-female, Vulcan salute. Via your Vulcanized hands, radiate First Ray Will and Power and Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest to them. See them as the Vulcan-Earthlings that they are deep in their minds and hearts. Hail to the Vulcan Christ in you!

Shaddai, Shekinah, Vortex, Vertex: How sweet it is being loved by You/you.

Beam us up and come on down with us when we return.

We love and bless you.