1 + 7 = 8

In 1975, Nada-Yolanda, in communion with Sananda/Jesus, wrote: “Love is the mantle of protection, from first to last, in the birth of the light body.” (See our Mark-Age text Birth of the Light Body, page 35.)

In working with my (Dr. Robert’s) last blog, you and I focused primarily on First Ray protection, linking with all the First Ray blue forces: Elohim, angels, ascended masters, space visitors from Neptune and Ursa Major and Minor, and Blue Bear and Mama Blue Bear who are masculine and feminine Amerindian First Ray chiefs/leaders/Grandfather-and-Grandmother in the highest or seventh astral plane surrounding Earth.

For this week, our key focus shifts to Seventh Ray protection, whose colors are white and gold. The Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest complements the First Ray of Will and Power — the First and Seventh Rays are twin rays. 1 plus 7 equals 8, thus a new octave of I Am or cosmic consciousness. Encased this week within a Christ column of light that is both blue but mostly white-and-gold, we will be fully immune and protected. We will become protectors of other humans as well as all animals, plants and minerals.

With the combination and utilization of First and Seventh Rays, we will unify Earth, astral and etheric planes. We will become the golden giants, golden eagles and golden bears that we are in I Am or Abel consciousness. (See the photo of a golden bear to right/above, as he or she is drinking or fishing in the blue waters of life.)

8 Golden Protectors

In your meditations over the next several days, begin by sitting in the Silence. Be still and know at an ever deeper level that you are one with Father-Mother God. Focus especially on your heart chakra/heart, which is your primary love center. Love God and all of His-Her Creations. Realize anew that you are beloved by God-Spirit-Divine Mind-Parent Who created you. Ask that His-Her will be done.

Then visualize yourself within an eight-foot-wide, octagonally shaped Christ/Buddhic column of light that extends from you, up through the seven astral planes, and into the etheric and celestial realms. As so guided from within, begin to link with and feel the presence of 8 golden protectors of the Seventh Ray. (See diagram to right; for a large version, click here8.)

Connect first with the masculine EloHim of Peace and the feminine EloHer of Love. Then, feel love flowing from your heart to Lord Ariel and to Lady Uriel, who is the Archangel of the Seventh Ray; and from their hearts back to you; this flow being like unto a figure 8 or infinity symbol. Lady Uriel, with Lord Ariel, her masculine angelic counterpart, are in charge of the devic-elemental kingdoms of Earth.

Heart of Gold/God

Next, unify with Lord Maitreya of the Seventh Ray, who holds the title as the Christ of this Solar System, like unto Sananda being the Christ of Earth. Lord Maitreya and Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board. Also, open your heart anew to Lady MaYa, who is Lord Maitreya’s twin soul.

Finally, in this grouping of eight primary protectors, connect anew and more deeply with Sananda/Jesus/Buddha who is the Chohan or Director of the Seventh Ray and the Prince of Peace of planet Earth that is destined to be the primary Seventh Ray planet in the Solar System. Lord Maitreya is his master teacher.

Also, link lovingly with Sol-O-Man/Mary/Yasodhara, who is Sananda’s twin soul and is the co-leader with Sananda of Earth. Lady MaYa is her master teacher. See your heart being at-one with each of the golden hearts of these four Seventh Ray ascended masters.

All around and in you now is glorious golden light that is interspersed and blended with white hues. No one of lesser consciousness here on Earth or in the astral planes can breach this golden shield, column, or 8-sided pillar of light around you that widens in size as more and more love suffuses into you. Moreover, love now flows freely through you to everyone on Earth and to all  of its animals, plants and vegetables. As you love one another, so are you loved by your 8 golden protectors or guides, who are as universal brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and grandfathers and grandmothers to you.

Feel and know in your heart that that you are part of one Solar System family of light, love, peace and compassion. In I Am or Christ consciousness, you are a “golden giant,” not because of your physical size or intellectual talents, but because of the pure golden love that flows through your golden heart to one and all.

Go with the Golden Flow

Some days this week, you may feel mostly connected with just one or a couple of these 8 golden protectors. Other days, your imagery may just be of golden and/or white light around and flowing through you. Maybe the golden key in one meditation is simply being at peace, not letting anything or anybody rob you of your peace. Even after having a blowback dream that originates from those in the lower astral planes or other negative reactions from those around you on Earth, you easily and powerfully come back to your golden center; back into your Christ/Buddhic column of peace and love.

Sometimes, you may affirm and decree that you are one with the 8 golden protectors, but not have much of any other sensation, other than a clairsentient or clear knowing that this indeed is true. Each day, each meditation, each quiet moment, during each walk, go with the flow. It may well take a week before the golden light fully congeals within and around you, until you feel loving in every way and in each situation and challenge in your life; and in dealing with your past memories and those past feelings about and of others.

Be golden. Have a golden heart. Be a golden giant of I Am or Abel consciousness. Be immune to the dis-eases of the 3rd dimension. Fly high in your 4th-dimensional golden light body. Be love in action. (See image to right.)

Golden Eagles

Meanwhile, to complete your protection, be sure also to lovingly link with Amerindian chiefs/leaders/grandfathers-and-grandmothers in the higher astral planes, especially those in the highest or seventh astral plane that is the doorway to the lowest of three etheric planes. (In Australia and New Zealand, you can focus on Aboriginals or Maori in the astral realms; in Africa and Russia, the focus would be on past witch doctors or shamans; etc.)

About ten years ago, on September 25, 2013, Phillel received in meditation: “I was overshadowed by an astral Indian chief. He announced his presence simultaneously by projecting to me a vision of a golden eagle in flight (see image below). The powerful chief, who wore ceremonial regalia and a full headdress, apparently is associated astrally with our area of Tennessee. Repeatedly during the contact, the vision of the flying eagle returned. I assumed that the vision meant that eagle was either part of his name or symbolized his high spiritual functions.

“Next, an astral Indian maiden appeared and melded her force field with mine. Her straight dark hair fell at least to the middle of her back, and she wore a long deerskin dress adorned perhaps with a feather and some simple beadwork. She was the feminine complement of her male counterpart, the astral chief. My communion with the two balanced polarities bespoke a coordination with astral Indians.”

Four months later, on January 29, 2014, Phillel noted his meditation: “An astral Indian chief appeared. He was the same one who had contacted me last September. . . . Once again, he announced his presence by projecting an image of a golden eagle (not a bald eagle) in flight. Clairvoyantly, I could see his features clearly. This time, however, instead of a full headdress, he wore a single feather attached to the back of a headband.”

Following this, Dr. Hannibal/St. Germain, the etheric coordinator of light workers in the Western Hemisphere, channeled via Phillel: “Archangel Uriel, as you know, is in charge of all devic-elemental structures of this planet. . . . You may refer to the chief that you previously have been introduced to from this area as Golden Eagle. For he, too, has played his part in clearing the astral environs of this area in conjunction with devic-elemental forces under his influence.” (Amerindians are particularly adept with working with the devic-elemental kingdoms.)

Bald and Golden

There are two species of eagles in North America: 1) the bald eagle that has a white head (thus the term bald), a black feathered body and white tail feathers (see image of bald eagle to right; and 2) the golden eagle whose overall color is dark brown, with the color on the head and neck being a lighter golden brown to very light blond, hence its name as a golden eagle. (See below.)



Golden eagles are about the same size as bald eagles. Both can weigh up to 12 pounds and have a broad wing spread that can reach to 7-8 feet. However, bald eagles are primarily fish eaters, but golden eagles hunt and eat a wide variety of birds and mammals, including ptarmigan, squirrels, marmots and rabbits.

Native Americans honor both kinds of eagles for their ability to fly high in the sky, hence they are said to be closest to the Great Spirit and to the Amerindian Grandfathers and Grandmothers in the higher astral planes. Eagles are considered to be messengers that carry prayers to God and return to Earth with the answers to these prayers. They have vision that is four times that of humans: eagles have 20/5 vision whereas humans have 20/20 vision

Gold and Blue

Numerous Amerindian tribes in Canada and multiple regions in the United States have Eagle Clans. Many members of these tribes, especially those in the Eagle clan, do eagle dances, using eagle feathers to resemble wings of an eagle. (See image of Eagle dance to right; click here to see a video of an Eagle Dance performed by Ria Thundercloud.)

Plus, anytime an Amerindian finds an eagle feather, or any other feather for that matter, it is considered to be a sign that something good is about to happen. Eagle feathers are used by some Amerindian healers to bless those who are sick, to convey to them the spiritual power to get up and walk, and to fly high; to rise up on the wings of an eagle.

With its name as a golden eagle, it would seem reasonable to think that someone named Golden Eagle would be a Seventh Ray worker, whose colors are white and gold. But bald eagles have a white head and white tail feathers, so they too may be thought of symbolically as being of the Seventh Ray. However, as noted in Phillel’s communion with Golden Eagle, no associated Ray was given. But the golden color still may symbolically have represented the 7th Ray.

In our meditations, we may want to think of ourselves as being like a golden eagle, as one who flies high in his or her astral and/or light bodies. As noted earlier, eagles have very sharp vision, so when we fly high, we can better see what is going on within us and others around the planet — hence our clairvoyant vision may be enhanced. We may have more soul recall of our past or of our past relationships with others.

Gathering of the Eagles

Symbolically, eagles are commonly equated with one’s I Am Self and golden light body, so this current Age of Marks or End Days is sometime referred to as the time of the gathering of the eagles, who are preparing the way for the return of Sananda/Jesus, who some Native Amerindians call the Golden One. Of course, Sol-O-Man/Mary likewise is a golden being/eagle of Christ light. Sananda and Sol-O-Man will usher in the New or Golden Age of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Your visions this week may be of a golden or bald eagle. However, on occasion, your eagle may be more so blue, meaning of the First Ray. Thus, about two weeks ago, even before I received the initial contact with Blue Bear and Mama Blue Bear, a brilliant, bright blue feather appeared on my third-eye screen (see image to right). It represented a higher astral plane Amerindian chief who worked on the First Ray of Will and Power, whose color is blue. As he directed me, I called him Blue Feather.

The image of the single blue feather in my vision was vertical, with its quill or tip descending and entering into the top central portion of my head. “One Blue Feather” thus symbolically stood for the First Ray and its anchoring into my own astral and physical bodies, my crown chakra and cerebrum; as aided by Blue Amerindian chiefs and their feminine partners or twin souls in the seventh astral plane. (I had forgotten at this time Phillel’s vision of Golden Eagle as having one feather in a headband. Upon researching this and re-reading Phillel’s experience, I took it as confirmation of my own contact with yet another one-feather astral Amerindian guide.)

Meanwhile, your feather may be other colors as well, those of the other Rays. Like all human beings, Amerindians are of all Seven Rays, as represented by seven clans in tribes like the Cherokee here in northeastern Tennessee northwestern North Carolina.

As for me, after my vision of the blue feather, my following series of communions with Blue Bear and Mama Blue Bear were much stronger, so that is what I focused on in my last blog. Moreover, I long since have re-experienced having been a member of the Bear Clan in my past Amerindian incarnations, so of course that imagery and content would be more meaningful and powerful for me.

Golden Bear

I had my first communion with Blue Bear and Mama Blue Bear on July 21, 2023. Six days later, on July 27th, in my morning meditation, the two Bears transfigured me so completely that I felt certain that I had correctly received their two names and had fully connected with them for this time. Afterwards, I felt so tired that I laid down and rested on my back in my bed. To my total surprise, a deep feeling of divine love flowed into me, from both sides of my body, especially into my heart chakra. Pondering this, it became clear that this love energy was golden in color. I felt totally suffused with Seventh Ray love, but I had no idea where or from whom it was coming.

In my next morning’s meditation, an image of a large, loving, golden mama bear appeared to my left. In time, the realization came that this was a symbolic representation of Lady MaYa, Maitreya’s twin soul, who now was present with me in her golden light body. She was Mama Golden Bear, especially protecting, nurturing and loving my soul/subconscious/feminine nature.

After my becoming comfortable with her glorious presence and power, she reminded me that in my dream with Lord Maitreya on July 4, 2010, he had appeared looking like an Amerindian, whose name was Chief Osprey. Unlike eagles, ospreys are found around the world. Symbolically, Maitreya as Chief Osprey, high in the sky, was showing me that in the etheric planes, he was peering down on and working with and through higher astral plane Native/Indigenous guides around the globe. In like manner, as Mama Golden Bear, MaYa likewise was overseeing, serving and working with such higher plane astral Amerindians, Maori, Aboriginals, shamans and so-called witch doctors; as well as with women on Earth and with the souls/subconscious/astral bodies of men and women worldwide.

Upon looking up “Golden Bear” online, a Wikipedia entry described how in American folklore, the Golden Bear was a large, mostly gold-colored brown bear that can be 290-1540 pounds in weight. (The grizzly bear and the Kodiak bear are North American subspecies of the brown bear.) Such a golden bear was reported in the area of Turner, Kansas in the 1830s and 1840s. It was feared and admired by the local Amerindians, mostly the Shawnee. It was said to be the largest bear they had ever seen. Moreover, in those days, white ferry crew members reported numerous sightings of this huge golden bear.

Even today, some brown bears have coats that are light tan to gold in color, especially when in sunlight, and thus are called golden bears. (See photo below/left.) The color brown relates to the brown earth, hence our conscious mind and physical body, as well as the third dimension. A golden bear symbolizes our superconscious Self and light body. All the shades inbetween brown and gold represent the seven astral planes, as well as seven layers of our soul that have to be transmuted to attain full I Am consciousness. (Note that a golden bear has colors that are similar to those of a golden eagle.)

In full fourth-dimensional or golden I Am consciousness, we can be who we truly are as a spiritual, golden being of light. In that I Am awareness, we are divinely protected, whether we be a mama bear or a papa bear. MaYa shows us the way to being a golden bear in the sky (like unto beings in the Ursa Major and Minor constellations of the Milky Way Galaxy) as well as a bearer of golden light in the astral planes and on Earth.

Pondering all this, I looked up MaYa in my past blogs. To my total surprise, I came across my post titled Be Who You Are from February 5, 2022, in which I had referred to MaYa as Mama Bear, who gave great bear hugs; and had described her also as Grandma Bear. (I had forgotten this until this review.) She was multi-colored in some of my various contacts with her back then, but mostly she was described as being golden in color. In this past blog, I also covered all my prior contacts with the Bear Clan. To reread this, click Gold Bear.

Sol-O-Man as Mama Bear

On July 29, 2023, a brilliant golden Sun appeared above me in my morning meditation. Two days later, on July 31st, a similar image of the Sun morphed into the  image and presence of Sol-O-Man, my master teacher. She was appearing to me in her aspect as “Sol” that partly means “of the Sun.” She referred to me as Sol-I-El of the Sun, which is my high Self name, with this spelling especially emphasizing the “Sol” in both of our names.

Slowly, she descended, flowing down my spine, all the way to behind my regenerative chakra and in and through my legs and feet. In doing so, she was anchoring and solidifying all the new revelations that I had been having about the Bear Clan. She reminded me that she as Zolanda had been the high priestess of the Earth Temple that in Atlantis had been located on what is now central Long Island, NY. There she had trained the race that would become the Amerindians, who would carry the higher spiritual teachings throughout the Americas after Atlantis was flooded. I had been her direct disciple back then in the Earth Temple, which power center is of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

Sol-O-Man now powerfully reminded me that she is my primary Mama Bear, who has always protected, looked after and guided me through eons of time. MaYa is my Grandma Bear who oversees Sol-O-Man and me, with MaYa being Sol-O-Man’s master teacher. But Sol-O-Man has been the one to “mother me” with tender and tough love through thick and thin, in all the ups and downs of my ongoing soul transmutation. She always has “had my back,” like in this current contact when she flowed down my spine and stood behind me. Yes, it is totally wonderful to be with MaYa, like seeing and being with a beloved, golden grandmother. But, Sol-O-Man has been the one to wipe my nose, kick my butt when needed, and love me on a “day-to-day” basis. I love you, Mom!

She and Sananda are the golden mother bear and golden father bear of all light workers, for they are the co-leaders of planet Earth. So, be sure to link often with them this week. They are your beloved spiritual parents, no matter on what ray you may be.

Be a Golden Protector

On August 1, 2023, I felt solidly encased by, and within, the 8-sided golden Christ column of light. This signified the completion of the work of linking with Seventh Ray protectors: Elohim, angels, ascended masters and Amerindian and other seventh astral plane guides.

Resting deeply in the secure, solid, stable peace and power of this interdimensional unification, in my clairvoyant vision, from my right came a small golden bear that ambled into my heart chakra. This bear was only about 4 inches wide, from the tip of its nose to its hind corners. What in the world is this, I wondered, as I focused on this cuddly tiny bear?

In time it came to me that now that I had been protected and suffused with gold-and-white light, I was to serve as a golden protector for other light workers, friends, family and those of all races, genders, religions and professions who are serving in the Second Coming program. I especially was to be as a papa bear to those souls who are newly awakening spiritually as a result of our loving projections in the start of this new octave of light works. The bear coming to me and my heart from my right indicated that I was to consciously work with this, for many souls would be drawn to my Sol-I-El love and light, as well as to the vibrations of other longtime light workers like myself.

At this point, the adage applies: As we give, so do we receive. Now is the time to give golden light to all whose hearts are being newly opened, as well as to all light workers who have been awakened and active in the spiritual program for many years. To just focus on ourselves and our own needs and desires would end up with our being selfish, with becoming a Cain instead of a reborn Abel. So we let the golden light flow.

The other realization that came with this small golden bear imagery and experience was that our proper role as spiritual beings is to be the protectors of all animals, plants and minerals. Yes, in our prayers and meditations, we honor bears for their good qualities that they demonstrate. But we are not to worship or fear bears as superior beings, as some kinds of gods or goddesses. Sometimes, some Amerindians on Earth take kinship with and honoring of bears and eagles, plus other animals, too far. They forget that the real Power and Love rest within each light worker. We are not animals, although we have descended or fallen into animal bodies. For our fourth dimensional humans who are expressing via a third dimensional body.

Thus, the bear is a symbol of “being who we are.” We are golden giants in the re-making, fourth dimensional human beings, who are to have “dominion” over the Earth, as it is put in the Holy Bible. But, having dominion does not mean dominating and destroying third-dimensional animals, as has happened in California where the brown bear has become extinct. Prior to the white man’s coming, an estimated 10,000 brown bears inhabited the lands there. Now there are none. In large measure, European conquerors have treated Native Amerindians in the same way. All of this soul scar tissue still needs to be transmuted and healed.

The key to doing this is love. We are to Love God and Love One Another, and thereby be golden and pink bearers of love and light. We are to know and demonstrate that all who love the Great Spirit are true Indians, regardless of their race, gender, background or religious orientation.

Be White

I was also reminded in this meditation and afterwards of one my favorite mama-bear-and-cub images. It is of a huge, white polar bear, which are the largest bears in the world. Adults can be from 6 to 10 feet tall when standing on their hind legs, and weigh 1,000 to 2,000 pounds.

Our love is to be as white and as large as the symbolic polar bear in the above picture. Notice the white coat of the bear, the white snow and the white clouds, but also the blue sky: thus Seventh (white) and First (blue) Rays.

We are to be loving and peaceful “polar bears,” who live at the top of the world, meaning in I Am, ascended light-body consciousness. We are to love God and all of His-Her creations. Then we will be holy and wholly white bears. Amen!

Be Brown

At our Hierarchal Board Meditation on August 2, 2023, feeling especially the presence of Sol-O-Man, I was directed to pull back into my spinal column, into the core, central part of my whole consciousness. Then, behind me appeared a large brown bear that was standing upright just behind me on its hind legs, looking a bit like a human. However, in time the realization came that it was Sol-O-Man who was using the imagery of a brown bear to show me that I was now to focus on walking the walk right here on Earth.

Thus, the color brown indicated the earthplane, the conscious mind that is masculine, as well as the physical body. Many times recently, I had been in the higher astral planes and the etheric planes in my astral and etheric bodies. But now it was time to be love in action right here on Earth, to find and demonstrate the down-to-earth, practical ways of being who I am as an etheric, astral and physical being. I was to be a brown being-bear!

One way of doing so was my starting to write this blog that has taken 4 days to complete. Several other opportunities and challenges arose in those 4 days that took up my loving time and attention. And during this time, I also received that it was time for me to do more resting and to be more relaxed. Only by doing so would my heart be healed. I was to rest in the peace and love of my own I Am Self. There is a time to be love in action and a time to be at peace as we rest, relax and become refreshed. So be it.

Follow Your Way

In your meditations, reflections and daily walks and works this week, find your own, unique Way to be protected and to be golden love in action.

Please do especially connect with the 8 golden protectors and with the seventh astral plane grandfathers and grandmothers, as Amerindians call them. At times, be white. At other times, be golden. Eventually, be brown.

Be like unto a golden eagle as you fly high in your astral and etheric bodies, into the higher astral and three etheric planes. Flap your I Am golden wings anew. Rise above the remaining residue of your worries, fears, wonderings, hurts, angers and such — they are just limited mortal energies and expressions. Soar above them as with the wings of an eagle. Be at peace.

Be as a golden bear and at times as a white bear, one who bears up as the planet’s transmutation heats up. Other times, go back to being a blue bear or even a blue eagle. Blue and gold-and-white, First Ray and Seventh Rays, supplement and complement one another. Always ask Spirit and the agents of Spirit to show you the Middle Way in doing so.

Love and protect others, hold them in your golden heart, as the inspiration and occasion arises to do so. It may be your biological children. It may be newly awakening children of light who have come here from throughout the Solar System and out in the Milk Way Galaxy. It may be those of any race, religion, political orientation or profession. Everyone, deep down, yearns above all to be loved and to be loving. Help one and all to do so. Then you will be immune to the troubles of the world, and the diseases of your own soul and physical body. Love heals!

Be the golden giant that you are in I Am, Abel or Christ/Buddhic consciousness. Amen.

We thank You/you, all of our spiritual, interdimensional Family who are helping us. Hallelujah!