Be in Seventh Heaven

Our destination is seventh heaven. So, where is this? And how do we get there?

Starting today, Sunday, January 30, 2022, we begin to love anew Lord Maitreya and his twin soul, Maya. They are Seventh Ray peace and love, golden heaven itself. One with them, as golden giants, we radiate the heavenly Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination to one and all on Earth and in the astral planes. In so doing, we experience heaven in our heart, right here on Earth!

Maitreya & Maya

Lords Maitreya and Michael are the titular head of the Hierarchy or spiritual government of this solar system. Maitreya of the Seventh Ray is of the kingdom of man, whereas Michael is the First Ray leader of all solar system angels.

Maitreya is the “mat-ray” or Masculine Christ Matrix for all sons of God throughout this solar system. In Sanskrit, the name “Maitreya” comes from “Maitri” that means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others — in other words, Seventh Ray divine love in action!

Maya is the Christ Mother or Mama Matrix for all solar system ladies. In Sanskrit, the name “Maya” means the Divine Mother power by which the universe becomes manifest; in Greek, “Maya” means Good Mother. And that She is! Not only good, but the best Mom there is.

We are Family

Maitreya is the master teacher of Sananda/Jesus, the Prince of Earth, who represents the son-sun of God in each man. Maitreya is thus like a father to Christ Jesus. Maya is like a mother to Sol-O-Man/Mary, the twin soul of Sananda.

Thus, symbolically and literally, Lord Maitreya and Lady Maya are as grandparents to us. Hi Grandpa, hi Grandma. I love coming home to your One Heart. One with you, I Am in seventh heaven right here on this beloved, Seventh-Ray-to-be planet. Glory be!

Four-Step Christ Matrix

Lord Maitreya is so magnificent, so seemingly far out of this third-dimensional world, so beyond our imagination that he may at first seem unknowable and unapproachable to you. He certainly was to me, even though I had felt his presence numerous times when he channeled via Nada-Yolanda over the years, especially when she was in her seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent from 1988-2005.

On March 24, 1993, Lord Maitreya channeled via Nada-Yolanda the new four-step matrix that we light workers are to follow until Sananda/Jesus’ upcoming redescent in his light body, currently scheduled for approximately between now and 2040. This four-step Christ matrix is: peace, love, cooperation and coordination. (Click here to read the full, original description of this matrix.)

This is the matrix of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, via which we ascend in our light body to the etheric realms of I Am consciousness and redescend in our light body. MaiTreya is the masculine pattern by which ascension and redescent takes place. MaYa is the feminine matrix via which we rise back into our Mother’s Heart, from out of which we are rejuvenated and reborn.


Nada-Yolanda made her transition (died) on November 8, 2005. After a brief rest period in the highest portion of the seventh astral plane, she ascended in her 4th-dimensional light body into the lowest of the three etheric realms, wherein ascended masters dwell and function. From there, her Motherly heart-love is with us, descending upon, around and within us.

For about 1½ years after Nada-Yolanda’s ascension, I rested and recouped from having taken care of her, along with Phillel, for 3-4 years. In this time, I was in the seventh phase of my sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection, in which we focus on and apply our 12 Christ or I Am powers: faith, strength, love, wisdom, etc.; which externalize via the cerebrum, spinal cord and nerves, heart and circulatory system, and pituitary gland and endocrine system, etc.

The first major evidence of my starting the overlapping first or birth phase of my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent came in my dream of July 6, 2007: “I was sitting in the driver’s seat of, and trying to drive, a large, brand-new, gold-colored car that looked similar to the former Mark-Age Chrysler Imperial of the 1960s-1970s. I was only 12 years-old, so my feet hardly reached the gas and brake petals. I could just barely drive the car safely. (Picture to right is of a 2022 golden Chrysler 300 C.)

The new golden car was my ascended light body. The car had four doors and four wheels that represented my four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical bodies. Being 12 years old meant that I had completed my sixth major initiation, with its template or emphasis on the 12 Christ (Chrysler) or I Am powers that express via twelve major organs or systems.

Now I was to focus primarily on the Seven Rays of Life, which are the divine attributes via which Father-Mother God creates manifestation throughout the solar system and beyond. I was beginning to become a golden giant.

Come into My Heart

About seven months later, on January 21, 2008, I dreamt that I was with four Chohans of the Seven Rays. One of them was Hilarion, of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, whose past lives include Plato, Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore. The other three were not identified.

Hilarion said, “Robert, our beloved father has you in his heart.” Then Hilarion took me to his father, someone whom I had no memory of ever seeing before. He was about 7-feet tall, filled with spiritual power, and radiated peace and love. His heart chakra was a white-and-gold circle that was about 1 foot wide.

He opened his arms and beckoned me to come into his heart chakra/heart, which now grew until it was at least 7 feet in diameter. I walked into it, and found myself inside a golden globe, sphere or cave. When I turned around and looked out through the crystal-clear golden sphere, I could see all of the planets throughout the solar system. I awoke in a state of wonderment, awe, divine peace, love and rest. I felt utterly and totally transformed.

Golden Heart

Amazingly, at the time, I did not ask or know who this 7-foot tall master of masters was, who could expand 7 times such as to welcome me into his Christ heart. I had no comprehension that in time he would help me birth my own I Am golden heart here on heavenly Earth.

I took the dream mostly symbolically, that he represented Father God, who indeed has all of us in His divine, masculine heart. I did not realize that I had just come into conscious communion with Lord Maitreya. To use a human analogy, I was like a newborn boy, who does not comprehend or understand who his father and mother are, only that they love, nurture and protect him.

As some degree of verification of the above, in the following 2-3 months, I came into conscious communion for the first time with three other Chohans: Kut Humi of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom, Lanto of the Third Ray of Feeling and Personal Love, and Serapis Bey of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization. Apparently, they were the three Chohans that I did not recognize in my above dream.

With my communions with these three masters, I now had ascended into and felt the descending presence of all the seven Chohans of the Seven Rays, including El Morya of the First Ray of Will and Power, St. Germain of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation, and Sananda of the Seventh Ray of peace, love and rest.

Lift all Others

About 6 months later, in my dream of July 5, 2008, Hilarion/Charles Fillmore appeared to me and proclaimed: You are now connected to every Unity of Practical Christianity minister around the world. To demonstrate this, Hilarion told me to focus on any of my indwelling 12 Christ or I Am powers.

When I concentrated on my I Am power of imagination via the third-eye chakra and thalamus, every Unity minister worldwide did the same. To test this out further, I next focused in sequential order on my powers of understanding, order, zeal, regenerations and elimination; each time I moved to a new power, all the ministers did the same. I was like the leader of an orchestra, with the Unity ministers being instruments in this orchestra. We indeed were one, and I as the Director of Healing Haven under Hilarion for the Hierarchy, was the Fifth Ray leader/conductor of my fellow healing music makers. Herein is the principle: I, when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me.

Awakening, I knew immediately that this was the answer to my prior prayer request: Was I now to continue going out and doing talks and workshops at Unity Churches and/or other metaphysical, spiritual or holistic healing groups? After all, by this time, over the last 20 years or so, I had visited and presented talks, workshops and healing exchanges at about 50 such churches or spiritual centers in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Now, this dream symbolically said that this level of physical works was finished. Rather, Unity and other spiritual-oriented folks would come to me in my heart; I would reach them in my I Am love-healing prayers and projections even as I remained here at I Am Nation headquarters in northeastern Tennessee. It was not so much that I literally was interconnected via an actual cable of light to each one of them, but that in an overall way that my powerful, loving and unifying prayers would serve to uplift them.

Little did I know then that in 2 years, MariLyn (my then wife) and I would start our 4½ years of travels around the world to the sites of the 13 spiritual temples or power centers around the globe; in order to unify and integrate them into one complete, powerful, loving circuit.

Born Again

About 1½ months later, on August 27, 2008, I dreamt that I traveled alone to the Lake Itasca headwaters of the Mississippi River in northern Minnesota. The name Itasca comes from the Latin words veritas (“truth”) and caput (“head”), hence Lake Itasca is the true head of the Mississippi River. Symbolically, it represents the head of the body, especially the cerebrum of the brain, the body’s central computer into and through which cosmic truths anchor and express.

Native Amerindians call the Mississippi the “Great River.” It flows 2340 miles, all the way south to the Gulf of Mexico. It drains the water from the entire central section of the USA, west of the Appalachian Mountains in the east, and east of the Rocky Mountains of the West. Eastern USA resonnates to the days and civilization of Atlantis, whereas its western section resonnates to the ancient time and civilization of Lemuria.

At the headwaters of the Mississippi, I entered a birthing center. While I was lying on my back on a birthing bed, my chief “obstetrician” (three others were assisting him) used a laser-like sword of light to make a cross cut on the top of my head. One incision traveled from the front to the back of my head, along the midline area between the two cerebral hemispheres. The other incision went from side to side, from the left to the right temples and underlying temporal lobes of my brain.

This more-or-less equilateral cross produced four skin flaps. When they were pulled back (when my crown chakra-cerebrum was opened wide), I gave birth to a beautiful, radiant boy who appeared to be about one year old. He then lay in his crib smiling peacefully and lovingly, being fully aware of his surroundings. And with that, I awoke, resting in joyous divine peace.

Birth of Seventh Heaven

The headwater area represented my crown chakra, which is the first chakra in the redescent of the ascended light body. The Mississippi River was symbolic of my spinal column via which I had ascended and now was beginning my redescent. For the past year, I slowly had risen from my lowest regenerative center, via my spinal column, up to and above my crown chakra/cerebral computer station. Now my light-body redescent was birthed and inaugurated. I was finishing the first phase of my seventh major initiation.

The laser-like scalpel was the sword of truth, wielded by Lord Michael, in conjunction with Lady Mariel, El Morya and Glo-Ria. The four skin flaps/areas represented my four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical. The birth was a spiritual birth, not a physical one. As a man, of course, I could not have experienced such a physical pregnancy and birth. But even as a man outwardly and consciously, inwardly I have a feminine, subconscious side and astral-soul body, which does become impregnated by the Christ or I Am self and light body, and eventually gives birth to it consciously and outwardly.

The child is the Christ child, my Seventh Ray I Am Self that in 2013 would be called and christened as Soliel of the Sun. As a Seventh Ray worker in my seventh major Initiation, Spirit births the peace and love of my I Am Self. I rest in the peace of this core vibration within me. I rest in my “seventh body,” now reborn on Earth. I Am in “seventh heaven.” As magnificent and awe-inspiring as this is, still from a higher perspective, I am but a little, newborn child.

Minnesota Mission

Who knew that about 4 years later, in May 2012, MariLyn and I would go to Minneapolis, MN on the Minnesota Mission to present a talk, workshop and series of healing appointments there, at her former Unity Church. Before this public work, we spent time at Cragun’s Resort on Gull Lake, 135 miles north of Minnesota and about 50 miles south of Lake Itasca.

I will share more about this later in this blog. The key point to make here is that my original 2008 rebirth manifested some 4 years later. Spirit sure does work in wondrous ways!

New Realization

Moving forward now to just two weeks ago, on January 14-15, 2022, about 14 years after my above Mississippi-headwaters dream, the sudden realization came that the four skin flaps/openings, like unto the four wheels and four windows of my golden car, symbolically portrayed my upcoming communions with the foursome of Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, Lord Maitreya and Lady Maya! They were to connect and anchor into me via my crown chakra/cerebral computer station. I was to become a channel and spokesman on Earth for them.

Thus, all along, even in this first phase of my seventh major initiation, the pathway/destination was before me, in clear view. I just could not see it clearly or perceive all of it in one single swoop or opening. Had I done so in , I may have “flipped out” and “gone a bit bananas.”

Sometimes, even now, I still wonder periodically if what I am receiving and experiencing is true, real and reliable, not colored by my own mortal/soul tendencies and desires. So, I proceed cautiously and carefully, yet bravely and courageously; steady as she goes, two steps forward, one step back and then two more steps forward. Thank You, Father-Mother God and all Your agents!

Michael & Maitreya

Nearly two years after my Mississippi-headwaters rebirthing and redescending  dream, in the third phase of my seventh major initiation, on July 14, 2010 in my meditation, I was shown the symbol to the right: The central portion of these two sweeping arcs initially was at my third-eye, hence my visioning or imagination center, the astral doorway between the physical and etheric levels of consciousness and expression. 

I lifted my physical arms up to approximate the upper portion of each arc. I reached up to the heavens, to the ascended masters and angels, felt their presence in my hands, which I then swept downward into my crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and regenerative centers and their respective physical organs; and then down and out my two legs anchored here on Earth. As above, so below.

The symbol/figure reminded me of the wings of a butterfly or an eagle — I was to fly high, on the wings of a golden butterfly or golden eagle, but then to redescend to Earth and put my I Am power and golden love into action.

Still, however, although I  knew that the )( figure seemed seemed to be some kind of cosmic, universal symbol, I did not at first grasp its full meaning and representation. But, it certainly was intriguing.

Only  3 weeks later, on August 3, 2010, after having several, brief yet definitive, overshadowing contacts with Lord Maitreya, did I realize that the two arcs primarily represented him and Lord Michael as coleaders of the Hierarchal Board. They were lifting me and all others unto them into the etheric and celestial realms, into ascended I Am consciousness; and helping us to express and manifest our light body via all our thoughts, words, feelings and action here on the planet.

(In the image to the right/above of a vintage American golden eagle, note that it has arrows or the sword of truth in its left talons, and a olive/peace branch in its right talons. As an “eagle” who flies high in I Am ascended consciousness, we are to redescend to Earth and to wield in equal fashion First Ray Will and Power and Seventh Ray Peace and Love. We are to do this under First Ray Lord Michael (Katoomi) and Seventh Ray Lord Maitreya.

Magnetic Matrix

Not until nearly 12 years later, on January 14, 2022, did it dawn on me that the matrix of the )( represented my own magnetic field that exists in and around my aura and physical body. When sweeping my arms down from above and extending the curve of each pole of the )(, I outlined and felt my magnetic field about two-to-three feet beyond my physical form. I felt it mostly alongside me, but it was also in front of and behind me, all the way around me. (See the image to the right/above that shows this. Note especially how the sweeping arc down into and through the body is precisely what I was shown in my visionary image!)

At the mental, emotional, astral and physical levels, we are primarily electrical in nature. However, in our light body, we are mostly magnetic. Thus, we are an electromagnetic being and expression. Michael and MaiTreya are magnetic to the highest power. When they overshadow us, their combined magnetic presence lifts us into the seventh heaven of our magnetic, ascended light body. Michael and MaiTreya surround us like a globe and lift us into the higher dimensions of the etheric and celestial realms.

And with them, to complete the magnetic field, may be Lady Mariel and Lady Maya. So, we can see or imagine these two Ladies being in front of and behind us, completing the fourth-dimensional magnetic matrix that manifests and crystallizes in and around us. This foursome lifts us and all on Earth and the Earth itself into the fourth dimension, that of the golden light body. This is one of the images we can use in the next few days as we work with and implement this blog.

Chief Osprey

I was much more comfortable and confident in my contacts thus far with Lord Michael, whose presence has been so frequent and unmistakable, than I was with Maitreya whose presence had been less often and until now less discernable and verifiable.

This began to change in my dream of July 4, 2010, in which I was summoned by some light being to meet with a new spiritual master or entity whose presence and power recently had been added to our I Am Nation HQ forcefield or dome of light. His name, as given on his nameplate on the desk that he stood behind, was Chief Osprey-Xxxxxxxx.

At first I thought he was an Amerindian chief, hence his name Chief Osprey. However, although he certainly carried himself as a Chief, his clothing was not Amerindian. Rather, it was more so a military uniform or that of a president of a country, with it being primarily white and gold in color. Moreover, the x’s in his nameplate noted above were not in English or any known Earth language, but appeared like the space language that had been written via Nada-Yolanda in 1958.

What struck me the most about this Chief was his incredible presence that radiated peace and love. His high spiritual authority was readily evident, perceived and felt. I felt like bowing down before him, but knew inwardly that he would not approve of this.

Be a Fisher of Men

I researched the name Chief Osprey and found no specific Amerindian or other men that were called such. However, the word “Osprey” held many fascinating facts and symbols. An osprey, like an eagle, is a raptor who flies the highest of all birds.

Ospreys are also called “fish eagles” or “sea hawks.” They have unique feet, with jointed front and back claws or talons that are particularly adept at catching fish in the sea. Ospreys nest atop the tallest trees alongside a river or lake where they fish.

Ospreys are sometimes call the kings of the raptors, including eagles, hawks and condors. This is partly because ospreys do their own fishing, whereas bald eagles prefer to steal their food from other birds. Ospreys are just slightly smaller and thinner than eagles. Ospreys are the only raptor that lives in every part of the world. I also noted that the word “osprey” has the letters “rey” in it, like in Lord Maitreya.

Be a Fisher of Men

About two months later, on September 8, 2010, I awoke at about 2:30 AM, feeling highly charged with higher energies. I sat in my meditation chair to intune with this presence. It was Lord Maitreya, standing right before me. He relayed that he was Chief Osprey of my dream of July 4th. The 8 x’s written on his nameplate in space language symbolized his name Maitreya that has 8 letters, who is the Christ matrix or Lord of the Solar System.

Maitreya shared that he is the Chief matrix, the Chief Fish Eagle, the Chief “fisher of men.” He reminded me that when Jesus saw Peter and Andrew fishing in the Sea of Galilee, he said to them, Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men; and at once they left their nets and followed Him. (Mark 1:16-18) Like an osprey, Maitreya “flies and fishes” all around the Earth, as well as all the other planets.

(In MariLyn’s and my upcoming travels around the world, twice when I felt Maitreya’s strong presence, I looked up and saw an osprey nest in a tall tree with an adult osprey and two chicks in it. The first time was in the Amazon Rain Forest in north central Brazil during the 2011 South America Mission. The second time was at Lake Placid, NY in 2014 in the Earth Temple mission.)

Open your Heart

Two days later, on September 10, 2010, Lord Maitreya overshadowed me in the strongest, most definitive, most clamping, most deeply felt way yet. As had happened in past contacts, I sensed his contact and communion with me mostly in my heart chakra as a circle of gold-and-white light. It was almost as if he had “branded” this circle in my heart chakra, but which also extended out somewhat into my two lungs. This was the first time that I realized that this fiery, prickly, accelerated sensation was his “contact signal,” by which I could identify him quickly. Later, I equated the circular contact with the “O” in Osprey.

Maitreya gently and lovingly instructed me that my heart was to be like his, an open and complete circle of love, into which anyone could enter or I could encase. It was to be a portal via which anyone could be lifted into I Am awareness and consciousness. “Come unto me and I will give you peace and love” is to be my mantrum. I already had started practicing this love-encasing and embracing technique in my healing work with MariLyn.

Our Grandfather

Maitreya then explained to me that in common Earthly terms, he was my “grandfather.” This was in answer to to my repeated questions as to why he would be contacting me, how could I be worthy of this, and why was he giving me so much attention recently.

He conveyed that as Sananda-Jesus’ master teacher, he was like Sananda’s father. I have long since thought of Sananda as being my “father,” especially from my vivid recall of having been his close disciple or “son” when he was incarnated as Gautama the Buddha. So, if Maitreya was Sananda’s father, then he was my “grandfather!” I was “blood of his blood, flesh of his flesh.” Therefore, why would he not treat me as such? Had I not trained under and served him throughout the solar system, even though I had little conscious memory of this? Were we not family? And for that matter, was not Maitreya the “grandfather” of all light workers here on Earth and elsewhere?

Yes, indeed, he is our Grandpa, who loves us dearly and will do anything for us, if we but open our heart to him. And in like manner, we are to become as grandfathers and grandmothers to those young light workers who need our “grand” peace and love in order to light the way for them.

Know It in your Heart

Then Maitreya directed me to revisit my dream of January 21, 2008, in which I had visited an unknown tall, powerful, loving being, into whose heart I had entered and looked out into the solar system. Maitreya said that was him, his first conscious contact with me. In the dream, he was the father of the four Chohans, and thus my grandfather. Reviewing this dream communion, this was the first time that I fully had understood the dream’s key message that this solar being was Maitreya.

This explanation and realization affected me deeply and profoundly with its power and loving intimacy, not to mention its clarity. It was not just some “head trip” that I had made up, but rather it was felt deeply in my heart, in a way that even now moves me as I write this.

Everything fell into place and made sense to me, down to the depths of my soul, as to my solar system identity under Maitreya and the Hierarchal Board. It became crystal clear and I finally was at peace with it. Thank you, Maitreya!!! I love you with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul. Your cosmic heart is indeed my home.

Costa Rica Mission

Securely one with Lords Michael and Maitreya, I was ready to begin the next step or project of my soul mission, with MariLyn, to reopen and relink together the 13 spiritual temples or power centers around the planet. Our first stop was in Costa Rica, Central America, from November 12-22, 2010.

We thought that we were going there for a vacation, a belated honeymoon (my elderly father had fallen and hit his head the day we had been married, and made his transition 4 days later). But, Spirit had other things planned for us. We did have a delightful, romantic honeymoon in Costa Rica, but our spiritual work was even more “sweet” and uplifting and celebratory.

Three days before traveling to Costa Rica, on November 9th, Lords Maitreya and Michael  overshadowed me. Maitreya accelerated my heart chakra, and Katoomi/Michael placed in my right hand a pole of power or a scepter of light that was about six feet long and three inches in diameter. With love and power, MariLyn and I were to implant the pole, like a sword of truth, in Costa Rica, thereby anchoring the I Am Nation for all of Central America. Which is what we did.

Solar Cross

In meditation the morning of November 16th, Hilarion transfigured me and showed me a sparkling image of a circle with an equilateral cross in it. Researching this image on the Internet revealed that it was a sun or solar cross that has been found in ancient cultures around the world. Moreover, astronomically, the solar cross represents planet Earth.

The circle represents wholeness, holiness, oneness and completion. The circle also symbolizes the sun, the sun-son Self. The four sections of the circle symbolize the four-step Christ matrix: peace, love, cooperation and coordination. Costa Rica is at the center of the cross, at the cross roads from North America to South America. All the Americas are to be integrated, unified and healed.

What I did not realize at the time was that the four sections of the sun or solar cross also represented Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, Lord Maitreya and Lady Maya. Just like the crosscut made on my head in my dream of spiritual rebirth and redescent in 2008, here again was the deeper meaning of these experiences, the bigger image and reality. Looking back on this now, I marvel at how Spirit and the agents of Spirit managed to show me the way forward in such an amazing, ongoing, verifying, uplifting Way.

Demonstrating my solar powers in Costa Rica was the fulfillment or completion of the third phase of my seventh major initiation. The third phase is like unto when Jesus first came forth and publicly demonstrated his Christ powers at the wedding in Cana: upon the urging of his mother, Mary, he at first said it was not yet time for him to do so, but then he thought better of it and proceeded to transmute water (lifeblood) into wine (Christ light flow). He was Third Ray personal love in action.

In comparable fashion, MariLyn and I celebrated our personal marriage, even as we dedicated ourselves to and demonstrated our personal love for Costa Ricans and all in Central America and throughout the Western Hemisphere. We fulfilled Jesus’ commandment to Love One Another.

Canopy over South America

From October 13 to November 23, 2011, MariLyn and I undertook the South America Mission to link and unite all of the 12 major countries of South America, then to join them in First Ray power and Seventh Ray love with Central and North America. This was our first consciously and fully understood mission. We knew where we were going, what we were commissioned to do, and we did it to the best of our ability. This was the start of the fourth phase of my seventh initiation in which one demonstrates one’s I Am powers in a public setting.

As we would experience in later such missions around the world, Lord Michael inaugurated this trip to South America and used his sword to lead the way. Prior to our visit, he showed me an image of an umbrella, with its upper canopy being like the canopy that he was to anchor over five individual parts of South America, and then over this whole region. The pole of the umbrella was like the pole or sword of light that MariLyn and I had anchored in Costa Rica.

Michael was instrumental in renewing and reopening the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus that is located in the region of Manaus and Brasilia in northcentral Brazil. Lord Maitreya added Seventh Ray peace and love to the process. (In the months to come, on my blogs we will be visiting this temple and linking it more solidly with other such spiritual power centers.)

Dome over North America

As noted previously, in April-May 2012, MariLyn and I traveled to Minneapolis, MN for the Minnesota Mission. We first spent a totally delightful and refreshing week at Cragun’s Resort alongside Gull Lake, which is about 135 miles north of Minneapolis. There, with a few cherished friends, we  renewed our marriage vows. About 135 miles north of Cragun’s Resort was Lake Itasca, the headwaters of the Mississippi. My past dream had manifested anew!

On April 30, 2012, while still at Cragun’s, Lord Michael powerfully transfigured me. He said that under his leadership, in conjunction with El Morya, the angels and ascended masters had placed a dome of light that covered all of the USA, Canada up to the North Pole, and Mexico down to and including parts of Central America, such as Costa Rica. Then he boomed a one-word command: Flower! 

Under the dome that Michael likened unto a greenhouse, especially all of the 144,000 elect now under this protective, power-filled dome were to flower forth, to let their power and love shine, to lift everyone in the northern half of the Western Hemisphere into spiritual awareness and consciousness. All that day, I worked to ground in and finally become comfortable with this experience.

Lord Maitreya

Upon awakening the next day, May 1, 2012,  I felt a deep sense of peace and love. That afternoon, MariLyn and I went to a health spa beside the lake. While I was sitting in the reception area, in my vision, about 100 Amerindians were gathered around Lake Gull. While I was on the massage table, a majestic, tall, Amerindian chief psychically contacted me. I could see his light-filled face, but he did not identify himself.

However, the next morning, Lord Maitreya strongly overshadowed me in his aspect as Chief Osprey. He conveyed that he had come with numerous other ascended masters from around the solar system in order to work first with those Amerindian Grandfathers and Grandmothers in the higher astral planes, and then with MariLyn and me to anchor peace and love in the astral planes and on Earth throughout the region of the huge doom of etheric light that Lord Michael and his angelic cohorts had anchored over North America.

After staying a week at Cragun’s Resort, MariLyn and I traveled to Minneapolis, where I gave a Sunday talk and a 2-hour workshop at the Unity Church of Woodbury (a suburb of Minneapolis) that MariLyn had attended prior to joining the Mark-Age staff in Tennessee. Together, for the next four days, we did 15 one-hour healing sessions with various members of the church. Then we traveled to southwest Minnesota and visited Pipestone National Park, wherein pipestone is still quarried by Amerindians to make their peace pipes. Lord Maitreya in his aspect as Chief Osprey was particularly present and powerful during out time there.

Eastern European Mission

Having completed the unification and integration of all the Americas, tour next trip was to Russia and Ukraine from September 5 – October 5, 2012. This included weeklong stops in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia; and in Odessa, Ukraine.

The keynote and focus for this Eastern European Mission had been given to me in a prior dream in which the ascended masters had said: All European nations are to have faith in love. This lack of faith in the power of love to heal and uplift one another is at the crux of the problems between Russia and other European Nations, and between Russia and Ukraine. Faith comes under the First Ray and love comes under the Seventh Ray.

Once again, Lord Michael led the way in all of our projections and anchoring of the four-step Christ matrix in Russia and other western and eastern European countries (we had visited Paris, France for 4 days on our way to St. Petersburg). Lord Maitreya added the necessary Seventh Ray input of peace and love to the mix. I will cover this Eastern European Mission plus a latter Mission to the Temple of Neptune at Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia in the next two-to-three blogs. What MariLyn and I experienced at Odessa, Ukraine is reverberating again right now. We will especially work with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Double M Visualization

During all the 12 Missions that MariLyn and I undertook from 2010-2015, my favorite visualization to link with Lords Michael and Maitreya was that of a huge double M. One M, representing Michael, I saw superimposed over me, with each horizontal pole being about 7-10 feet tall. The apex of the V of the M came down to my regenerative chakra, or even to the ground.

Typically I envisioned the two horizontal poles of Michael’s M being in front of and behind me, about 3-4 feet away from my physical body, thus encompassing, energizing and protecting my auric field. Maitreya’s M was to the right and left sides of me and of the same size.

The two downward V’s of the M’s formed more or less the apex of a downward pointing pyramid of light. The apices of two V’s formed what looked similar to the four-phalanged head of of a Phillip’s screwdriver. They created a solar cross on top of my head and brain.

First Ray Will and Power and Seventh Ray Peace and Love then were anchored down into me from my crown chakra to my regenerative chakra, and into the ground. In this way, I was the channel for Michael and Maitreya to project their thoughts, energies, decrees and instructions in and through me to the region where I was at this time.

I did this visualization every morning. At times, when out in the hustle and bustle of the public, I again took a few moments to reinforce this double M image and reality around me.

This is an imaging technique that you can practice and apply over the next 3-4 days, and at any later time.

Starburst of Heaven

This brings us to the present time and the last, recent experience I am going to share with you in this blog. Here’s my diary entry about it:

DREAM: January 27, 2022: 1 PM: Via my third eye, I looked before me and saw a young boy, maybe 5-7 years old, dressed in white clothing, running away from a group of black-clad men, about 10-12 of them, behind whom was darkness. The boy evidently had escaped their clutches and power. They were not so much evil as they were black, indicating being void of spiritual light.

As the boy came closer to me, I felt him being attracted to me, running to me, running for his life so to speak. He had been drawn to me because of my loving heart. I spread out my arms to welcome him, bent over, hugged him and picked him up when he got to me. He had his arms and hands around my neck. I seemed to be about 7 foot tall in the dream.

As I joyously hugged him, heart to heart, and welcomed him into the safe haven of my heart, a brilliant white starburst appeared over and shown its far-reaching light into me. The sky was black, like it was out in space or as dark as the deepest night. The starburst was magnificent and radiated out in all directions.

At this point, I realized that I was the boy’s spiritual grandfather. Moreover, Maitreya, my grandpa, was standing behind me, assisting me, guiding me, enabling me to be the grandpa that I Am, one with a golden heart!

Let the Children of Light Come to Me

Upon finally coming out of this extraordinary, deeply felt vision, which took some time to do, I was still in a bit of a daze. Eventually, on my way to the bathroom, the theme for this blog was given to me: Be in Seventh Heaven. Hugging my “grandson” lifted him and me into “seventh heaven,” into a brilliant white starburst of light, filled with divine peace, love and bliss. It was an incredible feeling and state of expanded consciousness.

Maitreya further reminded me that back in about 2000, Nada-Yolanda had received that he and Michael as the titular head of the Hierarchy had sent out the call to all those in this solar system and beyond to recruit new the light workers needed to uplift all on Earth into spiritual awareness and consciousness, prior to the Second Coming of Sananda-Jesus. The white-clad young lad in my dream was one of these who had answered the call.

However, this lad was of such high evolution that he had not had many, if any, past incarnations on Earth. Moreover, because so many light workers in the past had aborted their spiritual missions, there were/are very few spiritual parents to bring forth such advanced child of light. Therefore, such children feel like a “fish out of water”, almost unable to function here. Instinctively, such children seek out their grandparents, meaning us, who will welcome them with open arms and protect and nurture them as they adjust to life on Earth.

Their present parents are not so much negative or evil as they are just spiritually unawakened. Thus, they are dressed in black, in the darkness of third dimensional consciousness.

The boy, however, represented even those of Earthly history who likewise need our loving care and protection. As Jesus said, Let the little children come unto me. Note that Jesus did not go out of his way to seek out such children, but that the children sought him out; just like the boy in my dream.

Moreover, all the figures and symbols in my dream are masculine, since I am currently in a masculine body. But, you, as a grandma might have a similar vision or experience when a young girl comes unto you.

Two-Fold Visualization

Let me suggest the following as a template for your becoming a spiritual/golden giant grandparent. In your first visualization, call on Lord Michael and Lady Mariel to protect you and guide you. Then envision Lord Maitreya standing right in front of you, may 6-8 feet away. Remember, he loves you. He is your spiritual “Grampy.” You are his beloved grandson or granddaughter. He has his arms out and open to you. He beckons you to come unto and into him.

He grows in size, from being about 7 foot tall to being about 49 feet tall, hence 7×7 times tall. His heart chakra/circle is now 7 feet tall. See and feel yourself walking into his heart-of-hearts, into his peace and love center, into golden Seventh Ray vibrations and energies. Go in, feel its wondrous vibration, know that you have come home to love. Then turn around and look out into the solar system. Remember anew that you are a solar system citizen.

Be a Golden Grandparent

It may take a couple days to do so, to feel this, to dream about it, mull it over, get over your shyness and feelings of inadequacy and all of that mortal stuff. But once you have begun to experience this love communion with Maitreya, pull back and change roles.

Now you are the Grampa or Grannie. You know how to do this, because you have felt it from Maitreya. If you already have been a physical Grandfather or Grandmother, you know what this feels like, what it is, how easy it is to do. What Grandparent does not love his/her grandchild?!

Open you arms, welcome any white- or gold-clad child that appears to your in your third-eye vision, who runs or walks to you, who seeks out the comfort and care of your golden heart. Hug this child, lift him or her off the ground, give him a big kiss, hold her like you never have before, hug him-her with your whole Grammie-Grannie Heart. Welcome this dear soul, this new volunteer from God knows where, to our beloved Earth.

Then, you and he-she will be in seventh heaven! So be it.




2 thoughts on “Be in Seventh Heaven”

  1. Loved the music line-up leading up to this post! Must be so much fun to be a part of that!

    Knew about the Dome of Light but only caught a 3rd eye visual of it a few years ago.

    Speaking of the ‘Grammie side’, I am already seeing the ‘fluffy bunnies and unicorns’ so your post is very timely since I had been wondering on what level I would be ‘receiving them’. I was getting the message that I would need to prepare myself but had only been in teaching assistant roles before. But a Grammie? Now that would be a nice change!!!

    Interesting that you call Maitreya ‘Grandpa’ or ‘Grampie’, I seem to recall calling him ‘Father’ or ‘Papa’.

    Anyhow, if these children only know love and innocence, I am looking forward hugging the stuffing out of that! I am seeing already in my family how little ones are changing things so good on them…it will be just like it was when we were that age and we were told we would change the world!!

    Thanks for sharing your article, Robert.

    Take care and much love.

  2. It has been my honor and privilege to be a grandfather (i.e. “Pappy”) in this lifetime, and I am so humbled by the openness and unconditional love of these souls. Hugging them with complete abandon is one of my greatest joys in life! And I find it easier from that point to embrace the whole world with this same unconditional love. Thanks for a great post!

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