Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

Here’s our moving song for today: Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, as sung by Madonna from the movie “Evita”, a name that means “little Eva.” She is María Eva Duarte de Perón, former wife of Juan Perón, past President of Argentina. See her picture to left.
I am posting my first blog today about the re-opening and re-birthing of the Temple of the Tenth Planet, also called Planet X, which is a spiritual temple or power center located in and around Cordoba, in the central region of Argentina. Hence, this song.
She was such a loving soul. She worked tirelessly for the poor and disadvantaged in Argentina, and promoted women’s rights. Click here for a Wikipedia article about her. To the right/below is a picture of Madonna singing in the movie of Evita.
She transfigured me in my morning meditation yesterday, September 26th. She has the sweetest, most loving of vibrations. From the other side of the veil, she continues to work with the upliftment of her beloved country; and all of the southern half of South America.
Please do send her some loving vibes. She is of the light worker ranks, from her perch now in the higher astral realms. She is a sweetheart!
Her given first two names were Maria Eva, hence Mary and Eve, both being divine feminine portrayals. She follows in their footsteps. Argentinians consider her to be the spiritual mother of their country. Sol-O-Man/Mary is the one who brought her into contact with me.
How appropriate that Madonna, whose name refers to Mary, is singing this song. Click below to listen to it and to see its lyrics.
Love ya,
DJ Doc K
For the movie version, click Madonna in Evita