Tour the Tenth Temple

Tour the Tenth Temple

Soliel-Robert: September 27, 2022

Welcome visitors from the Tenth Planet in our solar system, whose name is currently unknown to us, so therefore it has been called Planet X. Welcome Apollo and Diana, the code names of the twin souls and co-leaders of the Tenth Planet. Thank you and your Planet X co-workers for coming to help us lift Earth/Heart from the third-into-the-fourth dimension. Planet X visitors: Please do come on down, soon!

X in Latin is the number “10.” So, this week we are going to be a “10” in Planet X consciousness, like unto our spiritual brothers and sisters from Planet 10. We are going to re-juvenate, re-invigorate and re-birth our own individual Temple X on Earth.

X also marks the spot of the Temple of the Tenth Planet in central Argentina, in, around and near the city of Córdoba, which was the first capital of this country. Its current capital is Buenos Aires (“good air”). Next week, we will focus primarily on the re-birth and re-opening to a new degree of this Tenth Temple in central Argentina, whose radiations reach all in the southern half of South America

Begin Anew

Friends, fellow light workers, fellow 10s in the making, this week, starting Tuesday, September 27, 2022, we initiate our three-week-long-linking with the Tenth Planet that is invisible to our physical sight via telescopes and our physical space probes. It’s not seen physically (third-dimensionally), because it is of a higher dimension. Even the elements of this planet have been lifted from the third-to-the-fourth-or-higher dimensions.

In our solar system, there are twelve planets. Nine planets are visible, discernible and viewable via powerful telescopes and advanced space probes launched high above the Earth-Heart. The other three planets are of a higher dimension or vibration, and therefore can only be seen with our spiritual vision, our ESP or Elementary Spiritual Powers that function in and through our third-eye chakra/thalamus.

Although the tenth planet cannot be seen physically, its vibrations sure can be felt when visitors from there come to help us on Earth. The masculine co-leader of Planet X is like unto the Greek-Roman god Apollo, who was recognized to be the god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, sunlight, poetry, and more; thus the ideal man or godlike being. (See image of him to right.)

He has been compared unto Sananda/Jesus, who portrays the Son of God aspect of Father-Mother-Son; with each of us being such a Child, a Son or Daughter, of the One Power That is Good.


Apollo’s feminine partner was his twin sister, whose name in Greek was Artemis; but who the Romans called Diana, queen of the night and the moon, virginity, chastity and birth. She is the goddess of birth because when her mother Latona (Leta) bore her, she felt no pain. In my recent contacts with her, which will be shared later in this blog, she has directed me/us to call her by this Roman goddess name: Diana. (See modern painting of her to right.)

Symbolically, Apollo and Diana being twins means that they are twin souls. Apollo and Diana are code names that we on Earth can understand, not their names on Planet X. These names and functions are like unto those of the Greek god Helios who is the masculine Greek god of the sun; and of Vesta, who is the Roman goddess whose domain is the hearth and home. Together, Helios and Vesta are the co-rulers of the Sun; Apollo and Diana are co-rulers of Planet X/10; and Sananda and Sol-O-Man are the co-wayshowers of Earth.

“Di” in Diana stands for Divine Mother. “Ana” stands for the soul or the mother, like unto Anna, the feminine twin soul of Lanto of the Third Ray; and Anne, the mother of Mary who bore Jesus. “Na” portrays the Nothingness out of whose Divine Womb all things are born. “Na” also stands for Nada, Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray; member of the Karmic Board of this solar system; and future co-ruler of Earth.

Twin Souls

To use the modern expression, Diana, like Apollo, is a prefect 10, especially a perfect “O” that means she is the most highly evolved woman on Planet 10. She represents and leads the soul/feminine/subconscious aspect whereas Apollo represents the physical/masculine/conscious polarity. In symbolic, numerical language, he is the number “1”, whereas she is the number “0,” hence the two of them are the co-leaders of Planet 10.

Note that the name Apollo has two lower-cased l’s in it that look like the number “1”, and two lower case “o’s” that appear like zeros. The two l’s and the two o’s indicate his twin soul relationship with Diana. In their presenting themselves as a couple to me, they spelled their two names as one overall name: DianApollo, with the capital letter “A” linking the two of them together in I Am consciousness; subconscious and conscious being one with the I Am Self, and with the All, Who is the One God; He-She Who is The Perfect Ten.

In other Greek depictions of Diana and Apollo, they are married but do not have physical sex together; hence Diana being the queen of virginity and chastity. This also represents Apollo’s and Diana’s purity and higher vibration, such that they do not co-create physically but rather directly via I Am or Christ mind power; they are co-creators with the Creator. Hence, they are not partly animals, but rather they are fully in their I Am, light, etheric, higher-dimensional bodies; hence they are called a god and a goddess.

X Marks the Four M’s

Prior to my meeting Apollo and Diana, in my predawn meditation on September 21, 2022, the day before the fall equinox, I began by envisioning Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, Lord Maitreya and Lady Maya around me. Usually, in doing so, I envision Michael in front of or to the right side of me, but this time he appeared in my right/front quadrant. Mariel was in my left/front quadrant. Maitreya appeared in my right/back quadrant and Maya in my left-back quadrant. (See image to right.)

The four “Ms,” as I commonly call them, formed an impenetrable circle or column of Christ light around me, which was about 12-16 feet in diameter, for my ascension and redescent, and for my spiritual protection while doing so. Once viewed and felt, they then drew two lines between the two pairs that formed a letter “X”. I was sitting at the point where the two lines intersected. However, I did not make much of the letter “X.” Only latter, during an “aha” moment would this become significant and crystal clear.

2, 5, 7

Coming down through the Christ column or pillar flowed the “waters of life” from the higher, etheric planes, down through the astral planes into my crown chakra/cerebrum and other, lower chakras; third-eye, throat, heart, etc. In the water was a large number “2.” Once it imprinted in my brain, a large number “5” descended and became anchored alongside the “2” in both sides of my cerebrum. Then, down came a number “7” that took its place alongside the “5”. The full image in my cerebrum and down into my third eye vision was of the number 257.

Michael explained that the “257” portrayed the union of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom, the Fifth Ray of Integration and Healing, and the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest that are demonstrated on Planet X. Working seamlessly together, these three rays are the signature or Christ-mindset, the logos or purpose of this Tenth Planet, which it radiates throughout the solar system. In this sense, Planet X is not just the 10th Planet, but its number more specifically and significantly is 257.

Needless to say, I was rather astounded by these revelations and explanations.

Number Explained Further

To elucidate, expand upon and provide me with confirmation and conscious understanding, the four Ms with one voice directed me to remember what had been given to me in a dream in November 1993 in Elk Valley (Pioneer), Tennessee; almost 30 years ago (where does the time go). There, Yolanda and I, under the guidance of El Morya and Hilarion, had purchased 20 acres of land to establish Healing Haven Retreat Center (HHRC). After this purchase, the inspiration kept coming to me for Mark-Age to purchase additional acreage in the future as HHRC expanded.

As seeming confirmation, I dreamt that a very wise, light-filled being or ascended master, who years later I realized was Maitreya, instructed me that Mark-Age was to buy an additional 237 acres of land surrounding our 20 acres, to make a total of 257 acres. Later that morning, I told Yolanda the dream, giving it mostly a physical, literal interpretation — she looked at me like I was nuts! And so I was to some degree.

After days of contemplation, it dawned on me that the dream was primarily symbolic, as are most dreams. At HHRC, in preparation for our later establishing I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters nearby, I was to focus on the Second, Fifth and Seventh Rays as my consciousness expanded month by month, year by year.

Three Names, Three Levels

At a personal/conscious/physical level, my forte is the Second Ray as a spiritual scientist. At the soul/astral/subconscious level, my purpose this lifetime is Fifth Ray integrative/holistic healing; in Atlantis I had focused too much on the Second Ray and not enough on Seventh Ray, and thereby had self-destructed — hence the need for my healing mission. At the etheric/superconscious/light-body level, my key emphasis is the Seventh Ray of peace, love and rest — I am a Seventh Ray worker with a Fifth Ray soul mission, who expresses as Robert H. Knapp, MD, Director of Mark-Age Healing Haven. The three rays are to work together as one within and through me.

Although I had understood this representation to some degree back then at HHRC, it wasn’t until this present meditation on September 21, 2022 that the full impact and meaning of it was fleshed out. My number is 257. I have trained on Planet X to bring forth this trinity integration and demonstration of the three rays. I now am recalling this and understanding it. My physical name is Robert, my soul name is Zan-Landa, my high Self name is Soliel that was not revealed to me until August 2012.

Moreover, the X formed by the four Ms at the start of this meditation represented Planet X. Now it had become clear. Now I had been X-ed, marked with new Hierarchal understanding of who I Am and what I Am to do, in and through my four lower bodies, hence the four limbs of the X. All of this was under the mark or the X for the co-titular heads of the Hierarchy, Michael of the First Ray and Maitreya of the Seventh Ray, along with their feminine partners, Mariel and Maya.

Apollo First Appears

In response, I was in awe of this overall, amazing revelation of many, integrated, cosmic parts; and yet, it all seemed so simple, so real, so accurate, so totally right on. Then to my total surprise, a dark, craggy, otherworldly man’s face appeared to the right side of my psychic vision, looking at me and seemingly getting ready to enter into my forcefield. At first, because of the near black color of his skin and clothes, I was concerned that this entity might be coming from the lower astral planes. However, with the four Ms protecting me, he could not adversely impinge upon my aura. So I relaxed.

Furthermore, slowly it dawned on me that I had seen a face just like his, only whiter, when MariLyn and I were on the New Earth Temple Mission in south-central Vermont, USA in June 2014. Near the end of this mission, in my early morning meditation, Sananda and Sol-O-Man ushered in a woman who walked from my left to in front of me. She had an otherworldly, craggy face that I never had viewed before. Plus, she had trouble controlling and coordinating her body–she was unsteady on her feet, apparently because she was a space lady who had lowered her vibration such that she initially appeared to be human.

Then she exited to my right, and another space lady came from the left to before me. Her face was even more craggy and unique, with different ears and eyes; and she was of yet a higher vibration and light eminence than the prior lady visitor. Moreover, she was even less masterful in controlling her body. Thus, because of her higher vibration, she had still more difficulty lowering her vibration sufficiently so that I might be able to see her.

Visitors from Planets 10 and 11

Once both ladies had disappeared from my psychic view, Sananda and Sol-O-Man telepathically told me that the two lady visitors were from the 10th and 11th planets. The 10th planetary lady’s face had the same features as the man’s face I currently saw in my present communion and flow-through of new information about the Tenth Planet.

In a flash of clairsentience, it now came clearly to me that he was the masculine co-leader of Planet X. He looked dark in the vision to indicate that prior to this he was almost totally unknown to me, hence shrouded in darkness, deep in my soul. The four Ms were ushering him into my protective forcefield, introducing him to me. At the time, however, I had no idea what his code name might be. After all, I was just meeting him for the first time in our out-of-this-world encounter, as viewed via my psychic perception. Still, he felt so very familiar to me.

Then I remembered that after the two space ladies had visited me many years ago at in Vermont, when MariLyn and I returned to I Am Nation/Sun Temple HQ in TN, he and another masculine space man had overshadowed me. It had been a brief visit, with them appearing mostly as spheres of light, just enough for him of the 10th planet and his masculine co-visitor from the 11th planet to make contact with, and say hello to, me. I had not had any other contacts with the masculine co-leader of the 10th planet since then. But now he was visibly before me, unique face and all! However, I knew not his name.

Divine Diana

My head and mind awhirl, it seemed like this was all the new information that I could take in and absorb for one meditation. But then, I remembered a dream that I had had two nights previously, on September 19, 2022. In it, I was in a light-filled room in a higher dimension, probably in the seventh astral plane, which is the doorway to the lowest of the three etheric planes.

Into the room walked a beautiful, gracious, loving woman who appeared to be about 25-35 years old, a little bit taller than me. She had golden brown hair, and wore what looked like a woman’s suit that reminded me somewhat of spacesuits that Earth astronauts wear, but without the head piece. She came over to me, told me how much she loved me and how happy she was to be with me again. Then she gave me a big, heartfelt hug. I didn’t know who she was. I only knew it was heavenly to be with her. I woke up in a daze and spent a good while getting adjusted to being back on Earth, all the time wondering who this special, loving, glorious lady was.

Well, you have probably guessed it: Two days later, I began to realize that she was Diana, twin soul of Apollo, who together are co-leaders of Planet Ten, also called Planet X. Only, even now upon realizing who she was and being so happy to be back with her, I did not have a name for her. Her presence had been so powerful, so loving, yet so seemingly normal in Earth terms, that I had not even thought of asking her who she was.

Names Revealed

Thus, at this point, I still did not know the name of these two space visitors. However, late morning and into the early afternoon this same day, September 21st, the strong thought came that the two co-leaders of Planet X had code names based on Greek and Roman mythological gods and goddesses; like unto Helios, the Greek god of the sun, and Vesta the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. So, I went online to once again check out the 12 major Olympian gods and goddesses, who in Greece had resided on Mt. Olympus.

Even before reading the first article about this, the name Apollo came to me. I basically knew who he was from past research, but seeing his name and all the things he represented made me think that Apollo might be the name of the Tenth Planet. Upon reading read two or three articles, I found that Apollo’s sister was Artemis in Greece and Diana in Italy. Eventually, it dawned on me that these were not the names of the Tenth Planet and its major moon(s), but rather that they were the names of the co-leaders of Planet X. It all made perfect sense to me, although of course I still had some doubts about this, and wanted more confirmation.

What an incredible day this had been! Never before had so much new information and cosmic insight been given to me. This was only possible because of all the work that had gone before in exploring and touring the previous nine spiritual temples or power centers worldwide. Moreover, it was symbolic and indicative that as we now progress through the remaining three invisible planets, all of us are going to have some accelerated and higher experiences in a short period of time. So get ready! And as always, be steady as you go. For Spirit and the masters never give us more than we can handle.

Reunion with Diana and Friends

The next morning, September 22nd, in my predawn meditation, to my left appeared a 25-35-year old woman. She wore a pink blouse and had on a dark blue dress or pants. Her hair was brown. She looked a bit like the extraordinary, light-filled, loving lady who had visited me three days earlier, who represented Diana. However, this current lady was more down-to-earth, “normal” looking by Earth standards. She seemed pleasant enough, like “the girl next door.” I immediately thought of her as being my close, dear, loving friend.

With her were numerous of her relatives or co-workers, both men and women, about her age and looking like her in the way they dressed. Like my new lady friend, they were confident, loving, and without any airs. They said they had come to help me and to work alongside me in my ongoing projects.

Here depicted was the further anchoring of Diana and her Planet X associates in my mind, heart and soul. They no longer seemed out of this world, like gods and goddesses. They were more so everyday humans like me. In other words, they might be from Planet 10, but they still are part of my big, spiritual, solar-system family, like unto cosmic aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. I now was comfortable with, and more confident in viewing Diana and her associates as being my friends and co-workers. After all, I had known them when I was incarnated on Planet X.

I spent the rest of my morning meditation linking and exchanging with them, getting to know them again. Apollo appeared about halfway through this communion, likewise showing himself as mostly being a man of Earth, although a highly advanced such human.


Pondering all of the above about Apollo and Diana, I thought anew about the unique dream that Jonathan, Phillel’s brother (who is the third Director of Mark-Age, Inc.) had had on September 20th, one day before my receiving my number as 257, and one day after my first dream about being with Diana. In Jonathan’s dream, he was about to take a test of some sort, but he could not get his papers together or think clearly. So he asked the woman teacher if he could go to a separate, quiet place, where he could concentrate better. She graciously took him to her office, which was room #412.

Jonathan sent an email to Phillel and me this same morning and asked if we had any interpretation of this dream, especially the number 412. Initially, I had no idea whatsoever about what it meant. Then the next morning in my meditation, however, I received that my number was 257 and I was given what it symbolized. Now I felt sure that Jonathan’s dream conveyed the same theme only with different rays: at a conscious level, his focus was the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization; at the subconscious/soul level, his mission was on the First Ray of Will and Power; and at the superconscious/I Am Self level he is a Second Ray worker. So I wrote this to him and asked him what he thought.

Well, he promptly emailed me back and said that it made perfect sense to him. He had had major chill bumps when reading my description, and had felt lifted in consciousness. He also sent back portions of songs he had written years ago in which he referred to the symbols of the 4th, 1st and 2nd Rays. Plus, in Nada-Yolanda’s intunement in the 1970s, she said that she was almost sure he was a Second Ray worker.

Now I was really curious, so I emailed him back and asked him to describe the woman who had directed him to her office in his dream. Wouldn’t you know, she appeared to be about 25-35 years old, had blond hair, and wore some kind of suit that was dark blue in color. In other words, she looked just like how Diana had appeared to me in my two dreams of her. Talk about confirmation for both of us! Talk about chill bumps!

Hypothetical Planet X

During the day, still September 22nd, I continued to ponder the name and nature of the Tenth Planet, which is what I still mostly called it. Time and again, however, the designation “Planet X” came to me, but I was not sure what to make of this. Then, in my ongoing research online, I seemed to serendipitously came across an article titled “The Hypothetical Planet X.” (Click here to read this full article.)

As the article states: “In 2015, Caltech astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown announced new research that provides evidence of a giant planet tracing an unusual, elongated orbit in the outer solar system. The prediction is based on detailed mathematical modeling and computer simulations, not direct observation. This large object could explain the unique orbits of at least five smaller objects discovered in the distant Kuiper Belt [that is located beyond Neptune, with Pluto being located in this Belt; the new Planet X was far beyond the Kuiper Belt].

“‘The possibility of a new planet is certainly an exciting one for me as a planetary scientist and for all of us,’ said Jim Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division. ‘This is not, however, the detection or discovery of a new planet. It’s too early to say with certainty that there’s a so-called Planet X. What we’re seeing is an early prediction based on modeling from limited observations. It’s the start of a process that could lead to an exciting result.’ (To right/above see artistic depiction of the possible Planet X.)

“The Caltech scientists believe Planet X may have a mass about 10 times that of Earth and be similar in size to Uranus or Neptune. The predicted orbit is about 20 times farther from our Sun on average than Neptune (which orbits the Sun at an average distance of 2.8 billion miles). It would take this new planet between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make just one full orbit around the Sun, whereas Neptune completes an orbit roughly every 165 years.”

Be a Spiritual Scientist

The two Caltech researchers nicknamed this hypothetical sphere “Planet Nine.” They did not believe that Pluto is a planet but rather a dwarf planet, so they think there are only eight planets in our solar system. Therefore, they have nicknamed the new possible globe as the Ninth Planet. For now, however, it also is called Planet X, with “X” meaning unknown or hidden. This planet has only been hypothesized, not physically found or documented

Little do such physically-oriented scientists know that this new planet may be of a higher vibrational frequency, such that their instrumentation never will “see” and detect it. However, its higher vibrational frequencies, including its gravity, do influence other nearby physical bodies in the Kuiper Belt.

In a similar fashion, mortal man with his third-dimensional, physical sight and physical instruments cannot “see” his fourth dimensional light body that however influences his four lower bodies when it overshadows him or her. Rather, we have to be a spiritual scientist to detect and confirm the nature of our etheric, Christ, electrical or light body; using our ESP talents and powers such as clairvoyance or clear sight. When we are overshadowed by our light body, our heart and respiratory rates may accelerate, our brain may feel on fire and accelerated, or we may have “goosebumps.” These and other such physical reactions are the outer expressions of our light form’s presence and power.

The Letter/Number X

This same day, I went online and researched the letter “X.” It is the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet that has 24 letters. It is infrequently used in the Greek language, wherein it is pronounced as “chi.” (To read a Wikipedia article about X, click here.)

In Latin, “X” stands for the number “10.” The number “9” in Latin is IX, whereas the number “11” is XI. ” And so on.

X, or x (lower case), is the twenty-fourth and third-to-last letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Its name in English is “ex” (that is pronounced /’εks/); with the plural being exes. X is regularly pronounced as “ks”.

Thus, X or ex is pronounced in words like “exact, ex-husband, example. To us as spiritual initiates, in applying the letter X to Planet X, it can mean “excellent, exalted, exemplary, extraordinary and expansive.”

Very few English names start with the letter X. One such name, known more so by Catholics than Protestants, is St. Francis Xavier who was a Jesuit monk in the 1500s, one of the co-founders of the Jesuit order. His name is properly pronounce as Zay-vier. However, some people not familiar with his name pronounce it as Ex-zay-vier. (You may remember Xavier Cugat, who was a Spanish musician and bandleader who spent his formative years in Havana, Cuba.)

In Mark-Age, staff member Holden Marie Lindsay’s high Self name as intuned by Yolanda initially was Xan-Thu. After a year or two of cleansing and moving into consciousness, after x-ing out her soul shortcomings, it became Zan-Thu with a Z, meaning one who serves the Hierarchy Board of this solar system; and “Thu” portraying spiritual power.

X as a Greek letter also signifies the Christ or I Am or X consciousness. Thus, in abbreviated form, we refer to Christmas as Xmas. Therefore, Planet X can be thought of as meaning a place that is of the higher, Christ or spiritual level of vibration.

The letter “X” is the third least letter of the overall twenty-six letters used in English. In this sense, it may mean that something is not well perceived or understood. Thus, “X” symbolizes the unknown, that which is covered over or is behind the X. Thus, Planet X only now may be coming into conscious awareness amongst astronomers and others; and is unknown for the most part even to advanced spiritual students, who by and large know nothing about any of the three invisible planets.

Finally, “X” may mean to “cross out” as in the sixth initiation of crucifixion-resurrection. On the cross, Jesus “ex’ed” or crossed out his remaining soul threads that were not fully pure. Then, after the three days of darkness in his tomb, he stepped forth in his X or light body. Thus, “ex” or the lower case x in this application may mean the cleansing and transmuting power of the Sixth Ray, that which removes remaining darkness within us. Then we resurrect in the higher case X in higher I Am, Christ consciousness.

Space Lady with Diamond Eyes

The next morning, September 23rd, while still sleeping but about to awake, in my night vision, before me appeared the most unusual, out-of-this-world, space woman I had ever seen this lifetime. She appeared to the left and front of me, and peered to my right. She had a somewhat characteristic craggy or unique, other-worldly head that symbolizes space visitors in my dreams and visions. But the thing that most struck me was her brilliant, light-filled, dazzling eyes. She appeared very similar to the space lady depicted in Hartmut Jager’s computer-created image that is above/left; in this image, she has large, brilliant eyes, via which she appears to be looking out into the cosmos.

My dream space lady turned and looked right at me. In each of her eyes were numerous small “diamonds” that were crystal clear but which at times emitted multiple, other-worldly colors; they filled the whole space of her large eyes. In both her eyes were about twelve-to-sixteen such small, diamond-like crystals, with each one fitting together with the others to form a composite whole; but with each crystal or lens she seemingly was able to see an unique view, which when combined together with other views seen by other crystals formed a unified picture, image or what we might call a hologram.

I could not take my eyes off  these multiple diamond-like eye lens in this space lady’s extraordinary eyes. In human eyes, we have only one lens, which allows us to see things in just one, third-dimensional view of life on Earth. This space lady apparently could see 12 views or twelve dimensions or 12 bodies, like unto our physical, astral, emotional, mental, light, resurrected and ascended bodies, plus five more bodies that are totally unknown to us; or even as many as sixteen such bodies.

She briefly looked at me and I intuitively felt and knew that she could see me in my totality, in all my bodies, on every plane, on every one of the 12 planets in this solar system. And at this point, the strong, crystal-clear thought came that the true number of the lens was sixteen, meaning she could see on 16 levels. When she peered at me, it was like she saw every aspect and body in me, known and unknown to me. Oh my God!

That was all I could take, all I could comprehend, all I could handle without maybe going a bit crazy. I awoke in a state of enlightenment that however was still confusing to me, like a letter X being over part of the dream picture/vision I had just seen. I laid in bed another twenty minutes pondering all of this before getting up. And then walked very slowly to keep my balance. And asked: Who is this extraordinary woman? And where is she from? And why does she feel so familiar to me? Spirit, help me!

Space Man Lands 

Late the following morning, still September 23rd, I took a nap in my bed. I went out like a light, or more prosaically I fell deeply asleep. When I finally came back about 20 minutes later, via my all-seeing, third eye, a huge spaceship came from far away, high up in the right corner of my visual screen, descended in a spiraling fashion to my left, and slowly appeared high above and before me.

This ship was city-sized, hence a mother ship that filled up most of my psychic view. It was oval in shape, with multiple windows as commonly depicted in popular, Earth-plane imagery of such craft. The whole scene reminded me of the cover of our Mark-Age text Visitors From Other Planets. (See image to right.)

Then coming out of the ship was a brilliant spaceman, wearing a type of silvery spacesuit but no helmet, such that I could clearly see his face that looked more or less human. Amazingly, I was not in any way frightened by all of this, but rather was curious and felt excited, inwardly accelerated and uplifted. He began communicating with me via cosmic sign language, and also using words in a language I did not understand.

To introduce himself to me, he produced what looked like his name below his feet, in the bottom part of my third-eye screen: KELPA, hence in all capital letters. I had absolutely no idea what this name meant, other than thinking it was unusual and probably symbolic, or perhaps that it was an acronym for a group of space visitors who had descended here to help me/us transmute and uplift the planet. I woke up in a total state of wonder and awe, but with a complete lack of comprehension as to what this all meant.

Kelpa Serves Apollo

By the end of the dream, the sky, spaceship and man with his “name” looked like a movie poster outside of a movie theater that gives the nature, episodes and meanings of the overall movie; as well as the name of the movie. In my vision of KELPA and his space craft, the sky was not blue like on and about the earth, but rather was composed of every color of the visible spectrum, as if they were the colors of the sky on other planets.

While preparing lunch in my kitchen, an amazing flow-through of ideas came to me: KELPA (or Kelpa) was the pilot of Apollo’s and Diana’s Planet X spaceship. Moreover, KELPA/Kelpa came from his home planet of Vulcan, the 12th or highest vibrational planet in our solar system.

Thus, Kelpa was like unto Ashtar Gabriel who pilots Sananda’s ship #10. As a Jupiterian, Ashtar is of a higher vibration that that of Sananda and his ship #10. Ashtar had volunteered to help Sananda, he had laid down his life for him since the days when Sananda was Jesus. In like manner, Kelpa had come to assist Apollo as the pilot of his mother ship.

This was one of those revelations that come with such clarity and power that I was as sure as possible that it was accurate; although I knew that it might need to be refined and expanded at a later time. Still, I asked Kelpa and Spirit to confirm all of this.

Initially, the letter of KELPA were capitalized. This indicate his high evolutionary status, his being from Vulcan. My spelling it as Kelpa, with mostly lower case letters, indicated KELP having lowered his vibration sufficiently to serve as the pilot of Apollo’s space ship.

Rare Name

Kelpa as a first (personal) or family (surname) on Earth is rare. In fact, when I went online and looked it up, after going to eight sites, I found no specific reference to it. But, I kept getting prompted from within to check again. When I did so, up came a new site. It turns out that Kelpa can be a first name or surname, which is found primarily on Papua New Guinea in the area of the world called Oceania that includes Australia, New Zealand and 12 other countries that are islands like Papua New Guinea. (Click here14 to read about this; see image to right/above.) However, only 37 people have this surname, and only 29 individuals have this as their first name. Thus, it is extremely rare.

The thing that struck me about Kelpa being centered around those in Papua New Guinea is that the closest, nearby spiritual center or power focus to it is located in southern View Nam, in and around the city that used to be called Saigon, but now is called Ho Chi Ming City. This is the site of the Temple of Vulcan, which is the third of the three invisible temples, and the one that is the highest vibration. In just one soul intunement for a light worker, Nada-Yolanda said that this person’s home planet was Vulcan. That’s where the name for this planet comes from.

Thus, this was a small measure of verification, if still a bit of a stretch: Kelpa was a name of people in Papua New Guinea who are in the expanding forcefield of the Temple of Vulcan; Papua New Guinea is one of the few places that include the letters “Pa” in it, like unto Kel-Pa. Thus, like I had received, Kelpa’s home planet is Vulcan.

Cosmic Interpretation

“K” represents the positive, masculine, right-pointing Vulcan power. The upright pole of the K is the spine that links heaven and earth, Vulcan and the Temple of Vulcan. The two outward, right-pointing lines of the K symbolize this power being expressed via the arms and feet.

“el” stands for the Elders, the Chohans, those in Elder/I Am consciousness. While pondering this further, the spelling was “El,” thus with a capital “E” like in the name KELPA as it first was given to me. The letter “p” in “pa” is another letter pointing out to the right, this time in a half circle of the “P” in a capital letter. “a” is for I Am, the All Good, as demonstrated on Earth in Abel consciousness.

Therefore, as guided by the spiritual visitor named KELPA, I respelled KELPA and Kelpa as K-El-Pa. “Pa” is also short for papa or father. Again, however, I asked for further elaboration and confirmation, but received nothing more at this time. And I had no clue who the space lady with the extraordinary, crystalline eyes was or what her name might be. Spirit, I affirmed, will show all of this to me in Its time and manner. That night when I went to sleep, I was at peace about the whole thing, and I slept long and deep.

Seven or More Bodies

The next morning, September 24th, I entered meditation hoping that I would be given more about the two new space people, K-El-Pa and the lady seer with sixteen lens. However, although I linked with them and felt their somewhat faint and distant presence, nothing further about them was consciously revealed to me. Rather, almost from the start, when I envisioned myself in a Christ column of light, the guidance came to see it having a diameter of 16 feet. This was easy, something I often have done, as my meditation room is 16 feet by 15 feet.

Once ensconced in the middle of this column of light that went up through the astral planes to the etheric and celestial planes, the strong impression came to see and feel my seven bodies: physical, astral, emotional, mental, etheric, resurrected and ascended bodies. My physical body was symbolized by a one-foot-wide column or pillar in the center of the circular forcefield. Each additional body was 6 inches further out from my central core, thus 6 inches to either side of me and 1 foot more in total; hence my astral body symbolically was about two feet wide.

The emotional and mental bodies were the next two rings, with the emotional body being 3 feet wide and the mental body being 4 feet wide columns or sheaths of light. My fifth, sixth and seventh bodies each were another foot wider, so my overall seven bodies had a diameter of seven feet.

16 Layers or Bodies

Then, to my amazement, the strong instruction from within and by those in the higher planes who were guiding me was to continue my expansion. My eighth body was eight feet wide, my ninth body was nine feet wide, continuing all the way to my sixteenth body that was a sheath or column that was sixteen feet wide. Upon doing so, I had my first glimpse this lifetime of all of my 16 bodies, as explained below.

While doing and experiencing all of this, to help me understand what was occurring,  Spirit prompted me to remember and later to re-study the following channeling by Sananda via Nada-Yolanda on February 13, 1963, which is found in its entirely in our booklet Seven Rays of Life and is excerpted in MAPP to Aquarius, page 117-118:

“Seven is the number for all creative phenomena on physical levels. You have seven talents that can be used for God on Earth. You have seven centers through which these may be manifested. Each one in its orderly progress will give you seven levels of consciousness until your seven bodies for Earth manifestation bring about a coordinated, balanced, tranquil whole.

It is then revealed that there are more than seven bodies of man. This is the truth and I verify this truth unto all men now who are studying these particular facts. But it is not for man on the Earth in its present vibrational frequency to bring about any more of his own faculties than the seven. That is why the Mark-Age unit and my own work on this plane are symbolized with the seven in the circle. . . .

“Son of Man, I address you. Be the son of God, which you are, and all will be well in this solar system, upon this planet and in your own individual consciousness, for God, which is good. I am Sananda, spiritual leader, master and Director of the Seventh Ray of Peace, which is Love. I give these two commandments: Love God and Love One Another.

“This is the law unto all men in all parts of this solar system for the present era of mankind involving and evolving to Sonship of spiritual qualities in a form unknown to any disciple on Earth.

It is then that his nine other bodies [thus making 16 total bodies] will be made manifest and his functions will be multiple in simultaneous action, so that there will be no consciousness of Earth, or physical, limitations. I see this, I decree this. And as I see it, so must it be.

“I Am Sananda, son of the loving God. Sun, Sun-Anda, Son-Anda. So be it. It is truth. I am love and you are in me; and love is in you, to be manifested on Earth in all things now. Holy, holy, holy is the one God. I am, I am that I Am, one, one. So be it.”

16 Lenses x 2

Now, in my expanded consciousness, I became aware that the space lady with multiple, crystallized, diamond-like lens had been guiding my meditation, recall and experiences. This time, I was familiar with her, and was able to commune with her. As I did so, however, the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds flowed through my mind. My memory was that during the days of the Beatles, this was thought to be a song about taking the hallucinogenic LSD, whereby one had out of this world visions. The Beatles denied it, but they were known to have experimented with various illicit drugs including marijuana.

In any case, my space lady with the brilliant, diamond-filled eyes was definitely of, and in, the sky, representing the etheric planes; only now descending to show herself to me. She was “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” who in her eyes had sixteen diamond-like lens. Moreover, the name “Lucy” comes from the Latin word “lux” that means light. Then, I remembered that in Spanish the name Lucy is spelled Lucia — one of our longtime Mark-Age Family members whose family was originally from Cuba is named Lucia.

Therefore, it seemed that the name of my wondrous space lady might be Lucia. She smiled and nodded her approval, but then showed me that it was spelled Lu-See-A, which likewise was pronounced as Lucia. (To see a 8 by 11 image of Lu-See-A as in the painting by Hartmut Jager, which you can download, print and frame, so you will better know that she is watching over you, click here16.)

“Lu” in Lu-See-A is similar to Allah-Lu. As given in the glossary of our text Mapp to Aquarius, Allah-Lu is a title similar to Christ, in another realm of this solar system. On Neptune, El Morya, as its Prince or primary masculine leader, is referred to as Allah-Lu El Morya.

L is a symbol of the Elder race. L also symbolizes the descent from the spiritual to the Earth plane level. U symbolizes lifting from Earth plane of both negative and positive energies back up to the Divine Source.

“See” in Lu-See-A means to See in Christ consciousness. “A” as in other high Self names stands for I Am, All-knowing, All-powerful and All-present.

Lu-See-A Sees All Levels

With that Lu-See-A explained the 16 crystals in each of her two eyes. Via them, she, being of Vulcan, the highest vibrational planet, could correctly see and discern life on all the solar system’s 12 planets. On Earth, we only see the third dimension, and focus primarily on our four lower bodies, plus now the overshadowing connection with the fifth or light body. Thus man of Earth who is spiritually aware sees five levels or bodies or planes of consciousness. Add the remaining 11 planets to the five aspects or dimensions of Earthlings and you have the number 16!

Lu-See-A as a highly evolved feminine “Star” or “Seer” of Vulcan now looked at me, whereupon I clairsentiently knew and felt that she could see my 16 bodies as well as my soul record of having been trained in the etheric planes of the 12 planets throughout the solar system. Moreover, she could see me with stereoscopic vision, using both eyes, thereby seeing all parts and aspects of me; conscious and subconscious.

Needless to say, this “blew my mind,” to use the common Earth slang. And yet, it felt incredibly wonderful and freeing, in that it expanded my mind to the utmost. I felt whole and complete in an entirely new way. I was at peace and in love with Lu-See-A. And it still “blows my mind” to feel this. But my heart feels open and healed to another whole degree.

Moreover, at this time, I remembered having briefly seen of felt Lu-See-A’s presence in my dreams and meditations when MariLyn and I were in southern Vietnam in 2014, but I had not known her name at that time and never had any follow-up or information to explain or confirm this. Now she was here with me, front and center. Lu-See-A, I love you. I can hardly wait to hear about how you are contacting others. Thank you. Thank you. God bless you, now and forever!

One Step at a Time

To cap this off, Lu-See-A now telepathically told me that in Spirit’s time I would see with sixteen eyes, so to speak. After all, I had learned and demonstrated how to do this on Vulcan, when I had known and trained under her and K-El-Pa there.

This current image of her by Hartmut Yager and my interpretation of it is primarily symbolic, not the literal way Lu-See-A appears on Vulcan. It serves primarily as a window into her soul, into who she is in all her splendor. When she has contacted me, she is so much more than this, almost impossible to describe.

Nonetheless, I now knew that I am not about to experience much about any of the 9 higher bodies, because as Sananda said we are only to demonstrate the 7 lower bodies in this lifetime. However, I have had a few glimpses of what may be my overlapping 8th body. But I doubt that much more than that this will come in the near future for however long I remain on Earth.

It is enough for right now to know that the higher 9 bodies exist and that in the next 2000-3000 years, I/we will grow into at least some of them. It is enough to know and realize anew that we are so much more than what we have conceived ourselves to be. We have a glorious future ahead of us. But for now, slow and steady, feet firmly on the ground, head in the sky, “257” in action, we gradually move forward and upward. Thy will be done!

Seven Steps

Here’s a step-by-step outline that you can follow in your meditations and quiet moments of spiritual communion and study for this week:

Day/step 1: Affirm and experience: I am who I Am. All things begin in I Am consciousness, in which we are one with I AM Who I AM, Whos is God, Divine Mind, Spirit. Be centered in First Ray power and Seventh Ray peace.

Day/step 2: Visualize yourself being in the center of a Christ column or pillar of sacred light that surrounds and protects you, and that travels up from the ground through the astral planes into the etheric and celestial realms. This column is 16 feet wide, hence symbolic of your 16 bodies. Several times, ascend and redescend through this tower of light. Know especially that you are protected. Be comfortable in the full sixteen feet of this pillar of Christ light. Be one with the Hierarchal Board, as represented by Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, Lord Maitreya and Lady Maya.

Day/step 3: Imagine and see Diana, the code name of the feminine co-leader of Planet X, descending from above down though your column of Christ light until she stands to the left of you, within the left or subconscious side of your pillar Christ energy. Welcome her. Feel her love. She is as a spiritual mother, aunt or older solar-system sister to you. She is the queen of the moon, the night, the subconscious. Her Fifth Ray “moon light” suffuses into, soothes and heals your soul. God bless you, Diana! You definitely are divine. And so are we.

If you do not see or feel her presence, know that by attempting to link with her, she will at some later time make herself known to you. First, you need to open your mind to this possibility, then the experience can take place. What you see, will be.

Day/step 4: To your right descends and appears Apollo, the code name for the masculine leader of Planet X. He shines with the Christ light of the Sun. He radiates Second Ray Understanding and Wisdom that enlightens you consciously. He plays his lyre and sings his I Am song that moves your deeply, down into the very elements of your physical body.

Once again, practice makes perfect. In other words, practice this day and in days to come that Apollo comes down and stands next to you. Rather that see this happening, you may just clairsentiently know that it is true; or you may dream about it at a later time.

God bless you, Apollo. Thank you, DianApollo!

Day/step 5: Behind you, imagine and feel that Lu-See-A of Vulcan is there, having come down your 16-foot wide Christ column of protective light. She has your back. She sees you clearly for Who you truly are, the good and the not so good within you. Her love uplifts every part of your soul, going back eons of time, in your past experiences on Earth and elsewhere throughout the solar system. Her love helps you to birth new soul talents that before now were hidden from your conscious site. What she sees, will be. With her help, see and be the pure soul that you are!

Day/step 6: Above and in front of you is K-El-Pa of Vulcan, who has come with Lu-See-A  to help Apollo and Diana; and thereby to also help you. K-El-Pa is the pilot of Apollo’s huge space ship, which symbolically can be called ship #257. K-El-Pa infuses you with masculine energies in their highest expressions, and lifts your conscious awareness and physical actions to the most pure level that you now can demonstrate.

Say out loud: Welcome K-El-Pa, our Vulcan Pa-pa. We love you and bless you. Thank you for coming down to be with and help us. God is Good!

Day/step 7: Affirm and be I Am that I am. On day 1, you ascended from below to above, from I am to I Am. On day 7, redescend from above to below, from I Am to I am. Now you are Seventh Ray peace and love in action. Now you have re-toured, re-energized and rebirthed the personal Temple of Planet Ten that your Are, right here on Earth, one with the Temple of Planet X in Cordoba, Argentina. Now your cosmic number is 257. Joy of Joys! Thank You, Spirit, and all agents of Spirit!!

 *    *    *    *    *   *    *

In the following seven days, we will shift our focus to birthing this Tenth Temple in the middle of Argentina, whose combined wisdom (2), healing (5) and love (7) radiates to all of the southern half of South America; and from there to all the other spiritual temples around the entire globe.

Step-by-step we go. All is in divine order.

Amen. So be it. Hallelujah. Om!