Love Our Ladies

Last night and this morning, November 2, 2022, I had my best sleep in the last week. I awoke refreshed, relaxed and at peace. With and above me was Sol-O-Man/Mary, Our Lady of Earth, whom I love as my master teacher. Sitting on the edge of my bed, feeling her magnificent, loving, peaceful Presence, she showed herself to me in a golden V, whose downward-pointing apex was anchored fully into my lowest or regenerative chakra. She and I were re-born on Earth, here at the Sun Temple and in the Eleventh Temple in east-central Afrika.

This completed seven days of healing the soul of Afrika. I spent my morning meditation grounding, acknowledging, blessing, anchoring and expressing this rebirth. The image that came to me was that crown chakra and top of my head was fully open, like the crater at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, even the top of a newborn’s head which has two soft spots where the skull bones have not yet knit together.

The apex of Sol-O-Man’s V entered first into the volcano’s top crater, into the soft, open vertex area of my skull. When Sol-O-Man descended via her V, she did so along my spinal column of light, down through the molten core of the Kilimanjaro volcano. The “lava” therein was golden in color with white light also within it.

Once she had anchored herself down through all my chakras to my regenerative chakra, she pronounced: Our Ladies Have Landed. At first this confused me, for she was the only Lady that initially I psychically perceived and emotionally felt. Then around her were numerous other ladies, which when I counted them were 11 in number. Sol-O-Man telepathically explained: These are my solar system sisters, all of the feminine co-leaders of the other 11 planets in this solar system. They have come to help and assist me as one Sisterhood, to help me as their youngest sister, in the healing of the soul of Africa. Vesta of the Sun are also with them, overseeing them.

Here, then, was the title for this blog: Love Our Ladies. All twelve of them! And love their Mama, Vesta of the Sun, who loves all her Daughters.

Sol-O-Man in Afrika

Sol-O-Man knows Afrika in a direct, personal, light-body way, for she has appeared throughout the continent numerous times in the last 200-300 years, heralding the Second Coming of Sananda-Jesus and of herself as his twin soul and spiritual co-leader of Earth.

The only such appearance sanctioned by the Fathers of the Catholic Church, headed by the Pope, was her series of visitations or apparitions to three young Catholic girls in the small town of Kibeho in southern Rwanda, which country is located to the west of Tanzania. (See map to right. Click Kibeho  for a large map. Note that Lake Kivu, one of the 13 Great Lakes of Africa, is located in western Rwanda.) Mary’s visitations occurred in Kibelo during the 1980s. (Click here to read a Wikipedia article about these Marian Kibeho apparitions.)

The young visionaries were Alphonsine Mumureke, Nathalie Kumamazimpaka and Marie Claire Muangango, who were attending a Catholic school in their town. (See the image below of their church that was built in 1992.)

The messages from Sol-O-Man/Mary to the three seers included apocalyptic visions of Rwanda descending into violence and hatred, which occurred in the 1994 Rwanda genocide in which 800,000 to over 1,000,000 Rwandans were slaughtered by their countrymen and, in some cases, their next-door neighbors. This genocide was the culmination of intensifying animosity between the two etheric groups, the Hutus and Tutsis. Two major such slaughters took place at this Rwandan Catholic Church, which has been renamed Our Lady of Sorrows Church, referring to these past slaughters in which over 5,000 Rwandans were killed.

Mary had guided the three visionaries and all Catholics and others in Rwanda to pray for peace and love. Instead, the Rwandans did not heed Mary’s loving care and advice. Here in a nut shell is the prime cause of Africa’s hard times: the bitter rivalries between one group and another, between Cains and Abels. In this Hutu-Tutsi battle, those of the Cains in both groups allegedly won, but those who survived became more determined than ever to be Abels who love one another, who serve together as loving brothers and sisters in the One African Family of Humanity.

Mary in Egypt

Although still not sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church, despite extraordinary evidence of their validity, Mary in her light body appeared scores of times from 1968-1971 atop the Zion Orthodox Coptic Church in Zeitoun, which is a suburb of Cairo, Egypt. Over this three-year period, an estimated 1 million people of all faiths saw her brilliant, light-filled presence atop the church. (See image of Mary to right and below: Even with this physical photographic evidence, and the accounts of thousands of visitors there, the Church Fathers in Rome do not believe that Mary’s visitation was valid — go figure!)

In symbolic terms, Egypt portrays the soul or subconscious aspect, Israel represents the physical or conscious aspect, and the United States of America represents the New JerUSAlem or superconscious/light body aspect. in 1968-71, Mary thus appeared in Egypt, near where allegedly Joseph and she had taken Jesus after his birth, to protect him from the wrath of Herod who ordered all Hebrew children 2 years old and younger to be killed.

In Mary’s 1968-71 appearances at this sacred historical site, she was paving the way for, and heralding, the redescent and re-birth of her son’s seventh or ascended body to and on Earth in his Second Coming. In a sense, she already was demonstrating this Second Coming of him and her. She was right there, atop the church, for all to see, feel and know in their heart of hearts. In other words, she was once again spiritually pregnant with Christ Jesus. His re-birth initially was scheduled for near the year 2000 AD. But, it has been delayed until sometime between now and 2040 AD, due to so many light workers having aborted their soul missions.

Love Our Ladies

In your precious quiet moments today, deep in meditation, prayer or clairsentient knowing, picture Sol-O-Man/Mary above you, like unto her being over and next to the dome of the church in Zeitoun. She is there, readily visible, easily felt, filling you with peace and love. Welcome her in your wide open crown chakra and holy heart. She is your Earth Mama. She is helping to birth you, the true, core You, the Child of God that you are. She is completing the week’s work with healing your soul and the soul of Afrika.

See her in a golden V that slowly descends from the top of your head, down your spinal column, until the apex of the V is at your regenerative center and reproductive organs, via which you birth your I Am, light-body Self on Earth. Be filled with peace and love, cooperation and coordination. Celebrate the birth of I Am Mary soul consciousness in you and in Temple 11 at Lake Victoria and in other lakes in and around Tanzania.

Welcome Sol-O-Man’s solar sisters, your “aunts”, who are like “mothers” to you. They have come from throughout the solar system to aid Sol-O-Man and you. They may not be actually present in their higher bodies, but in their spiritual thoughts they are, for all 12 sisters, including Afri-Ka from Planet 11, are one in the One. Where 1 of them is, the 11 others are there with her, and thus with you, and with all light workers in Afrika. You can think of them as being part of a solar system “Zoom” meeting and exchange.

Affirm, know and radiate the truth that the healing of Afrika’s soul has now been completed and birthed on Earth for this present cycle of time. Rejoice. Give thanks. Be filled with wonder and awe of how great our Motherly Ladies, are; how Great is Mother God. Mama, Mama, Mama Afri-Ka — We love you!

In our mother souls, we are born again. Next week, we will physically re-birth our I Am Self. We will complete the birthing of Temple 11 on Earth, within and without. So be it.

∗  ∗  ∗  ∗  ∗  ∗  ∗

I love this painting to the right in the Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in Kibeho, Rwanda; with Mary and baby Jesus, as well as their admirers and followers, being dark skinned and having African features. So often, here in the USA, I see pictures of Jesus having white, Caucasian skin and blue eyes, whereas he was Semitic and most likely had tan-brown skin and brown eyes.

So, in Africa, why not see Jesus and Mary as being like black Africans. After all, in their ascended bodies, they can present themselves in any form, shape or color that he or she so choses. Whatever their skin color or other physical features, they radiate gold and white light. That is what makes them the Christed Co-Leaders who are about to return and lead all on Earth into the New or Golden Age of Aquarius.