Michael Inserts the Sword

Friends, co-workers in the light, yesterday when I was eating my breakfast at a local restaurant, I suddenly felt a painful jab in my heart. It hurt so much that I could hardly breathe, was doubled over in pain, and needless to say could not eat another bite.

Tuning into this, it finally dawned on me that it was Lord Michael who had inserted the tip of his sword of truth into my heart. Michael via thought transference explained to me that he was not using his sword to harm, hurt or conquer me, but rather he was using it to do “open heart” surgery for me. He was opening anew my heart chakra.

The pain was partly because there were still ancient, painful feelings and memories in my soul, which I had not transmuted and released, which had been buried away within me going back eons of time. Now he would help me to fill my heart with the truth of my being, with fully knowing that love conquers all, that the sword is not a weapon but rather a handmaiden of service. (My being at the restaurant indicated that this truth was like manna from heaven, the spiritual food that would feed my soul — man does not live by bread alone, but by truth and love.)


Once I had understood and accepted all of this, and thanked Michael for it, he next took me in my light body to high over Jerusalem, Israel. His sword now was miles in width and depth. He powerfully plunged it from the angelic realms into the heart of Jerusalem, with its point being more or less at the golden-domed  Dome of the Rock atop Temple Mount there, where Sol-O-Man’s Temple originally was located.

Michael thrust his sword down the through Dome of the Rock, which was built by the Muslims, down through the underlying remains of Sol-O-Man’s Jewish Temple, and further below down to the oldest remains of Jerusalem; and even further deep down into the Earth below this.

Michael explained that he was opening the heart of Jerusalem, which name means place of peace. He was exposing, cutting through and potentially cutting out all the warlike, power-mongering bitterness, hatred and us-versus-them consciousness going back millennia. He was thereby exposing and releasing all the old thoughts form that are buried in the hearts of humankind in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, and embedded into the very Earth elements themselves.

Michael further said that for those who welcome this spiritual surgery, they would experience a remarkable, uplifting two steps forward in their spiritual healing and growth, in loving God and Loving One Another. However, for those who resisted and rebelled, there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. All hell would break loose.

And if the inhabitants of the area did not apply the four-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination, the very Earth itself would shudder, shake and rattle the foundations of all the so-called holy sites that have been fought over for ages. Nada-Yolanda already had predicted this years ago.

Make All Things New

So, what are we to do now? First, we open our hearts anew to Lord Michael and his feminine, angelic co-worker, whose name is Mariel. Michael is our “surgeon of surgeons.” He will open our heart and make it new. Yes, the process may well be painful, as old, negative “stuff” comes out of our heart. But it will be a “good pain.” Which would we rather have: Old, buried pain in our heart that causes us to have heart disease and all manner of suffering; or the release and transmutation of this, such that we have a new, golden heart, that of our I Am Self?

Our heart opening also will be painful because more than ever we will feel the pain of Jerusalem, of its ages-old suffering and warring, of all the hatred and anger there. Our heart will be one with the heart of Jerusalem, so that we can transmute it and help to fill Jerusalem with truth and love.

Thus, with Michael and Mariel, we envision and support the insertion of the sword of truth into Jerusalem, and for forty miles away from the central heart of Jerusalem in all directions. We hold the fort, we see and hold the cube in place. No matter what happens, we continue seeing the will and the power of God anchoring into everyone and being expressed in and around Jerusalem.

I will share more details about all of this and several other experiences leading up to it in my next blog. However, Lord Michael wanted this key information broadcast to all of you so that you can likewise wield the sword.

Michael & Maitreya

Furthermore, in my above communion with Michael, Lord Maitreya with his twin soul Maya were with him, more so in the background. Michael and Maitreya are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchy. Maitreya is of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love; Maya is his twin soul. First Ray Will and Power shall lead eventually to Seventh Ray Peace and Love. First and Seventh Rays must be used together, with the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization serving as the key central point, the clear crystal cube that provides the connection between, and balanced operation of, the First and Seventh Rays.

Lord Michael has cut through the veil and opened the interdimensional doorway such that all the forces of light and love in the higher astral, etheric and celestial planes, as well as space visitors from Mars, now will descend into the Temple of Mars’ cubic forcefield in and around Jerusalem.

Steady, my friends here on Earth. Powerful, loving and steady as she goes. Steady we are!

Thy will be done, dear Lord. Thy will be done!


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  1. Dr. Robert, thank you for your work, this description and guidance to do likewise. I’ve also been using the sword of Truth with Love, so this confirms
    it and further explains the need of 4th ray work and the crystal clear cube over Jerusalem, Israel and the Middle East.

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