Feel It &Transmute It

Starting today, Monday, November 22, 2021, we enter our second week of cleansing our thoughts, feelings, memories and physical body in the violet flame of elimination and transmutation.

In these seven days, we will focus once again on our I Am power of elimination-renunciation-denial that externalizes via the urinary system and the colon, located at the bottom of our body temple.

Christ Jesus’ apostle Jude Thaddeus leads and inspires us, as does St. Germain, Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation.

Angelic Guardian

We also shall call upon and feel the violet presence of Lord Zadkiel, who is the Archangel of the Sixth Ray.

In part, the “Z” in Zadkiel stands for transmutation, for crossing out or crucifying the old to make way for the new; for zig-zagging from the etheric/superconscious level (the top horizontal line), across and down through the soul-subconscious aspect (the middle / line), to the physical-conscious actions (the bottom horizontal line).

As above, through the purified soul-subconscious, so below in our physical form. We birth our light body on Earth. We bloom again in glorious violet light!

Love Transmutation

Always with our elimination and transmutation, we remember to love this God-given process of turning dross to gold. We love change. We love transmutation. We love letting go and letting God heal and transmute us. Transmuting love wells up anew in our heart, which radiates it to all of our feelings.

Last week, we focused mostly on the mental aspects of transmutation. We re-learned and re-applied the basics, the core ideas, the thought-by-thought steps of transmuting our mental body.

This week, our focus is primarily on our emotional body, our feelings, including those remaining dark feelings that now come out into the light of our consciousness awareness.

What we feel, we can heal. What we feel, we can transmute in the violet flame. What we then feel is a new love of God and one another that transcends the past mortal/soul feelings going back lifetimes and eons.

Step Two in Our Dance

Last week, you made a list of six men and six women with whom you danced anew in the rumba of transmutation. You began the process of transmuting your thoughts and attitudes about each of these twelve sweethearts. You visualized each of them in the violet flame for their ongoing transmutation. You took two steps forward in transmuting your relationships with these six guys and six gals.

So, how did you do? Who are the ones that you now feel in harmony with, who now are good dance partners, who are newly transmuted friends and loved ones, who are violet roses? Who need no more of your attention?

And, who are the ones that you still feel uncertain about or uncomfortable with, with whom your transmutational exchange needs to take one step back into the still remaining darkness of your feeling nature?

So, maybe you now focus on the three men and three women that still need further transmutation with the power of elimination-renunciation and the violet flame of the Sixth Ray. Who are these six souls of the Sixth Ray?

Take sufficient time to feel this out, not so much to think about it, but to feel it in your heart, in your gut, in your sacral and regenerative centers. Mentally let go and let your true feelings show, for better or for worse. And make a new list, write down these six names in the left hand column, with your ongoing transmutation to come in the right column.

Deny the Darkness

Remember that it is one thing to think something and put your primary attention on your mental prowess. However, conscious ideas and conceptions may override and deny the underlying emotional negativity that still exists within you.

On the other hand, transmutation, like all spiritual growth, is a two steps forward, one step back, two new steps forward dance. So it is only natural and normal that now with new insights, you will be able to see and feel those lesser emotions that still need to be released and eliminated, to be flushed out of, and eliminated from, your emotional body.

The goal is to not live in denial, to deny that you have any remaining darkness, but rather to see and feel the darkness and to renounce and deny it having any remaining power over you. Out, out, damn spot, as Kut Humi/William Shakespeare so aptly wrote and spoke it with such strong feelings!

In other words, sometimes we say “yes”, especially to life; but at other times we say “no” to darkness and death. We stop exclaiming “I would rather die than deal with this darkness now in my life.” Rather, we affirm that with love, all transmutation is possible. Yes I can. Yes I will!

Three Lovely Sweethearts

This week, start with the three remaining ladies on your new list. Start with these feminine ones because your feelings are feminine, of the soul-subconscious polarity, not of the mental and physical bodies that are symbolically masculine. Whether you be a guy or gal, dance with these three lovely ladies.

So who is the lucky gal that you first ask, “May I have this dance and trip the violet light fantastic with you!?” And off you go, hand-in-hand onto the dance floor as the band plays not rumba music but rather tango music.

In the past, you tangoed with this lovely soul and hopefully you tangoed rightly and well. But, perhaps instead, you allowed yourself to get tangled up in your negative feelings about her and entangled in her negative feelings; you were not all that good in doing the tango (which originated in Buenos Aires —  which means good air — in Argentina that is in the southern most tip of South America, which symbolically represents the sacral chakra of the Americas, hence transmutation).

So, here’s your chance to dance anew, to rightly tango with one another, to transmute your heart, to flush out the remaining dark entanglements in your emotional body. And from the tango you move right into doing the two-step forward rumba.

Don’t you just love it!? Thank You, God.

Be Inspired

And then, do your new dance, that of grace, joy and harmony, with each of the other two sweethearts that are on your list. Be like Mikhail Baryshnikov and his sweetheart of a lady (good luck!). But do it your own sweet way and in your own sweet time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duVyiGEy2p8

(Sorry, ladies, but I could not find a good video of two ladies dancing together, but of course you gals know how to dance with one another, as mother and daughter, as friends, as grandmothers and mothers and grandchildren, etc. So, put on your violet dress, blouse, scarf and/or shoes, and get out on the dance floor with one another. )

Two Guys Dancing

Then, as you are so guided from within by your divine dance instructors, do the tango, rumba and/or any other kind of dance with the three men on your list.

Of course, ladies dance with their male counterparts. But, yes, men also dance with one another. Just check out the following YouTube video of Mikhail Baryshnikov dancing with Gregory Hines, two dance masters, doing their incredible dance together, side by side in glorious harmony, a white Russian and a black African-American, dancing as one (imagine that). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImzkWZkaIIM

Well, guys, if ballroom dancing is not your thing, then how about you dance like Zorba and his male partner in this following video, which celebrates loving friendship of one another, man to man, arms and hands on one another’s shoulders, feeling the cosmic music, dancing the delightful divine dance of life; as Zorba said, “I never loved a man more than you”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AzpHvLWFUM

Violet Tower of Transmuting Power

Now that you have started your dancing and got your blood moving, turn on a dime and switch gears: Work once again with imaging yourself in a Christ citadel, a tower or column of First Ray faith, will and power. See this Christ column around you, extending about six feet from you in all directions, such that its diameter is about 12 feet. You are protected in the center of this I Am column of protective light, empowered anew to dance in your light body.

See the top part of the tube or column around your head as radiating the royal blue light of faith, for your crown chakra-cerebrum is your faith center, your central computer via which you perceive and believe in your I Am Self and light body; via which you ascend into heaven.

See sky-blue light comprising the middle part of your Christ cylinder, encasing you chest wherein are your lungs (will) and your heart, liver and spleen (love). Thy will be done! I Am love in action!

From the solar plexus/abdomen down to your sacral chakra (elimination via the colon and urinary system) and regenerative center (your reproductive organs), the color is aqua, that of I Am power. Spiritual, fourth-dimensional power also flows down into and around and through your arms and hands, your legs and feet, as they are physical instruments of power via which you move, dance and trip the light fantastic.

Below to Above to Below

Securely ensconced within your Christ column, see it continuing upward, up to the sky, up to and through the astral planes, up and into the etheric or ascended-master planes, as well as into the celestial realm. Rise up the column all the way to the Christed, heavenly spheres, where you might enter into an etheric spacecraft.

Commune with St. Germain, Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation. You may think of him in his functioning as Dr. Hannibal, who is the commander of etheric forces and spacecraft in the Western hemisphere, or perhaps of some of his cohorts in other space craft that are coordinated with, and under the guidance of, Dr. Hannibal’s city-sized mothership #1235.

Link, too, with Jude Thaddeus, who portrayed the I Am power of elimination-renunciation-denial, whom you see surrounded in violet light.

Then, commune with Lord Zadkiel, Archangel of the Sixth Ray, and with the masculine and feminine Sixth-Ray angels who work under his direction to transmute individuals, groups and the whole planet.

Then, come on down. Surrounded and imbued with violet light, bring it down with you, inside your Christ citadel or tower as you redescend to Earth. This downward flow may appear to be in a straight line, but it really is more like a downward spiral, somewhat symbolized by the letter “Z” in Zadkiel.

So come down slowly, one stage and spiral step at a time, down through the astral planes wherein your are protected by your higher astral plane guides and mentors; and then into your physical form.

You are now surrounded, encased in and transmuted by a vivid violet flame of cosmic light. Now you are ready to transmute yourself and others, starting with the three ladies on your list this week.

Dispel the Darkness

As the violet light comes down into your crown chakra, third-eye chakra and your spinal column of light into each of the lower spiritual centers — throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and regenerative chakras — see how it feels in each of your seven spiritual centers. Does the violet light flow easily into and through each of them? Does it immediately illuminate them in violet hues? Or do you sense and feel some hindrance, some remaining blockage, some stickiness and darkness in one or more of these seven psychic centers or chakras in your astral-soul body?

Be particularly aware of how the violet energy looks, feels and moves in your sacral chakra (via which the power of elimination externalizes as the colon and urinary system that includes the two kidneys and bladder) and in your regenerative chakra (in and through which your I Am power of regeneration and rebirth expresses as the male or female reproductive organs).

It may be that you see some remaining darkness, some dark gunk, even some black spots or gobs of negative, selfish energy in these two centers, at the base or bottom of your body, at the lower part of your Christ column. If so, what is this?

Maybe you do not see it so much as you feel it. Maybe instead of seeing or feeling it, some old, previous suppressed negative feelings pop into your conscious awareness in regard to one or more of the three ladies that are on your list.

Transmute your Soul Sludge

Liken this unto a 60-gallon barrel of oil. If such oil is not used, then after time, the sediment in it starts to fall to the bottom of the barrel, creating a black sludge. The same thing happens with a can of paint. So, in like manner, there may still be some remaining dark soul gunk that has descended into and accumulated in your sacral and regenerate centers, which until now you have not cleansed, transmuted and eliminated.

And this soul darkness probably goes back a very long time, whether you remember its origin or not. But, this is what needs additional transmutation via the violet flame that reveals the dark stuff and transmutes it; dispels and disperses and releases it, just like when physically you urinate and/or defecate. You are at the bottom of the barrel of your soul, back to the time when your current darkness originated; and that is a good thing.

Burn Away the Dark Dross

So, settle in, settle down, and let your I Am Self, spiritual teachers, guardian angel and body deva show you how to let go; to let anything less than Godly feelings be dissolved, dispersed and released.

Ask and receive: Dear Lord, please show me the Way to transmute my past so that I may live rightly in the present, with an eye to the future.

And then follow the instructions that you intuitively receive in your current visualization, in later dreams, when you are telling your story to a friend or listening to him or her share his story, when you are out for a walk or reading inspiring spiritual literature. Be filled to the brim with violet light that transmutes you.

See the violet light in your elimination center, your sacral chakra, in your organs of elimination. Perhaps after  you clear out the black gunk, you see a violet-colored lotus floating above the waters of cleansing, shining with violet light in and through what once was darkness.

Thank you Father-Mother God and all agents of God who helped me to flower anew!

Two Columns as One

Now that you have worked primarily on yourself, even while connecting emotionally and thinking about one or more of the three women and/or three men on your list, move to step two. In it, place one of these six souls about six or more feet in front of you (you may want to start with one lady).

See her or him surrounded in a Christ column of the shades of First Ray light, just as you previously envisioned and practiced yourself. The column is about 12 feet wide and extends upward from the crown chakra-cerebrum, up through the astral planes, into the etheric and celestial realms.

Then, envision violet light slowly coming down the column and filling each of this soul’s chakras, from the crown center on down, until it reaches the lowest sexual point, that of the regenerative center and reproductive organs.

Just seeing this violet column of Christ light starts the healing and transmuting process to a new and higher degree of purity and love. You are seeing through the gunk into the good in this soul; the inherent spiritual Self in her or him; the innate, God-given power of transmutation-elimination within her or him. You are holding this image for this person until she or he can see it within herself or himself.

Now, let the front, outside edge of your Christ column connect to, intermesh with, the front of the Christ column surrounding this soul. In other words, you two are not apart, not separated, not enemies, not two who disagree with one another, not two who refuse to change or dance, to let go of the past soul garbage. Rather, your two are one in one violet flame, separate but yet together, two but yet one. To use the dance analogy, you are no longer doing the tango/tangle but rather you are wondrously rumbaing with one another.

Since you first worked on yourself, now you can transfer and transmit violet light to this soul before you. You are careful, however, not to step over the boundary and enter into that person’s Christ column. Yes, you are one, but you resist any temptation to try to lord it over this child of Go with whom you are bonded, however subtle that desire may be for you to control this soul.

Moreover, do not tangle with this person. Do not take his or her gunk into your own column and auric field. Rather, see this soul’s darkness being transmuted, cleansed and purified in the violet flame. See the dark residue of past memories and feelings being renounced, removed, denied any more power, and released once and for all.

Two as One

Especially be connected heart-to-heart, such that you both love transmutation, the chance to change from the old to the new, the opportunity to cross out or crucify the past such that you can resurrect your light bodies as fellow friends. For the only real place to divinely dance is in your combined light forms. This is how you regenerate (note the red, regenerative gems in the image below) and rebirth your light body on Earth. For this have we all come!

After ten minutes or so of doing this visualization, you will know that your are finished with your light-body exchange for this session. The violet color will fade and disappear, or maybe it becomes white light. Or it may turn to shades of gold, which represents the golden light body, one’s golden heart, the seventh step or ray of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

Detach from your connection to your sweetie, let him or her go to God. Re-surround yourself in golden light, that is a mantle of protection. Note that your emotional body and love nature, as depicted in the image below, has flowered anew (hence to the left or subconscious side of the golden heart depicted below); and that now the background is light grey, not black, and filled with white light. You are home in your heart of hearts, your sacred golden heart wherein you Love God and Love One Another.

Go Global

As a possible weekly plan, you may work with one person per day for six days. Or for that matter, you may focus primarily on only one person for the whole week, on that soul who has been the biggest thorn in your flesh, especially in your heart. Go with the flow, take it one day, one person, one meditation, one visualization, one affirmation and/or decree at a time.

Especially by the end of the week, on day seven, you may be guided to radiate the transmuting flame to people in every country around the world, particularly to all of the 144,000 elect who have chosen to be violet flames of transmutation.

With the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, people in all places around the planet feel stressed out, about to flame out; discouraged and depressed, often unwilling to do what it takes to heal and transmute this pandemic of selfishness that continues to curse our beloved home.

See the globe surrounded in violet light. Join with celestial guardians, etheric ascend masters, space visitors from the sun and all 12 planets, and with higher astral plane guides including Serena-Aleta and Amerindian grandfathers and grandmothers, or other Native guides in in the surrounding astral planes above your country (like the Maori in New Zealand).

Together as one, radiate violet light to planet Earth. Following violet transmutation, in time the entire globe will become the primary Seventh Ray, golden center for this solar system, after the redescent of Sananda-Jesus, Sol-O-Man/Mary, the 12 apostles and so many more to usher in the New or Golden Age.

 💜💜 💜  So we see it. So shall it be. Thank You. Amen.   💜💜💜




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