Christmas Cycle Begins

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a month ahead of time! Here’s to the birth of the Christ in one and all during this Christmas cycle, which consists of the second highest influx of yearly spiritual energies into the planet worldwide, with only the Easter energies being more powerful.

Friends, fellow light workers, in my (Dr. Robert) early morning meditation on November 26, 2021, I felt pressure, tightness and discomfort in my neck and shoulders. Searching out the cause of this, a globe or ball of golden light appeared in my third-eye vision. This golden globe extended from about my belly button up to a couple feet above my head. and encased the whole upper half of my body. Its center was at my throat chakra, my will and power center.

My resistance to, and difficulty holding and transferring this transfiguration of the golden globe, was the cause of my neck and shoulder tightness.

Ship #10

Rising and expanding into the loving, powerful presence of this golden sphere, I thought of it as being like the sun, which correlates with the son of God within each one of us. The gold color was that of my golden light body and the gold of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

From within the protective sphere, I was drawn upward by the agents of Spirit, and ascended through the astral planes to the etheric, ascended mastership and celestial planes.

I ended up in Sananda’s spaceship #10, his etheric headquarters that is in the shape of an equilateral cross and is the size of a city. It houses over a thousand ascended masters and space visitors from throughout the solar system and beyond.

In Christian terminology, it is called the Star of Bethlehem, for it was this star-spacecraft that guided the wise men to Bethlehem to worship the newborn Christ child, our Prince of Peace and primary planetary wayshower.

Sananda Announces Start of Christmas Cycle

In ship #10, which is piloted by a Jupiterian named Ashtar Gabriel, I came into communion with Sananda-Jesus. He explained that he had called me to his Hierarchal headquarters to officially announce the start of the Christmas cycle, with its increased and strong etheric energy influx throughout the world. This would lead to a new rebirth of Christ awareness and Christ consciousness around the world.

He directed me to share this announcement as soon as possible, to alert light workers that it had begun so that they could work with and understand it.

He was contacting and choosing me as his stand-in or spokesman because like him I am a Seventh Ray worker. Moreover, as Soliel, I am like his and Sol-O-Man/Mary’s son. Sol-O-Man was with him aboard ship #10 — see her space picture below and to the right.

(The previous day, Phillel already had felt the strong influx of the higher energies.)

The central focus of the golden globe that had been placed around me was at my throat chakra, like the meeting place of an equilateral cross, thus representing ship #10; for the speaking of the word to bring Sananda’s announcement to all who read these blogs, and via thought transference to one and all on Earth and in its surrounding astral planes.

This Christmas energy influx will last until, and climax on or about, Epiphany, which is January 6, 2022. This day celebrates and denotes the time when the three Wise Men came to worship baby Jesus, the Messiah. Christ Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary represent the Christ Self in each man, woman and child on Earth. Each of us are to have an epiphany, a new, spiritual rebirth.

This Christmas cycle is the second most powerful such higher energy cycle, with only the Easter energies being more so. Because Christians worldwide, who make up about 31% of the planet’s population, are focused on Christmas during this cycle, the Hierarchy broadcasts higher, spiritual, etheric energies to them; and from them to the rest of people in other places and religions.

Moreover, nearly all cultures and countries in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the winter solstice that this year occurs on December 21st and astronomically begins the start of a new year; and Christians throughout the Southern Hemisphere observe Christmas on December 25th.

Golden River of Liquid-Light

First, before writing this blog, I asked Spirit for confirmation of this magnificent communion with Sananda. In my afternoon meditation/nap/rest period, I “went out” or lost conscious awareness. When I was awakening and returning, a vivid image appeared before me of a golden stream or river of liquid-light that was gushing and pouring down a tall mountainside. Large boulders were in the streambed, but the volume and power of the golden liquid-light was so great that it simply flowed over and around the boulders. In fact, I could not even see the boulders, but I could see how the water flowed over them. Never before had Spirit given me such an vision of Spirit pouring Itself out upon all flesh, which would  thoroughly transform the mortal rocks, blockages and shortcomings in mankind’s soul!

The gold color was that of the Seventh Ray and our light body. This golden light was emanating especially from ship #10, from Sananda as our golden spiritual father, whose directives have gone out to all other spacecraft all around the planet to likewise pour forth golden, fourth-dimensional light, to bathe the whole planet in the vibrations of peace and love, cooperation and coordination.

A mountain is the tallest structure on Earth. It represents the seven-step climb or ascension of the symbolic mountain into I Am consciousness, then the redescent of our golden, I Am light body to the lower elevations and levels of consciousness on Earth. As above, so below.

The mountain in my dream was not specifically identified, but it could represent any of the tall mountain peaks on all the seven continents except Antarctica.

Thus, it could be Mt. Everest in Tibet/India (the highest mountain on Earth — see picture to right); Mt. Taishan that is the most sacred of five sacred mountains in China; Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa; Mt. Denali in Alaska; Mt. Shasta in California; Mt. Orizaba in Mexico; the Matterhorn in Switzerland; Mt. Aconcagua In Argentina, South America;  Pine Mountain in Tennessee; and/or many others.

New Covid Variant in Africa

When I spoke about the above two visions with Phillel at 3 PM on November 26th, he shared that on TV he just had learned about the outbreak of a new Covid virus in South Africa, called the Omicron variant. Initial studies show that it is more easily transmitted and harder to treat than even the current Delta variant. As a result, countries around the world, including the USA, have banned travel to and from South Africa and six other surrounding African countries. South Africa has the lowest percentage of vaccinated citizens of any country in the world, with only 35% of its population being vaccinated.

Thus, it appears, and medical authorities worldwide fear, that the Covid pandemic is not about to stop, for the virus mutates and forms different strains, which may or may not be prevented by the present or even future vaccines.

Spiritually, the treatment for this pandemic is to demonstrate and broadcast the mantrum Love God & Love One Another. For love heals all hurts, all harms, all mental and emotional and soul-astral and physical diseases. Love enhances our own God-given immune system.

Yes, it is wise and good to be vaccinated, to use the best of all conventional and non-conventional methods to heal our bodies; to be rightly holistic. But in the final analysis, love is our most powerful treatment of the selfishness that is the core cause of the viral epidemic, as well as of heart and other diseases like cancer.

Three Dream Prophecies

Already,  Spirit had instructed me to focus on healing Africa in my next, upcoming blog about transmuting our soul. Moreover, in a series of my three dreams eleven years ago in 2009 to 2010, the setting was Africa. These dreams are as fitting and accurate as they were eleven years ago, only at a new and higher octave

In the first one on September 11, 2009, I was in a bomb shelter located on the Serengeti Plains below Mt. Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania (see picture to right). It cost $300,000 to enter and stay in this protective chamber. 11 is the number for El Morya of the First Ray of Will and Power. $300,000 refers to the large cost we have to pay in order to transmute and heal mankind’s original descent into matter, due to our misuse of the Third Ray of Personal Love; thus, our selfishness.

Therefore, during our ongoing transmutation and that of the planet, we are to surround ourselves with First Ray faith, will and power as we work with the current influx of spiritual energies, which will kick off much negativity in the world (hence being secure and safe inside the bomb shelter). Particularly, during the Christmas and Easter cycles, such higher energy influx may lead to various psychological and physical symptoms in our physical body as we adjust to and employ its higher power.

Hence, in my first, recent vision as given above, I had neck and shoulder discomfort. Also, we may have headaches, cloudy thinking, low-back pain, joint discomfort, digestive upsets, anxiety, and sudden swings in our emotions as the higher energies pour in and through our four lower bodies, and out to the world. Steady as she goes. We always must be mindful of being protected in the light and power of love divine!

See a Green Africa

In the second past dream that took place six months later on March 21, 2010,  I was taken in my light body to, and looked down upon, all of Africa which has been called the dark continent, but which we are to see as being a green, vital, healed and harmonious place.

In Africa in this dream, there was some major upset or disturbance, with a great black glob or storm over all of it. This darkness seemed concentrated mostly in central Africa, along the equator, like in the Congo where multiple atrocities were occurring as warlords fought one another for control, and millions were slaughtered over a number of years. But, it also extended down and all the way to South Africa, the southernmost tip of the continent, where apartheid was once the law of the land.

The lower part of my right lung and right side of my lower body was painful, like someone had stabbed or hit me there. I worked to heal and disperse this darkness, within and without. Then I awoke.

This dream was uncanny in prophesying the present condition in central and south Africa, with the new outbreak of the Omicron variant of the Covid virus. It shows that this outbreak may or will effect us, whose vibration energies may reverberate and resonate in our own body, which then we are to heal with the light and love of our light body. We likewise are healed by radiating light and love to all of Africa and elsewhere. So be it.

White Mountain of Light

In my third dream, a month later, on April 1, 2010,Spirit took me in my light body to eastern, central Africa, atop Mt. Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania, where I communed with several light beings. They were directing the pouring out of white light upon on Mt. Kilimanjaro that locals call White Mountain, which they consider to be sacred, analogous to God living atop Mt. Sinai where Sananda-Moses communed with Him-Her.

This white liquid-light flowed down Mt. Kilimanjaro like a river whose current was stopped at times by large boulders; but the white waters were of such great volume and power that they eventually flowed over and around these rocks (mankind’s mortal resistance) all the way down the mountain to all the surrounding area and throughout Africa. (Mt. Kilimanjaro is the location of one of the 13 spiritual, global temples or power centers that we will visit and project to in 2022; I have had a new series of dreams and meditations a few months ago about the reopening of this higher energy vortex.)

Herein was depicted the outpouring of spiritual energies during the Easter cycle of 2010 in Africa. Herein was the antidote to Africa’s darkness. Herein this continent is the transmutation and healing of the major soul scar tissue of mankind’s ugly, 26 million year descent into slavery, which is to be healed in these Latter Days, not only in Africa but worldwide. Everyone, all of mankind is enslaved to one degree or another to third-dimensional, mortal consciousness

See and Be

Friends, fellow light workers, visualize yourself in a golden globe of etheric love-light, which is about 5 feet in diameter, and extends from your abdomen to a couple feet above your head, with its center, like that of an equilateral cross, in your throat chakra. Rest in the peace and love of this golden, light-body energy and consciousness. Be the son or daughter of God that you are, empowered to heal yourself and all of humanity.

Rise up in consciousness, go up a Christ column of protective light, a tower of spiritual power, into and through the astral planes, until you ascend into the etheric and celestial realms, just as you have practiced for two weeks.

See yourself entering into Sananda’s ship #10, which as far as we know is now encircling the planet at the equator. See and feel him right before you, welcoming you to his heart. Ask him and Sol-O-Man, his twin soul on the Seventh Ray, to guide and work with you; along with his fellow ascended masters and your guardian angel to demonstrate and project the four-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination to Africa and all other parts of the globe.

Radiate Seventh Ray gold and white light to Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia/Oceania.

See one and all on and about our beloved planet being suffused with golden light in which they are born again as the spiritual beings and bright-shining stars that they are and always have been since the beginning of time.

See the whole earth bathed in golden light such that it becomes a golden globe, a Seventh Ray center for the whole solar system. See it being the planet that radiates Love God and Love One Another throughout the cosmos.

As we see it, so shall it be!

Steady as she goes, my beloved friends, steady as she goes. Keep reminding yourself that all is in divine order/ that all is well! And so it is.

# # # # # #

For the next two weeks, we will continue to focus on our I Am power of transmutation, even as we radiate golden light to the planet. Sixth Ray violet cleansing and transmutation lead automatically to Seventh Ray gold-and-white peace and love. And then we will begin our worldwide, yearlong 13 temple focus starting on December 21, 2021, beginning with the Sun and the Sun Temple. We will let our sun-son-light shine!!

So, keep with it, keep at it, keep on keeping on. Keep being love in action!