Soar in your Soul

Dear ones, fellow sons-suns and daughters of the Divine, today, November 29, 2021, we enter our third week of focusing on our I Am power of elimination-renunciation-denial. With this week’s healing and soothing of our soul, we are going to fly high, to soar in our soul, to come home to heaven on Earth!

As you well know by now, this power and ray of cleansing, transmutation and elimination externalizes via the urinary system (two kidneys, two ureters, bladder and urethra) and the colon or large intestine (ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid colons; appendix and anus. Via these two major systems, we remove watery and solid wastes, respectively, from our body temple. We let go and let the remaining darkness and no longer needed “soul stuff” flow right right out of us. We leave it behind and we fly high in our I Am light body, on the wings of the eagle that we are. Thank You, Spirit.

Love Elimination

So, once again, we affirm and feel in the deepest depths of our soul: I love elimination, I love transmutation, I am so happy to let go of the  remaining residue of my mortal, Cain consciousness and to become the immortal Abel that I Am, one with Sananda-Abel-Jesus.

We become a temple of the living God. We are filled with love to overflowing, so we share it with all others, all kingdoms, the entire planet, and all our teachers and guardians in the invisible realms of life. Love transmutes all life, here and elsewhere. Our love is born again and again!

Transmute the Two

In week one of our transmutation, we focused our violet flame on 12 sweet souls, 6 males and 6 females — but of course we could not fully transmute all 12 of these sweethearts in seven short days, although we did transmute much of our mental attitudes and ideas that were not in divine order. So, in the following, second week, we paired down the 12 to 6 souls, 3 guys and 3 gals; and we concentrated more so on transmuting our emotional body and theirs, too.

Now, in this third week, we zero in on the final 2 of the 12 who are left, who still are a thorn in our heart or other parts of our anatomy, whom we still allow to bug us, whom we still have not let go to God and found a new, higher, better way to love them, to be their friend. Of course, these 2 are 1 man and 1 woman, although I suppose it could be 2 of the same gender. Spirit will show you the way.

The question is: How do we once again become love birds with each of these two? How do we fly high with them, above the hurts and unhappiness of the past?

How do we rightly love each of them without ruffling his or her feathers, or allowing either of them to ruffle ours? How do we sit still and know that love is our true nature, the love of God and love of one another, which lifts us into the heavens, where we soar and dance together in the sunlight of a new day, not the darkness of past dark nights? How do we lay down our lives for these two friends, who until now may still seem at times to be our enemies?

My Two Remaining Tempters

You might be able to guess who my remaining feminine “bird” is. That’s right: It is MariLyn, my ex-wife. In weeks, months and years past, since she returned to Minnesota, I gradually, slowly, determinedly pulled back, let her go, forgave her and asked her to forgive me, and got on with my life. Of course, I thought by now that I had arrived at my hopeful destination of rightly loving her from the distance, that I was rightly detached and saw things from an I Am Self level.

Well, guess what? A couple days or so ago it dawned on me that I still had some residual annoyance, anger and self-righteousness in my mind and soul, some residual fear in my “a-fibbing” heart. As in, If only she would see the light and come back to me!? The separation was mostly her fault. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

What really struck me, however, was that although I rightly had cleansed and transmuted the past, still I had not started a new dance, a new loving exchange with her as my friend! I simply found it hard to sit still and seriously, with my whole heart, say: I Am your friend; what can I do to help you, to lay down my life for you? And mean it!

I hid behind my alleged detachment and emotional distancing. To use Jesus’ analogy, I had cleansed my soul house or temple, but I had not yet put new furniture, new love, new joyful honoring of MariLyn in my consciousness, regardless of what she now did.

Remove and Replace

So it is not enough for us to cleanse our soul, to release the past, to bid it adieu. That is only half of the equation for total soul healing. Next, we are to give equal attention and energy to building in new ideas, new feelings, new soul programs to replace and rise above the old, negative, past patterns and memories. If not, something worse will come and enter into our temple — our dead ghost will rise again out its grave, and haunt us, more than ever it seems.

So now, I have chosen to take another step forward in the healing of my heart, because I now am determined to love her again in a new way, from the distance, as a friend, no matter what she does or how she responds.

Also, I found another key: I wrote last week that MariLyn’s leaving me and Mark-Age HQ here in Tennessee broke my heart. Well, that was not entirely true. It was still a bit of a “fib,” a little white lie that has kept my heart a-fibbing. For, if If I had had sufficient love for her and faith that God was in control and would bring a new “bird” into my life, my heart would not have been broken but actual lifted into a new and higher state of love expression.

Good bye, A-fib. Hello, healthy heart! Goodbye victim consciousness, giving away my power to anyone, bemoaning my fate, feeling lost and wallowing in the past, blaming others, and not preparing for a new and glorious future when I will soar again with a new aviator, one with golden feathers. When as two golden eagles (see picture to right), we shall soar high above earthly temptations and torments into the heavenly planes of tender love divine.

Fly Again

Looking back, however, I also realized that maybe I wisely had held back until now about beginning anew. Why? Because I intuitively and repeatedly sensed that MariLyn was not yet open to receiving my I Am love notes. She likewise had to come to a new level before it was the right time for us to soar anew together in our purified souls. If I had tried to send her too much new love, too soon, it thus may have backfired. For if she is not ready to heal and to feel the new, I Am me as her friend, then she would not only not receive or feel my love, but would react against it, and misinterpret it. I would not be helping her but rather making things worse.

Here again is the balance of the power of love with that of wisdom-judgment-justice. If we try to be all love, all the time, in all our expressions, without also being as wise as a serpent in intuitively knowing the right time and way to love, then we compound the problem. At times, it is wise to pull back, to rest in the peace of our I Am Self, to wait on Spirit to prompt our new beginning. Then we can and do love rightly and wisely. This rightful rhythm and beating of our pink heart heals us and our beloved, all in God’s good time and divine order. Thy will be done. So be it.

Receive a New Image

Here’s the new I Am image given to me by Spirit: MariLyn and I are two white doves soaring high in the light of the sun, of a new day, of a new way of being love in action, if only from the distance in our prayers and projections. MariLyn, I Am your friend! Now and forever. Amen.

Currently, in my daily prayers and projections, I am speaking the word and whispering sweet “everythings” in her clairaudient ears; and someday soon she will hear me and know that I have only love in my heart for her! Then, as the sweet heart that she already  truly is, she will decide to fly high again with me, sometime, some place, in some new way. I know it. I feel it. It is. It shall be!

Once more, we will be two birds of a feather who flock together to heal humanity, two peaceful doves who demonstrate that love heals and conquers all. Amen and amen.

Thank you Sananda and Sol-O-Man, you two glorious love birds, who fly so high that you seem to reach the sun. Thank you Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Thank you, Nada and El Morya. Thank you Lanto and Anna, MariLyn’s master teacher and my dear etheric friend. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love Your Brother

Here’s some of the story, just the bare basics without a lot of personal details, of my new ongoing love flights with my brother, to supplant our past fights. He is my second sweetie that I am focusing on this week.

As shared previously, for nine months, from October 2020 to June 2021, he and I learned how to soar again, to rise above our mortal brotherhood in this life to our immortal bonding as eternal fellow sons of God. He was born again. And I laid down my life for him as my friend.

Still, there were some leftover vestiges of the past times when like so many brothers, going back to Cain and Abel in the allegorical tale of the first two brothers, we had competed, fought with one another, tried to impose our own ideas on the other, and all that silly, short sighted, mortal, competitive, big-brother-little-brother stuff.

Soul Recall

Even before my brother had started to have his spiritual awakening, I had been so disturbed by his underlying, negative attitude about me that I had asked Spirit to show me the deeper, past-life cause of our current entanglement. On June 22, 2020, I dreamt that he and I were back in ancient Africa, on the open, vast east-central plains of the continent, in a setting much like that of the Serengeti Plains of modern times.

Looking around, I saw two tall obelisks on which were carved what looked somewhat like the space language letters that Nada-Yolanda had channeled on September 5, 1958. They looked like ancient hieroglyphics that preceded even ancient Egypt (see picture of Yolanda’s space writings below). Then, my brother talked about and showed me what the problem had been back in the ancient days of what may have been Atlantis or Lemuria. However far back it went, the main point is that it was ancient. We both had contributed to the problem back then, and we had carried it over until now.

My current challenge was to see and treat him as my loving brother, as my friend, regardless of what he did or said. I have no control over anyone, especially not my older brother; I cannot make anyone else change, but I can change myself and my attitude. That is the key: I, when I am lifted up and soar in brotherly love, will lift all my earthly brothers into the light of the sun, into being the glorious sons-suns that they are.

Ask the Question

So, no matter what the karma is, nor matter how far back it goes, no matter how much we recall and remember of the past going back eons of time, the question we are to ask ourselves is: Am I truly and fully committed to being a friend of my brother or sister, anyone in my personal family or the family of man? Can I say to my brother, I Am your friend; not only say it but act upon it? For only in loving friendship can we successfully past through all the ongoing trials, torments and temptations of less than brotherly love, until we triumph over our past descent into mortal darkness.

Note that my dream setting is in ancient Africa. In modern times, evolutionary scientists hypothesize that man first evolved in the Rift Valley of eastern Africa, rising from being an ape to becoming a human. In fact, our current physical bodies have about 97% of the same DNA as that of gorillas. So, obviously, we somehow re-evolved from out of gorilla, apelike, animal, third-dimensional consciousness and expression.

What is missing, however, in modern evolutionary theories is the understanding that we are eternal beings, that we are created in the image and likewise of our Father-Mother God, that we originally came to Earth in our fourth dimensional light bodies but then devolved into physical, third dimensional, animal bodies; due to our selfishness and self-power as misapplications of the Third Ray of Personal Love and Feeling. From there we are climbing out of the pit of this physical dimension back into our light bodies.

Thus, in terms of my dream, it is set in ancient Africa to symbolize this ancient history, this fall into matter due to competition, fighting, jealousy, control over animals and one another, and the like. And like with my brother and me, we now are transmuting and healing those past scars, those ancient soul memories, and moving once again to having love for one another and for rightly loving all animals, vegetables and minerals of this physical world; of rightly and spiritually serving and governing all creations of this physical, earthly dimension.

In so doing, we have the abiding help of our space brothers and sisters, who have come from throughout the solar system and beyond to lay down their lives for us, to assist us in our re-evolutionary climb back up the mountain, like unto Mt. Kilimanjaro that is located next to the Serengeti Plains, so that we once again can live the mantrum Love God and Love One Another.

Zolanda the Spacewoman

Nada-Yolanda’s channeled space letters and language, as mentioned above, were given to her by a space woman named Zolanda. Not until 1962 did Yolanda receive that Zolanda was an expression or embodiment of Sol-O-Man, Sananda’s twin soul. Sol-O-Man also had incarnated on Venus and Mars (see MAPP to Aquarius, pages 34-35). In the days of Atlantis, Zolanda was the high priestess of the Earth Temple that was located on present-day central Long Island, New York; I served under her there.

Sol-O-Man’s other lifetimes include those as King Solomon of Old Testament, Biblical days; Yasodhara, Gautama the Buddha’s wife in India; and her best known incarnation as Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Sol-O-Man represents the soul of man. “Sol” also refers to the sun — she shines like the sun on all souls on Earth and in its astral planes. She is a feminine master of lovingly healing the whole soul such that it once again shines with the light of the sun-son. She is my beloved master teacher.

Beginning Anew

At the end of the nine months of my brothers rebirth, I shared the above dream recall of our ancient life together. This was to clear the air and set a new foundation.

Now that the soul dust has settled, so to speak, as prompted from within by Sol-O-Man, I begin to say to my brother in modern English (that goes all the way back to space language throughout the solar system): I Am your eternal friend! How can I help you in your soul healing? As Spirit guides me, I will and am finding new ways to be tender and/or tough love in action with you. I do not expect anything in return, for brotherly love is its own reward. So be it.

Once again, as with MariLyn, I am doing my best to be not only loving, but also wise and just, to rightly judge the right time and way to radiate my new healing powers and prayers to my brother. At the moment, I am still mostly in a rest cycle, awaiting the right time to move forward again. However, my intuitive sense is that some new birth of our brotherhood is about to occur in this current Christmas energy influx cycle. There is to be a new Christ birth, in me and in him. Only time will tell when and how this will take place.

But, right now, I thank Spirit for this wise, loving, new step in the weeks to come! Let me be as one the Three Wise Men (according to Nada-Yolanda’s intunements, El Morya, Kut Humi and Djwhal Khul in their light bodies) who ethereally visited and honored baby Christ Jesus — let me honor and see and help to birth the Christ in my brother and in all brothers and sisters on Earth. So be it!

Transmute and Love

Friends, you who are fellow spacemen and women now incarnated on Earth, spend this week transmuting your relationship with the final two of your sweeties. As you have in the past two weeks, first place yourself within a protective Christ citadel or tower of First Ray power that reaches up through the astral planes to the etheric planes, where you commune with St. Germain (who was Matthias), Chohan of the Sixth Ray; and with Jude Thaddeus, the apostle who portrayed the power of elimination; and with Lord Zadkiel, Archangel of the Six Ray.

Link also with space visitors from Saturn, which is the primary Sixth Ray center for the whole solar system. Be imbued with new violet light that you bring down with you when you redescend to Earth.

As you are guided, see each of your two sweethearts in the violet flame of transmutation, in his or her Christ column of violet light that cleanses and purifies his or her soul. Intuitively sense or receive new I Am images of how you are to do this, and in what new way. Be sure that this is the right time to do so, that you are wise and cautious in the new methods that you employ to transmute yourself and these two beloved souls.

In time, as the violet-light energy, imagery and feeling fades, move into the golden light of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, under Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Nada and Lord Uriel. See a stream of golden liquid-light pouring down from above and into your sweeties’ hearts, minds and souls. As you see it and feel it and intuitively know it, so it is. And write down what you experience in your spiritual journal.

Dance the Jerusalema

Now we switch gears and go global. As part of our soul healing this week, we will focus on Africa, so many of whose inhabitants are beset by poverty, disease, starvation, tribal wars, modern forms of slavery and the after effects of the past colonization by Europeans. When it comes to the world’s overall population, native, black Africans thus are the “least of these.” And did not Jesus proclaim: “As you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.” So our deepest prayers and strongest love also goes out this week to all Africans.

To get us in the mood for this week of African soul healing, we are going to dance the Jerusalema. This song and dance originated in South Africa in late 2019. The catchy rhythm and beat of the song was written by Master KG, a South African composer, record producer and DJ (see photo to the left).

He then asked his friend Nomcebo Zikode (see photo below) to write the lyrics. He and she felt that the music needed spiritually-based words. So, they put their heads together and came up with a song about going home to Jerusalem, back to a place of peace and love (which metaphysically is what “Jerusalem” means), really to the New Jerusalem; for the  present Jerusalem remains divided and rocked with violence between the neighboring Israelis and Palestinians. The lyrics are in the Zulu language, hence the word “Jerusalem” becomes “Jerusalema.”

This song quickly became popular in South Africa and neighboring countries and then spread throughout Africa and to the whole world. This was the time of the start of the covid-19 pandemic, and the song was all about celebrating peace-and-love-Jerusalem consciousness that will heal this planetary disaster. Several months after the song’s official release, a group of Africans in Angola came up with a dance to accompany the song.

Now, there are at least fifty versions of this song and dance on YouTube, from countries all around the planet. I have listened to many of these, several of them scores of times; and started dancing myself. (And I thank my beloved friend and sister in the light for the last fifty years, Narathusa-Corinne of British Columbia, Canada, for first sending me a song-video of the Jerusalema.)

Get the World Dancing

Following are six versions of the Jerusalema that has literally got the world dancing. You may just want to watch the first one and the second one for now, or you might be moved to watch them all. Enjoy!

The first one is that of black Rhodesians dancing to Jerusalema in a wildlife sanctuary, which shows the loving interactions of black and white African humans (men and women) and the African animals, including elephants, giraffes and gazelles, which is quite moving and uplifting — it is sure to get your foot tapping and to bring a smile to your face. (Rhodesia is located just to the north of South Africa). So, start with this video (then in the next one, the English lyrics are superimposed over the images, so you can understand what the song is saying).

The second video features Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode, the professional singer/songwriter, who composed the song. It is the one with the English lyrics.

The third video is a charming Jerusalema dance by a group of black and white nuns, who smile and kick up their heels, and have a great time. And it is ideal for us older ones who despite our age can still be happy and kick up our heals! (Later, I will give you the link to an instruction video about how to do this dance.)

The fourth one is of young Masaka, African boys and girls doing  their own adaptation of the dance. (Not for septuagenarians except for us to look at and smile about the energy and moves of the young, and feel young again ourselves.)

This fifth one is of a group of men and women doing the Jerusalema in Jerusalem, Israel.

And finally, now you are ready to learn how and to do this dance. So, here is a Jerusalem Tutorial to show you the basic steps of the dance, by a man named Robert, no less. (Plus there are several other such tutorials that you can access on YouTube — just put in Jerusalem Tutorial on YouTube.)

Light-Body Dance in Africa

Now that you and I have warmed up our muscles and got our body moving to the beat of a New Day, that of a New Jerusalem, let’s switch gears and get ready to do our light-body dance atop Mt. Kilimanjaro. So, first get quiet, settle in, and call upon El Morya and Glo-Ria to help you with your I Am attribute of power, which expresses via your voice, muscles, arms and feet. Link with Sananda, Sol-O-Man and Nada to uplift your power of love. Connect with St. Germain (who as Dr. Hannibal is the commander of etheric space forces in the Western hemisphere from aboard his mother spacecraft #1235); and with Jude Thaddeus to inspire you anew in working with the violet flame.

Connect also with Summalt-Peter, who is the etheric commander for the Eastern hemisphere from his mother ship, spacecraft #7423, in etheric orbit around Earth. Being primarily in the Eastern part of the globe, Summalt oversees light workers in Africa.

AfriKa above Africa

Also, please link with our space sister AfriKa, who has appeared numerous times to me, in dreams and conscious, verifiable visions starting on August 29, 2021. She is from one of the three invisible, higher frequency planets in this solar system, what I have tentatively called the 11th planet, the name of which Nada-Yolanda, Phillel or I have not received.

When initially asking AfriKa about her name during her contacts with me, she indicated that it would be too difficult for me to know, spell or speak it. She suggested that I call her Africa, for her home planet’s temple on Earth is at Mt. Kilimanjaro and the surrounding area of Lake Victoria and the Serengeti Plains (Africa is actually a name of some African women). In my first dream contact with AfriKa, we were in a setting in Africa that looked like the Serengeti Plains, with a nearby tall mountain like Mt. Kilimanjaro being in the background.

It eventually came to me to spell her name as AfriKa, with a “Ka” instead of a “ca” at the end. “Afri” came into Western use through the Romans who used the name Africa terra — land of the Afri (plural of Afer) — to refer to the northern part of Africa now known as Tunisia. “Ka” is an ancient Egyptian word that means “soul or vital force” that enlivens the physical body and continues to exist after death when the soul travels in the soul-astral body to the astral planes.

Thus, AfriKa as a name denotes that she represents the divine soul of Africa, that she is as the mother to Africa, which is the motherland or so-called Garden of Eden from which modern life and humans are currently thought to have emerged from the animal kingdom. She is stationed with others of her space sisters and brothers, and other etheric beings, high above Mt. Kilimanjaro, in the etheric realms, where I had visited with them in a prior dream, as given in my past blog.

AfriKa’s vibration and light energy are so powerful, so uplifting, so motherly, so pure that every time I have felt her overshadowing presence, I have been suffused with an incredible sense of peace and love and awe. It is this pure, higher dimensional I Am love that we shall send this week to our brothers and sisters in Africa, which will transmute them and all of Africa from the dark continent to the mother, light-filled continent of love for the whole world. From the current least of these, it shall become the mother of all of these. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. So be it!

Violet Flame in and around Africa

Wrap yourself in a Christ column of violet light that is connected to higher astral plane guides, to etheric ascended masters including space visitors from Saturn and AfriKa’s home or 11th planet, to St. Germain, and to Lord Zadkiel. In I Am consciousness, radiate Sixth Ray violet light to Mt. Kilimanjaro that suffuses in all directions to all parts of Africa. See the whole continent being transmuted and cleansed, cleared of the ugly slavery-scar tissue of the past.

If you have a globe, you may want to place it in front of you, such that you see Africa right before you. You then can reach out and place your hands on and around Africa, as part of relaying violet light to it. Maybe you simply visualize this violet light flowing into the whole continent.

If not visually oriented, affirm: Violet light now transmutes, transforms and cleanses all of Africa, including the vast astral realms surrounding it, which are 100 times larger and more populated that the Earthly Africa. So much of the negative energy currently in Africa stems from the adverse influence of those former African souls who now are in the lower astral planes connected to this country.

Remember, you also have the assistance of space brothers and sisters from Saturn, the 6th Ray planet of the solar system. They have come to help, to assist, to multiply, to expand the prayerful projections of violet light to Africa and the whole world.

Golden Light of Peace and Love

In due time, in this or other meditations during the week, the violet light will fade and disappear; it will gradually morph into the golden light of the Seventh Ray. See this golden energy descending upon Mt. Kilimanjaro that is located in northern Tanzania and southern Kenya, and flowing down all sides of it like golden rivers or streams of liquid-golden-light, then spreading out in all directions to the whole continent.

From the newly enlightened and love-filled Africa, the golden energy flows out to to Europe, to the United States, to South America, to Asia; to Australia and to Antarctica; to all of the other 12 spiritual temples or primary power centers throughout the continents; and from this cosmic Christ circuitry to the whole planet.

Peace and love are born again on Earth. Thank You, Father-Mother God!

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  1. I awoke this morning feeling very thankful, not for anything in particular, but more in the general sense (which, I suppose, means being thankful for everything in particular, huh). I had begun reading your most excellent post yesterday, and continued this morning starting with the section on Jerusalema. What a surprise to fine the links to the YouTube videos! Watching them has really enhanced my feelings of thankfulness! I really love how the dance is so free-flowing, each person adapting their own style. Plus, I really love how the interactions with the animals show the true and proper relationship with our animal sisters and brothers. So, thanks, and thanks again!

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