HHH: Have a Healthy Heart

Hi. Happy Thanksgiving! You and I have so much to be thankful for today, and everyday for the rest of our life (lives). And as thankfulness fills up our heart, we get high, we rise into our I Am or high Self, individually and collectively. Our one heart gets high in the divine light of love and cosmic harmony, high in the One Heart of God.

Today, Thursday, November 25, 2021 (a 7-day for the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest), we in the USA are celebrating Thanksgiving. But, wherever you live all around the planet, you can join your heart with ours as we give thanks to our beloved Father-Mother Creator for all the Good that He-She has bestowed upon us thus far.

I especially give thanks today for the ongoing healing of my heart, the healing of your heart, the healing of the heart of humanity. What a year it has been. What a life mine has been. I have led a charmed life from the moment of my conception to the present birth and ascension of my light body. I have been charmed by the rebirth of I Am or Christ consciousness that dwells equally within each and everyone of us. As have you!

Stay Centered in Love

On October 29, 2017, my ex-wife MariLyn Joy left TN and went back to her prior personal home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As much as I saw this breakup coming, it still broke my heart — the joy went out of my heart. Six weeks later, in mid-December 2017, I found myself in the emergency room of our local hospital with atrial fibrillation, a fast and irregular beating of my heart. (I was hardly alone in having this arrhythmia, for I learned later that an estimated 4 million Americans, including President Joe Biden, suffer with it.)

This was my first medically documented bout of atrial fibrillation (Afib). However, nine years earlier, in 2008, MariLyn had developed her first bouts of Afib that lasted on average about 24 hours per episode. Needless to say, I had found this distressing and did everything I knew to help her while she was having symptoms, especially to see the Christ in her, particularly in her heart.

In the late evening of one her Afib episodes that had been ongoing for about 8 hours, I went back to my downstairs apartment to rest and sleep. In the middle of that night, I awoke with Afib; or at least what I thought was Afib. Feeling my pulse in my wrist and especially in my neck, I had the same fast, irregular heart beat that MariLyn had. I took some of the medication that she had taken, and about 12 hours later, my heartbeat returned to normal.

When pondering all of this a day or two later, Sol-O-Man and Hilarion overshadowed me and conveyed via thought that my Afib was due to my becoming too enmeshed in trying to treat MariLyn’s Afib. I mistakenly, but understandably, had stepped over the line and had taken on her symptoms. Yes, my heart had gone out to her, but it had gone too far and in too personal of a way.

This is a danger that all healers encounter and have to master. On the one hand, the healer must have love and compassion for his or her patient or partner, for it is love that heals. But, on the other hand, the healer must be rightly detached and not touched by treating the suffering of others. So, it is a tricky balance! (This is particularly difficult to do in a personal love relationship, where our emotions are likely to cloud our consciousness.)

Love & Wisdom

To frame this in terms of the 12 Powers of the I Am Self, in loving one another, we also must use good judgment, to be as wise as a serpent while also being as gentle and compassionate as a dove. In other words, just to love does not “cut it.” If we try to love too much, too personally, too emotionally, then we lose our way and go where angels fear to tread. We end up taking on the darkness and disease of the one we love, which of course does nothing to heal him or her, but only compounds the problem. Yes, always love but likewise always be wise and use good judgment to get the best, spiritually just result. The powers of love-heart and wisdom-endocrine glands are to work together as one.

I never told Phillel or MariLyn about my Afib episode, nor did I seek medical attention and treatment. I just figured, based on what I received inwardly, that if I kept the right boundaries in my healing work with others, then my heart would function normally. And so it did for the next seven years. I did not have a single Afib episode or even a bout of PACs (premature atrial contractions) throughout MariLyn’s and my travels for four and one-half years, three times around the world.

But looking back to this Afib episode, it would have been wise and proper to see a physician, have the necessary tests, and be rightly diagnosed and treated; in other words to be holistic, to use the best of all conventional and non-conventional methods and treatments, all under the guidance of my I Am Self.

The Beat Goes On

In spring 2015, I had an apparent, but not medically documented, second bout of Afib. This occurred after a roofer and his crew had replaced the leaking roof and resulting rotten ceiling and wall of the apartment in which MariLyn lived at Hilarion House. We had a brand new, gorgeous green metaI roof that was supposed to be maintenance free for 30 years to come. However, I was not satisfied by this worker’s efforts, since I saw several potential problems that might occur as a result of his ship shod ways. I suspected that he was a con-man who talked a good talk but did not walk it.

Confirmation came when I had a long talk with Chris, who had put up new gutters on our house once the new roof was in place. During our exchange, I shared my concerns about the roofer and his underlying negative attitude and outer poorly crafted work. Hearing this, Chris then explained that he had once been a partner of the roofer for a couple years, but left him because this partner was unethical, unprofessional, did sloppy work and refused to make necessary repairs that inevitably surfaced later (our new roof started leaking again in two months and would not be fully fixed for five more years, despite ongoing repairs by others).

Know Them By Their Fruits

As it turned out, Chris was an ordained Baptist minister of a small church but who worked as a repair man during the week. He was loving and honest, and devoted to doing good work. His sharing was entirely trustworthy, given from his heart in an attempt to help me. Thank you, Chris, you of the Christ.

I was so upset by Chris’ recounting of all the disasters that his former roofing partner had perpetrated that my heart went out of rhythm for the next 16 hours or so. My Afib was a direct result of my angst and anger, which took me a long time to transmute with forgiveness and right judgment.

Meanwhile, I once again told no one about my Afib and did not seek medical attention. At the time, my Afib appeared to me to be an isolated event, brought on partly by my exhaustion of four-and-one-half years of going on spiritual missions around the world. In 2015, I was already starting to sink into a burnt-out state of depression and anxiety.

Then, in 2016, as recounted in a prior blog, I had three short Afib episodes of a couple hours apiece that were negative side effects of taking a large dose of an anti-acid medication. It was clear to me that the drug had caused these episodes, so I never took it again, and until 2018 I had no more Afib bouts, short or long. But clearly, looking back, I had a weakness or tendency to develop Afib.

Afib Explained

So, what is atrial fibrillation? What are its causes and how is it best treated? Why does it happen? Why are more and more people worldwide developing Afib these days?

Let’s start with the anatomy and physiology of the healthy heart. It is composed of specialized muscle cells called myocytes that are capable of contracting on a continual, ongoing basis. Regular muscle cells, so-called skeletal muscles like those in your arms and limbs, can only work well, can contract and then relax, for a short period of time. Hence after taking a run, pumping iron, or working hard outdoors in manual labor, one has to rest and give the body and limb muscles time to recuperate and be replenished.

Not so the heart: When normal, it beats an average of 60 to 90 times per minute, sometimes faster, sometimes slower depending on one’s physical activity or mental-emotional state.

How the Heart Works

The heart is composed of four chambers: Two atria (which is the plural of atrium) or upper chambers, right and left; and two ventricles, each to one side or the other of the heart that is located in the chest, to the left of the midline, with two lungs around it. See the drawing below and to the right.

Venous blood returning to the heart flows into the right atrium. With a small beat of the heart, the tricuspid valve between the right atrium and the right vehicle opens, and blood flows into this right ventricle. With another contraction, shortly thereafter, this bloods flows out of the right ventricle via the opened pulmonic valve into the pulmonary arteries that carry it to the two lungs. In the lung’s tiny capillaries, carbon dioxide diffuses from the blood into the lung’s alveoli, and oxygen diffuses from the alveoli into the blood.

From there the oxygenated blood flows back via the pulmonary veins to the heart and enters the left atrium. With another small beat, the bicuspid or mitral valve between the left atrium and left ventricle opens and blood rushes into the left ventricle which is the largest chamber in the heart, with the most cardiac muscle. With the next heart contraction, blood flows through the aortic valve into the aorta, into branches of it that carry blood to the head and neck,   and down to every part of the body.

Electrical Conducting System

This entire operation is directed by a finely-tuned electrical conduction system. It begins in the upper part of the right atrium, where the sinoatrial (SA) node is located. This SA node is the body’s own pacemaker. See the drawing below.

The cells in this node send out regular electrical impulses to the left atrium, causing it to contract in a steady, consistent, regular, rhythmic way, hence the term sinus rhythm; and via specialized nerve fibers that carry it to the left and right ventricles. These later impulses go first to the atrioventricular node that is located at the base of the right atrium. From there, the nerve fibers split into two branches, a right right bundle branch that goes to the right ventricle and a left bundle branch that travels to the left ventricle. In each ventricle the nerve fibers split into hundreds of smaller nerve fibers, called Purkinje fibers. They deliver the electrical impulses that cause the myocytes (cardiac muscle cells) to contract.

The autonomic nerves, which include the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions, are under subconscious control. They add still more regulatory function to and coordination of the heartbeat. Sympathetic nerve stimulation, due to increased physical activity or strong emotions such as fear and anxiety, speed up the heart rate and cause the heart to contract more forcefully. Parasympathetic nerve stimulation causes the heart rate to become slower and the heart to contact with less power. Parasympathetic nervous impulses predominate during periods of rest, relaxation, after meals, during sleep and when meditating and being at peace.

Ideally, there is a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. Too much sympathetic nerve stimulation, which also comes under the control of adrenalin secreted by the adrenal medulla glands, can lead to an arrhythmia of the heart, whether just a too fast heart rate (hence tachycardia) or atrial fibrillation. Medications also can cause Afib like I had when I took the antacids. Moreover, lowered potassium and magnesium in the blood likewise predisposes the heart to Afib.

Damage to the conducting system, whether from a heart attack, ingestion of toxic substances including some drugs, and/or thickening of the septum that separates the two ventricles from one another (which is called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,) can lead to Afib.

I Am Your Friend

In mid-December 2017, after being about 12 hours in the emergency room, when despite medication my heart did not return to normal sinus rhythm, I was admitted to the hospital. The next morning I saw the cardiologist on call that day. His name was Barry Michelson, MD. Of course, I took it as a good sign that a man named Michelson, hence “the son of Lord Michael,” was my doctor. Moreover, it turned out that he had had Afib years earlier and had undergone a successful ablation (more about this later) and had not had a return of his symptoms.

However, shortly into his interview with me, when I was describing my underlying depression and all the ineffective, even harmful, drugs I had taken for it, he said that I had an anti-drug bias. I was stunned by his attitude. Only later did I decide that it was he who had a pro-drug bias, like most conventional doctors. Moreover, he told me that “he did not do depression or anti-depressants” but rather referred such people to psychiatrists and psychologists. So, he had little or no compassion, nor a holistic view of, my love-heart illness.

And still, we got along well. I even later dreamed that he and I went on a weekend retreat wherein we were good buddies, good friends. So, I determined that I would visualize him as being my friend, not my adversary. And I would educate him, if possible, about being holistic, even as he treated me medically.


Meanwhile, after three days with no improvement of my Afib, he ordered a cardioversion, in which an electrical shock is administered to the heart, somehow returning it to normal, regular, sinus rhythm. At first I resisted — I did not like the idea of shocking the heart any more than shocking the brain (EST). But at least the electrical voltage was less, and it had a long track record of being effective. So I underwent the procedure.

As preparation for it, I had a echocardiogram, an ultrasound diagnosis of my heart, which showed that I had moderate to severe hypertrophic myopathy, a thickening of the septum between my two ventricles. This thickening is what physically caused my Afib, because it adversely affected the left bundle branch of my electrical conducting system.

But my question was what caused the hypertrophy in the first place. Obviously to me, it was due to a “thickening of my love aspect”, an emotional heart blockage and scar tissue, which led to overactivity of the sympathetic nerves to my heart. In other words, the stress and strain of traveling around the world, without sufficient rest periods in between missions, plus the long-term effects of shutting down my heart since my childhood, plus negative karma from past lives had led to my Afib.

But of course, I did not  try to explain any of this to Dr. Michelson, who saw my heart only in a mechanical, physical way. To him, the heart was just a machine, to be treated physically. And frankly, that attitude is toxic — it makes patients feel less than human, and certainly less than being a spiritual being.

Nonetheless, the cardioversion was successful — my heartbeat returned to normal. I was discharged and directed to take medication to slow down my heart rate, lower my blood pressure, and prevent blood clots from forming in my atria, which often happens in people who have Afib. Thus, I took Cartia XT, a calcium channel blocker, to slow down my heart and lower my blood pressure; and Eliquis as my anti-coagulant (blood thinner); which are standard medications for Afib.

New Medication

Ten days later, my heart was back in Afib, and I was back in the hospital. This time, my cardiologist was Dr. Abigan, who was originally from Pakistan. He prescribed a new medication, flecainide, which I had never heard of in my days of helping MariLyn with her Afib. As it turned out, this medication is effective in 70% of those who take it in returning the heart to sinus rhythm. (Why Dr. Michelson did not prescribe it, I do not know — later, he downplayed the effectiveness of this medication and spoke of its side effects.)

Sure enough, four hours after taking it, my heart returned to its slow, normal, regular rhythm, and the next morning, about January 4, 2018, I was discharged. In the weeks to come, I would have no significant adverse reactions to the medication. It seemed like the nightmare of my Afib was now over, although I knew I had lots of soul healing work to do. At least my heart was not flopping around inside my chest. My energy level returned to normal.

Nada & Lord Uriel

Just two days later, after the two prior weeks of being in a living hell, I had a heavenly dream. In it, I was in a meditation group with about twelve others, which was led by Nada. After the meditation, Nada asked each of us to share what we had received. When it came to my turn, I said that in my meditation, I had come into communion with Lord Uriel, Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, who is my primary guardian angel.

For my healing, Uriel directed me to surround myself in Seventh Ray vibrations and energies, to rest in the peace of my I Am Self and in her (Uriel’s) peace that enveloped me — she had her “wings” around me. Once I had done this, Uriel guided me to visualize peace and love enveloping the entire planet. I saw it as a white and gold energy field that was amplified by light workers the world over. 

WOW and double WOW! I cannot begin to tell you how blessed and loved I felt in the presence of Nada and Lord Uriel, who were as Divine Mothers to me, who took me into their heart of hearts. But, still, I had some trouble resting, as my underling soul tendency is to always want to be active, to be creative, to be doing something, to be serving others. Herein is a major cause of my Afib.

For if all we do is to be active without balancing this with res, then our heart gets overstimulated, beats too fast for too long, and finally gives up and goes kerflooey. So, rest I now did, with an enormous amount of relief and relaxation. Only by resting in I Am consciousness could I rightly see and deal with the thickening and scaring of my soul heart, and thereby transmute and heal it.

Moreover, another key lesson or truth given in this dream was that we only are healed when we focus on healing others, near to and far away from us, when we see and call forth the healing of all humanity and the whole planet. As we give, so do we receive!

Forward with Will & Power

Three weeks later, in my dream on January 28, 2018, I was driving in a brand new, large car, and Phillel was sitting next to me in the front seat. In the back seat was El Morya/Mark. Following his directions, I drove around and explored an area that is on the north shore of Conesus Lake, the westernmost of the eight Finger Lakes in Central New York. This lake is about 15 miles north of my hometown of Dansville, and 20 miles south of Rochester where I went to college. Syracuse is 90 miles to the west, where I attended medical school.

Mark said that he knew of an I Am Nation/Mark-Age property in this northern Conesus Lake region, which he remembered from past days a very long time ago. He was confident that he was about to rediscover it, and indicated that it was to be the site for an upcoming I Am Nation development. As he shared this, I became aware that Nada-Yolanda was also with us, sitting in the back seat next to Mark.

Born Again

Interpreting, the new vehicle is my light body. Phillel represents my I Am attribute of power. El Morya was acting in his typical First Ray positive, forward-pointing manner, showing and directing me to keep focused in the present with the eye in the future, and not to put excessive time and energy on reviewing and cleansing the past. His indominable spiritual faith, will and power suffused and healed me; and no doubt uplifted Phillel as well, who likewise had had, and would have, numerous dreams of being with El Morya who guided him.

El Morya was in the back seat, hence in his present perch in the higher astral planes as director of the light workers there, but also watching over and guiding Phillel and me as the current Co-Executive Directors of Mark-Age and the I Am Nation. Nada as the subconscious representative of humanity is with him as one, he being the conscious representative of Sananda (superconscious), Nada (subconscious) and El Morya (conscious). Nada already had guided me in the prior dream as to how to deal with my subconscious healing. Now I was to focus principally on my proper conscious use of Mind Power, to do all things by having Spirit do them through me; to see the desired future as now.

In the ancient history of the Earth, El Morya-Mark’s primary territory and power center was in a region of eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, western New York and the surrounding area, including present-day Dansville and Conesus Lake. I had been incarnated then with him. So, he was in part pointing me to the past, to the still present good vibrations and power that he and I previously had implanted in this place, wherein I was to return to and to resurrect my light body — to come Home to this past and future Heaven. Conesus Lake symbolizes the pristine body of water or soul substance that still carries the past I Am light-body vibrations.

God bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart, my beloved El Morya, my Dad of dads. Forward we go!

Flower Anew

Two months later, on March 1, 2018, I dreamt that Sol-O-Man with Lord Uriel placed a brilliant, other-worldly white flower that was about 8 inches in diameter in my heart chakra in the center of my chest. This white flower had about 12 white petals that were surrounded by golden light.

Interpreting, the white flower was that of I Am, Seventh Ray love. Its 12 or so petals represented the flowering of love in and through my 12 Christ powers. They also represented 12 souls I was to shower with love, to see them as the Christ flowers that they truly are. (In time, this imagery and guidance would lead to your and my working with our 12 sweethearts, as we have done in 2021.)

Herein depicted was the new flowering of my I Am power of love, which would transmute and transform my mind, body and soul; and which would heal my heart and restore it to its Christ rhythm and harmony; its steady, powerful, consistent, constant, ongoing heartbeat.

Moreover, I knew that this new image was not just for me, but was being broadcast out to all others, especially all healers. After all, all of us are one in the One. What one of us does, all others can do. The steps to healing our heart follow basic, core, spiritual principles, which each of us demonstrate in our own unique ways.

So, man, I was on a roll. I had posted the previous dreams about Nada and El Morya in my blogs in January and February, respectively. Now this current flower dream was posted on March 4, 2021. Herein was the ongoing record of my healing, which would benefit and inspire others on their healing journey, their journeys of the heart.

Thank You, my beloved master teacher, Sol-O-Man. Your Divine Feminine love blossoms anew within me, as does my love for you!

Have a Golden Heart

Three weeks later, as I was awakening from a dream on March 20, 2018, I was surrounding myself and my auric field with golden light. I saw this golden energy especially in my heart center, and I affirmed: I have a golden heart of love. (Many times in meditations over the years, I have visualized golden light around and within me but I seldom have actually “seen” it.) Sol-O-Man directed me to use this visualization of golden light around and within my heart for at least the next month or so (which is what I did).

In my following morning meditation, my attention was drawn to the series of Sol-O-Man/Mary’s light-body appearances or so-called apparitions that occurred in Beauraing, Belgium between November 1932 and January 1933. She had appeared 33 times to five children, ages 9-15. In these redescents of Sol-O-Man/Mary’s light body, her heart was golden. So, she is known as Our Lady of Beauraing but also as the Virgin of the Golden Heart.

The picture to the right is an artistic rendition of what the children reported that they saw: she is dressed in a golden robe, with brilliant white light around her, and with a golden heart. This is one of my favorite images of her!

Blue Angel

One month later, on May 19, 2018, I dreamt that before me vividly appeared the powerful, loving presence of a feminine angel, who wore a beautiful sky blue gown. She slowly moved toward me until her auric field merged into mine, especially in the area of the center of my chest. The discomfort and pain in my heart (love) and lungs (will), which I had been feeling for the past few days, dissolved and disappeared. 

Upon awakening, I interpreted that the sky-blue color of the angel’s forcefield indicated that she was of the First Ray of Will and Power — with sky blue in the Twelve Powers approach being the color of the I Am attribute of will. She also embodied the vibration of mother love that I felt in my heart. In the picture to the right and above, note the sword of truth in her left hand, hence the feminine use of Divine Power, in speaking words of truth and in pointing out and excising error.


Years ago, in June 2006, Phillel had dreamt about being transfigured by what he called “the Blue Angel.” Describing this overshadowing, he wrote: “I was so transfixed by the overwhelming power of the experience that I remained locked in a trancelike state for two full days (still in the dream), before finally coming back to normal awareness. . . . Most probably, ‘the Blue Angel’ refers to an angelic force of the First Ray of Will and Power; hence the overwhelming power of the overshadowing. But her vibration was also very motherly and loving, filled with compassion and understanding, almost like a Mother Mary figure.”

Moreover, prior to the Mission to Shasta and Alaska in August-September 2014, a feminine First Ray angel who was Lord Michael’s counterpart had transfigured me. I had not “seen” this angel but had felt her powerful presence, and later had sensed her working in and through me various times during the mission.

Since then, in reviewing and reevaluating this mission, I often had wondered if I had somehow “made up” or colored or distorted this communion with the Blue Angel, she who is charge of and leads other feminine angels on the First Ray. So, now, in this current dream, I not only felt her presence but I clearly “saw” her.

Yes I concluded, in the past, I had been mostly accurate about this contact and co-work with the Blue Angel. This realization alone was tremendously healing to my heart. It removed a great deal of the fear and worry I had had about not being an accurate channel, and thereby possibly misleading others.

Take a Long Rest

 What I did not understand or realize at the time of this current dream is that the Blue Angel had come not only to heal my will and love aspects, but that to do so I had to finally rest for a long period of time. As my guardian, angelic Mama, she was not empowering her baby (me) to get busy again. Quite the opposite. For if I did not rest sufficiently, then I would just get sicker, my heart and lungs would become still more dysfunctional.

As it was, I had developed asthma in the last 2-3 months. I had had some asthma going back to 2008, during all the transmutation and preparation for going on the worldwide missions, starting in fall 2010. But that had resolved, and I had no trouble breathing during the four-and-one-half years of encircling the globe and visiting the various spiritual temples or powers centers, including the First Ray temple on Olkhon Island, in Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia.

Nor had I had any asthma from 2015 until now in spring 2018. Currently, however, my mortal will was kicking in — I wanted to get on with things, to do them my way. It is as if the Blue Angel stuck the tip of her First Ray sword in my heart and lungs, and said “You will do the Will of Father-Mother God; you will rest.” And finally, I said “Yes Mam, not my will but yours be done!”

Little did I perceive then that I would be in this rest, recuperation and recovery cycle for the next 18 months. I wrote nothing in my diary and posted only one blog during that time. I was out of physical commission, but in the Emptiness or Womb of our Mother God, for that whole time, unknowingly awaiting my spiritual rebirth.

Cardiac Ablation

Meanwhile in late April or early May 20018, prior to this Blue Angel dream, I had my first appointment with Rashmi Hottigoudar, MD, who originally was from India, and thus like Dr. Abigan was from the Eastern Hemisphere. She is a cardiologist whose specializes as an electrophysiologist, one who does heart ablations. Given her hard to pronounce last name, at least for Americans, her patients call her Doctor Rashmi. Her Hindu name Rashmi means “a single ray of light.” Indeed, she is a sweetheart, filled with love and light.

In an ablation, a wire or catheter is placed in the right femoral artery of the groin, and then pushed up the aorta and into the heart. At the tip of the wire/catheter is a camera for viewing the inside of the heart, and the mechanism to either use cold or heat energy to create tiny scars in the heart to block the abnormal electrical signals and restore a normal heartbeat in those with Afib. This technique is effective in about 70% of those who undergo it.

Before talking with me about the pros and cons of having an ablation, she said that I had to stop taking the flecainide, the drug that had until now corrected my Afib. This was because in those like me who have moderate to severe thickening of the ventricular septum, flecainide actually prolongs the time that one has Afib, and causes other heart side effects. So, I reluctantly stop this medication. Over the next several months, I would try three other meds to treat my heart arrhythmia, but none of them worked and all of them had serious side effects.

Find Your Own Healing Pathway

So, in the first and following visits, she recommended doing an ablation. In fact, she volunteered to schedule it three weeks after our first consultation. I agreed at first, but the more I meditated about this at home, I knew I was not ready to go through with this procedure. I had asthma, I was depressed, I was totally stressed and burnt out, and I did not really have a handle on what the causes of my Afib were. Even if Dr. Rashmi did  the ablation, I intuited that it would not be successful or would not hold, that I would need 1-2 more such procedures to successfully treat it; and even they might not work. (In about 10% of the cases, this is what does occur.) So, I called and cancelled the planned ablation, and did not change my mind for the next two years.

Thus, having the Blue Angel come to me in my dream and telling me to rest confirmed my spiritual guidance. She did not give me a physical ablation but rather she used her sword of truth to cut out the residual error in my heart and lungs. And she pointed me the way forward into a long rehabilitation and rest period. Perhaps, I thought to myself, with sufficient rest, I would be ready to have an ablation. But it was not to be. At least not yet, as of the posting of this blog.

Meanwhile, I researched and took all the various herbal, nutritional and vitamin supplements that alternative, integrative, holistic doctors use to prevent and treat Afib. In particular, I ingested large daily doses of magnesium and CoQ10 that are vital to heart health. I also added large doses of taurine, an amino acid that is found in the highest concentration in the heart. I continued with the meds for my blood pressure, heart rate and anti-coagulation. And I did not have a single episode of Afib for the rest of 2018. I hoped and prayed and expected that my heart was healed.

El Morya to the Rescue

The only significant dream I recorded in my spiritual diary and posted on my blog during my 18-month rest period took place on December 11, 2018. In it, I was talking with El Morya/Mark. He was particularly loving, caring and supportive. He said how much he appreciated all the good that I was doing in serving the Second Coming program. It was once again his way to point me forward, to emphasize the good, not to focus obsessively on the remaining darkness within me; to not fret and worry about the ongoing health challenges and difficulties that still at times seemed overwhelming. To make his point, he half-jokingly, but seriously, proclaimed that I was like the 8th wonder of the world!

Upon awakening and reflecting on this amazing, deeply loving communion, I felt tremendously relieved and uplifted. This was especially so because I had been feeling so down recently, so gloomy, so depressed because it seemed to me that I was not making any progress.

The reference to the 8th wonder of the world referred in part a new octave, hence the number 8, about to be birthed during the current Christmas cycle and influx of higher spiritual energies, which takes place each year from about late November until January 6 of the new year, which is when Epiphany is celebrated, when the three wise men visited and honored the newborn Christ child.

Note, too, that it is the 8th wonder of the world, in other words it refers to healing the whole planet and all souls incarnated on and around it. Here again is reference to the principle that to heal ourselves, we must also devote our whole, healthy heart to healing others worldwide. I when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me. That is what is coming at a new plateau and demonstration in my mission to heal humanity. Thank you, El Morya. I follow you forward, from out of darkness into the light of a new day!

Loving Touch Heals

In 2019, to my utter disappointment, I had two Afib episodes. However, I also had two healings that were effected via Phillel’s being a healing channel. In the first such episode in early spring 2019, after having Afib for about 24 hours, and just before I was about to go back in the hospital, Phillel came to my apartment. As I lay on my back in my bed, he went into meditation and placed his hands of my feet. The two of us as one called forth the spiritual healing of my heart.

I felt suffused with higher, etheric energy being transmitted to and transferred via Phillel, which then flowed into my four lower bodies, accelerating and quickening each of them. It got to the point at the end of the hands-on healing session that I was filled to the brim with Christ light and love. In this state, I was totally transfigured by my own I Am, Soliel light body. And thirty minutes later, my Afib abated and disappeared. Thank you, Phillel. Thank you all agents of God who worked through him and me. Thank You, God.

About six months later, in early fall 2019, my Afib reared up again, and my heart pounded out of control and rhythm. Once again, Phillel did hands-on, loving-touch healing. Once again, by the end, I was fully encased in my own light body. It was the same, but even stronger sensation that had occurred in the prior healing session. Even before Phillel stopped praying, my Afib stopped and my heart was back in sinus rhythm.

Afterwards, I knew that now I had to do this healing for myself. I could not rely on Phillel to do such healing work every future time my heart went into Afib. Rather, it was clear to me what had to be accomplished, to clear out the remaining sludge in my soul heart, and to love purely and unconditionally. I knew what it felt like to be whole, to have a holy, harmonious heart, for I had experienced it twice. Now it was just a matter of my doing it without anyone else overtly assisting me. After all, had I not Hilarion appeared to me in my 2007 dream and told me I now had the power to heal any disease in myself or others? Was it not time to demonstrate this truth?!

Spiritual Genetics

In following months, during visits to both of my cardiologists, they told me that having hypertrophic cardiomyopathy was a genetically inherited condition, programmed right in my DNA. Scientific research had documented, at least to some degree, that something like 1 in every 500 people had this genetic flaw, in minor or major ways. And no “hypertroph” ever got better. Rather, my Afib would just worsen to the point that a pacemaker would have to be placed in my chest. First the cardiac surgeon would oblate my AV node that transmits signals from the atrium to the ventricles. Then the electrical leads of the pacemaker would regulate my heart beat.

Well, here was my response to this: Yes, I may have the inherited tendency to have Afib, for my mother had this condition or something like it toward the end of her life; she had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. But, I confidently said I also had spiritual genetics, that in the beginning, our Father-Mother God had created me and all others in His-Her image and likewise. Therefore, God had gifted me and every other child of God with the power to heal any disease of this third dimension by becoming and rebirthing our light body.

And you can imagine how well that was received! Yes, each doc gave me an incredulous, blank look, as if to say to me, boy, you have lost your mind. Of course, by now I was used to this limited attitude that my conventional doctors had expressed whenever I had shared with them any of my holistic beliefs about healing the whole person. At least, I had stood my ground, proclaimed the spiritual truth, and in time it would set me and them free! So be it.

Love God & Love One Another

Shortly after the second healing session, I had the following dream on September 8, 2019, which I shared in its entirely in my last blog. Here are the highlights of this dream and two following dreams. In the first one, I was back in Dansville, in our family’s house, working on my computer about Yolanda’s seventh major initiation. When I opened my shirt, I saw the words Love God & Love One Another emblazoned on and shining from my chest. When I showed this to my Mom, Aleta, she came over and gave me a Serena-light body hug. I felt like I was in heaven. Yes, with Phillel’s help, my heart and lungs had been healed!

Then two months later, on November 13, 2019, I visited Serena-Aleta in a room of the top, seventh floor of a nearby building. She was filled with light and I Am confidence. She came over to me, grabbed my hand and said, Let’s walk together to church. Before leaving, I turned around and saw my Dad and brother in the room. I intuitively knew they would follow in Serena’s and my footsteps. The church represented our light bodies, in which together we worship God. In a sense, the church of God was also our rebirthing center, for Mom and I we were now pregnant with the Christ child.

(Then, in November-December 2019, my heart went into Afib and stayed there, despite all my best efforts and Phillel’s healing prayers. This was about the time that the covid-19 pandemic started, and I could not help but note the correlation. The planet’s stress level had increased exponentially, and I was being called upon more than ever to broadcast healing, harmony and hope to one and all worldwide. This added significantly to my underlying stress level. And it exposed at a still deeper level my errors on the Third Ray of Personal love that go all the way back to the days of Cains and Abels, as well as these same errors in others.)

On May 9, 2020, I dreamt that a 1-year old child was born, not of a physical woman, but from the etheric, down through the astral, to the physical planes. Serena-Aleta and I as Soliel-Robert were to be this extraordinary child’s parents. The child, of course, was the Christ child, spiritually reborn via Serena and me. It was the direct result of our love for one another and for God, our Father-Mother Creator. And we were to see the Christ being reborn in all mankind, which would end the pandemic once and for all.

Not until one month later, on June 11, 2020, did I post this birth dream on my blog, the first such blog I had posted in 18 months. I was born again, within and without. I was ready to dance again, to rock and roll, to rumba, to be love in action. So bring on the music! Hey, God is definitely Good!

Heal the Hole in your Heart

Five months later, however, on November 16, 2020, in my morning meditation, I suddenly became aware of, and shown, a round hole in the center of my chest, in my heart chakra in my astral body, maybe about 3 inches in diameter. It was clear,  with nothing in the opening or channelway or tube down into the center of my physical body.

Prior to this current vision, for about a week or more, I had been shown and felt in several visions some hard, scaly, thickened, scar tissue over my heart chakra, which I had worked with my light-body charged hands to remove. Now this outer covering had been dissolved and dispersed, and the way was clear from the center of my heart chakra and horizontally down maybe 6 inches into the central part of my chest. I thus could see into the very depths of my soul and how in the past I had misused and misapplied my power of I Am love; and thus could transmute this.

Moreover, it dawned on me that this hole in my heart chakra, down and into my physical heart, was analogous to the hole in the septum that is between the two ventricles of the heart. About 1 in every 240 newborns have such a hole, some smaller which eventually close by themselves; and others larger, which may require surgery. Unless corrected, unoxygenated blood flows from the right to the left ventricle which then pumps out this oxygen-deficient blood to the body. This means that the heart has to work faster and harder to get sufficiently oxygenated blood to the rest of the body.

In a symbolic sense, the hole in my heart stemmed from past lives, hence I was born with and have had to deal with and heal it every since my spiritual reawakening and remembering of the past. This heart defect or blockage also revealed itself when following my baby sister’s death, Mom got so depressed that she had to have EST in a mental hospital. I vowed then that I would never love anyone again, for it hurt too much to lose the one you love. I was seven years old at the time, hence symbolically in the early days of my soul history on Earth.

Thus, following my rebirth dream on May 9, 2020, I now have to do some kind of soul surgery to close the hole in my heart chakra/soul. This hole has led to the hypertrophy of the ventricular septum in my heart. But, now, I am ready to heal this hole, this thickening, this soul scar tissue all the way down into the deepest depths of my soul, going back millions of years, back to the days of the Cains and Abels. The path is now clear, no longer blocked.

Gold Sphere

But how in the world was I to accomplish this healing? Well, first, I prayed to Spirit, to Sananda and Sol-O-Man, to Lord Uriel, and to Hilarion and Meta, to show me the way.

Three days later, on November 19, 2020, in my early morning quiet time, Sol-O-Man appeared before me, shining in brilliant gold and white light. She placed a golden disc or sphere that was about 12-18 inches in diameter in my expanded heart chakra, thereby filling up my entire chest. Sol-O-Man informed me via thought transference that this anchoring of the gold disc/sphere was the answer to what I had been seeking for the healing of the hole in my heart. I never once before this had consider this as a possibility, so it was entirely unexpected and thrilling to experience it.

Cause & Effect

Six months later, Spirit revealed new information about the superconscious, far-reaching view of my ongoing healing. On January 28, 2021, I dreamt that a wise, authoritative, other-worldly man filled with power and light appeared before me. He did not reveal his name, but only demonstrated that he was an etheric, ascended master. (Like in prior such dreams, this man may have represented Hilarion, Sananda and or other ascended masters who have guided my ongoing healing.) He proclaimed that there still were 52 remaining causes of my current Afib. Not until these were transmuted and healed would my heart return to normal, sinus rhythm. Oh my!

As with all such cosmic dreams, this one was primarily symbolic, not literal — thus, it had multiple possible interpretations. I hoped at first that I would heal one such cause each day and so my heart would be healed in 52 days. Of course, that was me trying as always to go too fast, too far, too often. After 52 days, my heart was no better, at least physically.

Another  possibility was that the number 52 might stand for 52 weeks, or at least about a year, in other words a long time, maybe even 52 months. As it turned out, every weekly blog I posted in 2021 contained teachings and a new insight about my own heart dysfunction, which I shared with others. Having written scores of times about the 12 powers, I was amazed how every week, some new piece of information would be given to me as I wrote. Slowly, but surely, I was opening my formerly closed heart anew. I felt better each week, but my Afib persisted.

52 might also symbolize “50” to represent a higher level of healing under the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing. Before this, the symbolic number was 5 but now it is 50, hence a new and higher beginning, a whole new way of seeing and being, of healing myself and others; a whole new level of Godly healing power flowing into and through me.

So, what did the number “2” represent. One thing was that it represent two levels, mortal and immortal, superconscious married to the combined unit of conscious and subconscious, plus the 2-step rumba dance to bring this forth.

And “2” may symbolize the two masters of the Fifth Ray, Hilarion-Charles Fillmore and Lady Master Meta, his twin soul. They are continuing to work with me as their healing, grounding, broadcast station here on Earth.

(What about Myrtle Fillmore, Charles Fillmore’s beloved wife whose healing experiences led Charles into metaphysics and eventually to his and her founding the Unity Church of Practical Christianity? Neither Nada-Yolanda nor I, or Phillel, have received that Myrtle was an incarnation of Lady Master Meta. In my contacts with these two Fifth Ray feminine masters, their vibrations are distinct, unique and different. My conclusion is that Myrtle was a beloved soul mate of Charles, one with whom she had incarnated many previous times, hence their unity with one another, as Father and Mother of the Unity Church of Practical Christianity.)

Thy Will Be Done

So, when will my Afib be healed? I do not know! And how will it be healed? I do not know!

Spirit knows the time and way that it will occur, and for now that is enough. That is because I know without a doubt that our Father-Mother God wishes and wills that I be healed. But it will be in His-Her time, way and place; not mine. I cannot and will not try to dictate my personal preferences to Spirit, but rather will trust that all is in divine order. In this attitude is my healing of mind, body and soul.

It might even be that I will need to have a cardiac pacemaker implanted in my chest, which would restore my heart’s normal rhythm (about 200,000 pacemakers are implanted in USA citizens each year, and another 800,000 are implanted in other countries around the globe.)

Sacred Heart

Meanwhile, as part of my ongoing transmutation, my ascension and redescent, on May 3, 2021, in my morning meditation, I was shown a vivid vision of an exterior film or layer of energy or skin over my heart chakra. This heart veil had been cut vertically down the middle of it by El Morya’s wielding of the sword. Via his prompting, I used my light-filled hands to peel back this outer skin, removing it to either side, thereby exposing my indwelling golden, I Am heart.

Then, Sananda appeared and proclaimed: This golden heart is the sacred heart of Soliel! Many times in the past, I had affirmed that I had a golden heart, but until now I never had “seen” it. Previously, Sol-O-Man had placed a golden disc/sphere in my heart in my astral body. But, this time, the golden, sacral heart was all the way down into my physical form. Thus, it had been revealed there by Sananda-Jesus, he of the masculine, conscious polarity; he who is my spiritual father. Thus, the healing of my heart has progressed such that hopefully it is about to manifest physically.

However, like all such visions, no timing is given as to when this healing of my Afib will take place. It may take several more months, or even a few more years, before I can work fully in my sacred-golden heart consciousness. But with El Morya, Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Hilarion and Meta guiding the process, I am in very good hands, the best possible hands possible here on Earth.

Meanwhile, this current experience reminded me of the painting on the dome over the altar in Sacre Coeur, Paris, France. In it, Jesus’ heart is golden, and his robe is gold and white. Golden light radiates out from him in all directions. Mary is to the left and shorter, but she too has a golden heart.

In my case, unlike in this depiction of Jesus following his resurrection, my golden heart has no crown of thorns around it. Thus, my golden, sacred heart represents my ascension in the seven major initiation, especially now in the seven step, in which one ascends beyond the crucifixion-resurrection of the past, just as Jesus ascended in his light body forty days after his resurrection.

No Ablation but New Botanicals

After the above experience, in my next appointment with Dr. Rashmi, I asked her if she could now do an ablation, that I now felt well enough to undergo this. But, she replied that since I had been in constant Afib for about a year and one-half, any such ablation would not work. My heart was too damaged in her estimation.

So, I went home a bit dejected because I had hoped to finally have the ablation done. But then, I was guided to use two botanical supplements. Online, I read of a Chinese study using berberine, a plant grown in China and surrounding countries, which in the states was primarily used to lower blood sugar, as documented by double blind studies.

However, the Chinese cardiologists tried using it to treat Afib. What they found and documented was that berberine was as effective as the most commonly prescribed Afib drug. It just took a little longer to work, up too one year. Moreover, berberine had no major side effects, but only caused some stomach upset and diarrhea in a small percentage of people who took it. So, I started taking berberine in the prescribed dose. So far, after about four months, I note no changes in my heart.

I also came across the use of the botanical called strophanthus, which grows in Africa and other places. I learned about it while reading a fantastic book written by cardiologist Thomas Cowan, MD, whose book Human Heart, Cosmic Heart contains the most revolutionary yet plausible description of how the heart truly works and how to treat all heart disease, with heart disease being the leading cause of death in developed nations around the world. Strophanthus activates the parasympathetic nerves and thereby slows down the heart, plus it helps in heart metabolism. I have taken it for about two months, and note the greater relaxation and calmness that it causes. But my heart still keeps Afib-ing along.

Four Manifestations

Four wonderful happenings in my life during 2021 confirm my ongoing sacred love rebirth. Starting in October 2020 and carrying on for nine months to June 2021, I worked intensively with my older brother in daily phone calls to help him to have a spiritual awakening and rebirth. Given that he is 78 years old, this was miraculous in and of itself. Since 1976, following Hilarion’s guidance, I had been visualizing this rebirth and now 45 years later, it has occurred. This completes the spiritual regeneration of my whole family — Dad, Mom and my brother and me.

Four years earlier, on April 10, 2017, I dreamt that I was in an “upper room” with El Morya/Mark and Nada/Yolanda and three other unknown but familiar light workers. Nada asked me to recount my recent experience with my father, Hugh. I shared that I had watched him giving a talk about healing to a group of fellow healers who were training under him. As he spoke, Hilarion totally transfigured him, although Hugh did not consciously know this. But, he talked in a new, noticeably inspired way, quickening those around him. Plus, he remained centered, calm, balanced and well-grounded.

As for a personal interpretation, this represented my own new healing in which now Hilarion can overshadow and work through me, even though I am not always consciously aware that this is occurring. Now I can stay grounded and balanced, and not get all hyped up and go off on tangents.

As related to Hugh, he, too, is being transfigured by Hilarion in the higher astral planes, but without his consciously realizing it. But like me, he is staying balanced, centered and “grounded” in his healing and teaching work with others.

Make All Things New

In spring 2021, my first former wife, Andrea, wrote to Phillel and ordered Nada-Yolanda’s Autobiography of a Prophet. Andrea had had soul recall of a past life with Yolanda, and she wanted to confirm it. Plus, in prior months, she had become blind and nearly died due to an autoimmune disorder. During this dark time, Lord Michael had prompted her healing, and eventually her sight returned. After this, Nada time and again had contacted her and told her to contact me. After getting Yolanda’s book, she subscribed to our I Am Nation Newsletter, and to Phillel’s and my blogs. This led to our email exchange, which in turn led to our calling one another once a week for the last month. After 47 years, we are back together as one, friends who love one another. Talk about miracles!

Also in spring 2021, Gay Lynn Williamson-Grigas emailed me to share that she had been inspired since last fall-early winter to digitize our Twelve Powers In You videos that she, her husband David and I had produced and promoted in 1999. Until now, these videos had basically been left dormant, once my touring around the country and the world to promote them, as well as our Twelve Powers in You book, had ended in 2001. She broke down each 1/2 hour segment on each power into multiple 3-4 minute segments for those who have a short attention span (as most people do these days), and then worked for a year to get them posted, as well as the whole 1/2 hour versions on each power, on her new website, which is www.twelvepowersinyou.com. Please do check it out!

Moreover, just three or four weeks ago, David Williamson (who had made his transition in 2000) overshadowed me at our weekly, Wednesday HBM here at HQ. He rededicated himself to serving Gay Lynn and me in promoting the new website, and in promoting Birth of the Light Body. For the previous eight or more years in the sixth astral plane, he had transmuted his soul, his desires to do things his own way; and then had resurrected and perhaps ascended into the seventh astral plane. Therefore, he had an entirely new view of me and my work with the birthing of one’s light body here on Earth. He had inspired Gay Lynn to create the new website, whose material can be accessed worldwide.

Plus, he had gathered around him a whole cadre of former Unity ministers and followers now in the higher astral planes, the fifth, sixth and seventh levels, who will work with him to promote Twelve Powers in You to Unity ministers and students worldwide; and to link Unity with Mark-Age as part of one Hierarchal program under Hilarion. Incredible! Thank You, God. Thank you, Hilarion. Thank you, Gay Lynn and David. Forward we go in oneness and love.

Be a Soul Friend

Three or four months ago, I emailed all those Unity friends whom I had met when I toured Australia and New Zealand on my first tour outside the USA and Canada in 2000 to promote Twelve Powers in You. The email address I had for most of them no longer worked. However, one of those who did respond was Rev. Rhonda Joy Gola, retired minister of Unity of Auckland, New Zealand.

During my past visit there in 2000, I felt almost an immediate connection and bonding with her, like a long-lost friend, as well as with her husband, Albino (that’s his Italian name); and she and he felt the same. Of all the Unity ministers I had met and would meet over the years, Rhonda was the most open, friendly, loving one. She was a deeply devoted Unity minister, but she also was open to channeling, space visitors, angels and the like, whereas most Unity folks concentrate only on basic, core metaphysics.

One day while there, she and I went out for lunch. Right there in the restaurant, I was deeply overshadowed by a feminine master teacher whom I could not identify. I hesitated to share this with Rhonda, and felt uncomfortable in possibly doing so in a public restaurant, but whoever the feminine teacher was, she repeatedly urged me to share her contact with Rhonda. So, I told Rhonda about it and asked her who might be her major feminine, innerplane teacher. She said that she had always loved, followed and been inspired by Myrtle Fillmore, Charles Fillmore’s wife. Chills went up and down my spine. Yes, it was Myrtle contacting the two of us! It was my first such recognizable communion with her.

Rhonda and I had kept in contact via email for several years, and then stopped. Now we started emailing one another again. When composing my second or third email to her, I mentioned the past communion with Myrtle, which Rhonda remembered. And as I wrote, I felt Myrtle’s contact again, which I shared with Rhonda. All I received in the second contact was that Myrtle and Charles were overseeing and directing some new spiritual work that Rhonda and I were to do together, which would link Mark-Age and Unity together, interhemispherically.

As part of our ongoing sharing, Rhonda said that we were “soul friends,” and I concurred. And as part of our budding friendship, we often joked with and teased one another. In time, I think I was to first to say that we were dancing in the light body together, tripping the light fantastic. This was the genesis of the dancing theme that I have used in my recent prior blogs. Following this sharing with Rhonda, in reviewing the past, I found several remarkable dreams about dancing that I shared with you.

Now, Rhonda and I, you and I, and all of us in this Healing Haven under Hilarion network are dancing together. What a joy this is to experience. Indeed, joy has been reborn in my heart! Thank You, one and all. Thank You, Father-Mother God Who dance together as One. Thank you Rhonda, my loving, joyous new/old friend. What a Thanksgiving this is!

Christmas Energy Cycle Begins

This blog has gotten so long, perhaps the longest one yet, that normally I would have sent it out in two shorter segments. But my spiritual instructions have been to complete this review and transmuting and reprogramming of the past by  Thanksgiving. For starting in a day or so, the new Christmas energies will begin and continue until Epiphany on January 6, 2022. No longer are we to look back but rather to look forward, to see and experience the new rebirth birth of the Christ child within us and all others around the planet.

So, I say adieu, Happy Thanksgiving, and joy to one and all. Thank you for being my friend and helping me in the healing of my heart, which is ongoing. It is still in Afib. But it is newly filled with love that one day will manifest in my healthy and harmonious heart. Now that will be some new dance!




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